Jonelle And Bailey, Scene #01

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I had a pretty good idea about how this trans lesbian update on would go but I had to see it anyway just to make sure. As if it wasn’t going to be a major turn on for tough reviewers like your truly! I’ve been raving about American superstar since 2011 and was even honored with an interview with this incredible star early in her career. Bailey Paris is a hot new trans model from Bavaria working in Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and on request worldwide.

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I pretty much figured that Jonelle would be the more aggressive partner straight through this production and I was right. It could have easily gone the other way however I suspect. The fact that Bailey’s lovely cock is stiff throughout Jonelle’s railing leads me to believe that she can top whenever she chooses to. But some girls simply prefer bottoming. But I digress since I’ve never had a conversation with her about it. This is not only the type of sex trans lesbians and admirers dream of watching. It’s the type we constantly hope to be having! I actually like guys too but models like these are dream girls. Who wouldn’t want a chance with Jonelle or Bailey?

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Their scene begins with the bunnies flirting and exchanging mutual breast admiration. Next comes the first kiss which is absolutely riveting. They begin jerking off each other’s stiff cocks and from here on it’s just fire. It’s rare for a scene to reach this level of arousal within the first two minutes. What happens next is a lot of dick bouncing and rubbing (one against the other) and then there’s explicit posing. Bailey begins sucking Jonelle’s erection and then they switch. After fucking Bailey silly with her amazing erection, she rails her tight ass with a huge dildo. This is the act that makes Bailey cum and then she gets Jonelle’s creamy facial. I’ve got in heavy rotation this week. There’s so much good stuff happening there.

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