TGirls.Porn: Aubrie Scarlett & Lena Kelly

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Horny bunnies Aubrie Scarlett & Lena Kelly take center stage and make it all happen in this week’s delicious display – yep, it’s update time on TGirls.Porn! Let’s cocks and cum collide as we gather around and toast another booming production from Mr. Radius Dark.

Aubrie: “Lena was super sexy playing her role. She looked pretty sucking my cock and fucked me really good. She was rock hard and she wasn’t shy about messing up my hair make up with her wet lips and forceful way.”

Lena: “I was telling Radius that I wanted to show off my topping skills, so I took the opportunity to do so with Aubrie Scarlett. She had a nice big cock that I enjoyed sucking and her cumshot was great. It shot out after she sucked all the cum from me.”

Perhaps it’s because of and the fact that Lena has more adult experience overall that she has a slight edge when it comes to being relaxed at the beginning of this shoot. But once Aubrie gets going, she’s a pure natural.

The title Mr. Dark actually edited this video with is “Lena Kelly Fucks Aubrie Scarlett” and this happens after a tremendous build-up of foreplay. The theme is a deliciously naughty step-sister scenario that begins with Lena intercepting a call from the school about Aubrie’s unruly behavior.

Aubrie feigns innocence but Lena knows she can use blackmail on her step-sister in order to get laid. So we move into French kissing and Lena baring Aubrie’s breasts and pushing her back on the bed. Aubrie’s cock is already stiff when Lena whips it out!

There’s an awesome blowjob performance by Lena, followed by intense frottage and Aubrie sucking Lena’s erection in return. In just under 20 minutes, Lena is easing her bare cock inside Aubrie’s tight ass! Join TGirls.Porn for the best trans lesbian hardcore adventures on the Net!

Sasha de Sade: Gaping For Goddess Tangent

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“I hope this video is a super long one,” I said to myself upon seeing “Gaping for Goddess Tangent” was updated on as if most videos aren’t nice and long here. Then there it is right next to the title – a full 27 minutes! I’m such a huge fan of Sasha, I’ve presented my interview with her here on Caramel’s TGirls. If I ever get the chance to interview her stunning cisgender female partner in this video, I’d upload it to my mainstream and BDSM blog That would be an honor! I’m absolutely smitten with both of these beautiful young ladies and it’s so sexy to see them sitting across from one another scantily clad. Sasha has chosen her lingerie to wear especially for the owner of and she’s obviously feeling submissive in her presence. Mistress Tangent hasn’t seen Sasha gaping in a long time and she’s up for seeing it again tonight. Sasha says she’s getting tight and the Mistress can’t have that! But Sasha’s big dick training proceeds orally first. She’s forced to suck on a huge black dildo, then turn her perfect ass up on the sofa as Mistress Tangent straps it on around her hips. Once her ass is bared, Sasha gets her fun spot fingered. Sasha’s tender bottom really is tight we see as Mistress Tangent slowly begins to penetrate. Gradually the Domme increases the speed of her thrusts and pummels Sasha’s poor butt powerfully! First is a doggy style railing and then it’s missionary with Sasha stroking her big hard cock while getting fucked! Sasha even gets a piledriver pounding to die for (or should I say to cream for?). And finally, we see Sasha gaping on SashaDeSade.XXX!

TwoTgirls: Step Sisters Fuck After a Night Out

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Description: Bailey Love and NEW TEEN GIRL Ally Sparkles have just gotten home from a night out at the club. Bailey being the slut that she is already had some fun with a few different guys. Eager for more, she starts to put the moves on her step sister Ally Sparkles who didn’t really get much action while out. Ally can’t resist her step sister and the two start making out. They take turns sucking each other off and then do TGIRL 69!! You won’t believe it! Then the two step sisters take turns fucking each other! This is one HOT switch scene you WON’T wanna miss and it’s only here on!

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Producer Mayumi Sparkles can be counted on to release more than one scene with her illustrious stars. One of her wisest decisions is bringing back it’s veteran performer Bailey Love with newbie from “Passing Class With Ass” for “Step Sisters Fuck After a Night Out“!
This is quite possibly the hottest pairing on the site to date. About their last scene together I wrote, “The spanking session during the trademark comical opening sequence is the perfect warm-up for a suck and fuck extravaganza with nothing to laugh about. Bailey returns the same devotion to stiff cock sucking she gets from Ally and then she takes over by fucking the hell out of Ally. Your eyes might be darting all over the place – from two amazing sets of large and medium hormone breasts to Ally’s wet, swinging hardon and Bailey’s penetrating erection!”

For anyone wondering if we’d ever get to see Ally fucking Bailey, stop wondering, because it happens! Just when you think you’re witnessing one of the best doggy style railings ever, you’ll see them switch to Bailey riding Ally with her big cock swinging around and pointing toward the ceiling. Then Bailey fucks Ally again and they’re beautiful bodies are both completely nude! This is an extraordinary performance. “Step Sisters Fuck After a Night Out” is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

GroobyGirls: Scout London Gets Naughty!

Description: Scout London is back! One of our hottest Femout.XXX graduates of 2017 returns for her third solo scene and her first 2018 appearance looking hotter than ever and ready to have fun! Looking sexy as hell in her black dress, this horny North Carolina doll can’t wait to strip down and show it all to you again! Watch her posing, spreading her sexy ass and stroking her cock just for you!

This is a remarkable job by both beautiful Scout and her talented producer Omar Wax. I reviewed the last two presentations of Scout London on and it just keeps getting better and better.

Scout is standing barefoot in a black mini dress by a window when this update begins. She greets you as if you just walked in and she’s been expecting you. She takes a seat, crosses her lovely legs and asks if you’ve had a good day. She also asks how you’re feeling while cupping one of her breasts through her dress. Scout says she’s feeling a little feisty and asks if you’d like to watch. This build-up gives your cock enough time to stiffen fully before Scout even begins stripping.

Don’t expect an experienced model like Scout to just rip her clothes off. You only get to see something new a little bit at a time. In fact, it’s almost tortuous! Scout makes use of her chair by posing in full and rear positions before laying back to give you a peek at her expanding cock.

You get to see Scout’s gorgeous breasts and pointy nipples exposed before she fully exposes what’s going on downstairs. She finger bangs her fun spot and then all the sudden she reveals her big, stiff boner!

It’s astounding to see how this scene moves into hyper speed at this point. Scout renders herself completely naked and one of the most erotic sequences ever on is watching Scout moving across the room with her large erection leading the way as it protrudes straight out from her curvaceous thighs.

Trans500: Natalia La Potra – Simply Natalia

Scene Trailer 1

Description: Hey folks. Welcome back to another update with one of the sexiest girls making her debut. Natalia La Potra is one of those girls you won’t soon forget. Sexy as fuck in her glasses, she just loves playing with herself in front of the camera.Let’s get right to the action. Gorgeous Latina model Natalia La Potra makes me proud to be a Floridian. As if I had anything to do with her good looks and amazing performances as a neighbor. You may get a similar good when a star you admire is local and get what I’m saying. It doesn’t really mean anything – just a fan thing.

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Josh Stone’s is one of the few sites that seems to have an unlimited production budget, so anyone who saw this update coming knew that Natalia was going to look phenomenal. All she had to do for that part was show up. But let’s bring our focus to her performance.

Scene Trailer 2

If you like bold, confidant trans women, just watching Natalia posing on the balcony of some plush South Florida pad will get you going. She doesn’t look like she owns the apartment she’s in. Natalia looks like she owns the city. About forty some seconds into her debut, Natalia has a nip slip. Otherwise, there’s no nudity right away and it’s such a smooth and tasteful directorial approach. Natalia’s striptease is an absolute killer that evolves into a raunchy and explicit masturbation that ends with a big juicy cum shot! Well, not quite. The viewer is tortured by watching Natalia’s big dick lurch as sway still hard and throbbing for several moments after her explosive climax.

Joanna Jet – Me and You 298 – Posh Vamps

MP4 Scene Trailer

“You know that how matter posh the function, I can turn it into a filth fest,” says the stunning AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Jet. Allow me to unwrap that statement as we unwrap the hostess of No one comes to the swank area of the house Joanna leads us to except for privileged guests. She’s brought spirits with more kick than bubbly to enjoy with an e-cig. A sudden wardrobe malfunction occurs and her dress top falls to her trim waist exposing her large bare breasts. She figures she might as well show off her big boobs now that they’re all out in the open. She’ll give you a tit wank if you want one. You have total privacy in this room. No one else will be there to distract you as you watch Joanna lift her fancy dress to expose her swinging, stiffening cock! 

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She’s wearing no panties so there’s nothing stopping you from taking Joanna’s hardening member between your lips. You could do it while she’s at half mast or standing at full attention. As she jerks of and takes a seat, grabbing her flask, her big dick stands upward in the air all on its own. Joanna makes her big British schlong dance and her rosebud contract as she continues to masturbate and talk dirty. She’s got one open toe pump clad pedicured foot on the sofa as she fantasizes about getting fucked by you. I can practically feel my cock getting squeezed like a vice within Joanna’s legendary ass. Can’t you?! Jerking off becomes too much for Joanna eventually. She’s laying back on the sofa wanking furiously with her bosom bared when she shoots a creamy white load of cum across her tender thigh. Then she stands up and she’s also amazed at how much cum is running down her leg on!

Transational Fantasies: Janelle Fennec

Blonde bombshell Janelle Fennec looks absolutely stunning in her periwinkle lingerie and gladiator heels. Her rosy cheeks, blue eyes, and ivory skin remind you of a beautiful heroine in a fairy tale. She might look innocent, but the truth is that since she’s transitioned, she’s become quite the nymphomaniac!

She’s surprised too! But when you spy her pretty cock head poking out the top of her panties, you start to believe her. She starts telling you how much she likes taboo and pain–like testing the limits of how much she can take up her butt. She loves clamps on her nipples, electro-play, and sensory deprivation.

Fantasies, too. Like being taken captive, or being an abducted celebrity. Would you like to play with her? You can start by worshiping her feet. They are good enough to lick. Suddenly, your Queen is handcuffed and blindfolded. She could stay in this submissive pose forever, but she really wants to touch herself.

Then, you’ve got her face down and practically hog-tied. She submits to a good spanking and plays wither pierced nipples. “Now, get on your knees, crawl over, and wrap your mouth around my lady dick,” she commands you. “Worship this dick. Treat it like the princess it is.” She’s so horny she is dripping precum, and she treats herself to a taste. Do you want to taste it too? Eat her trans girl pussy out deeply too. “That’s how it’s supposed to taste,” she tells you. Then, cum back up and give her a kiss.

She bends over so you can lick even deeper. If you do a good job, maybe she will let you stick it in. Her feet and ass up in the air, show you how you’d take her. She pulls out a dildo and fucks herself, and then she gives you a sloppy blowjob. You shoot your load all over her face, and then she has her turn.

She jerks herself off and rides the dildo until she squeezes out a little puddle of trans girl jizz all over her stomach. Janelle is presented walking in a Las Vegas, Nevada apartment complex and inside one of the units. She waists no time unzipping her dress for her debut. She looks exquisite in bra and panties once taking the denim frock off. Then she takes her “poor, tired feet,” out of her heels. There’s so much foot fetish content in this update I can’t imagine an admirer of the peds being disappointed. There’s also a BDSM sequence with Janelle getting flogged while in bondage!

You might fine yourself cumming before you even see Janelle’s raging hard cock protruding from her panties which happens before the midway point! Don’t miss stunning Janelle Fennec debut! 

TGirls.XXX: Candy Licious & B Flex!

The official TGirls.XXX description of this hardcore update reads: Gorgeous Candy Licious is back with a brand new hardcore scene! Omar teams her up with B Flex and Candy is ready to get that sweet ass of hers pounded hard! After a lot of kissing and making out, Candy starts sucking B Flex’ cock to get him rock hard! B Flex then pounds her tight hole hard in various positions and Candy LOVES it!

I don’t have the slightest sexual attraction to masculine male feet, but I hate it when men fuck with their socks on, let alone a hat. I’m not a fan of baggy sweats either. That said, you might think I’m not impressed with B Flex at all. I actually think he’s cute.

I love the fact that he sucks Candy’s big cock and while fucking her, he makes her produce on of her biggest porn cum shots ever! I just don’t like the way he dresses and most porn fans won’t even care about that.

About my girl Candy, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that she can do anything wrong. I’ll admit that I’m biased because she granted me with an interview here on Caramel’s TGirls, but I digress. We’re here to talk about her latest hardcore scene on TGirls.XXX.

Note that I said hardcore because she’s done three of them on the premiere trans lesbian site TGirls.Porn, and two hardcore scenes with men on On TGirls.XXX, Candy is joined in the kitchen by B. who strips her down to her fishnet footies.

After squeezing and slapping her perfectly rounded ass cheeks, he moves in for a rimjob and gets his cock sucked in return. I can’t decide which fucking sequence is the best. Candy looks amazing leaning against the kitchen counter with her big dick swinging as she gets railed.

But she also looks fantastic getting fucked while on her back jerking off as well as riding B. in the cowgirl position when they move to a sofa! Their side saddle pounding generates one of Candy’s biggest cum shots ever captured!

TS Hooker Blow Job Training with Sasha de Sade

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Description: Poor Sasha de Sade is not making any money at her new job as a prostitute until wise and slightly cruel older trans prostitute Mandy Mitchell decides to take her under her wing and teach Sasha the finer arts of fellatio. With a determined focus Mandy gives Sasha an excellent step by step instruction on pleasing men thru deep throating and sloppy oral. Sasha will soon be on her way to making the big bucks with her oral advantages. Presents Sasha de Sade Tied Up And Fucked is a threesome I raved about in late January 2018 and you can read about it by clicking here. TS Hooker Blow Job Training with Sasha de Sade doesn’t include Mandy’s lovely and gorgeous cisgender wife Bianca Stone, but it’s a helluva hot scene nonetheless. The production values are equally high in this update, but they’re a lot different. We’re getting an authentic 70’s San Francisco style porn set-up leading into the hooker theme, wah-wah pedal with guitar and all. $20 will get you a good time with Sasha who makes the offer standing before a brick wall as a lady of the night. But there’s a problem. Mandy shows up telling Sasha she’s on her corner. Since Mandy has been working this corner every night, she gets a regular client making Sasha envy her. It’s cold outside and Sasha is scantily clad when Mandy returns with a bunch of cash she earned from her john. Sasha looks hot but she’s not attracting clients like Mandy is because she doesn’t have hooking experience. Mandy can see that from a mile away and, since she’s a hooker with a heart of gold, she whips out her cock and teaches Sasha how to be a successful street whore. She wont need training in running a successful website however. is doing quite well on its own.

FemmeFataleFilms – Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee – Butler Maid Bi

Scene Trailer

Description: Until now, the butler to his two Mistresses has only had to undertake conventional servant tasks, but that’s all about to change… The TV Maid has been under-performing in her duties, so it’s time to test the butler’s subservience and humiliate them both with some cock sucking duties! Beautiful redhead Mistress Lady Renee discovers a dusty kitchen counter top while toasting glasses of red wine with stunning blonde Mistress Heather. Perkins the butler is standing nearby holding the carafe on a tray, but the poor maintenance isn’t his fault. Mistress Heather rings a bell to draw the maid into the kitchen. A demure MILF TV enters the kitchen holding a feather duster and gets scolded harshly by the redhead Domme. She’d been given specific cleaning instructions but for whatever reason, the task did not get done properly. Mistress Lady Renee has the TV maid lift her skirt and petticoats and reveal her cock and balls bound in chastity. She’s so embarrassed and humiliated with both stern ladies staring at and touching her confinement and the butler gets an eyeful too! The ladies decide that the TV maid has been locked in chastity for so long, she deserves a bit of release. When the chastity device is removed, the TV maid’s penis is erect once freed. It’s not all that big but it’s an uncut beauty and it’s raging hard! It’s not totally free as there is a cock and ball ring still attached. But it’s rising higher by the minute. Perkins is called over to help by dropping to his knees. The TV maid is reminded that she had a reward coming for enduring her chastity for so long. Whether the butler was bisexual when this act began or not is neither here nor there. He does a great job as sucking the maid’s stiff cock before it must be held captive again in chastity. This action is fun to describe but even hotter to watch on!