Black TGirls: Innocence Shoots A Load!

Last Thursday was the release of another exclusive cumshot special on Black TGirls and the “Cumshot Thursday” star was gorgeous Innocence! Innocence has been modeling since 2014 and after a two years long hiatus, she returned three months ago.

Now Omar Wax brings her back for the new cumshot special series and you know this girl is going to give us a nice sticky load of spunk! In her seventh set, Innocence is filmed from behind gazing out of the window wearing pink lingerie and strappy black sandals.

She addresses you saying that she’s very horny. It would be tempting to fast forward to her climax but she’s a talented stripper so you should sit back and take in the entire show. She’s quite vocal throughout the whole process and she develops an erection very early in the scene. While tweaking her nipples Innocence confesses that kissing them is the fastest way to get her aroused.

Innocence is totally naked on the bed stroking her hardon when obviously drawing closer to climax. She pulls slowly and firmly at her oiled shaft and squeezes pre-cum from its tip.

Then she suddenly lifts her cock upward and it releases a torrent of creamy white cum! This babe completely soaks her lower torso and hand with jizz in this torrid update! You can take a look at all of her other preview content and watch this teaser trailer.

Are you curious to see what tomorrow’s Cumshot Thursday has in store? Don’t wait. As of now there have been five new models stripping and stroking on this legendary website since we came with Innocence.

Cassard Studios: – Cockrider

German sexpot Cassy Cassard announces that 50 pics 1067 x 1600 and 4 Clips [Full HD – 1080p] have been added to Cassard Studios! This is what she has to say about a recent hot threeway tryst:

“That was such a HOT date… two horny men visited me in my hotel-room. They couldn’t wait to stick their hard cocks into my asscunt! Oh and I was so ready! First of all I had to make their cocks harder with my mouth and a vibrator was working inside my ass.

The first guy couldn’t wait any longer and his cock slid into my ass while I was sucking the rubber-guy’s hard-on. The first guy dumped his load into my ass and left. The dominant rubber-guy took over and used my wide and ready cunt several times… and I finally became the real COCKRIDER! I need more men’s cock cumming inside of me!”

Now what I like about Cassy’s taste is that she’s just as pansexual as I am. I’m guessing having her share of so much tgirl cock leaves her longing for male dick to balance things out. I sometimes have the same craving for masculine alpha males and their hard bodies and hardons. Believe me, I get it!

I generally prefer being the top but I like being a “cockrider” myself every now and then. Some chicks like being the top 24/7, but it wears me out playing out the same role every time.

I’m very kinky and the only times I’ve been in situation including a gimp, he or she has only been a bottom. The “Cockrider” scene on gives me an entirely new perspective. Check it out and you might learn something new also!

Two Tgirls: Honey, I Fucked The Babysitter!

Scene Trailer

The official synopsis of this Two Tgirls babysitter theme update reads: Bailey Love is running late, she’s waiting on the new Babysitter to come over. When the Babysitter Talia Sonata shows up, Bailey quickly invites her in. Bailey leaves her some instructions on what to do and she quickly runs out the door. Talia has a seat on the couch, most of her work has already been taken care ahead of time for her. Bored out of her mind, she starts to look for the TV remote. When she looks behind the couch, she finds something else a bit more exciting, a giant pink dildo!!! Talia is sure that Bailey Love will be gone for a while, so she decides to have a little fun with the dildo. She plays with it a bit and then shoves it in her tight ass. She’s having a lot of fun when all of a sudden Bailey Love comes stomping back in. Rattling off about how her appointment was cancelled, she turns the corner to see Talia on the couch with her huge pink dildo! A bit angered, and a little turned on, Bailey scolds Talia about what she’s done in her home. It’s no use though, Bailey Love can’t resist Talia Sonata’s hot body, the clothes come off and things heat up! Sucking! Fucking! Every position you can think of! Every angle! This video has it ALL! It ends with a MASSIVE cumshot to Talia’s face! You DON’T wanna miss this HOT new video!!!! “Honey, I Fucked The Babysitter!!!” stars a veteran star, Bailey with a newbie, Talita and that’s a formula I really love when the new actress is the bottom. But there’s a key to making this type of scene a success. I want to feel certain that the newcomer didn’t expect to be topped the way she does by the end – so powerfully! Bailey Love is one of the first names in the adult industry a producer can count on to fuck a newbie silly! Talia provides extremely arousing all by herself jerking off and driving a sex toy in and out of her tight ass in the beginning. She also looks blazing hot butt naked. When Bailey bust her masturbating and she’s fully dressed in her black and white print dress, I know how horny she is already. As the storyline plays out, Talia withdraws a swelling big dick from Bailey’s panties. After getting a good sucking, Bailey’s cock is standing at a ridiculously high angle for such a visibly heavy member and I love the apprehensive way Talia looks at it. But Bailey takes her time, giving Talia a balls deep blowjob followed by a rimjob before things progress. Bailey’s multiple position change bareback fucking is so strong and hard it’s incredible! There’s deep passionate kissing all throughout the scene and when Bailey removes her heels close to the end, you know Talia’s going to really get drilled! I’m so happy about the full nudity as well as the cum-laden finale of this spectacular update! 

SubbyHubby – Jessica’s Boyfriend and Bitch Boy

Preview GIF

This site features dominant women who keep their husbands (and sometimes boyfriends) in line often by feminizing them. Whipping, caning, forced orgasms, strapons, foot worship, ass worship, verbal humiliation and sometimes forced bisexual sexy are enforced. The women are ruthless and they drive the men to the brink with brutal punishments and sex. As soon as I saw beautiful Jessica at poolside laying back between these two men, I knew that the white guy with the swimmer’s body would be forced to wear women’s clothes and that he’s have to watch his girlfriend get fucked by the muscular Latinx stud. As it turns on, even more of my kinks play out in this scene. The sub was totally made a cuck and forced to suck cock once feminized! Even though he doesn’t look “passable” as a girl, the sub looks so cute I wanted to dominate him myself! From the moment this scene begins, the huge bulge in the Latinx model’s skimpy briefs looks so tempting. As for Jessica, she’s a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10. I love the way she tells her boyfriend to go put on a CBT device while calling him a bitch. With a collar around his neck, he’s forced to feather dust the house in tall sandals and in chastity. Dominant Jessica then forces him to suck the huge dusky cock while she’s fully dressed. But outside at the pool she’s wearing a bikini while getting her bare, pedicured feet worshipped while making out with the alpha male. Another fetish favorite sequence has Jessica in pantyhose dildo-fucking her feminized sub! She pegs his tight ass with it and he sucks the man’s monster cock in a torrid spit roast. The sub eats Jessica’s pretty pussy in the kitchen and he’s torture by her licking his little dick through the CBT device! She even fucks the clear bulb with her quim. The sub is further humiliated by being made to prance around the living room in a corset and high heel sandals. What a cute, fuckalble ass he has! It looks hot also while the domme gets fucked bareback in bed with him sucking her toes at the foot of the bed. He’s also forced to lick the cum off her sleek torso and to kiss the man’ spent cock in gratitude for fucking his Mistress. You can watch Jessica’s Boyfriend and Bitch Boy on where you’ll find Full HD videos and frequent updates.

Transsexual Addiction: Casey Kisses & Rick Fantana

MP4 Scene Trailer

Scene #03 of Transsexual Addiction comes with the description: Auburn-haired, long-legged Casey Kisses is a femme TS with a hot smile and a big, dick poking from her pink lingerie. The tattooed temptress jacks her big cock hard, fingers her butthole and strips. She fucks boy-toy Rick Fantana’s face, loving it when he gags. Casey sucks his dick, rims his shaved ass and then stuffs it with her impressive meat as their skin slamming echoes. After some toy play, slurping and spitting, she nails him on his back, but Rick just wants it harder. He gets it, doggie-style. And he gets to pound Casey’s butt. She rides, her boner bouncing and twirling, tills he cums. And Rick jacks a heavy load of cream from Casey’s forehead to her chin.

Sample Photo Gallery

Porn provocateur and real life fetish player Aiden Starr presents four habit-forming scenes of gender-bent prurience: “Transsexual Addiction.” Deliciously femme chicks with dicks date thrill-seeking men. First, two knockout T-girls share passionate, decadent lovemaking: Bodacious blonde Aubrey Kate and glamorous, gorgeous Chanel Santini trade French kissing, spitting, spanking and butthole reaming. Drenched in oil, they scissor and masturbate, greased ass-to-greased ass. The girls feed each other slobbery spunk. Next: Auburn-haired TS Korra Del Rio and Chad Diamond take Route 69, with Korra’s nose in Chad’s crack, and each sucks dick ass-to-mouth. “Comely TS Casey Dominates Boy-Toy” is today’s review for Casey Kisses and Rick Fontana. Then, Tall T-girl Chloe Wilcox towers over Chad as he deep-throats her thick she-meat. He gives her a choking fuck; she manhandles him, bending him in half as she slam-fucks him.

Flash Scene Trailer

Back to today’s scene, it opens with Casey posing in a pretty dress and all the sudden, the hem is turned up and she’s showing us what she’s got from behind. That includes an exquisite bare ass framed by garters and the lovely cock and balls swinging between her creamy thighs. She gives her tight ass a rear view finger banging and then we see a full frontal view. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a comment from someone who saying Casey made them cum while stroking her big cock before Rick comes to suck it just under three minutes in. But you should really hold back for the hardcore action. She gives him a blowjob also gives his cute bubble butt and an eye-popping railing! Then Rick fucks Casey until she rubs out her cum in the reverse cowgirl position! Take the tour.

House Slave’s Revenge Part One

MP4 Teaser Trailer

The synopsis of “House Slaves’ Revenge Part 1” reads : – Today is Independence Day for house slaves Mona Wales and Cherry Torn!!!! They fight back against the tyranny of the evil house mistress, Kelly Klaymour. Kelly has been having her slaves do all the hard work while she reaps all the benefits. While Kelly is busy running an empire, Mona and Cherry have fallen in love with each other and they practice the submissiveness to each other. When Kelly walks in on the two lesbians playing around without her blessing, Kelly decides to teach these two whores a lesson. Kelly makes the girls abuse each other. They cry as they have to watch Kelly fuck the love of their lives right in front of each other. Kelly’s huge cock slays both of these blonde submissives. After a day of bondage, cuckolding, spanking, and abuse the girls desperately pray for help. Their Fairy Goth Mother hears their pleas and she gifts them a very special power. The Fairy Goth Mother turns their vaginas into power dick eating machines. Cherry and Mona sneak up on Kelly and fuck her dick off! Now without her big huge cock, Kelly can no longer abuse them and now they drag her on the Whipped ass to give HER the abuse!! Head on over to Whipped ASS to watch Mona and Cherry get their revenge. star Kelly Klaymour is joined by two of my all-time favorite actresses Mona Wales and Cherry Torn and neither of them are stranger to TS Pussy Hunters. Kelly requested these adult industry major stars to work with and I’m so glad it all worked out! The 1st installment of this killer two-part series rolls out with lush decor and BDSM props that have me thrilled with anticipation. The production values are sky high! Even though we have a pretty good idea of stages of torment the demanding Domme is going to put her subs through, seeing it all unravel is full of unexpected surprises. This bareback scene will be remembered as one of the best ever I’m sure and Part 2 hasn’t even been released yet! The full nudity and insanity of the moments that lead up to the dreaded “To be continued…” announcement has me on the edge of my proverbial seat!

Oh wait a minute. Take a look at the Whipped Ass site on Kink Unlimited for a special surprise!

Bianka Nascimento: Bianka with a Hot Girl

MP4 Teaser Trailer

I can’t seem to find out who the girl having sex with Bianka Nascimento in this scene is with. I can’t seem to find her anywhere else in the adult industry. Bianka has a spectacular website with hardcore scenes with men, cis (genetically born) females and other beautiful trans women. Bianka is sharing a glass of wine with her friend while waiting to party with some other friends.

Since they haven’t shown up yet, they decide to kill some time. Bianka states that Paula who is as bored as she is comes from the Czech Republic and then spices things up with a swirling tongue kiss while they stand facing one another. Paula compliments Bianka’s full breasts and exposes one from the dress she’s wearing.

She flicks her tongue across one pert nipple and then Bianka sits down on the bed to reciprocate. Paula sits her glass down and presents herself to the Brazilian trans beauty who’s lived in Ireland for quite some time. Paula places a foot on the end of the mattress and Bianka says, “Let me show you something.” She pulls Paula’s panties to one side and exposes a pretty pussy and begins licking the flower-like petals of the lips. Bianka truly loves pussy and her cunnilingus here is not just for show. Next, Paula steps out of her tall pumps and panties with her back turned to her mate. Bianka smacks and kneads Paula’s firm round ass dives in face first to perform a rimjob and pussy fingering. Paula mewls and writhes uncontrollably from Bianka’s talented oral action and then Bianka stands up facing us. Bianka gets help baring her boobs and bends over with her curvy ass in Paula’s face.

She mauls her ass and when Bianka sits on the bed with only her tall sandals on, Paula sinks her mouth down on Bianka’s cock. Soon the Czech model is literally gagging on Bianka’s erection!

After giving her another tongue lashing, Bianka grabs her hardon to penetrate Paula’s snatch in the doggystyle position . I wonder if this model knows how powerfully she’s about to get fucked. I certainly do. Bianka rails this babe in a variety of positions and they’re both completely naked throughout the remainder of this scene!

With her mouth wide open, Paula greedily laps up a big load of creamy white cum! Watch the full-length video on or

TS Seduction: Jesse, James Darling & Corbin Dallas

MP4 Teaser Trailer

Someone at Kink Unlimited obviously gets as turned on writing about incredible sex scenes as I do! The synopsis for “TS Dominatrix Jesse Fucks and Punishes a Submissive Man AND a TS Man!” reads: Sometimes one just isn’t enough. TS Dominatrix extraordinaire Jesse woke up and was hungry for some young, hot, and athletic submissives to worship her heavenly form.Lucky for her, James Darling and Corbin Dallas want to book an appointment to serve Jesse for the same day and at the same time. Unbeknownst to the two pathetic little subs they are about to be fucked and sucked with a rough sex ride that will leave them breathless for weeks. First our blonde haired vixen locks her slaves in a cage. Dressed in only their boxers and work ties, corporate moguls James and Dallas can only stare and drool over the perfection of Jesse FemDom form.

She is dressed in beautiful sheer nylons and gorgeous patent leather high heels while reclining like a goddess on her couch. She teases her pets and pits their competitive corporate spirits against each other. Who can serve her better? Whose holes are juicier? Who can pleasure with oral sex the best? Which can devote themselves fully to cock worship? Jesse is a stern mistress and demands absolute submission from her underlings. After letting them stare from the cage for a good long while Jesse tosses them the key and lets them crawl to her across the floor. Cowering in submission they first sit at the feet of their goddess, content to just smell her divine presence.

But the allure of her big tits and throbbing cock is too much for them to handle. They beg to sniff her, lick her high heels, touch her golden blonde hair…anything to show their devotion. Jesse allows them touch her and they gorge on her mystical, seductive powers. She tears open her nylons and face fucks both her subs until they gag sloppy wet drool all over themselves. After their pathetic mouth holes are warmed up, Jesse begins to explore the multitude of whore holes at her disposal. To her delight she discovers that James is a TS man with a dick that Jesse can fuck!! And the orgy begins…

Okay I’m going to add a few words of my own. I adore Corbin Dallas and I’ve downloaded all 14 of his scenes on TS Seduction and Divine Bitches from I fell in love with James Darling not long after the launch of his amazing FTM Fucker website. You’ll have to run through two pages to see Jesse’s thumbnails of her scenes on TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. I was honored to interview her long ago and her top shelf website is! Get to Kink Unlimited to see the full-length movie for yourself!    

Transsexual Addiction: Aubrey Kate & Chanel Santini

Hey, guys! I’m kicking off the weekend with an Evil Angel write-up of a spectacular production! Transsexual Addiction hits the ground running with stunning Aubrey Kate and Chanel Santini making out passionately. Blonde Aubrey is in silver and brunette Chanel is in gold. Well, she’s not really wearing it entirely. While sinking down to briskly slap and lick one of Chanel’s protuberant butt cheeks, a quick glimpse of Aubrey’s cock is visible. Chanel has hers out too and it’s swinging about when she dances on the sofa.

MP4 Teaser Trailer

Aubrey dives into Chanel’s bottom face first and after delivering a rimjob she gets her firm breasts devoured along with some ass squeezing and slapping. All this rough foreplay has aroused Chanel so much that her cock is raging hard. Chanel guides Aubrey to deliver the precise kind of blowjob she wants which comes with another salad tossing and more digital stimulation. After that point, Aubrey needs no guidance to know exactly what to do with her partner’s big boner.

Sample Photo Gallery

In the next sequence, the two beauties are sitting on the sofa with their butts pressed together. They’ve kicked their heels off for friction (and foot lovers) and Aubrey places their hardons together. Aubrey runs the frottage while Chanel pours on the oil. Then they jerk off while pressing their bare soles together like this is some kind of erotic duel. I’ve been talking about how I have an oil fetish for years so I may be a bit biased when calling this Aiden Starr directed scene a masterpiece. That first moment of a stiff oiled cock easing it’s way into a tight ass is maddeningly hot!

Flash Teaser Trailer

“TS-On-TS Date: Glam Anal Lovemaking” evolves into monumental fucking with vibe and plug action leading up to the creamy finish! Porn provocateur and real life fetish player Aiden Starr presents four habit-forming scenes with “Transsexual Addiction” that also stars Korra Del Rio with Chad Diamond, Casey Kisses with Rick Fantana and Chloe Wilcox with Chad. Join today!

Short Skirt Surprise On Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Those legs… that butt! Oh, the things that some lucky ones get to do with Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl! That pretty pulled back hair and long dangling earrings aren’t lost on my glam senses, but that body in form fitting business wear goes straight to my sexuality. Her curvy gams in patterned stockings are as classy yet sexy as her heels that look as appropriate at work as they do in bed.

If Krissy Kyung’s images don’t have your cock hard enough to crack walnuts with, check out what she has to say about this set. “If you’re a fan of the “business suit” look, I’d love to invite you over to Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl to check out this gallery.

There are some really great pictures in this gallery, and I’m really proud of how it turned out. I spend a little time outside, making sure to show off as much leg as possible in my polka-dot pantyhose, before taking things back to my studio and inside for a little more “intimate” play…I really like this look, and I just wish I had a job where I could dress like this every day!

I mean, I suppose I could right now, but I’m thinking that the HR department would probably have a few words with me after walking around in a skirt like this, especially in those “fuck me” heels. I hope you’ll come check out this hot gallery and accompanying video at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl as I strip down, sliding those pantyhose down to my ankles and start going to town on my tgirl cock!”

If you can’t wait to see more of Krissy’s sexy ass and pantyhosed straining erection in photos and a movie, you most definitely are not alone.