Featuring Gia Itzel


I love Gia’s “Erotic” solo video where her producers used some sensual and dreamy underground R&B stock track with a lot of deep bass as background music. In “Rockera” Gia poses in and out of leather in an updated version of an Enigma soundtrack and shows off her devastating brunette look as she also does in “Chica Sensual” and Tango Rosa”. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on and I also downloaded “Sex With an Admirer”  and “My Lover” to see how well she plays with others. I wasn’t disappointed and I don’t think you’ll be either. You may already know of this Mexican beauty as Barbie Vazquez. She’s incredible!

3 thoughts on “ Featuring Gia Itzel

  1. Mmm. She’s pretty hot isn’t she!? I really liked the teaser trailer for the more sensual clips…

    (btw I approve of your cover image! :) )

    • Thanks, Joe. I love Gia Itzel’s videos because they’re a fine mix of professional genetic girl website erotic (think Digital Desire) and full out hardcore sex. Plus she’s one of the most beautiful up an coming tgirls out there not getting enough publicity.

  2. I love a good Latina t-girl. Vaniity, for example, was my first trans idol. I always thought Latina women are among the most beautiful women in the world, and the Latina transwomen are no exception. But damn !! More than hot, this chica is so cute !

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