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Beautiful 21 year old Kendra Jones was not a virgin when she made her porn debut with Christian XXX. I’m not sure if I should even mention how old this hot bottom girl was when she lost her cherry. She’s from San Diego, California and her bestie is another mixed race stunner, Mara Nova. Kendra’s dad is black and her mom is Mexican. She got her piercings, or cock pleasers as she calls them, about 4 years ago. When I say she’s “strictly dickly” I mean, as far as I can tell, she’s only interested in men. Sorry, ladies. She loves soccer players and from the way the chemistry was between porn king Christian on his Pure-TS website, it’s obvious how she’s quite fond of him, too. Their hardcore Pure-TS scene, shot in Las Vegas, Nevada, begins with the pair standing up and kissing. The bareback hardcore scene with Kendra Jones runs 26 minute and 28 seconds. Watch this young fox in action on Pure-TS.

Are Transsexuals Transgender? – Huffington Post


The title of this post by Lawyer and Author of There Is Room For You – Tales From A Transgender Defender’s Heart, Zoe Dolan captured my attention in an instant. What exactly is transgender is deeply explored and “The world I experience is no longer the same now, which brings me full-circle to a question at the heart of the matter: when did you first know you were female?” intrigued me as much as Zoe’s reply satisfied my curiousity.

03/07/2016 05:15 pm ET

If I am a lousy feminist for admitting that men first made me feel female, I would be even more remiss as a humanist in trying to convince you otherwise.

Where I will claim feminism, so be it at the risk of ostracism, is in challenging the taboo on talking about sex change surgery. I prefer the term “sex change surgery” over the politically correct “sex reassignment surgery,” since, when I look down, I see a body that was changed, not just “reassigned.” Moreover, the euphemism — misnomer, even — conceals a question that the transgender movement seeks to dissuade us from asking: Are transsexuals transgender?

By transsexual, I mean people who undergo surgery to change their sex to match their gender. By transgender, I mean — well, what, exactly, does “transgender” mean these days — can anyone know?

Webster’s, GLAAD and Google have all offered different definitions of “transgender” at various points. Wikipedia takes three paragraphs to define the term — into abstraction.

One thing I do know is that, before I had surgery, I assumed a stance of militancy about gender. I got angry when I was “misgendered,” or when others expressed confusion or ignorance about anything transgender.

The reason why was that I had something to prove. I did not, despite my protestations to the contrary, feel fully female yet.

And rather than face the truth, I unleashed this insecurity through frustration with others for failing to understand what I myself failed to bring to life: my own identity.

Prior to surgery I lived in shame. I walked hunched forward, heavy on my feet, instead of wearing life like a summer dress and opening my heart to the world. I changed under a towel in the women’s locker room. And I sought out men who reinforced my feeling of less than, while I pushed away compassion.

Going to bed with guys who were into pre-op transgender women was really weird. Sure, I appreciated the chance to be with someone, to kiss him and to be touched. Yet their sexuality unnerved me: fixation on the one remnant of maleness on my body began to cause nausea just as the idea of fathering had. After all, I did not gender transition because everything was wonderful; I went through it because living in the wrong body was the suffocation of hell.

Surgery made a difference in everything for me.

A few months after my operation, during a discussion about identity and relationships between the sexes, my dad said, “You’ve graduated from being transgender. You’re not trans-anything now. ‘Trans’ has to do with movement and change, and you’re done changing. You’re a woman.”

The problem is, some men did not see it that way. (Nor do they still.)

“So, when do you think I should talk about the subject?” I asked.

On the one hand, I explained, I want to give men a chance to know me before my past drives them away. On the other, I should protect myself from falling for someone incapable of falling back.

“You have to figure that out,” my dad said, suggesting that the conversation should happen before either person starts to feel emotions for the other.

So the upshot is that I am no longer transgender…until I am again. The point at which it happens varies in each instance, and there is no telling whether the difference will matter.

There is, at least, one thing that remains constant: the effect of being loved.

And here is where I will be a lousy feminist.

In love, all the characteristics of the experience that you would recognize come into play — joy, passion, desire, infatuation and comfort in the world. Yet for me there is another component: getting to feel like a woman.

I mean, I have tits now — I grew them myself. And they have indeed changed things, even if femininity is more than the outside and I am the same person within. After all, a different body attracts different people: I am straight, pretty much, and, as far as I know, so are the men I date.

Except for young adulthood (when my face remained androgynous and I wore long lair), I spent my life up until my mid-20s being identified by people as male. I moved about in male bathrooms and locker rooms, where others behaved as if there were no females around, and, in romance and the bedroom, all of my boyfriends were either gay or bisexual.

The world I experience is no longer the same now, which brings me full-circle to a question at the heart of the matter: when did you first know you were female?

Well, would you believe me if I told you that I don’t know if I’ve ever known, since I don’t really know what a woman is, other than a concept that exists outside me — still, I know that I have felt like one, a woman that is, yet the way I know is from males?

I confess: how else can I have any idea how a woman feels, except through the sense of being desired, body and soul, by a man?

Intimacy after surgery has at times been a lantern in the dark as I swam through the night of transition across the river in between me and whom I could be. I might have grown lost without the men who helped along the way. They saw me as female before I did, really; they saw beyond transgender — to me. And there, a place of potentiality, they made love with the woman they perceived.

In The Meaning of Human Existence, biologist Edward O. Wilson wrote, “The stories that compose the conscious mind cannot be taken away from the mind’s physical neurobiological system, which serves as script writer, director, and cast combined. The self, despite the illusion of its independence created in the scenarios, is part of the anatomy and physiology of the body.”

Whether transsexuals are transgender, is for me, a tautology. Changing my physical form to match my soul made a difference — the only question is to what degree.

To be continued…

This blog post is from my mini-book Transgender No More.

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Israel Holds Its First Transgender Beauty Contest

Contestants wait for their call during auditions for the first Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, March 3, 2016. The winner will represent Israel at a Miss Trans Star International pageant to be held in Spain in August. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)
Contestants wait for their call during auditions for the first Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, March 3, 2016. The winner will represent Israel at a Miss Trans Star International pageant to be held in Spain in August. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)


Nearly 30 transgender women strutted down the catwalk in skinny jeans, crop tops and stiletto heels at a Tel Aviv club on Thursday, vying for a chance to enter the first “Miss Trans Israel” beauty pageant.

Tel Aviv has emerged as one of the world’s most gay-friendly travel destinations, standing in sharp contrast to most of the rest of the Middle East, where gays can face persecution.

Israela Stephanie Lev, the pageant’s organizer, said that in the past it was “terrible” living as a transgender woman in Israel. But today, people are more accepting, she said.

“Definitely we are achieving, enlightening the people to accept and empower transsexuals,” she said.

Among the contestants was Talleen Abu Hanna, a 21-year-old from a Catholic Arab family in the northern city of Nazareth. She said she came to the audition because she wants to do something with her life.

“I have this something, I am a dancer, and I am a singer, I play the trumpet. I have something to give the people,” she said. Although Israel’s more conservative Arab society is often unaccepting of gays, Abu Hanna said her family accepts and supports her.

“We are normal people. This is normal,” she said.

Elian Nesiel, a 20-year-old contestant, said she believes that being transgender is “gradually accepted more and more.”

“Yes, it’s a process, like everything,” she said.

Israel is generally tolerant toward gays and transgender people. Gays openly serve in Israel’s military, as does at least one openly transgender soldier. In 1998, a transgender singer, Dana International, won the popular Eurovision song contest.

But homosexuality is shunned in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. Last year, an extremist ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed a teenage girl to death at a Jerusalem Pride parade.

Finalists will compete at a pageant in May, and the winner will represent Israel at the Miss Trans Star International pageant to be held in Spain in August.

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Arab Israeli contestant Tallinn Abu Hana poses for the judges during auditions for the first Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, March 3, 2016. The winner will represent Israel at a Miss Trans Star International pageant to be held in Spain in August. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)
Arab Israeli contestant Tallinn Abu Hana poses for the judges during auditions for the first Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, March 3, 2016. The winner will represent Israel at a Miss Trans Star International pageant to be held in Spain in August. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

River Stark & Viviane Rex on CrashpadSeries


“What’s better than getting what you want? Getting what you want after being denied. River Stark and Viviane Rex know this well, teasing each other with a cordless Magic Wand pulled away at precisely the right moment… or maybe they’re just being mean. Once Viviane equips an InJoyUs dildo and goes to town on River, pleasure won’t be deferred.” – Keymaster. Lesbian / Switch / Poly cisgender female Viviane Rex is sensational with one of my all-time favorite trans adult model and photographer River Stark on CrashPadSeries. Check out the Episode 209: River Stark and Viviane Rex video preview and more sample photos.

Celebrity Gossip Guru B. Scott On The Business Of Pop Culture Blogging

B. Scott turned his celebrity gossip blog into a thriving pop culture news website. (Photo Credit: D’Andre Michael)
B. Scott turned his celebrity gossip blog into a thriving pop culture news website. (Photo Credit: D’Andre Michael)

By Seamus Kirst Contributor

B. Scott is one of the most prominent voices in celebrity news and gossip blogging. He launched his gossip and pop culture news website,, in 2007 and has since interviewed countless celebrities including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo.

I spoke to Scott about the business aspects of his celebrity news website, and what he thinks the future holds in terms of brand expansion.

Why did you decide to launch

It all started when I moved to Los Angeles in 2005. I was doing some print modeling here and there when one of my best friends, Tshaka Muchiteni, and I started blogging for fun. After thinking about how I could make a name for myself, it dawned on me to put my own face on my own website where I would talk about things that interested me. It just so happened that Tshaka was getting increasingly busy with medical school, so I decided to launch in 2007.

When was the moment that you realized, “Wow, I can really make a good living through my celebrity website?”

I realized I could make a living off of the website pretty early on after I joined my first ad network. Shortly after that, everything blasted off into the stratosphere when I did my first YouTube video in June of 2007. The video went viral and put me on the path to become one of the first ‘YouTube Celebrities.’

What are your viewership numbers like?

We reach millions of unique visitors per month at Our social media presence reaches into the tens of millions. It’s incredible how much the site has grown over the last decade and continues to grow on a daily basis. Oftentimes, I forget how many people regularly visit the website until I’m out and about somewhere and a love muffin, what I call my fans, comes up to me to chat about a story we ran. It’s surreal to be considered the #1 Black celebrity blogger with one of the biggest voices in celebrity news and entertainment. That’s something that I’m very proud of and grateful for.

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Pastor Redefines ‘Church’ For Transgender Youth

Jesse Valles, far right, and Isaac Apodaca, center, get in line for the free Sunday dinners offered at the Rebel and Divine church, a congregation in Phoenix that aims to help at-risk youth, many of whom are homeless and transgender.
Jesse Valles, far right, and Isaac Apodaca, center, get in line for the free Sunday dinners offered at the Rebel and Divine church, a congregation in Phoenix that aims to help at-risk youth, many of whom are homeless and transgender.

By STINA SIEG • FEB 21, 2016

Some churches have become inclusive of gays and lesbians, but for transgender people, church can still feel extremely unwelcoming. A congregation in Phoenix is working to change that by focusing on the everyday needs of its members — many of whom are homeless trans youth. It starts with a free dinner every Sunday night with donated homemade and store-bought dishes.

It starts with a free dinner every Sunday night with donated homemade and store-bought dishes.

“There’s no shame. There’s no judgment. It’s here to help. We’re about health and wholeness,” says the founding pastor Jeffrey Dirrim as he points to countless toilet paper rolls on the table for anyone to take. It was toilet paper week. “And you need toilet paper, we’ve got toilet paper.”

The congregation is called Rebel and Divine and they have a mission: To reach at-risk youth. It grew out of a Christmas shoe drive years ago and it now serves about 200 attendees a month under the umbrella of the United Church of Christ. The attendees are people in their midteens and mid-20s, gay and lesbian kids, homeless kids, and especially transgender kids — people often unwelcome at other congregations.

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Fairy Princess Britney Boykins on Pure-TS





Britney Boykins from Houston, Texas has a large following, but she was an amateur adult entertainer until now. She’s also known as The Bad Bitch and Britney Von D, and since she’s on Pure-TS in a blazing hot bareback scene with porn king Christian XXX, I suspect that we’ll be seeing a lot more major studio performances from her in the future. She 23 years old and this is her first official adult scene. With Christian XXX, you never know who he’ll be performing with next. One minute it’s a trans porn legend and the next, it’s a gorgeous ingenue like Britney. This Lone Star State fox can top, but she’s primarily a bottom. I’ve seen her amateur work often over the years and I’ve never been less than seriously impressed. Her debut in the big leagues is absolutely magnificent, but don’t take the fairy princess theme literally. The only thing magical that happens here on Pure-TS is the sex.

How Femininity Shaming Helped Create the Divide Between LGB and T

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

In an article/interview with Krystal Joy Brown on, The Art of Dealing with Identity, I learned about Composer, lyricist, writer, actress, graduate of the New School Dana Aliya Levinson, who was born David. Here is her first Huffington blog post:

02/16/2016 05:08 pm ET

NOTE: When I use the term “trans-feminine” in this article, it is being used as a catch all term for all those who identify under the trans* umbrella on the feminine end of gender identification or presentation. Also, when I refer to “some gay men,” it is with awareness that I am referring to a particular subset of gay men which I do my best to describe in the following.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Pocahontas. In fact, more than obsessed, I wanted to be Pocahontas. She was an example of a strong woman, fighting for what she wants and for her people, at least to my 7-year-old brain. I would gleefully run around the house singing “Colors of the Wind,” much to the delight of my parents who encouraged it whenever family or friends were over. However, the first moment I was shamed or made aware that I was ‘different’ because of my femininity was when I informed my parents that I wanted to dress up as Pocahontas for Halloween. I was immediately told, with much hand-wringing, that I wasn’t allowed to do that because I was a boy and boys weren’t allowed to dress up like girls. Many years later, after I came out to them as trans and began my medical transition, I recounted this memory to them. They understood its significance, but explained that they were protecting me, afraid that if I showed up to school dressed like a girl, I would be bullied mercilessly for it. They were probably right.

However, this experience is not unique to trans-feminine youth, it’s also common in gay youth. Many young gay men were also mercilessly shamed for exhibiting femininity at a young age. That shame gets internalized. Before I came out as trans, I came out as gay. It was the only way I knew how to describe what I was feeling at the time. I was a continual target of bullies, especially the jocks, and as I got older, I was ostracized from the girls I got along with better than the boys because of the fact that I ‘was a boy.’ That shifted as I got into high school and the boys vs. girls mentality relaxed a little bit. But by then I had learned to straighten my walk, gesture from my upper arms rather than from my hands, speak in a more monotone voice etc. For all of middle school, I carefully monitored my behavior for any signs of the dreaded ‘femininity.’ Masculinity became a commodity that I traded in. Even after I was out as gay, I had so styled myself as the ‘straight acting’ gay guy by high school that suddenly I was accepted by the very guys who used to bully me mercilessly because I assimilated into their hetero and cisnormative notions of masculinity and femininity. Because of this, I became non-threatening.

These lessons, that many trans-feminine youth and gay youth learn, for some (dare I say most), result in severe self-loathing and internalized homophobia and transphobia. It’s the same kind of internalized shame that for some gay men leads to the proud proclamations of ‘no femmes’ on grindr profiles across the United States, or causes some gay men to run for the hills when they see a Barbra Streisand album in a potential hookup’s apartment.

Because of the strictures of the social hierarchy of ‘masc’ over ‘femme’ that’s pervasive in many corners of gay life, as well as in heteronormative circles, the shamed become the shamers. So much time and energy is spent trying to prove manhood to heterosexual and cis people who deem themselves the gate keepers in climates like high school, that when a trans-feminine person, or feminine gay man for that matter, chooses to fully embrace that aspect of themselves, some gay men find it threatening. Suddenly all the effort to prove their manhood to some unseen force comes crashing down. ‘Remember that guy in middle school who was so effeminate? Well now he’s a she!’ Suddenly the other guy who was also effeminate in middle school who went to great lengths to prove he’s still a man ‘despite being attracted to men,’ feels like that grasp on it is more tenuous. I believe this is one of the subconscious factors which creates distance between some gay men and the trans movement, and in turn, leads some gay men to start petitions to ‘divorce the T from the LGBT,’ or for the Empire State Pride Agenda declaring mission accomplished with the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality, leaving many trans and gender variant people behind.

Now this is of course not to say that all gay men feel this way, nor is it to say that abject masculinity is inherently unnatural to gay men, it’s only to say that femininity shaming is a common experience in those sexually or gender variant who were assigned male at birth. I’m also not arguing that this is the only factor that causes the LGB and T schism. Only that it is one of them. And because it’s the subconscious result of many years of hetero and cisnormative programming, it’s one of the more prickly and nefarious ones. I believe that this femininity shaming gets carried over to a generic discomfort with those who claim that femininity. Both communities, and for that matter, everyone under the LGBTQIA umbrella has a responsibility to acknowledge and deal with their internalized shame. I’m loathe to say we all have it, but certainly many of us do. I know that I do. But we all have more in common than things that tear us apart. It’s our internalized shame and self-judgement that will drive us from each other and keep us from embracing the full breadth of our collective experiences. Us sexually and gender variant folk are much stronger together than we are apart.

Follow Dana Aliya Levinson on Twitter @DanaLMusic

Transsensual: Aubrey Kate and Jaxton Wheeler

NSFW Video Preview
NSFW Video Preview
NSFW Image Gallery
NSFW Image Gallery
NSFW Video Gallery
NSFW Video Gallery


When beautiful blonde besties Laura (Aubrey Kate) and Marilyn (Aspen Brooks) set their sights on football stars Troy (Jaxton Wheeler) and Tommy (Alexander Gustavo), the two gorgeous TS sex queens will stop at nothing to seduce the hunky, well-hung studs. The girls take a room at the hotel where the guys are staying, and begin a slow seduction that will leave viewers both charmed and deliciously turned on. A surprise ending brings together this fun-loving romp, starring four of the industries sexiest and brightest stars. Written and directed by Nica Noelle. With a set-up like this, how could I resist watching? Aspen Brooks as the gorgeous yet nerdy friend of the star of TS Blondes Have More Fun and her seducer Alexander Gustavo deliver magnificent performances, but first, let’s talk about the scene with Aubrey Kate and Jaxton Wheeler. Transsensual films feature ensembles that emphasize the interconnectivity of the Nica Noelle’s characters. All four of the stars of TS Blondes Have More Fun are fine actors and each of their characters share equal importance in the narrative, successfully balancing the ensemble cast. That’s pretty much all I can say without revealing too much of the plot. But I must add that you should allow me to mislead you into thinking that this is softcore sex. What begins as an intimate first time experience between Aubrey Kate and Jaxton Wheeler evolves a deep hard lay with multiple position changes and artful direction. The unification of different plot lines and character arcs continue as the plot of TS Blondes Have More Fun unfolds. This Transsensual production is indeed packed with fun, but it’s also a celebration of true talent.

Charlize Veritas: The Dangers of Being Transgender – The Attack On Jacie Leopold


02/10/2016 10:11 pm ET

On Dec. 21st, 2014, the Back Porch Grill in Hot springs Arkansas was having their annual Christmas party. For the employees It was cause for celebration, but for Jacie Leopold the night was about to become a fight for her life and eventually, justice.

Jacie had been working as a full-time chef there when she began her transition to female in mid-2014. She was open about it to her friends and family, but she was afraid to tell her coworkers.

“I was working with a group of people who worked hard and liked to relieve stress through humor,” Jacie told me. LBGT people were commonly the butt of their jokes.

The humor did not just remain in the kitchen.

Even the manager was in on it. Jacie told me…. Click here to continue reading the Huff Post Queer Voices article by @CharlizeVeritas.

Morena Black & Chelsea Marie on AllTGirls.XXX


Radius Dark HD continues to deliver the type of content I love seeing (and downloading) the most. The latest scenes that have blown my mind include the videos and photo sets on AllTGirls.XXX. I first became a super fan of Dark’s work through his productions with one of my favorite stars, the hostess of and Next, I was blown away the foursome he filmed featuring Michelle Firestone, Nina Lawless, Chelsea Marie and Miranda Meadows from Then there was the scorching hot foursome scene with Holly Parker, Nina Lawless, Brooke Zannell and Sami Price on Recently, I began following the career of Morena Black, who’s currently sending shock waves through the adult industry with just a few performances to date. When I saw that Mr. Dark created two scenes with Morena and Chelsea Marie for AllTGirls.XXX, I couldn’t resist pulling out my purse again for the sake of premier porn. Once you stream or download the scene behind the photo above, Chelsea Marie Fucks Morena Black and Morena Fucks Chelsea: The Foreplay, your senses are assaulted by the sight of Chelsea Marie orally and manually preparing Morena for The Fucking. Next up is The Threesome Part One: Morena Black Fucks Mayumi Sparkles. I had the honor of interviewing Mayumi for the Fashion Issue (#95) of Transformation Magazine. She’s absolutely incredible in the first installment of the video that immediately follows the two scenes with Morena and Chelsea Marie. When you get to the AllTGirls.XXX landing page, flip through the easy navigation buttons to see more mesmerizing scenes with an incredible lineup of stars I’ve interviewed and blogged about several times before and will again, and again, and again.

Church Unveils Controversial Transgender Baptism Ceremony

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

The ceremony was framed as being similar to adult baptisms. The website for New Chapel Unitarian describes baptisms as follows:

Baptismal services do not seek a child’s salvation but dedicate the parents to their task to raise the child to have virtues and principles by which to live. Ancient symbols may be used but they will reflect modern ideas and beliefs. Sometimes parents ask for a ceremony that is not a baptism but a Naming Service of a Blessing of a Child. This is quite acceptable and can be arranged with the Chapel.

Clements told the Manchester Evening News that the church was also the first Unitarian chapel in the area to register itself to perform same-sex marriages as well. In fact, the first gay wedding that she presided over last year reportedly involved the parents of the transgender child.

Members of New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian reportedly unanimously decided to allow the 10-year-old who identifies as a girl to be baptized at the chapel, with Clements saying that there was absolutely no controversy surrounding the matter.

“It felt entirely natural, There was no controversy when they voted at our annual general meeting,” she told the Independent. “They spent more time discussing the autumn fair and whether we might move it to the summer. Now that was controversial.”

The unnamed child also released a statement expressing excitement over the impending baptism.

“I am so happy that they have now said I can be baptised because although I was previously baptised, it was as a boy, with a different name,” it read. “I feel as though it was not really me who was baptised, but somebody else. At the moment I feel separate from God and as a child who has a strong faith I want to be close to Him.”

Unitarian universalists do not share a common set of theological beliefs, though they do share various values embedded in a humanist framework and assemble to form a diverse community surrounding those sentiments.

“Our beliefs are diverse and inclusive. We have no shared creed. Our shared covenant (our seven Principles) supports ‘the free and responsible search for truth and meaning,’” reads a description from the Unitarian Universalist Association. “Though Unitarianism and Universalism were both liberal Christian traditions, this responsible search has led us to embrace diverse teachings from Eastern and Western religions and philosophies.”

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TS Jamie French: The Hooker Series

Video Gallery
Video Gallery Below


There’s an adult actress who makes videos and short films, both hardcore and softcore, yet mostly hardcore. She’s one of the most talented film makers in the adult industry who could easily make the transition to mainstream Hollywood directing if she chose to. TS Jamie French makes a strong point about prostitution in her “Hooker” series without words. That point however is open to interpretation. The cinematic quality is brilliant while frightening. One might say that it’s not intended for viewing by a mild audience. Or perhaps, this is just the audience that most needs to see it. As the plot unfolds, the client is introduced an ice cold john who takes control of Jamie’s vulnerable and obviously new position in life with absolutely no empathy. As for the sex, it’s a rough and oily bareback ride that’s enticing and seductive. Its intense and graphic realness is apt to make any trans girl considering this lifestyle think twice. The Part II finale of is shot in full color HD, but it changes to black & white at a critical moment at the end. It’s definitely the most thought-provoking adult video I’ve seen in 2016. “Hooker” rivals the emotional depth and sexual thrill of every short film I’ve seen last year also and it’s exclusive to

At Least 48 Transgender Women Killed In Brazil In January

It’s important to keep in mind that the real number is likely significantly higher than this. These are only the killings that have been reported and reporters often misgender transwomen.


By Juliana Britto Schwartz • @julianabrittos Brazilian-American blogger writing about #latinafeminism in the US & Latin America. | Editor at @Feministing | Campaigner at @Change

At least 48 trans women have murdered in Brazil in the first month of 2016, Globo reports. “These are scary numbers,” Glória Crystal, the assistant secretary of NGO Livre Orientação Sexual (Free Sexual Orientation) told Globo in an interview about two recent murders in the south of the country.

Though it is unclear how Crystal came to this number, 48 is quite likely a low estimate. Reporters often misgender trans folks when writing about their deaths, and the media isn’t exactly pouring extensive of resources into covering violent transphobia. This is particularly true in Brazil, but is also the case in more developed countries like the U.S. Jos wrote about this phenomenon last summer when 19 trans women had been killed in the U.S. before we were even halfway through 2015:

I keep making the point of saying “reported murdered” because we don’t know how many trans women were killed this year. The FBI only started reporting crimes committed on the basis of gender identity in 2014, which they are required to do by the 2009 hate crimes law. In the six plus years that I’ve been working in media, there’s been a large push just to have the murders of trans women reported correctly, a project that was going on before I joined this work — and trans women are still so regularly misgendered in death. And the police are not exactly prioritizing finding and identifying trans woman murder victims.

So the fact that the number of reported murders has skyrocketed this year does not mean that more trans women have been murdered this year, or that we even know about all the trans women who have been killed. It does mean we have a little bit better picture of how bad the epidemic of violence against trans women of color is, though. It is my prayer that this knowledge can inspire some action that goes beyond the recent increase in celebrity “visibility” that clearly does nothing for the most vulnerable, and that could even be linked to an increase in violence.

Even without clear reporting on the issue, studying Brazil’s history of transphobia shows that 48 murders within a month is well within the realm of possibility. Prensa Latina reported that in 2014, an estimated 326 trans people were reported killed in Brazil – that’s one person every 27 hours – compared to 22 reported murders of trans women in the U.S. in 2015. Last year Al Jazeera named Brazil the country with the highest rates of violence against trans people, where most gender non-conforming Brazilians don’t live past the age of 30. One only needs to follow Eduarda Alice Santos’ reporting for Planet Transgender to see that violence against trans people has not improved since 2015.

If a country is facing such a devastating rate of homicide, it seems fair to assume that many more than 48 trans people may have been murdered this month but were misgendered by the media, or so marginalized that their death simply wasn’t reported.

No matter the number, it’s too many.

Click here for the original article. 

CC Santini on Pure-TS






18 Year Old Teen CC Santini Enters Porn With a BANG is the title of the latest magnificent Pure-TS hardcore hardcore scene. Stunning CC aka Chanel Santini is an Albequrque, New Mexico native who now resides in Las Vegas, where her debut hardcore scene was filmed. She’s been in transition for three years and simply entered the adult industry to make extra money. I’ve been following her on social media for about a year now. When I saw that she had a retail background like I did, I thought to myself, “Girl, you need to get out of that racket!” After seeing her debut hardcore scene with Christian XXX on his top notch website, it’s crystal clear that she’ll be one of the most sought after adult industry performers of 2016. If these photos don’t make it obvious how a young trans girl with very little experience in the industry find herself being introduced to the rapidly growing niche of adult trans performances by the male king of porn, watch the full-length video on Pure-TS.

What Gainesville should tell us about repealing the new transgender rule

Okay, we’re hitting home this week with my city of Gainesville, Florida. And the writing is so good.

What Gainesville should tell us about repealing the new transgender rule

Originally published February 5, 2016 at 5:01 pm Updated February 5, 2016 at 4:27 pm

Washington’s legislators don’t have to imagine if public accommodation protections for transgender people result in an uptick of men stalking women in public bathrooms. Just ask other cities with similar protections.

By Autumn Sandeen
Special to The Seattle Times

This artwork by Donna Grethen relates to schools that have not adopted policies protecting transgender students.
This artwork by Donna Grethen relates to schools that have not adopted policies protecting transgender students.

WHEN it comes to criminality, we should treat individuals based on what they do and not on a characteristic such as race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. It seems especially un-American to suggest that we should police a minority group based on a fear of what people who pretend to be members of that minority group might do.

I’m talking about policing transgender people based on what people pretending to be transgender might do in public bathrooms. Somehow, this is seen as reasonable — to some Washington lawmakers.
SB 6443would eliminate Washington’s new transgender state Human Rights Commission rule guaranteeing transgender people access to restrooms and locker rooms according to their identity. The argument? Some non-transgender men might pretend to be transgender women to enter women’s bathrooms to prey on women and children.

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Even making the assumption that it’s OK to legislate based on what transgender pretenders might do, reasonable legislators should look to other cities where this issue has come up to see if such fears ever materialized.

Take Gainesville, Fla. In 2008, a political organization called Citizens for Good Public Policy opposed the city’s gender identity ordinance and initiated a referendum to repeal it. The organization even created a commercial that showed a young girl being followed by a creepy looking man into a public women’s restroom, followed by the warning, “On January 28, 2008 your City Commission made this legal.”

I recently called the Gainesville Police Department and asked what happened after the ordinance became law. Was there an uptick of transgender pretenders (or transgender women) preying on non-transgender women and children in women’s public bathrooms?

Officer Ben Tobias, a public information spokesman, said, “I have been with GPD since 2005 and actually worked in the downtown area in 2008 when the ordinance came into existence. I have asked around and none of us can remember any incidents related to the ordinance.”

That’s eight years without such an incident.

This is one city’s experience among many. Washington’s legislators don’t have to imagine if public accommodation protections for transgender people result in an uptick of men stalking women in public bathrooms. Just ask other cities with similar protections to find out if the Gainesville experience is an aberration. Hint: It’s not.

It’s distressing that the Washington state Senate is considering passing a bill that would, by intention, roll back public accommodation protections for transgender people just because they’re transgender.
The fact that this legislation is based solely on imagined fears of what transgender pretenders might do in public bathrooms, and that this fear isn’t even reality-based, is legislating at its worst.

Autumn Sandeen is a transgender U.S. Navy veteran. She’s written for the Washington Blade, The Advocate, and currently writes the “Trans Progressive” column for LGBT Weekly.

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