Interview With Victoria Veil

January 5, 2013


Caramel: Hey, Victoria. Thanks for doing this interview with me. For those who might not know you, please describe yourself a bit.

Victoria: Well before we get to that, thank you for spending some time with me! I’m glad to share with all your fans and followers. As for me, well I’m just a girl who has spent time in front and behind the camera. Many people don’t know this but my background is in BDSM! While in college, I was trained as a Domina and my education dovetailed to help me with a specialization in interrogation. (evil laugh) So most of the time I’m the one getting the info, not sharing it. So this is a nice change of pace. I’m also a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a good friend to have. I’ll stop here before I sound like a personal ad.*

Caramel: I could tell that you were serious about BDSM and not just messing around with it as a poser. But, I first learned of you when I saw your Shemale Strokers video last year and I loved it. How did you get recognized for your debut at Sammy Mancini’s site?


Victoria: I was in town for last year Tranny Awards and people meet people LOL..They asked me if I wanted to do a shoot and I said yes. We shot the next day! It was fun to be purely sexual and Sammy was a pleasure to work with on set.

Caramel: How did you become an iFriends star and what prompted you to join the adult industry in the first place?

Victoria: I’ve always loved being kinky and having fun! Before iFriends, I actually worked in broadcasting! After being in front of the camera I shifted gears to produce behind the scenes for quite a while. As fun as it seems, it was a great deal of time screening video and editing. I went to school to be in front of the camera so some friends suggested I give it a shot in a different
environment. With my natural exhibitionism and that little push from my friends, I signed up as a model. It turned out to be a great fit and so much fun!  The guests are so much fun and We end up role playing a lot which I absolutely love.

Caramel: You know how much I respect brainy chicks who take control of their content and I’m so excited that you’re going to launch your own member’s site soon. How long have you been working toward that goal and how did you decide to begin with it?

Victoria: I’ve been working on for the better part of this year, as well as a couple others sites. In fact, the first site I worked on just launched! It’s called for anyone who wants to check it out. It’s super hot and brings some old school film noir style and kick ass content! You can see me there too 😉 As for my own site, I ran across an amazing opportunity to work with some fantastic people and I’m all about that! In fact we are looking at making a network of sites.

Caramel: I’m a big fan of your style of work and what’s going on at What kind of content will you bring to your site and will you share some personal interests with us?

Victoria: All kinds!!! haha!  Seriously though, I’m going to have content that is a little more thematic. I went to school to learn how to tell stories and that will translate into my photos sets, videos and more! *Victoria smiles*


Caramel: Now that you’ve crossed the line from being an amateur to a pro on the Net, what would you say is the biggest difference between what you thought the adult industry would be like and how it actually is?

Victoria: Great question. I thought going into this I had a good working knowledge, and I did. But that only helped so much. There was a bunch of things so many people have taught me and every day I learn something new. For that I’m thankful.

Caramel: What would you say is the biggest misconception say people have of people who work in the adult industry?

Victoria: Wow. I’m not really sure what others might think, but many of the people I have worked with are a not only hard-working, but talented, dedicated and are super confident! If you think its all about having sex, Think again! But the fucking is fun 😉

Caramel: I’ll bet it is! But it’s about more than just the sex as we both know. But then that’s of course one of the main reasons thousands of new people attempt to get into this profession. What advice would you give someone that is thinking about joining the adult industry?

Victoria: Hmmm. Be dedicated!

Caramel: Who are some of the people you want to work with as a performer, but haven’t had the opportunity as of yet?

Victoria: Julie Simone is someone I’ve always admired and think it would be great to do a hot fetish scene with her. I like working with performers who are sharp and creative. So it’s a pretty big list.

Caramel: You and Julie Simone would look so hot together in a redhead TS/GG scene! What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

Victoria: I looooooooooooooove to make Chocolate, which is why my company is called Chocolate Fixes Everything.  It’s very relaxing to make and so yummy to eat!

Caramel: I see that as a successful lifelong project for you to devote yourself to outside of porn, with the potential of being a highly lucrative business. What sort of music do you listen to?

Victoria: I listen to everything. That comes from working at different radio stations. Like anyone though, I have have my moods and phases. Lately I’ve been in a dance/electronica/house phase.

Caramel: I love those genres, too. Let’s go back to where this all began. How old were you when you first began dressing as a girl and did you feel that you should have been born female?

Victoria: I was 5. I didn’t recognize any difference between gender or race or anything until then and it was a wedding photo where I first understood people were different! My friends father was sitting in his armchair next to the photo and he was black and she was white which at the time was pretty uncommon. He was also 6’5 and 300lbs plus while she was barely 5 feet tall and skinny as a rail! It as the first time I actually realized that people were different. So I asked him about those differences. I asked, “Mr. M , how come you are so fat?” He laughed at me and STOOD UP and looked down at me. Now at the time I was maybe 3 feet tall so he looked like a giant to me. As he looked down he asked, “Well, how come you are so short?” I replied nervously that I’d wait outside for my friend, but but the lesson stuck like no other one I ever had – That no matter the > size, race, gender, nationality – we are all people.

Caramel: Amen. I’m sure that my visual of this experience of yours is going to stick with me long after this interview. Did you ever go through the purging process a lot of young transgenders  experience?

Victoria: I never purged.


Caramel: I’m glad you didn’t have to go through that. So what types of guys interest you?

Victoria: Well like I said, earlier, we are all people so I’m pretty open.

Caramel: So that includes other transsexuals and/or to genetic females?

Victoria: Absolutely. We are the fairer sex after all, so whats not to like?!

Caramel: That’s the type of rhetorical question I love. On a lighter note, I understand that you’re a wine connoisseur. What are your favorite varietals?

Victoria: I tend to go for the sweeter wines. Lately I have been enjoying some pinot grigios and moscato wines. I like reds too, but they usually give me a headache.

Caramel: I know that you’ve traveled extensively. What places did you visit that were absolutely unforgettable?

Victoria: Recently I was road tripping with Kelly Clare. We had never gone cross country before, so we thought why not?! Anyhow, I like to drive at night – less traffic-  and as we headed to Portland the Sunrise came up as we entered Oregon. You know the part of the Purple Mountain Majesties in the Star Spangled Banner? Yah it’s real and Absolutely Unforgettable!

Caramel: Yep. I haven’t been there yet myself, but I’ve had similar sunrise experiences in other parts of this great country. How did you get to know your good friend Kelly Clare?


Victoria: We actually met randomly at a bar of all places! I didn’t know her, or she me, but we hit it off from the start. But to answer you question the more we talked to each other, the more we saw that there are a bunch of parallels in our lives. We are fiercely protective of each other.

Caramel: That’s awesome, but in the photo above, it looks like she needs protection from you! With this photo below, you’d need protection from ME.


So, how did your Kink Survivors involvement with the famous Dr. Susan Block get started?


Victoria:  Well using protection is important! hahaha!!! To answer your question, Dr. Susan Block was doing a month long series on Masturbation. Now being on iFriends I know a little about THAT. Anyhow I spoke with one of the producers who is super sweet and she knew that I perform Auto-anal sodomy. which is a very clinical way of say I can actually fuck myself. I actually just found out too that I ended up winning an award for kinkiest solo sex act of the year because of that appearance which considering all the performers that go on the show…well It is awesome!

Caramel: That’s hot! Another great visual! Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote? If so please do so!

Victoria: Absolutely!!! This year at the AVN Awards and Adult Entertainment Expo I’ll be performing at The LAIR. It’s the first time AVN has ever had a working Dungeon on site and this is an awesome way for fans and the curious and thrill-seekers to get a chance and explore! So I think every one should come to Vegas for the event! I promise anyone who gets spanked by me
I’ll be gentle (Victoria pauses) that goes of course for the spanking part only.


Caramel: Will you be attending the Tranny Awards in February as well?

Victoria: I will be there! I have a few friends who are nominees and want to support them plus we may have some launch parties lined up around then for my site! I hope you can make it too!

Caramel: I hope so, too. We’ve got to hang out! Thank you so much, Victoria.

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