Kevy Codine

Kevy Codine is extremely effeminate, but not a tgirl by definition. Kevy isn’t even dressed as girl here. He’s a striking young gay male and it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cutie like this here who might make someone out there question their sexuality.If you don’t want to see Kevy nude, don’t click on his photos.

But when I came across Kevy Codine, I knew I had to bring this androgyne into the Caramel’s TGirls mix. This long haired, slender young thing comes to us from Ithaca, NY. You can see more of Kevy at BoyCrush. At any rate, My Interview with Roxy Red last year turned me on to something entirely new, so let’s just say I’ve been following up on this burning subject very diligently. I hope you’ll see the same great qualities I’m seeing and will just enjoy the view.


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  1. Looks like he could do with a few extra dinners! ūüėõ

    He does have quite a feminine face, but his body does nothing for me.

    I dont mind the odd test to my sexuality tho – I’m comfortable with it! ūüôā

  2. Humm, I love androgynes too caramel. It would be however a pity if he wasn’t transgender like us, he would make a great girl (ha, look at me, trying to bring the cute effeminate boys to our side). His slender physique reminds me of Bee Armitage, who I miss so much.

    1. I wouldn’t mind trying to Kevy to switch teams but I don’t think anyone can make that happen. Then again, sometimes you don’t have to. I’ve had fun with some gay fembois myself. No real relationships developed, but the sex was hot!

  3. Caramel absolutely love the look and what a great body and defininitely a nice Dick he has. I could definitely turn to the other side for him

    1. Me too. I’d love to pump his cock in my fist while giving him head until he shot off inside my mouth and all across my face. Sorry if that’s TMI but your comment made me so horny. My cock is so hard right now!

  4. What’s the difference between Homosexual and Transsexual? It doesn’t matter if a person do take the full sex reassignment surgery, you can’t change the fact that a man was born as male and a woman was born as female. Transsexualism goes by stages. The 1st stage is crossdressing that starts as pressure, entertainment, or a part-time lifesyle. The 2nd stage is pre op transsexual that starts when they take sex hormones of a different gender. and the last stage; the 3rd stage is post op transsexual that’s when a pre op transsexual takes the sex reassignment surgery to fully become the different gender, man becomes woman or woman becomes man. Sometimes they just take the sex reassignment surgery or hormone replacement, like for example a crossdresser becomes a pre op or post op transsexual without going by the three stages. I may be wrong on this fact, but I think that is how Transgenders started by going in three stages. Now don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not prejudice and I don’t hate transgenders. Sometimes I have dreams of making love to a transgendered person but this is just the facts about the three stages of Transsexualism.

  5. Kevy Codine may be going by the Transsexualism stage right now as we speak. He already have a feminine face and by seeing him wearing skinny jeans in one of his pictures, Kevy is in the 1st stage of Transsexualism; Crossdressing. Next time you see Kevy Codine in the near future, he will become a Pre Op Transsexual using a feminine name for Kevy, maybe from Kevy Codine to Kelly Codine. After that who knows, he may become a Post Op Transsexual. I’m not making fun of him or joking around, I’m being real with this.

    1. I don’t know Lil’ Junebug, I don’t think he is really transgender as in identifying himself with the opposite gender and having the desire to change his own gender like us, maybe he is just a homosexual young man who prefers to adopt an androgynous appearance. Not all androgynous men are necessarily within the transgender spectrum or even the LGBT spectrum, like the German singer Bill Kaulitz and the Bosnian model Andrej Pejic.

    2. I think that Kevy is what he says he is. He’s gay. I can’t count the amount of effeminate young gay men I’ve seen. I might fantasize that they’re perhaps transgender and with pansexual sexual preferences, but if they say they’re gay, I’m going to accept that until they say otherwise. By the way, Bill and Andrej are both hot and I’m not sure about Bill’s orientation or sexual preference and I admire Andrej’s mysterious ambiguity.

  6. lol i just like skinny jeans and tight clothes no op for me i like everything the way it is ūüôā im actually boyish for my shoots

    1. Thanks, Kevy for your comment and for showing a great sense of humor about transgenders and admirers lusting after you. Your fan base includes a multitude of fans not just from the gay community but from the tgirl world as well. I’m glad that you’re aware of that and I can’t speak on behalf of anyone but myself, but I think it’s harder to classify you and put you into one specific category. To me, you’re just androgynous and incredibly hot even at your most “boyish”. xoxo Caramel

    2. wowww…..your just stunningly beautiful…..dont change anyyything unless its what YOU want….n dont cut your hair !! for helix…if they dont like you the way you are , tell them to pound sand !! …xoxoxxooo

    3. Hey Kevy to me you look great just stay as you are and never cut that lovely hair of yours . I see we live very close by now maybe one day we meet up . You look good what ever you have on !! Keep up the good work and always keep it up . hehe

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