Naughtiest Kitty Plays Her Toy!

Let’s see what’s poppin’ with super sexy Emily Kitty on with her encore shoot by Kalin. Well, her pretty nipples are poppin’ out of her corset and the head of her cock is poppin’ out of her skirt.

She stands wearing a kinky fetish outfit complete with sheer black stockings, matching pumps and black rubber gloves. I can’t help but wonder if some pre-cum is somehow going to makes it’s way to the fingers of her gloves. Well, it’s not long before Kitty is lowering her cock to expose her stiff cock which is barely held by a ribbon panty.

She begins stroking the shaft and swollen pink head and my horny suspicions were right on the mark. Knowing that we’ll also want to see her from behind, Kitty poses on a chair with her sexy ass facing us. She finger bangs her wrinkled rosebud that looks so fuckable and then she rises to her feet to jack off again.

Then once seated again, Emily may or may not know that her shoe removal will be a foot fetishist’s dream sequence and wonderful for leg admirers too. Considering the way she rubs and then flexes her toes for the camera, I’m guessing that she knows. Then she resumes stroking her erection again. If you look at her profile, a special report on Emily’s cock size says she could have basically fibbed about her cock size. That’s correct. It appears much bigger than she states. It’s so thick!

I absolutely love the way Emily places the base of a leash she’s using as a nipple clamp on her little pink nubbin for a moment before attaching it to her collar. Emily looks so submissive as she runs the metal chain around her stiff cock and then turns over on the best to raise her cute ass in the air again. It would be so much easier to fuck Emily doggy style on the bed the way she is now then on the chair. But before you get too involved in fantasies about fucking pretty Emily, she demonstrates what her cock sucking skills are like by sucking on a huge black dildo. She then fucks herself with the toy while jerking off!

She firmly places her right hand against her bosom while furiously beating off with her left hand. Emily cries out sharply when her orgasm hits. I can tell where her big creamy white cum shot is going to land, but I’d love for you to see for yourself on the multi-site.

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