Lina Cavalli on Bob’s Tgirls

I first learned about the gorgeous performer Lina Cavalli through her ImLive webcam shows and she now has her own website! This Russian beauty from St. Petersburg, who currently resides in L.A. and an official website of her own coming soon, is fantastic filmed by the masterful Bob Maverick in the “From Russia With Dildo” and “Killer Boots” set from March. I think the new “Clear Cum” video and “Pink Dress” photo set are even hotter since they expose more of Lina’s flesh, but that’s just my POV. Then again, she does look awfully hot in the dominatrix get-up. The beginning has Lina turning herself on briefly as she stands before the mirror. Then she’s on the bed turning you on. She bares and fondles her lovely breasts and what’s going on with this delicious looking leg and ass show? Is Lina wearing panties? Yes, sort of. Lina doesn’t talk much in this solo scene, but she moans a lot while masturbating. The tip of her big cock is blueish red when it shoots out what the title of this Bobs-Tgirls video promised.





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