TwoTgirls: Roomate Gets Dominated

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Description:When River Enza’s night of hot kinky fun is cancelled, she returns home with a look of disappointment. Luckily for her though, her loving roommate Bailey Love is interested in learning about what she had planned for the night. Bailey agrees to letting River Enza have her way with her! River Enza completely dominates Bailey Love tying her up and fucking her in all kinds of positions! This is one HOT kinky video you DON’T wanna miss!

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After seeing Bailey Love and River Enza together in “The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed“, their last Two Tgirls video, I grew accustomed to seeing Bailey topping River. I never imagined that the tables would be turned on but that’s exactly what happened. Director Mayumi Sparkles opens the video with River looking sexy as hell describing how the night’s BDSM adventure failed. Bailey is dressed like a total sexpot, but she’s a normie with absolutely no experience with Domination/submission. The way River introduces her friend to kink play begins as more of an educational thing than a sexual one. Even when River gets Bailey to remove and cast her bra aside, it still comes off like a learning experience. Bailey’s cock happens to be exposed through the open front panel of her panties as River applies cuffs to her wrists., but River still remains fully dressed. River doesn’t seem to notice that Bailey is getting turned on being in bondage until the cuffs are attached together. The cock that was not so intimidating or seemingly aroused before is now large and erect. This kinky pre-play finally becomes sexual when River takes Bailey’s stiff cock inside her mouth.

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This update is special for those of us kinksters anxious for the site to delve deeper into BDSM. River Enza is key when it comes to rope play and other kinky acts to follow. Her BDSM master is The Goddess Kyaa, a cisgender dominatrix, so the interplay between River and Bailey comes across as totally authentic. The hard flogging across Bailey’s big erection surprises me however. So does River’s furious fucking performance. I previously thought of River as a bottom only. Bailey is at her versatile best and now I know that River Enza can top with the best of them. Roomate Gets Dominated is available in 4K (Ultra HD)6.55GB, 720P (HD, 814.22MB, 480P (SD), 411.85MB, and 1080P (Full HD), 1.68GB resolutions. Also check out the new sister site from Mayumi Sparkles:!

TheEnglishMansion: Miss Zara, Tiffany Real Doll – Zara’s Sex Doll

Since my “Zara’s Sex Doll Featuring Miss Zara & Tiffany Real Doll Review” of Part 1 includes the full description of this 4 part masterpiece, I’ll skip that this time around and review the Part 4. The complete movie is coming soon to  Actually, I’m going to cheat a bit and include bits from Part 3. Tiffany Real Doll looks absolutely gorgeous lapping away at Miss Zara’s trimmed, red haired pussy There’s an Aneros plug embedded in Tiffany’s fabulous bottom and her big cock comes into view when Miss Zara rises from the bed to remove more lingerie. She bares her huge breasts and Tiffany lies back on the bed with her erection ready for attention.

Part 4 begins with Miss Zara riding Tiffany’s stiff schlong in the reverse cowgirl position! Her pink, full ball sack is cleanly shaven and her thighs look silky smooth. Miss Zara’s tits bob and sway and she rubs her clit furiously while her pussy gets drilled. Then they switch into the doggy style position. Tiffany teases Zara for a brief moment with her long, thick rod withdrawing. It swings up and down in the air, causing Zara to turn around and give it a good stroking. Zara uses a generous amount of lube to jerk off Tiffany’s large, raging hardon. She works on Tiffany’s butt plug with her other hand with the sex doll bent over on all fours. Then Miss Zara straddles Tiffany’s pretty face and pumps her big bare cock in her hands until big, thick jets of creamy white cum explode from the bulbous, throbbing head!

Meet Beautiful Ava Dupree!

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Ava Dupree looks easy, breezy beautiful in her TGirls.XXX debut. Part of her description reads: Another amazing Omar Wax discovery, Ava has a smoking hot slim body and a perfect booty. She LOVES showing them off too! She was excited to introduce herself to the world and so were we to meet her! Enjoy watching sexy Ava stripping, stroking and having fun in her first scene ever!

This gorgeous Texan’s biography is nice and long! “Hey guys, it’s your girl Ava Dupree and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you guys a little about me. I’m a small town Midwestern girl currently residing in the great state of Texas!! I’ve been on my hormone regimen for four years as of Spring 2018 and I’m a totally pre-operative trans woman.”

” I do have plans to have enhancements in the future, but nothing super drastic.. I really like my current look and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made thus far, it has been quite the journey. I identify pansexual and versatile, I’ve dated genetic men and women as well as trans men and women. I wouldn’t say I have a type, I’m just a lover of all different kinds of people. My turns ons range from muscular men, to the average dad bod, to super femme women, to tomboys.. So hard to choose just one!!”

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends day drinking by the pool or at the beach, I am a practicing makeup artist so you will sometimes catch me doing my creative thing. I love to travel to music festivals all over the country (and abroad when I can), I’ve always had a passion for music and travel ever since I was very young. I enjoy doing yoga (gotta stay flexible) and meditating when I can find the time to wind down.”

” I really like to cook, I always have.. My family is full of great cooks and I come from Japanese heritage believe it or not. That’s a fun fact about me. I’m pretty much vegetarian and rarely eat any meat (mostly seafood, MY FAVE), I love our cuddly fur babies to much to plate them.
I’m really excited for you all to see what I’m capable of in front the lense and maybe behind it at some point.”

” I’ve only had a taste of this industry and I absolutely love and adore everyone that I have shot with. Everyone has been so good to me and I appreciate that I’m able to work with such amazing talented people. I also want to thank all of you that watch and support my work, you all are the ones that make it possible for me to continue the work that I do.

“I so appreciate and love every single one of my fans and followers you all are great and I hope to keep pumping out content so please continue to visit and see what I’m up to. Thanks again and stay happy and blessed all.. AVA.”

Don’t miss Ava’s dazzling debut on TGirls.XXX!

TSPlayground: Gabe and Mos, Scene #01

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Beautiful Mos aka Moshi is a Thai superstar with stats of 33C-24-32, 5’5″(165 cm), and she’s around 26 years old. I don’t think there’s an American trans adult star who’s surpassed her filmography. She looks stunning taking up the first part of her hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro on her own on Mos doesn’t really need to do a striptease to get explicit because she’s not wearing much in the first place. She makes her ass the focus first and her developing hardon the center of attention next. After two minutes, Gabe shows up with a boner in his briefs. This update obviously features the actors pre-heated from the start.

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Gabe quickly sinks down to suck his lovely partner’s thick erection, turns her around to toss her salad, then resumes giving her a blowjob. A few moments of this treatment has her big dick pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Moss then gives Gabriel head and makes an incredibly erotic display of it. She jerks off while sucking Gabe to maintain her raging erection. Moss give Gabe a rimjob after sucking his dick again to prepare him for a tremendous railing. Then she proceeds to fuck him with long, steady strokes.

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Her doggy style railing evolves into drilling Gabe on his back. Do we still call it missionary position when the passive partner is male? Sounds fine to me! But I digress. Mos continues her fucking with Gabe face down next. Then Gabe gives Mos a rimjob and fucks Moss in the doggy style position! He goes at her tight ass missionary next and she jerks off along with her bareback pounding. You’ll think she’s going to cum one way, but she switches positions on Gabe to release a big, creamy white cum shot. See where it lands and the way she takes Gabe’s spunk on!

Superstar Jesse Flores Cums!

Bob of did a video interview with beautiful Jesse Flores of talking a bit about her receiving her Lifetime Achievement award at this year’s Transgender Erotica Awards. I can’t believe we’re at that stage since I’ve been promoting her amazing word since Jesse’s amazing website was launched. I’m really happy about the recognition because she’s one of the nicest and most charming adult actresses in the industry.

Bob and Jesse also discuss Jesse’s long-running and unique FanFuxxx series on If you’ve never seen any of theses videos, they’re actual sex hardcore scenes with the icon herself literally fucking her fans over the course of nine years!

That’s in addition to her high glam photo shoots and luxurious solo videos. Jesse is still accepting applicants and if you need her Twitter page, just go to my 2011 Interview with TS Jesse.

The TGirls.XXX video I’m focusing on today is filmed by Bob in his world famous red velvet chaise lounge at the start. Jesse’s goodies, both on the bottom and the top, are just barely contained by a bodysuit and she’s wearing tall platform pumps. She begins rubbing the bulge between her open thighs and away we go.

In about a half minute, Jesse withdraws her cock and begins masturbating. Bob’s close-up footage is amazing! One of the things Jesse had mentioned in their interview is how she thinks she looks better than she did when she first entered the adult industry.

I agree and I wonder if the fact that she’s never had to adhere to a hormone regime has anything to do with it. Whatever the case, she’s been naturally gorgeous for as long as she’s had her incredible staying power.

After about seven minutes into Jesse’s stroke session, Jesse strips out of her sexy outfit and heels, becoming completely naked. Her big uncut cock is stiff and just, damn! She finally announces that she’s going to cum and turns her massive dick upwards so that a torrent of creamy white jizz jets across her flat tummy in this blazing hot TGirls.XXX special update!

Watch The Free Scene Trailer!

Femout.XXX: Jean Jezebel Cums!

Description: Sexy redhead Jean Jezebel made her debut two weeks ago. Today, this hottie discovered by Radius Dark returns for more! Looking hot in her sexy lingerie, Jean can’t wait to have some fun for the camera! Watch her stroking her cock just for you until she cums!

I raved about “Meet Jean Jezebel” here on April 21, 2018. I presented my Interview With Jean Jezebel on January 3, 2017. It’s a pleasure to discuss “Jean Jezebel Cums!” for too many reasons to list.

Jean brings her webcam seduction talents into the bedroom being just as vocal as she is visual. In other words, she can have you worked up into a fap frenzy with her words and voice or make you cum from looking at her just as easily. There’s lots of nipple rubbing like there was in Jean’s Femout.XXX debut. There’s also tremendously sexy ass play that has Jean’s cock expanding by the time she withdraws it from her panties.

The cum shot isn’t necessarily going to be your favorite part of this encore video. There’s a sequence in just under 10 minutes where Jean is stroking her erection and she releases it, emitting a long moan and making her boner bob and sway a bit. Then she appears to be on the brink of orgasm later while jerking off and finger banging her tight ass at the same time.

She changes things up again by getting off the bed for a standing butt show that’s out of this world. Then she’s back on the bed in the doggy style position simulating getting fucked. Then she’s finally sitting upright and it’s obvious that she’s soon going to get her nut. See if you can predict the exact moment when streams of creamy white cum begin jetting out of the swollen head of her lovely cock on Femout.XXX.

TGirls.Porn: Ally Sparkles & Jenny Crystal

Description: It’s Tuesday which can mean only one thing….it’s update time on the home of the hottest trans girls in nut-busting XXX action! This week it’s rampant Ally Sparkles and Jenny Crystal getting balls deep and personal and making this magic happen. Take it away ladies…..

This week on TGirls.Porn, producer Radius Dark opens with the action already in progress. Gorgeous Ally and Jenny and passionate kissing on the sofa in their undies. Ally is the one in long socks in case you’re new to this fabulous niche I think of as The Best.

It’s hard to tell who’s going to take the lead, but Jenny is first to do some nipple sucking while Ally hovers above her slightly. Once Ally is fully topless, Jenny playfully pushes her back on the sofa. Jenny is now the aggressor and she quickly removes Ally’s panties.

Ally helps Jenny get her brassiere off next and Jenny takes hold of Ally’s bare cock. She then leans down and takes it inside her mouth. Jenny has an effective method of making Ally develop an erection and the girls pause for a moment to shed more clothing.

Jenny resumes her cock sucking and then it’s Ally turn. This is meant to turn us on but I also study their techniques like I’m in Fellatio 101 class. These young ladies are very intense when they give head – not sloppy suckers going at it loosely. Well, you can see how hard they make each other.

Mr. Dark captures such amazing angles that I have to ask myself how he does it during some of the footage. And after long bouts of mutual cock sucking comes the passionate kissing this incredible trans lesbian site is famous for.

Then the fucking begins! It’s absolutely rapturous and a must see on TGirls.Porn!

Bob’s Tgirls: Ryder Monroe’s Return

This comeback set on could be a debut if it weren’t for the obvious experience that Ryder Monroe brings to it. Ryder may have been away for a three year hiatus, but she’s not at an aging stage yet, by a long shot. She announces straight off the bat that she’s going to cum for us today.

But for a bit more background information, Ryder likes dominant men and rough sex. She’s 100% passive and there’s a lot more you’ll find out from the interview she granted me and on

It’s workout day and you might get as much motion out of this update as Ryder does. First, she lowers the straps of her gymnastics leotard and exposes her succulent looking breasts. She then does a three-quarter turn that enhances the world class shape of her bottom.

Do you want to see Ryder stroking her cock within the first minute? You got it and it’s already swelling when she first curls her fingers around it. Actually, her cock is standing straight out from her thighs when she abruptly releases it.

“My cock is already hard,” she says, not in surprise but emphasis. Full turns follow to remind you of how curvy Ryder is in all the right places. Then she sits down on a workout machine to pump a nipple with one hand and her hardon with the other.

Now Ryder is stripped down to head gear, hoop earrings, a belly button ring and thin calf socks. When she releases her dick at this point, the big spike’s head points toward the ceiling. She offers it for you to suck it and begins fapping again.

Ryder’s masturbation session includes nipple tweaking as she approaches orgasm. You can pretty much tell when she’s going to cum, but that last big bead emerging from her swollen red cock head is pretty unpredictable.

She says, “See you next time,” with a charming little wave and this return is a wrap! If you haven’t read my June 2011 Interview with Ryder Monroe or you have and need a refresher, there’s no better time than the present.

Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Nubian Barbie!

The official description reads: Another BEAUTIFUL girl makes her debut on Black TGirls this week! Meet Omar Wax’ latest discovery, gorgeous Nubian Barbie! Barbie has an amazing soft chocolate skin complexion, long legs and a perfect juicy ass. She’s a versatile girl, or in her own words: “From one look you may think that with all this ass I like to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do but I 100% like laying into a firm or soft muscle butt”! With Nubian Barbie and Amber Flawless both making their debuts in two days we had hard time and couldn’t decide between them two who is going to be our “Model of the Month” for May. So guess what, we have decided to make an exception for this month: we will have TWO models of the month for May! Ladies and gentlemen, Nubian Barbie – Black TGirls’ “Model of the Month” for May 2018!

A little online research tells me that Brionna Pleasant is the full name of this absolutely ravishing trans model Nubian Barbie of Dallas, Texas. After seeing her location, it’s pretty much a given that producer Omar Wax would do the honors of presenting her debut (and hopefully on sister sites in the future). I’ve just raved about the stunning model who shares May 2018 Model of the Month Amber Flawless right here on Caramel’s TGirls on May 1, 2018. But today’s focus is on lovely Nubian Barbie. Her debut opens with a testimonial in which she introduces herself as a southern Louisiana native. You’ll be able pick up the southern accent in her fast, articulate speech pattern, but it might sail past you if you’re mesmerized by looking at her.

As she gives out her social media links, you’ll see that her body suit is pretty sheer and the points of her nipples are visible. There’s a mind-blowing sequence with Barbie unsnapping the bottom panel of her sexy garment and allowing her goodies to spill out. But then she presents you with a killer rump shaking, coyly hiding what’s going on in front. She raises the outfit high enough to expose her gorgeous breasts and nipples next. A jolt of lust might course through your body as the next sequence begins. Barbie is standing completely naked and then she straddles the sofa to raise the eroticism to a whole new level. But it’s not the last time you’ll see her standing. You’ll see and hear her firmly spanking her magnificent bottom before facing the camera to settle into a masturbation session.

When I say that Barbie does some finger banging while jerking off and moaning softly, I really mean it. She doesn’t just toy around but actually fucks herself digitally. At one point she grips the lower part of her cock shaft with one hand and pumps the upper portion with the other hand. After stroking her erection this way for a while, she’s shown fucking her ass with two fingers the second time around. This is one of the finest debut productions I’ve ever seen on Nubian Barbie is incredible.

Femout.XXX: Pixzzle Cums For You!

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I was so impressed with “Femout.XXX: Introducing Sexy Pixzzle!” that I raved about it on April 17, 2018 here on Caramel’s TGirls. “Pixzzle Cums For You!” is the encore video and photo set presented by Radius Dark as well.

This webcam model’s ability to emulate her original style doing live shows to studio work is remarkable. Her sexy dialogue while stripping and teasing make her mesmerizing. So don’t take your eyes off of Pixzzle for a moment.

Pixzzle wears a tartan plaid skirt but she’s not in an overtly schoolgirl mode or theme. She’s simply horny as hell and inviting you for sex in a tasteful way. She flashes one of the sexiest sets of legs I’ve ever seen on Femout.XXX and also what she believes is her greatest asset, her wide bottom.

She plays with her sexy butt for a bit, but it’s when she exposes and plays with one of her pretty pink nipples when she falls into a deep state of lust. Once topless, Pixzzle masturbates her cock over her panties and it eventually grows stiffer and stiffer.

Mr. Dark moves in for closeups of her face, her high-arched bare feet and her swelling cock as she continues to jerk off. She lays back and play with her ass more explicitly than before and develops a raging hard erection.

As it should be for an erotic model Pixzzle eventually sheds every single stitch of her clothing. She pumps her boner with both legs up in invitation for a rim job or a missionary position pounding. Then she breaks out a Hitachi magic wand vibe and buzzes it along her hard dick.

I’d love for you to see how the cum puddles out of her cock head in this astounding Femout.XXX update. To see this scorching hot model performing LIVE, register for free on!