Merry Christmas BJ With Bailey Jay

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“There’s a Christmas tree behind me which makes this a Christmas update for,” she tells us while her hubby out of the camera’s periphery films her. She’s sitting on the couch with her Christmas hat on in a form-fitting long-sleeved Henley t-shirt and plaid shorts. She stands up and announces she’s not wearing a bra. Then she reveals her huge tits adding how the buttons of this top are getting ruined by her boob growth. Next thing you know, she’s between her man’s legs pulling down his boxers. His long cock is stiffening and I’ll bet that’s no the only one by now. The promised blowjob follows and it comes with a firm handjob as well! Now you know that all this cock sucking and slapping her face with Matt’s boner is making her super horny, right? Bailey takes a suck break to release her big thick Kraken. Bailey jerks off while she sucks away and her moans go deeper and grow louder.

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I just happened to notice she’s wearing a Playboy necklace (Yay!) but that’s a whole other story. Her husband is standing up now also moaning and Bailey is smiling in anticipation of what’s sure to cum. After her pretty face gets splashed wit hcum, she lays back to have her own holiday orgasm. Bailey leans over to give her man’s cock and balls a few last kisses. She also inhales that irresistible natural musky scent then uses one hand to finger bang herself while the other one pumps her big dick furiously! “Merry Christmas,” she wishes us while standing up wagging her schlong after tasting some of her own cum.

There’s also more and more sizzling hot content building on for Virtual Reality fans!

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