Miran – Pool Fun on Bob’s Tgirls

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

The pool shoot on Bob’s Tgirls begins with beautiful Miran boarding a floating chair completely nude. This video hits the ground running. When Miran mentions that this is her first ever pool shoot, I realize that although she’s from Japan, her accent sounds better than my bastardization of the English language with it’s mixed New Jerseyan, Bostonian and Floridian accent. Perhaps I should move to Japan to work on my American accent. More about the way this scene opens, Miran’s cock is raging hard and pointing skyward as she lays sits in the floating device moving around the pool. She has the most pleasant smile and her pearly white teeth set off her full body tan to perfection. There’s a wickedly sexy sequence with the underwater cam showing Miran masturbating furiously while standing on the pool floor in the shallow end. The rear view is phenomenal, too. Bob’s camera also focuses on Miran’s lovely breasts above water and then she’s back in the floating chair beating off. The second half of this scene is sort of revolving aerial footage of Miran getting close to reaching orgasm. You can tell by her soft breathing and the way her svelte form tenses up that she’s about to cum. Then a blast of creamy white cum pours from the bulbous head of her cock. This incredible Bob’s Tgirls scene ends with the lustful expression on Miran’s pretty face evolving into that winning smile again.

You can Stream or Download ALL of Miran's sets on bobstgirls.com
You can Stream or Download ALL of Miran’s sets on bobstgirls.com

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