Pure-TS: Sexy & Sensual Threesome

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Pure-TS.com Description: As Lily Black relaxes in the tub, Amy Novelle and Christian XXX have started fooling around. Amy wants to bring Lily into the mix and so she helps her out, dries her off, and worships her body as well. These two all natural trans beauties are now naked and horny. They devour his cock together and bounce on it for good measure. He fucks them both all over the room until dropping a load for them to share.

That’s the official synopsis of this incredible Pure-TS.com update. Amy is the blonde fox who is a webcam star on my favorite live platform under Chaturbate.com/AmyTrapWhore and Lily is the pink-haired babe who was first presented with Christian XXX in November 2018.

As Amy approaches bathing Lily early in the scene, my first concern is how strong the trans lesbian content will be. I will not be satisfied if I don’t sense real chemistry. There’s not a lot of touching, but I’m sold on the kissing.

I really love the way the girls play with each other while servicing Christian’s huge cock! The kissing increases as they help each other ride his big, hard dick. I know I could use some help with riding that monster!

They’re both pretty generous when it comes to orally sharing Christian’s big cum shot at the end of this Pure-TS.com video!

Transfixed | S1 E1 | Venus at the Party Starring: Cherie DeVille, Venus Lux

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The poolside garden’s twinkling lights reflect in the sparkling water. Smiling guests, lost in their own worlds of enchantment and reverie, are only briefly distracted by the waiters gliding silently among them, ensuring that their glasses never run dry.

The moment Cherie DeVille sets foot in the garden, she knows that tonight is going to be magical. She can feel something pulsing deep inside her core, though she’s not yet sure what it is. It’s as if she’s in a daze herself, crossing that threshold from her everyday, boring life into something extraordinary.

Someone is calling to her — she can FEEL it. Her eyes search the faces of all those gathered, taking in their blissed-out expressions, but they’re not who she’s looking for.

Then the crowds part, and her eyes fall upon a mysterious woman, Venus Lux, stretched out in a chair with her eyes hidden behind the dark lenses of her sunglasses. Could Venus be the undeniable force that’s been beckoning to her the moment she stepped in through the door?

When Venus removes her glasses and ensnares Cherie in her smokey gaze, Cherie is transfixed. She wants nothing more than to be in this goddess’ passionate embrace. She moves forward to close the gap between them, but is blocked by a waiter with a tray of hors-d’oeuvres. Desperate not to lose sight of the beautiful stranger, she politely declines his attention, but with this momentary distraction, it seems as though Venus has disappeared without a trace.

Cherie is lost as she aimlessly wanders around the party. Other girls make small talk with her, but she doesn’t hear them over the ache of desire for Venus from within. She doesn’t understand why she can’t find Venus again — was she simply a figment of her imagination?

Just when all hope is lost, Venus reappears as suddenly as she vanished. Cherie is breathless as she’s caught under Venus’ intense, lustful gaze. Not a word is shared between them as Venus slowly extends her hand. Cherie knows that taking her hand will change everything in an instant, setting them both embarking on a journey of erotic discovery unlikely anything they’ve ever experienced…

She doesn’t hesitate.

All heads silently turn to them. Cherie is the girl to win Venus’ affection, the one chosen out of all the others tonight, but Cherie doesn’t see the rest — she only sees Venus. Their warm bodies press close as they begin to dance, unable to tear their gazes from one another. Cherie is spellbound. They move together as one, matching every step in time. Even their breathing is in sync.

Venus invites her into the house. It’s as if Cherie’s whole life’s been leading up to this moment, and she dreamily drifts ahead of Venus. Her heart pounds with excitement as she hears the footfall of platform heels and the swishing of fabric behind her. Venus’ powerful gaze penetrates to the very soul.

They come together effortlessly again, their lips locking as waves of pleasure course through Cherie. Their hands sensually explore each other’s bodies as pieces of clothes fall away to the floor. Cherie can’t get enough of Venus, wanting to taste ALL of her. The heat building between them is incredible, and Cherie’s not sure how much longer she can hold out. The tension has pulled her muscles so taut that it almost hurts — she NEEDS Venus.

Fortunately for her, Venus’ hunger is insatiable as well, her mesmerizing eyes never straying from Cherie. As Venus begins playing with Cherie’s breasts and nipples, Cherie melts beneath her skilled hands. When Venus hints for more, Cherie opens her legs in invitation for Venus’ tongue. Venus is more than happy to deliver, making Cherie gasp with delight, the fire between them burning hotter still.

When it comes time for Cherie to return the favor, she eagerly switches places with Venus. She removes the last bit of fabric covering Venus, freeing her cock from its bindings. She lavishes Venus’ dick with her tongue and mouth, hoping to give Venus even a fraction of the pleasure Venus has already given to her. She can’t wait to slip it inside of her pussy and truly become one with this goddess. When Venus finally invites Cherie into her lap with little more than a sultry look, Cherie is all too happy to give in.

Adult Time proudly presents TRANSFIXED.com – the First Premium Trans Women on Women Showcase Series. Created by Bree Mills and her award-winning team at Gamma Films, this is a celebration of the most beautiful trans women paired with some of adult’s top cis female performers. Shot in 4K Ultra HD using cutting edge production techniques, high-fashion styling and photography, TRANSFIXED will set a new standard within both the TS and mainstream adult entertainment world. You’ve never seen different women brought together in a more beautiful, erotic, and empowering setting! Go beyond XX and XY to experience this new era in trans porn, showcasing the hottest TS women and adult stars together as the supermodels they all are! Venus of Venus-Lux.com and Cherie of Fancentro/CherieDeVille.com are sensational! 

TsSeduction: Slag Angels on Wheels: Episode 2

With: Kayleigh Coxx, Buck Wright
Director: Sadie Lola
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TsSeduction.com Synopsis: Undercover FBI Agent Max (Buck Wright) arrives outside of the biker shop with orders from his boss (Pierce Paris) to get information from Racket (Kayleigh Coxx). Max tells Kayleigh he’s a biker named Butch, looking to get some work done on his bike. Kayleigh takes one look at “Butch” and knows there’s no way he’s a biker. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun before acting on this information. She gets Butch to strip and suck on her cock. Butch worships her perfect cock and asshole on his knees. He can’t get enough of this hot leather biker goddess. Kayleigh tastes Buck’s asshole and sucks his cock before fucking his ass. Butch moans as his ass swallows Kayleigh’s cock and she gives him a hard fucking. He melts as Kayleigh leans forward to kiss him and slides her tongue into his mouth. Once Butch’s been pounded six ways from Sunday, Kayleigh cums on his face and commands him to cum on her boots. Butch blows his load instantly and licks his mess off Kayleigh’s leather motorcycle boots. As he cleans off her cock, Kayleigh handcuffs him to a worktable using his own cuffs! She calls Queen Sheeva and drives off on Butch’s bike, leaving him naked with no way out of his predicament.
I’ve always loved that Kink.com videos open with a Behind-The-Scenes interview with the director. Sadie is off-screen, but we get a look at the real people behind the characters portrayed in the movies. Kaleigh and Buck come off as capable actors and serious professionals in their interview. They both have good senses of humor and (of course) they’re quite easy on the eye. Anticipations and safe words are established and we’re off to the races!

The video sequel to Natalie Mars and Colby Jansen in Episode One plays out like a motion picture with full credits. I appreciate knowing who did what and here we get all the production information. I also like that Buck is totally unconvincing as a real biker and that Kayleigh picks up on this right away. It’s the perfect set-up for her bold confrontation and the seduction that follows.

The initial makeout footage is blazing hot and there is an incredible amount of anticipation that builds up before Buck goes down on Kayleigh. Buck gets rimmed and sucked before Kayleigh drives her bare, stiff cock inside him. Buck make’s Kayleigh’s cum look absolutely delicious with his eagerness to taste it after a vigorous fucking.

She then allows him to shoot his load in an interestingly submissive fashion. Then there’s a comical ending to this smoking hot TsSeduction.com scene. Great chemistry between Kayleigh and Buck is shown in the closing interview, too!

TS Stars Aubrey and Chanel: Gaping Anal Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Director Aiden Starr’s

TS Heartbreakers are stylish beauties with something extra: big, up-front bonuses! These gender bending babes share buttfucking, juicy rim jobs, playful anal gaping and slobbery, ass-to-mouth blowjobs with adventurous studs. But first comes a special scene matching trans superstars Aubrey Kate and Chanel Santini, porn’s two most dazzling T-girls! They peel off skimpy, pink lingerie and spit into each other’s mouth. Each girl takes a deep rectal reaming. See a kinky foot job, toy play and cum slurping. In fishnet stockings, Domino Presley flaunts perky tits and a bodacious butt. She wraps luscious lips around Michael DelRay’s fat dick; they switch roles and Michael returns the flavor. Domino grabs the bed frame and then strokes her schlong as Michael drills her asshole. Cute in cat ears, tattooed Lena Kelly massages her sphincter. She uses both hands and her drooling mouth to deep-throat legendary Sean Michaels’ big black cock. It barely fits up her ass! The interracial spectacle climaxes with a creamy cum facial. Long-legged Khloe Kay wears shiny high heels. Her meaty penis swings as she bounces on Dante Colle’s thick prick. With his meat packing her rectum, Khloe spurts a huge helping of girl cum. Aiden Starr’s ‘TS Heartbreakers‘ is a single-disc DVD with behind-the-scenes footage, cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.

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Review: “TS Stars Aubrey and Chanel: Gaping Anal” kicks of the four feature vignettes of “TS Heartbreakers” and it’s an instant porn classic. It begins with two of today’s leading trans adult stars posing together in various states of undress. They kiss and fondle each other’s bodies and they strip to near full nudity. They also stroke each other’s cocks to full erections while gazing at us seductively.

Flash Scene Trailer

About 2:30 minutes into the production, the official Scene #01 begins with Aubrey Kate giving Chanel Santini a blowjob. Chanel returns the favor with the sort of full gusto we’ve grown to expect from EvilAngel.com. Chanel gives Aubrey a rim job before sucking her boner again. Then she gets her stiff rod sucked when they ease gracefully into the 69 position. The mutual oral continues until just under 10 minutes when Aubrey eases her perfect ass down Chanel’s erection. Chanel proceeds to fuck Aubrey in a variety of positions until they each masturbate to astounding climaxes! I have yet to see the full TS Heartbreakers DVD, but I’ll be back with more scene reviews soon!

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Black-TGirls: Bonappetit’s Sticky Load Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

One of the hottest Black-TGirls.com debutantes in 2018, gorgeous Kansas City doll Bonappetit, returns once more to show you what she got! Looking beautiful dressed in her sexy school uniform, Bonappetit talks dirty and gets herself ready to have some fun! Watch her as she strips, twerks and strokes her cock until she cums! This girl is amazing!

Filmed by – KilaKali
Birthday: 3rd November
Location: Kansas City, Mo.

Biography: Bonappetit is a fresh new face from Atlanta. She is completely verse and she loves very tall men. She has a few goals that she would like to accomplish in this industry. She would love to do a bukkake scene and also would like to do a gangbang scene. Bonappetit has a big dick and cum fetish, so you guys with 9 + inches and cum shooters line up if you want some of her.

In her 4th Black-TGirls.com photo and video set since her July 2, 2018 debut, Bonappetit has been a friend in my head and imaginary perfect girlfriend. I don’t typically see myself as having a ‘type’ until I see her again. Then I’m like, “Bonappetit, yeah, that’s it!” In her flirty fourth shoot by KilaKali, “Bonappetit’s Sticky Load” this gorgeous Kansas City babe works out her nut with her left hand. I’m a lefty too, so it’s Kismet.

TS-CastingCouch Review: Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles

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On Buddy Wood’s TS-CastingCouch.com, Jenna takes a seat wearing a sweatshirt, shorts and socks, looking purely innocent. She tells us she’s from Orlando, Florida in a brief opening interview and that she just moved to L.A. She’s been webcamming for about two years (and that’s where I know her from – Chaturbate.com/JennaGargleshttps://chaturbate.com/in/?track=default&tour=APi5&campaign=ey5B5&room=jennagargles and she’s amazing to see LIVE.

Jenna is also pretty awesome to watch here on video. She talks about what she likes to do sexually and what she fantasizes, yet hasn’t done yet. She mostly likes to be dominated, but she can switch roles with the right person.

As Jenna becomes more established in the adult industry, she’d love the experience of working with some of her favorite porn stars. The interview wraps up when Buddy asks Jenna to show more of herself. She stands up, as directed, and jumps right into striptease mode. Jenna turns it on in a flash (no pun intended)!

Jenna is wearing all white lace lingerie under her casual wear and before she dazzles us wit her upside down heart ass, she gives us a glimpe of her cock. It’s getting hard already and it’s a pretty big one! She’s also hiding some dangerous curves beneath her outfit. Once stripped down to her bra, panties and socks, Jenna parts her thighs open and mentions that she’s falling out of her panties.

While pumping her now stiff cock up and down with no hands, Jenna remarks that “he” likes you and why not? She’s a pretty girl with a big penis. I have no problem with however that beautiful member likes to be addressed.

Just when I think Jenna’s large rod is fully erect, it keeps rising up higher. She gives it a few firm strokes and then makes the best possible use of her casting couch. She raises her long legs high in the air in the spread eagle position. Mercy!

She gives us a long, unbridled look at her winking rosebud, then coaxes pre-cum out of the tip of her swollen schlong. That’s just what happens in the first half of this delectable TS-CastingCouch.com debut. Did I mention that Buddy does the honors of stroking Jenna’s huge dong somewhere down the line? Did I mention Jenna’s big, creamy white cum shot at the end? Don’t forget to check them out when she’s on cam. Register for free and give her a follow on Chaturbate.com/sJennaGarglesChaturbate.com/JennaGargles to be notified of her next show!

Femout.XXX: Meet Evelyn Dust Review

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Description: Let us introduce one sexy Femout.XXX Newbie today! Meet Evelyn Dust! Just discovered by Omar Wax, Evelyn is a sexy girl with a hot body and a perfect ass and she loves showing them off! Watch her posing, stripping and playing with her cock in her first scene ever!

Evelyn “Evie” Dust has a wickedly seductive glare that communicates exactly how turned on she is. Her Femout.XXX debut makes it crystal clear while she’s stripping. Observing the way she firmly pinches one of her nipples, she likes a bit of pain.

She doesn’t talk much in her debut, but I can’t help but notice how sexy this Texan’s voice is when she says that she won’t be needing her pants anyway. I’m glad she won’t be needing them, nor will she be needing her panties.

A series of super sexy Venus de Milo type poses follow Evie’s initial full nudity. After a few devastatingly hot rear views, Evie brazenly masturbates in full frontal footage.

Evie can hardly keep her hands off her lovely hormones boobs while jerking off her well-lubricated stiff cock in this exemplary Femout.XXX debut!

TGirls.XXX Review: Marissa Minx Fucked Hard

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Description: Gorgeous Marissa Minx returns on TGirls.XXX looking better than ever and ready to get her sexy ass pounded hard in a brand new Radius Dark-produced hardcore scene! Horny as hell, Marissa is joined by King Epicleus who is ready to give her the fucking she needs so badly! Marissa enjoys blowing Epicleus’ big hard dick before she let him fuck her in various positions until they both cum hard! Just amazing!

Biography: Marissa Minx is a sexy lady from Australia with a long black hair, some sexy full lips, big boobs, long sexy legs, and a superior posterior. She has a lot of great sex. Her story of the six guys that filled every hand and hole was just par for the course for her. She’s got great hips for a great grip. She loves big dicks and has the fat ass to take them. She loves to shop and travel. She’s looking forward buying new bras, panties, heels, dresses, and more sexy things. If you get the chance to have a rendezvous with her, make sure you’re ready to push her knees up against her chest and pound her real good, because that’s what she likes.

If you’re wondering if this beautiful porn star is the one part of the Alex Jones controversy, yes she is. InfoWars founder and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones showed a phone in his hands while on camera which appeared to have open a web browser window displaying transgender pornography featuring Marissa Minx.

It happened during Jones’s promotion of a range of health and wellness products. The window in question contained a web page titled: “Naughty tbabe Marissa Mi…” Marissa Minx is an Australian transgender adult film actress and “tbabe” is a term for transgender porn stars. But then, most of us know that already and we’re quite familiar with her body of work. She’s what I’d consider a top shelf star – high class and well ought after.

Taking a long, hard look at the two kissing in bed, King Epicleus takes charge while they make out. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to satisfy Marissa’s needs. He strokes her cock to a powerful erection and he has n aversion to kissing and sucking it. In fact, his own cock develops into a raging hardon while he goes down on her.

Marissa allows King to fuck her face like it’s another orifice and it’s vicious! So is the way he rims her in return. They switch again orally and each partner’s cock remains tremendously rigid! King uses his fingers as advised to loosen Marissa’s fine ass up. Then he eases the bare surface of his big dick inside of her. A wild and powerful doggy style pounding ensues, bordering Domination/submission with King as the would be “Master”. Once he flips her over, one of his hands wraps itself around her neck.

I couldn’t tell that the sex was so deliciously rough just by looking at the photo set. One of my favorite moments of this world class fuck is the reverse cowgirl sequence with Marissa’s face tensed as her big tits, cock and balls flop around all over the place. Marissa is on top, facing King as she jerks off furiously and humps her bottom up and down on his hard organ.

It almost sounds like Marissa is speaking in tongues when she shoots her cum on King’s chest! Once she’s drained, King decides to fuck her again until he pulls out and cums! This TGirls.XXX update is phenomenal!

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BecomingFemme Review: Dreaming of a Pretty Girl to Fuck

MP4 Scene Trailer

Christian falls asleep reading about fairy tales and when he wakes up, he discovers a young and beautiful maiden in front of him. She is submissive and ready to obey his every command including sucking his hard cock and taking it deep in her tight young ass bareback. What a dream!

This BecomingFemme.com update drives me nuts with sexual frustration, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. I’ll get to that shortly. First I’ve got to tell you about Christian’s sexy new porn princess, Taylah Zane. She’s one of my favorite Chaturbate.com webcam models and I had no idea I’d be seeing her in a studio porn production.

This 22 year old I’ve also seen on Reddit is literally “Becoming Femme” as we speak. She’s a newly transitioning trans girl and enough about that. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with dominating and fucking so many cuties I’d like to dominate and fuck! 

The setup is the perfect Domination/submission story. The top in the relationship falls asleep on the sofa and the submissive arrives and dutifully kneels by his side. She awakens him gently with an offer – that he does with her whatever he desires. The man in work clothes is immediately turned on by the thought of taking her.

For a change of pace, he lifts her to the sofa and has her legs raises. This is the first time we get a close look at what’s under her Sailor Moon outfit. It’s a phenomenal, soon to be, bare bottom for Christian to sink his huge cock within.

When he stands up and whips his massive cock out before her face, she exclaims how big it is and begins to lick the head and shaft. Then she sucks as much as she can into her mouth and gives what looks to be a tremendous blowjob. Missionary sex evolves into doggystyle and Taylah, cock and balls jiggle around all over the place! Side saddle fucking comes next as Taylah strokes her rather thick erection. Then Christian takes a short break of fucking the adorable subby to suck on her hard cock! Taylah whimpers and twists her nipples and then gets a cowgirl railing before being switched into reverse.

Taylah is facing the camera, jerking off while Christian pumps his big tool in and out of her about 28 minutes into the scene.Just when I think she’s about to cum, Taylah is quickly guided to the floor to receive a facial. Although it’s fantastic to see her pretty face splattered with jizz, I was hoping to see her climax – not a big creamy one because most girls in her state of transition don’t eject much cream at all. It’s most likely going to be syrupy clear fluid if any at all, but I still wanted her to get off. Aside from that, this BecomingFemme.com update is superb to me. Don’t forget to check out the updates on Cristian’s sister sites, Pure-TS.com and TSPOV.com!

T-Girl Dolls Controlled by Fetish Liza Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

“T-Girl Dolls Controlled by Fetish Liza – A Sex Doll Transformation Fantasy” on SashaDeSade.xxx has a world class Domme guest and one of the UK’s most desirable tgirl submissives – Fetish Liza, the hostess of DirtyTransDolls.com and Natalie Goth TV. It’s so sexy yet so hard to watch foreplay with CBT (cock and ball) devices with no release, but thankfully I’m not the one wearing one. Sasha has drawn up such a sexy description of this release, there’s no need for me to add many words: Two newly-trained TS Sexdolls are delivered to dominatrix Fetish Liza. The sexdolls used to be manly men, but have been feminized, trained and implanted with an experimental chip so that they can be controlled by a remote control. The dolls’ new owner, Fetish Liza, wastes no time testing the full range of their humiliating functions. She has them dance sluttily together, sniff each other’s assholes, and lick each other’s chastity cages before bringing out a dildo mouth gag for them to share. TS Doll Natalie wears the dildo gag with one end strapped down her throat and the other sticking out for TS Doll Sasha to suck and deep throat. After working up some slobber on the cock gag, Fetish Liza orders Natalie to penetrate Sasha’s fuckhole, and Natalie works the cock in and out of Sasha while slamming her gagged face into the TS slut’s ass. After making Natalie and Sasha fuck in several degrading positions, the batteries in her remote control die, and it looks like Natalie’s cock gag and face will stay in Sasha’s ass for longer than planned… 😉