Joanna Jet In: Deliveries Welcome

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This naughty MILF is always happy to receive special deliveries, in her mouth or ass of course ūüėČ xxx. That’s a quote from AVN Hall of Fame recipient Joanna Jet. In the video that comes with a spectacular photo set, Joanna is a housewife whose husband thinks she’s addicted to online shopping. She’s so excited about delivery day, he’s probably right. At least she’s organized about it mind you. She tries to get all of her deliveries on one day. Tuesday is the day she’s expecting four hot delivery men and that’s why she’s wearing a conservative yet sexy top, form-fitting black skirt, stay-up stockings with a garterbelt and open-toe slingbacks. Joanna is all prepared for her deliveries with a drink, lubricant, wet wipes to prime them just the way she likes. No panties are beneath her skirt and they’ll see her bare ass, cock and balls the same way we do if she gives them a rear view first. When she moves sideways however, they’ll get a full view of her big stiff erection as she strokes it firmly. It suspends the fabric of her skirt when she’s not touching it and the first thing she’d love is having it sucked on. She’ll put her mouth to good use too. Joanna shows us how she’ll crouch down and give blowjobs while jerking off. She’s love having cum shot into her mouth or across the full breasts she exposes proudly a bit later. A tease of her deep cleavage comes first. The British housewife perches herself on her leather stool when thinking about getting fucked with her large prong pressed against the seat. She rubs her hard shaft against the metal underside of the stool while simulating being ass pounded. Then she unbuttons her blouse lower and leans back against the wall masturbating furiously. Joanna pauses every now and then to apply more lubricant to her raging hardon. Unable to keep from climaxing, she ends up shuddering uncontrollably and her big cock sends streams of sticky white cum all across her stockings and down to the floor! You can watch the Me and You 244 – Deliveries Welcome preview video in [HD] 360p format on!

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  1. Joanna Jett has always been a Hot MILF to me, and I would not hesitate to let her fuck the hell out of me in the garden shed. I love to see her broad arse being pounded, then filled with cum!

  2. Mmm, oh yes Caramel, I totally agree! Seeing her curvy cock gets me thinking of all kinds of savory flavors. You both have got me so hungry now!!

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