Pure-TS – Kendall Dreams


“Black Barbie Gets Hammered & Creampied in Vegas” is the title that Christian XXX settled on for this fantastic scene on his Pure-TS website.


If you noticed that I tagged this post with the word “ebony”, that’s not Kendall’s nickname. It’s just a wildly popular keyword I’m using so that this blog will possibly reach someone searching for it who is not necessarily searching for trans porn. A scene like this ought to reach as many porn fans as possible no matter what niche they prefer. Kendall is practically brand new to the adult entertainment industry, but she’s quickly rising to the top. That’s evident by the simple fact that this hardcore scene is on Pure-TS.


While Christian is on the phone making dinner plans with a golf buddy, Kendall enters the bedroom area in a white bra and panties, teetering quietly on tall black platform sandals. He cuts the conversation short as a result of Kendal standing beside him as he sits on the bed. He pulls her in for a kiss, but you see how petite Kendall is when Christian stands up to make out with her.


What kicks this scene into high gear for me is when he nuzzles her neck and bares her breasts while standing behind her. Kendall touches the bulge in her panties and lets out one of the sexiest gutteral moans I’ve heard in recent memory. Her panty bulge literally trembles when she releases it.


Then there’s the way Kendall is captured on her knees when the porn king releases his huge hardon before her pretty face. She smiles and sticks her tongue way out before sucking on it while jerking off. The only similarity to me about this Pure-TS scene is that the reverse cowgirl footage is my favorite. Kendall strokes her pre-cum oozing erection while bouncing up and down on the mammoth shaft. I could go on and on, but let me tell you that you expect to hear a lot more about Kendall Dreams here for the rest of 2016. Meanwhile, don’t miss her hardcore debut on Pure-TS.


Canada-TGirl Presents Emma Sirens

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

This is one of the most passionate self-loving sessions I’ve seen in recent memory. That might sound a little funny but there’s nothing comical about it. The way she masturbates is like the metal music she loves listening to and playing, hard driving and fierce. One of the first things Emma does in her Canada-TGirl debut video filmed by Vito is to turn her full ass clad in shorts to face us and give it a hard spank. The outfit she wears is not the same one as in the video. She’s wearing a jean jacket and t-shirt supporting a favorite iconic band, but that’s all t seems at first. Emma is not a shy performer. She knows she’s hot and I love her confidence. She’s wearing a skimpy garment beneath her t-shirt that seems a bit like swimwear and a matching black thong panty. Emma makes full use of the bed by posing while seated, lying down and standing. She’s on her knees when she exposes her stiff cock in a full frontal view. The head and first inch or so of her erection are flushed a deep shade of pink from her arousal. When she bares her full breasts, her tan lines are clearly visible. Emma strips completely nude while standing on the bed and concentrates more intensely on stroking her raging hard dick. She sinks back down and lays on the bed beating off in profile and next comes an incredible rear view once again. She also lies on her back and at this point I lose track of how many position changes she moves through gracefully. Emma’s masturbation includes breast fondling and hard finger banging. Then her boobs jiggle wildly as her stroking session kicks into overdrive in this superbly sexy Canada-TGirl update!


TGirls.Porn Lusinda Divine & Lady Chrysallis Estrella

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I’m thinking that since the gorgeous redhead Lady Chrysallis Estrella is fairly new to transbian sex, she must have been shocked as well as pleasurably surprised by the way stunning Lusinda can fuck in this killer TGirls.Porn scene. It’s as if the sexy blonde who has been in three Shemale Yum sets including one hardcore scene was born to top. She was amazing getting railed by Ruckus and obviously fully functional in all of her scenes on Shemale Yum, but I had no idea that she could fuck someone like this! Lady Chrysallis has two great Shemale Yum solo performances and her TGirls.Porn debut with Lusinda is the first time I’ve seen her getting fucked. But I also like that this scene has a little romance in it. When Lusinda says, “Hey hon,” when Lady Estrella enters the room, it plays like a real girlfriend scene, especially when they immediately begin making out on the sofa. Both seriously hung ladies are rock hard while sucking each other off and having an erotic swordfight. Lucinda’s aggressiveness plays magnificently with Lady Estrella’s passiveness. By minute 12 when Lucinda begins working her erection inside of Lady Estrella, the full nudity is exquisite. I absolutely love all the hard spanking during this tremendous jackhammer railing. And just when I think it’s over, a shower scene has me thinking there could have easily been a Part Two!


Synopsis: Lucinda Divine and Lady Chrysallis Estrella are a a lustful T-Milf duo who share one major passion – tgirl sex, and lots of it! From the second they were introduced and the word “action” was spoken, these two horny divas just couldn’t keep their hands and cocks away from each other and delivered an absolutely banging show from start to finish. It’s another damn fine production from Radius Dark and your good friends at TGirls.Porn!


Lady Chrysallis Estrella – “I love sex with other women because they’re just like me, a woman with a cock. I like the similarity. I have very little experience with other transwomen, though, so this was fun. I keep myself open and look at myself as polyamorous and have love for everyone. I loved sucking Lusinda’s cock. It was pretty darn tasty. I also liked it when she smacked my ass. When I asked her to do it hard, she did it hard.”


Lusinda Divine – “I liked working with Chrysallis, she’s like a human Viagra. We had a little practice before the scene. I’ve been dating a lot of transwomen, so I’ve been topping a lot, although there’s nothing like a good fucking. Chrysallis has a nice ass and some wonderful, milk squirting titties. We’re from the same area, so maybe we’ll do a little more “practice” in the future.”

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on TGirls.Porn.com
You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on TGirls.Porn.com

PornOCD TS Dreamland Interview with Jelena

PornOCD Interview with Jelena
PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion

You may have seen Jelena Vermilion on Canada-TGirl.com, the tremendous free-standing trans adult website that was relaunched as a multi-site. If not, check out this sample photo gallery. This beautiful Kitchener, Ontario resident is a dancer, artist and courtesan with a lust for life and a brilliantly multi-faceted career. We hope you’ll enjoy PornOCD’s exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Jelena!

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Joanna Jet Me and You 206 – The Voyeur

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

The husband is away, so the naughty wife Joanna Jet makes sure she puts on a good show for her regular naughty voyeur. You’re the naughty boy creeping through the bushes in her backyard when she comes out to the deck to catch some rays. Joanna’s wearing a black bra while sipping from a bottle of water and her black panties are sheer. She loves that you’re back to spy on her again and bares her lovely breasts for you. As she begins stroking her raging hard cock, its head escapes the panties and she then exposes the entire rigid shaft. Since her husband is away for a couple of days, she’s so horny. She invites you to come up to the balcony where she’s jerking off for a closer look. You get to see Joanna stroking and stripping and before long, all she has on is her tall open-toe pumps. Her curved cock arcs skyward until she grasps it again to resume masturbating for you. She wants you to sniff her panties and jerk off while she makes herself cum. She lies down on the balcony and finger bangs her tight ass. Joanna Jet knows how badly you want real sex with her, but she’s married. While kneeling of the wood floor, Joanna strokes her big dick furiously until large spurts of creamy white cum blast across the surface. You came also and she didn’t technically have to cheat on her hubby.

You can watch the Scene Trailer on joannajet.com
You can watch the Scene Trailer on joannajet.com

Bob’s Tgirls – Bailey Love – She Loves Cocks

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Bailey Love meets Bob and gets intimate with his fucking machine on Bob’s Tgirls. But before the pounding of her sexy ass begins with the pumping faux phallus, she experiments with a live cock. I can’t imagine who in the world the cock belongs to, but I could swear I’ve seen that nice schlong in previous videos. Being too shy to ask, maybe you have the courage to and you can find her contact information in my exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Bailey Love.


She Loves Cocks begins with POV footage of gorgeous Bailey Love giving head. I love that it’s a real cock she’s sucking on, not a dildo. The way she’s seated on the floor allows us to see the stiffie between her lovely thighs also. She looks incredible in her fuchsia pink outfit and matching platform strippers heels. She teabags the balls and strokes the shaft saying, “This cock is just delicious.” After getting playfully smacked in the face with it, she sucks it all the way down to the base.


In about the third quarter of the scene, Bailey’s well-lubricated ass is getting pummeled by the fucking machine at a moderate speed. It speeds up and her moans are erotic music to the ears. Her stiff cock bob and sways beneath her trim torso.


Bailey Love is amazing at taking the powerful thrusts of the machine, but she can only take but so much. This think fucks harder than any human possibly could at full power. 


I’m getting turned on all over again replaying this video in my head. Oh hell, just stream or download this scene available now on Bob’s Tgirls.


Oh Neena! – Sex Kitten Neena’s Femout.XXX Debut

South Florida photographer Jack Flash writes, “Meet the knockout sexy Neena in her very 1st shoot. She arrived at the studio with Danielle Lace, another Femout.XXX knock out. She was a little shy, but with a little help from Danielle, she soon got right into giving us a stellar performance. Neena is from Panama and has lovely smooth olive skin. She is petite and just loves the camera, she has been living in Fort Lauderdale for the past two months, but intends to stay. She loves to suck cock and would love a gangbang with four guys, pleasing all. Neena was great to work with and I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the future.” Don’t just take his word for it. Watch Neena say it in her own words when you see her Femout.XXX free trailer.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

You don’t need me to tell you how hot Neena looks in her fishnet stockings licking a puffy nipple and stroking her thick, juicy cock. The trailer runs just under one minute. The full-length video shows Neena fully dressed telling Jack how much she loves our Sunshine State. Then she reveals some of the things she likes to do for fun. She’s an admitted cock sucker and I see nothing wrong with owning that title. Then she goes into her fantasy of getting fucked by four guys. About that mention of a previous hot model, Danielle Lace, Neena from Panama has no discernable accent like her Latina friend. Neena works as a stripper and when moving gracefully through her striptease, Jack mentions it might be kinda hard without music. I would have thought so too until I saw how Neena does it. When she says it could be better if she had a pole, my mind is in the gutter, of course. Neena’s amazing boobs are the result of about 3 and a half years of transition. When presenting a view of her incredible ass, she reveals that she likes big cock in it. You should see more of this exquisite new model in motion as well as her entire photo set.

You can watch Neena's Free Trailer on Femout.XXX
You can watch Neena’s Free Trailer on Femout.XXX

Transsexual Girlfriend Experience 2


Transsexual Girlfriend Experience 2 is coming soon to Devil’s Film. But you can order the actual DVD on Adult Empire Video On Demand. Leave it to veteran director Jim Powers to develop with an enjoyable storyline that plays out with blazing hot sex with an incredible cast. Since I own it, there’s not much I want to share about the plot for fear of spoiling it for you. But I can tell you a few things about why I recommend it. Stunning ingenue Aspen Brooks is the lead actress with the most complex story, yet hauntingly beautiful Chelsea Poe and extremely gorgeous Isabella Sorrenti are not outshined as supporting actresses. The same goes for male lead Robert Axel supported by hilariously evil Chad Diamond and veteran Gabriel D’Alessandro who still looks like he could be a fresh new porn actor. To tell you a bit more about Aspen, Chelsea and Isabella’s performances without giving too much away, Aspen has two amazing sex scenes. Isabella and Chelsea each have one scene, but they’re magnificent in their one-on-ones. There’s a positive vibe about this film with its underlying theme of successful transition and the hope that dreams can come true. But it’s not all la la land with the inclusion of a “chaser” element that’s prevalent in real life social situations. You can order the DVD for now and I’ll let you know when it’s released on the Devil’s Film website where you can stream or download the original Transsexual Girlfriend Experience movie and other excellent trans movies, individual scenes and photo sets.

Interview with Salacious Shana

I recently began correspondence with a young aspiring model trying to break into the adult industry. Salacious Shana is a bright light who helped me to present an easy-flowing conversation. It’s very candid and at times extremely sexy. My interview with Shana is one of the most pleasurable ones I’ve ever conducted and I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂    


Two Tgirls – Land of Whorekraft

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

On Two Tgirls Robin Thorn, one of my favorite performers, tops a new favorite trans performer Kiwi Coulis I know mostly from her incredible live Chaturbate performances in room kilicoulis. Kiwi is the blonde and I love the passionate kissing that leads to Kiwi exposing, fondling and sucking Robin’s cock. The topless smooching is especially hot when Kiwi straddles Robin who sits back on the bed against the wall. The best foreplay moment for me comes when naked Robin removes Kiwi’s panties. These girls look absolutely amazing. Robin primes Kiwi’s ass to get fucked with a rim job and some pretty hard spanking. As far as Robin’s doggystyle and missionary technique goes, it’s powerful, yet caring.


The official Two Tgirls synopsis reads: Kiwi Coulis and Robin Thorn have been waiting hours to play the new expansion to their favorite online game! Thoughts of gearing up for the new raids, and exploring all those new areas excite them! Finally they are able to get in the game after waiting in queue for so long. Their game play doesn’t last very long before they both start to lag badly! Before you know it the servers are down and the girls are kicked from the game!


Frustrated after waiting hours just to get in to the game, the girls put their laptops to the side and sit there in disappointment. Kiwi, exclaims that she’s frustrated that she was not able to do any erotic role playing. Robin, confused as to why Kiwi would care, reminds her that you don’t need a game to do a little erotic role playing! Before you know it, the two are kissing and making out. Kiwi Coulis sucks off Robin Thorn and gets her nice and hard. “How’s that for an expansion!?” says Robin. After Robin Thorn is good and hard, she sticks her big throbbing cock deep inside Kiwi’s ass! Robin flips Kiwi over and continues to fuck her missionary before blowing a nice hot load of cum across her face!


You can download this torrid release on the TwoTgirls.com in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats!