Jonelle And Bailey, Scene #01

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I had a pretty good idea about how this trans lesbian update on would go but I had to see it anyway just to make sure. As if it wasn’t going to be a major turn on for tough reviewers like your truly! I’ve been raving about American superstar since 2011 and was even honored with an interview with this incredible star early in her career. Bailey Paris is a hot new trans model from Bavaria working in Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and on request worldwide.

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I pretty much figured that Jonelle would be the more aggressive partner straight through this production and I was right. It could have easily gone the other way however I suspect. The fact that Bailey’s lovely cock is stiff throughout Jonelle’s railing leads me to believe that she can top whenever she chooses to. But some girls simply prefer bottoming. But I digress since I’ve never had a conversation with her about it. This is not only the type of sex trans lesbians and admirers dream of watching. It’s the type we constantly hope to be having! I actually like guys too but models like these are dream girls. Who wouldn’t want a chance with Jonelle or Bailey?

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Their scene begins with the bunnies flirting and exchanging mutual breast admiration. Next comes the first kiss which is absolutely riveting. They begin jerking off each other’s stiff cocks and from here on it’s just fire. It’s rare for a scene to reach this level of arousal within the first two minutes. What happens next is a lot of dick bouncing and rubbing (one against the other) and then there’s explicit posing. Bailey begins sucking Jonelle’s erection and then they switch. After fucking Bailey silly with her amazing erection, she rails her tight ass with a huge dildo. This is the act that makes Bailey cum and then she gets Jonelle’s creamy facial. I’ve got in heavy rotation this week. There’s so much good stuff happening there.

Two Tgirls: Trying Out for Porn

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Being a makeup artist is fun but difficult work. Aubrie Scarlett is doing Kira Crash’s makeup and starts to ask her a bit about her line of work. Kira Crash explains that she’s in porn. Aubrie Scarlett has always wanted to try getting in to porn. Let’s just say Kira’s more than happy to show her the ropes. Here’s a few more details about this super hot update:

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Kira’s makeup done by Aubrie is indeed a bit garish. She’s intending to do a solo porn shoot after all and this shoot calls for the that extra slutty look. Imagine you’re an established porn star and Aubrie tells you she’s an aspiring one. Wouldn’t you make a move on her and see how far it takes you? That’s what Kira does and it results in a passionate kiss.

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But Kira really needs to find out if Aubrie truly has what it takes to enter the adult entertainment industry. So she moves this makeout session to the bed. Kira is just wearing a black midriff-baring top and matching skirt with no stockings, shoes and obviously no panties. Aubrie has on a grey knit dress and tall green sandals. She’s also wearing panties but it’s easy for Kira to withdraw her cock and to begin sucking on it. Kira has an even easier time giving Aubrie head one she removes the black undies.

Kira’s head bobbing and fisting makes Aubrie’s cock raging hard and then it’s time to switch. It doesn’t take long before Kira’s sex organ is in the same rigid state! Eventually, she’s ready for Aubrie to turn around on the mattress and show her ass. What a lovely view she’s treated with. But first she decides to help Aubrie out of her dress. Kira primes Aubrie’s killer bottom with a rim job and gives her rock hard dick a few strokes for good measure. Just after Aubrie removes and discards her brassiere, Kira plants her bare, swollen cockhead at the opening of Aubrie’s tight ass. Kira’s thrusts are pretty damn hard and fast as soon as the doggystyle fucking begins! Trying Out for Porn is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

TS Playground: Ploy And Kai, Scene #01

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There are so many Asian adult industry models named Ploy but I’ve never seen this fox before Her blue contacts bug me a little but she’s incredibly attractive. I think part of the reason her contacts bother me is because they’re just unnecessary, but that’s just me. As she sits on the bed in lingerie with her naughty bits exposing themselves little by little, she doesn’t say a word. But Ploy licks her lips and smiles invitingly while stripping rapidly. This keeps the first part of her introduction from becoming boring for old porn heads who are quick to move on to something more directly lewd and vocal.

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Ploy doesn’t get into any masturbation because she’s joined by actor/producer/activist Kai Bailey just after the first minute. Soon, Ploys brassiere is lowered to the base of her ample bosom and there’s a growing bulge in her panties as she rubs Kai’s bulge. She gets his dick out of his skivvies and man, homeboy is packin’. Ploy has Kai lay back for a blowjob that looks seriously intense. She strokes her own erection while giving head and Kai gapes her in the 69 position before receiving a standing blowjob. After rubbing their hardons together firmly, Ploy settles down on Kai’s big dick in the cowgirl position. Her glossy spike points upward as she rides him.

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She switches into the reverse position next which brings the focus to her incredible ass. Kai assumes different positions to totally rail this busty babe and you can tell when she’s going to cum. She jerks off furiously in the missionary position while getting reamed bareback and blasts of creamy white cum eject from her erection. Kai then covers her cock, balls and abdomen with his own spunk.

TheEnglishMansion – Dominant Dolly, Miss Jade Jones – Dominant Dolly Domination

The synopsis of this Part 4 of 4 Dominant Dolly Domination update reads: Dominant Dolly is using her special girl Jade in an intense session. She is put in beautiful bondage in front of the mirror, her cock wrapped in electro bands, mouth gagged, nipples clamped and her ass filled with an inflatable dildo. She is then placed over the bench and spanked, her ass filled with a bigger electro plug which is turned up high. Jade’s mouth is then tested as she gets to suck Dominant Dolly’s thick cock, taking it into her mouth and then bent over and fucked hard. As a reward for her excellent servitude she is allowed to make DD cum in her mouth.

Seeing this pair together again gives me chills. I absolutely adore Dominant Dolly and Jade Jones. I love the realistic anticipation combined with fear of the unknown that bound Jade projects while Dolly considers exactly how she’s going to torment her. I also love that Jade’s cock is stiff even while she’s scared. As a Domme, Dolly’s job is already half done considering how aroused her sub is.

The inflatable dildo action and electro play that has Jade’s dick oozing pre-cum in Pt.1 is extraordinary. Seeing the whole series will have you squirming with lust right in your seat if you love bondage and D/s as much as I do. Don’t even get me started on Dominant Dolly’s thick, juicy cock. Get to to see how the whole visual story plays out.

Grooby Girls Xmas Special: Nikki Kittens!

I’m breaking a promise to myself with this post but I guess I’ll eventually get over it. I previously stated I wasn’t going to go nuts with Christmas posts simply because I don’t replay holiday porn. I cherish the holiday as much as anyone but can you imagine watching Christmas porn in Florida in July or August in the Sunshine State? It’s not gonna happen with me.

But seeing gorgeous, ultra feminine Nikki Kittens might cause one to consider doing just that or to circle back to her previous photo and sets presented by Vito. As a matter of fact, I just dug up two of her scenes I somehow neglected to rave about. I’ll do that and just backdate those posts and hopefully no one will notice how late I am with that. *wink*

But wait a second. Nikki’s Christmas shoot isn’t on the Canadian site. Vito shot this for her debut on! Is it as good as her four shoots on Let’s explore. First you have to imagine coming home and spotting a big beautifully wrapped gift box. Just while you’re wondering what’s inside, Nikki bursts out of the box, dressed like a horny Mrs. Claus.

This is Nikki in her finest and most polished form yet. She’s stunning in more casual modes, but this is her most formal scene. If I’m mistaken, it’s also her most vocal performance and it gets pretty naughty. I love her sexy French Canadian accent and it’s quite evident here.

Her lithe form in various stages of undressing is as enticing as ever. Nikki’s masturbation sequences evolve from playful and charming to nothing but deeply sexual. You might not even sense the change coming. All the sudden you might find yourself intensely aroused by what she’s doing and saying in English and in French.

The crazy part is that Nikki is cumtastically sexy while still wearing her black undies at the midway point of this update. The second half is spent stroking her rock hard cock and contorting her flexible form in several compromising positions while gloriously nude.

Nikki’s jerking off at the end results in her most outrageous filmed cum-splattering climaxes to date! Watch sweet Nikki’s trailer to get a better idea of what the full-length video is like.

TSPlayground: Sasha And Kai, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer“Hey guys, do you wanna see me suck some fat hard cock today?” beautiful Sasha de Sade asks. I try to tell myself British accents aren’t so special. It’s just the way Sasha speaks that gets me going. Dressed in her white and pink French maid’s costume, I can’t help but think about someone French with the same last name. Marquis de Sade aka Donatien-Alphonse-François, Comte de Sade, the nobleman whose perverse sexual preferences and erotic writings gave rise to the term sadism. I’ve had the great honor of interviewing Sasha and hosting a guest interview with her and I’m not sure if we went into any depth about that. Well, we’re not going to here either, but perhaps I’ll do another Q&A with Sasha again. She’s always such a pleasure to reconnect with. Sasha delivers string after string of arousing naughty dialogue peppered with breast fondling and hard bare ass spanking on Another reason to love this sexy uniform is how it comes apart so quickly and easily. At any rate, Sasha masturbates while laying down. When she rises to her feet, her big cock rises to an angle that almost seems impossible considering how heavy it looks. She uses her pelvic muscles to make it bounce up and down and then she slaps her large meat slab across each thigh.

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Soon afterward, Sasha is on her knees sucking the big dick of trans activist/producer/musician Kai Bailey. So in just 4 minutes the hardcore action is about to kick in. Sasha strokes her erection firmly while giving Kai head. Once Sasha gets her uniform off, Kai devours one of her breasts and soon comes the glorious moment when she settles down on his hardon as he lays on his back.

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Sasha is facing us with her hard dick hovering in out field of vision. Then the bareback fucking is underway evolving into the traditional cowgirl position ride. Eventually I lose track of just how many positions they screw in! I don’t think anyone could ask for a more original way to see Sasha cumming. Mr. Bailey nuts right across her tongue in this blazing hot update. I highly encourage you not to just visit but to join and

TheEnglishMansion – Foot Doll Box Bound Part 2 of 5

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Foot Doll Box Bound features a Mistress a stunning Dominatrix who makes her submissive’s cock raging hard during her outdoor inspection at The English Mansion.  Mistress Courtney is training her special girl, Sophie, in the stately Mansion gardens. The Mistress spanks poor Sophie’s cute bottom bright pink to match her tutu! She commands her exquisite stiletto shoes to be licked and worshipped, teasing Sophie’s erect cock to keep her focused, before she is put over Mistress’ knee and given a good spanking and paddling. The obedient girl is then led to Courtney’s special bondage box to be locked in position, vulnerable and open to her ministrations, as weights are suspended from her tight balls. The electro device is then used to send shocks through Sophie’s hard cock, causing precum to leak continuously, a heady mix of pain and pleasure. Finally Mistress rewards the good service by using the vibrator to empty her full load of cum, as the electrobox levels are increased. An excellent day of training at

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Merry Christmas BJ With Bailey Jay

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“There’s a Christmas tree behind me which makes this a Christmas update for,” she tells us while her hubby out of the camera’s periphery films her. She’s sitting on the couch with her Christmas hat on in a form-fitting long-sleeved Henley t-shirt and plaid shorts. She stands up and announces she’s not wearing a bra. Then she reveals her huge tits adding how the buttons of this top are getting ruined by her boob growth. Next thing you know, she’s between her man’s legs pulling down his boxers. His long cock is stiffening and I’ll bet that’s no the only one by now. The promised blowjob follows and it comes with a firm handjob as well! Now you know that all this cock sucking and slapping her face with Matt’s boner is making her super horny, right? Bailey takes a suck break to release her big thick Kraken. Bailey jerks off while she sucks away and her moans go deeper and grow louder.

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I just happened to notice she’s wearing a Playboy necklace (Yay!) but that’s a whole other story. Her husband is standing up now also moaning and Bailey is smiling in anticipation of what’s sure to cum. After her pretty face gets splashed wit hcum, she lays back to have her own holiday orgasm. Bailey leans over to give her man’s cock and balls a few last kisses. She also inhales that irresistible natural musky scent then uses one hand to finger bang herself while the other one pumps her big dick furiously! “Merry Christmas,” she wishes us while standing up wagging her schlong after tasting some of her own cum.

There’s also more and more sizzling hot content building on for Virtual Reality fans!

TheEnglishMansion – A Day In The Life of a House Sissy Pt1 Lady Service

I envy Lady Nina for the fun she gets to have with pretty Felicity’s sissy training. Lady Nina is constantly training sissies, she is an expert in all aspects of transformation and has a full roster of femmed guys. This amazing series focuses on her latest house sissy, the very sweet and cute Felicity who has been turned into a lovely special girl. Nina wakes and lifts the covers, revealing Felicity with bound hands and feet, wearing a pretty babydoll nightie and a tight chastity device, which upon close examination is straining with her morning glory. Busty Nina looks awfully good when she wakes up and stretches out her volutuous form. It looks like Felicity’s cock is stiff inside of her chastity cage. But I’m not quite sure because her panties are not quite sheer enough. Who cares about that now anyway. The important thing is that my cock is hard and watching this scene it’s raging! Oh yes, Felicity does have a hardon within that cage and Lady Nina tells her she needs to control herself. But she can’t and her swollen cock head has oozed pre-cum on the bed sheets!

It’s actually leaking through her thick panties. I love it when Lady Nina has Felicity sit on her lap for an inspection and pulls her panties back to reveal her caged erection. Look at that bead of pre-cum! Lady Nina has Felicity hold her wrists together to tie them up. Then she has the sissy raise her stocking feet to tie her ankles as well. Then Nina orders a foot massage and then punishes her for the hardon with a spanking and cropping. Felicity’s cute face is so close to Lady Nina’s sexy feet as she rubs them. Is she trying to inhale the aroma of her stocking feet? There’s only one way to find out. Get to

Kimber Lee Presents: Kimberlee and Hannah

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Graz, Österreich-based beauty originally from Regensburg, Bavaria model extraordinaire Kimberlee gets down with a stunning German model named Hannah. Why that name I do not know because I know of her as Bailey Paris. This is the most pleasant type of porn surprise I could ever be presented with, two beautiful trans girls in a lesbian scene. Not only that but its so well-produced! Bailey looks stunning as she puts the finishing touches of makeup on for later. That’s what she tells Kimberlee when she hops on the bed to help out. They’re both excited about meeting some hot guys tonight, just to remind us I think that they’re not always taking dips in the lady pond. They love men too. Kimberlee can’t help notice Bailey’s protruding bosom and she’s the one to make the first move. It’s absolutely electrifying when they kiss! Bailey goes down on Kimberlee once all of their clothes are shed. Then Kimberlee returns the favor while stroking her huge meat. The next exquisite moment for me is when Kimberlee arranges herself behind Bailey who is bent over in the doggystyle position. Kimberlee’s fucking is tremendously forceful almost from the very beginning. If you’re expecting slow, gentle lovemaking to get things going, we’ve been there and done that with the foreplay sequences. I was a little bit worried that this video wouldn’t be long enough. About 16 minutes later I saw that this was no concern and these two lovely ladies shared their lewd and intimate cummy kiss. Trans lesbian porn simply does not get any hotter than this! You can get it now on, or on