Kimber Lee: Personal Trainer

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Who hasn’t fantasized sex with a personal trainer? On one hand it might be intimidating if you’re not in peak condition. Bu then again, imagine you have a trainer who really cares about you and is committed to getting you into maximum shape and then you suddenly have a moment. Then it leads to something special. Even though Kimber Lee has the “after” rather than “before” type of physique a training client would have, I like the way this scene plays out. For some reason we’re in the bedroom when Kimber Lee is joined by her instructor. This handsome and jacked guy is obviously there with something on his mind other that talking about training after she’s had her workout. As he massages her neck and has her do body bends with his crotch pressed against her ass, it’s not exactly subtle. But her approving responses are pretty obvious also.

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“What’s that?” she asks while grasping his most sensitive muscle through his gym pants. She says he’s such a nasty personal trainer once he bares her big breasts, but of course she’s all up for some nastiness. When he takes off his shirt it seems like you could fit two Kimber Lee bodies within him. He devours her tits and the bulge in his trainers looks enormous. After sharing a kiss, Kimberly wants to see what he’s packing and she sinks to the floor to withdraw it. His big hard dick springs out like a horny Jack-in-the-box!

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Her blowjob skills look phenomenal and she looks exquisite while sucking the man’s erection and giving him a deep tittie-fucking next! Then come the moment when he tosses her upon the bed like she weighs nothing. She jokes about him possibly wanting to stretch something else. She’s referring to her tight ass and he’s up for it.

She’s just barely wearing her designer sports bra and her big cock lays across her tummy as the trainer prepares to penetrate her. Kimber Lee’s large uncut cock is oozing pre-cum from its swollen head as her personal trainer drives his cock inside her bareback! We’re just getting started with the fucking in the first half of this spectacular video update with a matching photo set. Well, technically only through it so head on over to to see how it all plays out! It’s also available on

2 thoughts on “Kimber Lee: Personal Trainer”

  1. One of the hottest scenes that I have had the privilege to view in a long time !

    Kimber Lee’s beauty, enthusiasm and skill are all on point here, but, what really makes this special, for me at least, is her partner. His ultra masculine physique, and the size disparity between he and she, just emphasizes the hyper femininity that Kimber Lee possesses .

    An absolute masterpiece of a set, IMHO !

    1. You have such a way with words, Angie and I agree 100%. When it comes to men, jacked guys aren’t usually my thing but this guy is so hot and perfect for Kimber Lee. If you ever want a writing corner here or on just say the word.

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