Morgan Bailey – TS Seduction Film #10



I know that everyone can’t view flash videos on all of their devices so click on the second photo of this fox for a WMV gallery of Morgan Bailey’s 10th TS Seduction film ” America’s Next Top Bottom Idol” and be sure to take the tour of The Official Morgan Bailey Website for her latest updates. If you’re a collector movie collector, I suggest that you purchase blank 8.5 GB DVD disks for recording the movie archives on Morgan’s site and for TS Seduction as well. TSD movies are huge. Morgan’s website videos aren’t quite that long, but you might want to save all of them all  for keeps and you can’t do that on a 4.7 GB disk. Also, if someone tells you they have an awesome home collection of TS movies and there’s no Morgan Bailey or TS Seduction content in it, tell them that some TS named Caramel says they need to work on that collection they’re bragging about.


4 thoughts on “Morgan Bailey – TS Seduction Film #10”

  1. Totally agree on that last sentence. No Morgan on your TS collection? You missing quite an important part.

    And wow! how can i take part on that ” America’s Next Top Bottom Idol” i think i can win 😀

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