Jessica Vallenssa on TS Playground


People often ask me if I ever get jealous of other black transsexuals. I’m a pansexual chick who admires them as much as anyone else. If they’re bisexual TS models / performers, that’s even more reason not to be jealous. That means I have a possible chance of being with them. Jessica Vallenssa from TS Playground is a lot younger than me, but I could go nuts for a tgirl like this one. She’s so hung, it would be hard for me to take all that cock, I must admit. I’d try, but I’d rather be the one doing the fucking. And what an incredible ass to fuck! Click on this Brazilian fox for a video preview.  


2 thoughts on “Jessica Vallenssa on TS Playground”

  1. Mmm. I think I’m going to need some warning before you post her, Cara lol..

    I need to be in a hard-on friendly place 😛

    I guess I just like cute faces & sexy bums!

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