TsPussyHunters: Moka Mora and Chelsea Marie

Lock in your Kink.com membership at $19.97 per month and save 60% today. In “Guess where I’m cumming while you’re blindfolded?” on TS Pussy Hunters, Chelsea Marie is going door to door selling makeup. She comes to a home, knocks on the door and is greeted by a beautiful, petite Latina named Moka Mora. Moka invites Chelsea in to see what makeup she is selling and to get her makeup done for free.

After the makeup session, Chelsea is eager to make a big sale. She is positive Moka has a ton of money based off of her home. Moka confesses that she is merely house sitting and that she has no money to buy the makeup. Furious about having her time wasted, Chelsea agrees to accept payment in other ways. Chelsea whips out her cock and makes Moka make payment with a blowjob.

After a nice sloppy blow job, the girls wonder into the homeowners bedroom where Moka give Chelsea a foot job, more blow jobs and they move on to good fucking. Moka bounces on Chelsea’s cock with enthusiasm since she’s never been with a beautiful woman with a cock before. After some fucking, Chelsea decides to blindfold and put Moka into pink rope bondage where she proceeds to fuck her good and hard until Chelsea is to explode hot woman cum all over Moka. Chelsea teases Moka and has her try to guess where she is going to take the hot load of cum. Moka cannot see the cum but she feels it gush onto her pretty, young pussy.

Chelsea leaves Moka tied up with cum all over her so that the homeowners can see what a bad girl Moka has been while they were gone. Moka is stuck on the bed with a wad of cum cemented into her pubes. It’s going to be so humiliating for her to be found, bound and used with wet feet from giving foot jobs. This is Chelsea Marie’s 12th shoot for Kink.com between TsPussyHunters.com and TsSeduction.com!

It’s Moka Mora’s 1st time on TsPussyHunters.com but not her first time working with Chelsea. Moka has also been magnificent on 4 other Kink.com network websites. There are few other trans girls in the industry I’ve raved more about as much as Chelsea. One of the most special things about Moka to me is her voice.

I swear if she broke into song I might have an orgasm. If you’re into feet the way Chelsea and Moka are on and off screen, you’re going to be in fap heaven with this scene. It’s almost surreal that they have so many foot fans while they’re peds are so pretty and they’re into foot sex too.

I’ve always had the sense that Chelsea loves eating pussy as much as the rest of us carpet munchers. Watching Chelsea lap her own cum from Moka’s pretty quim is magical. Chelsea confirms her passion for pussy in the closing interview of this TsPussyHunters.com masterpiece!

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Femout.XXX: Fiery Sophie Loves To Cum!

Omar Wax presents a gorgeous new studio model who’s not exactly new to the adult industry. It’s great to see a webcam performer crossover into major studio porn and broaden their horizons. She loves comics which is obvious from her familiar yet non-copyright infringing surname and she loves retro video games. She’s also pretty good at skateboarding.

When it comes to porn she likes the fetish niche and would like to someday do trans-friendly fetish porn. that statement made me question if all trans fetish porn is trans-friendly. I love that she makes me think (I mean not just about having sex). In her Femout.XXX debut, Sophie speaks directly and poses like she’s done this several times before.

There’s no sense of nervousness that I can detect and her method of stripping is artistic and truly teasing. Sophie draws attention to her curves – her hips and her sensitive breasts and brings to mind the miracle of hormones. That comes a few moments before she grasps her stiffening cock and asks if we like it.


Sophie has several breathtaking moments and one of the first is when she turns her butt to the camera and asks, “Do you wanna grab it spank it, fuck it?” She adds a little foot fetish exposure and commentary before immersing herself more deeply into her masturbation sequence. She understands the power of pre-cum just as Mr. Wax knows the power of a great close-up. If you’re dominant, another one of Sophie’s special moments you’ll love is when she’s explicitly exposing her ass and asking if you want to own it.

I’ve never seen a finer Femout debut and this is one that comes from experience in another medium. There are no stockings or shoes on Sophie in her follow-up scene on Femout.XXX. Sophie looks sweet and innocent laying on the bed in a lacy blue dress until she draws up the hem to show her panties and spanks her ass hard.

She asks if you like her thighs and if you’d like to bite them and have them wrapped around your head. Sophie then rises from the bed and stands with the dress acting as more of a blouse with her bulging panties showing again. Her small waist accentuates her wide hips and ass as she lowers her undies and swats her butt again.

She teases with a bit more flesh bit by bit in the back and then in front. “Do you like my stomach,” she asks followed by, “Do you wanna kiss it?” It’s nice and flat and if you let your eyes drift a bit lower, you’ll see Sophie expose her cock fully. Finally. If you’re a top viewing the photo set, about 90 images in there are some exquisite shots of Sophie laying on her back. You might find yourself wishing you could just jump through the monitor and sink your cock deep inside her tight ass.

Or perhaps you’ll wish she were fucking you once you see her gorgeous dick fully erect. One of you favorite parts could be her glorious cum shot! Visit chaturbate.com/deadpuddle to watch Sophie performing LIVE.

Mandy Mitchell – Bad Maid

Scene Trailer

Mandy does a terrible job cleaning and is really only good for one thing, getting tied up and used as a sex toy. “Bad Maid Used For Sex” starts with us catching hot ass Mandy Mitchell stroking her raging hardon on a black leather sofa covered with plastic.

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The only reason I’d have to cover my couch is if I didn’t want to have cum spurted across the rich leather. Even then I might just prefer to clean up afterwards. But I digress. Back to the focus of this Mandy-Mitchell.com update, her maid’s uniform is made of lace and satin and there’s not much to it.

Scene Trailers

Her long legs are clad in fishnet stockings and her high heels are off. Mandy’s beautiful boner points toward the ceiling when she’s seated and not jerking off. The swollen head presses against her lower tummy when she raises her legs to draw down her panties. She moans softly while finger banging herself. If your number one fantasy is having your own French maid to fuck, you’re in trouble at this point. Whether you have one or not Bianca Stone certainly does. Bianca is Mandy’s gorgeous cisgender wife who catches her masturbating.


Dressed like an official domina sex goddess, Bianca asks why Mandy covered the sofa in Saran Wrap. Mandy explains that she was busy cleaning but took a break to jerk off. Bianca finds it hilarious that Mandy went to all this effort to be tidy. But Mandy’s orders were to clean today, not to sit around playing with herself. She makes Mandy stop stroking her erection, but then she takes over jacking her stiff cock. She then uses her expert Shibari skills to tie Mandy up, starting with her ankles and wrists.


Mandy’s throbbing hard dick is mashed against the leather while Bianca spanks her bottom hard! Bianca decides she wants a mouthful of hard cock and then jerks Mandy off again. When asked if she’s going to do everything Bianca says, Mandy replies, “No.” What? This bratty submissive is going to be forced to eat some smooth pretty pussy and to fuck it too. I’m wondering what the punishment is! But it does come eventually after Bianca cums with Mandy’s bare cock deep within her and a wand vibe buzzing against her clit. Mandy is forced to catch Bianca’s pee in her mouth and she’s not allowed to cum. But this petulant submissive manages to make herself cum after her Mistress has left satisfied.

TwoTgirls: Online Hookup

Scene Trailers

Coco Dahlia and Bailey Love are both trying out that hot new hookup app. Things heat up when the girls match with each other and Coco Dahlia extends an invitation to Bailey Love to come over. Blonde-haired Coco looks pretty as a picture when this TwoTgirls.com scene opens. She’s dressed to the nines but bored and using her dating app to spice things up for the evening. After a bunch of right swipes, she finally settles upon the one – gorgeous brunette Bailey Love. In the next sequence we see Bailey responding to Coco’s hookup request. Coco makes the obligatory offers of refreshments when Bailey arrives but all she wants is Coco she confesses. Bailey pulls back the the hem of Coco’s dress for a quick peek and then exposes one of her breasts. That pink tunic dress provides such easy access. Aggressive Bailey’s nipple play evolves into kisses that Coco graciously accepts. The deepest, most passionate trans lesbian kissing ends when Bailey begins to devour one of Coco’s pretty tits. Both girls begin to rub Coco’s panty bulge and then Bailey helps her get out of her dress. As Coco lays on her back on the sofa, Bailey withdraws the passive blonde’s swelling cock from her panties. Bailey takes a long lick up Coco’s cock shaft that makes her gasp and a full blowjob ensues. Naturally, Coco develops a full erection and she then helps Bailey strip down to her bra and tall sandals. Coco shows Bailey how amazing she is at sucking cock and she’s on her hands and knees on the couch when Bailey pulls off her panties. Coco receives a rimjob, handjob, more cock sucking and gives her tight ass up for the railing of a lifetime!

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“Online Hookup” is available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution on TwoTgirls.com!

Femout.XXX: Nori Strips And Plays For You!

It’s Nori’s 5th Femout appearance and she says it’s good to be back. She’s being filmed poolside by the Buddy Wood in a pretty long dress and black mules with her legs crossed until they aren’t. Wow! All this big dick is in your face right away!

Even if you’re quite familiar with her first 4 shoots, the way she’s hung is astounding every time. I mean, her cock isn’t enormous, just a lot bigger than you expect because Nori is so petite.

She’s directed to stand up and it’s the same hot body and beautiful face so many have grown fond of. Nori is still wearing her shimmery disco dress when she begins beating her meat. Eventually she sits back down and continues jerking off in her 70’s diva dress and black crotchless panties. In a sudden sequence change her dress is off!

She toys with the tiny dots of her pale nipples then raises her legs invitingly. She then turns around to extend that invitation from the rear. Nori pumps her large erection while giving an unbridled back door view and then stands again to fap slowly and then with varying speeds. Then it’s Splitsville when the L.A. beauty waves goodbye and saunters off in this super seductive Femout.XXX update.

TGirls.Porn: Chloe Wilcox & Nicolette Phoenix

Radius Dark presents gorgeous Chloe Wilcox and Nicolette Phoenix are kissing passionately on the bed.

Nicolette: “We have good chemistry, because we previously dated and I don’t get to bottom often. My favorite part of the shoot was her ending. I got to lay there and have her blast all over my face. Me being a cumslut is a horribly kept secret. ;)”

Chloe: “Like Nikki said before, we used to be an item and this isn’t the first time I’ve made her my bitch. Last time was a bit more private and there were toys and rope involved. This time was fun, because I basically got rough and raw with her.”

I think there’s absolutely nothing out of place with Nicolette being a cumslut. It doesn’t mean she’s not a great top. Some of the best tops are those who understand what it’s like to give the control to someone else every once in awhile. A curious if not voyeuristic nature (more than usual) kicked in when I read that Chloe and Nicolette previously dated. I wondered if their chemistry would be more visible than with other TGirls.Porn couples. I’ve seen near strangers on this site create scenes that would convince me they were real lovers if I didn’t know otherwise.

Both girls are scantily clad in bra and panties and the first actual exposure of nudity is the pierced nipple of Nicolette that Chloe devours. Then Chloe’s dominant side takes over and she pushes her partner on her back. She draws Nicolette’s panties down to expose the cock we could already tell was stiffening. Chloe runs her tongue along the shaft and performs a ravenous blowjob. She occasionally gazes at us with her pretty eyes and a mouthful of stiff dick. Multi-tasking for Chloe in this case means sucking a big cock balls deep while squeezing a handful of breast.

In the next sequence, Chloe applies a penis enlarger to Nicolette’s hardon (not that she needs one at all). It’s pretty astounding to watch her cock expand with the pumping. After Chloe gives one of Nicolette’s tits a hard slap, it’s her turn to get pumped up. Before getting her cock sucked again, Nicolette says she can’t decide how the penis pump felt. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I’ve heard that many times before! Another blowjob switch ensues followed by a 69 position sucking.

After some stiff dick frottage, Chloe proceeds to lubricate her swollen bare cock and eases it inside Nicolette’s tight ass. Chloe is a beauty that fucks like a beast in a dazzling array of position changes! Here we go again with another killer update on my favorite trans adult entertainment website – TGirls.Porn.

You can also check out their great individual performances on Femout.XXX!

Sunshyneland: Kira in Red with a Huge Pulsating Cock

Scene Trailer Gallery

Gorgeous and svelte Kira Crash is a special guest on the official website of Sunshyne Monroe. She asks of you like the pretty red dress she’s laying on a black leather sofa in. She says she has something else red to show you. It’s hidden inside her black panties with white lace trim. Kira’s cock actually does appear an angry shade of red while she strokes the shaft to a raging erection! Her toenails are also painted red as you can see with the strappy sandals she has on. A matching manicure is visible with all of her slender fingers except for the ones she’s banging herself with. When Kira sits up on the couch with her legs spread wide open, it’s kind of hard not to imagine sinking your cock deep inside her tight ass. Just keep in mind that she can most likely fuck you with the same prowess you can bring to the table.

Scene Trailer

As a matter of fact, if you’re not a porn star like Kira, chances are she can go harder, faster and longer with her sizeable cock. “Let me get this cock nice and hard for you,” she moans while slowly jerking her long shaft. Kira makes her tiny rosebud wink so there’s no mistaking how good she’d feel wrapped around your hardon. I think you’re going to love watching Kira beating off until she comes! This is Sunshyne’s latest trans special guest since stunning Sydney Farron. Her last lucky male partner was Gabriel D’Alessandro. You can visit the free-standing Sunshyneland.com website or the Sunshyneland-TGirl-Network.com for full access to the whole lineup of incredible stars.


Lizzy Shoots A Big Load!

I love it when svelte Lizzy Red gives me a new chance to rave about her. I’ve been doing it since early April of 2017 her with recaps of her Femout.XXX and Foot Fetish TS performances. Those are amazing free-standing subscription sites. “Lizzy Shoots A Big Load!” and “Lizzy Red Arrives” are on the MEGASITE AsianAmericanTGirls.com which comes with FULL ACCESS to SEVEN other sites including those that focus on trans girls from Canada, The UK and Russia! Her Radius Dark produced AsianAmericanTGirls.com produced bio update reads: “Come to the room and you’ll find an Asian-American hottie waiting for you.

She wears nice dress, a fishnet stockings, and a pair of gorgeous shoes and she is bound to arouse you. Her small tits are arousing, her ass is tight and delicious looking, and there are wandering fingers that can’t wait to jerk that thick cock off ’till it shoots loads of cum.”More specifically, Mr. Dark said about the Washington, DC cutie pie , “Lizzy Red is a unique model, because she’s Asian-American, very tall, and has a huge cock. She’s still a total bottom that loves rough sex. She’s never topped before, but she’s into other tgirls who can top her. Don’t worry guys, she’s pansexual and likes guys too. I can’t wait to work with her again with my actual equipment.

The airlines misplaced my bag and I had to shoot her without my lights. Oh well, just an excuse to bring her back in! Outside of porn, she’s a musician.” She’s still only 19 at the time of this filming and I think one might have to hire a detective to find her on social media.

This could be a new record for the amount of time it takes Lizzy to whip out her big schlong and start stroking it. It’s already stiff under her skirt when she tells us exactly how submissive she is.

While undressing and giving us long looks at her wide ass, she spends lots of time spanking it hard. Lizzy then provides some foot fetish content and her fap session continues with Lizzy in her fence net stockings.

Lizzy pours lotion on the head and shaft of her massive hard prick and moans softly as she beats off. She gets louder as she draws closer to orgasm. Eventually she gets completely naked except for her spiked collar.

I can make out the brand of the lubricant Lizzy is using and it seems like she’s about to go through the entire bottle to make herself climax! But the product holds up to its promise and Lizzy ends up shooting a big load of creamy white cum by the end of this brilliant AsianAmericanTGirls.com multisite update!

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TheEnglishMansion – Miss Jade Jones – Virgin Drilled For First Cock

Sample Photo Gallery

Miss Marilyn and Mistress Inka are training their slave JJ to become a cock whore and start being of use to them. They start by examining and teasing, letting him know what is in for store and how he should be behaving, bringing him to his knees, at eye level to their two massive strapon dicks, which they are soon plunging into his open mouth. They humiliate and test his deep throat ability as the big cocks work there way in, noting how hard his cock is getting at the rough use. The new slut is then put on the bondage bench and the Mistresses take turns to finger and stretch his hole with their gloved hands, enjoying the moans of pleasure that are emanating. Once prepared, his tight ass is penetrated, the giant strapons slowly entering, rubbing against his prostate, causing his cock to leak copious precum as they spitroast the lucky sub, in amazing pegging action. They are so pleased with his progress they decide to bring in another thick cocked slave, who is directed to fuck the new slut, taken his first ever real dick, the Mistresses guiding and encouraging the action until he shoots a big load into JJ’s eager face, the slut whore transformation fully completed, much to their delight. That’s the official synopsis from TheEnglishMansion.com that I can’t possibly top. Miss Marilyn and Mistress Inka are absolutely stunning but my focus here is on Miss Jade Jones. The finger fucking and dildo spit roast sequences are mesmerizing. Seeing Jade sucking a man’s thick cock is on a totally different level. I like the way Jade was referred to as “she” instead of “he” as if the right for a slave not to be misgendered had to be earned. It doesn’t last long and Jade is further humiliated as the gimp fucks Jade’s ass long and hard. But progress has been made. A masked face covered with cum is what Jade ends up with and still called a whore but at least she’s a good little whore. The English Mansion offers the very best of exclusive and original Femdom movies, with Mistress Sidonia and her unrelenting Mistresses. CLICK HERE TO JOIN! 


Femout.XXX: Brandy Alexander Hot In Fishnets!

Radius Dark presents Brandy Alexander in her Femout debut stating that she lives in Seattle, WA and she likes playing video games, doing Yoga, going to the beach, fiddling and she’s a nerd basically all around. She’s pansexual however her current preference is mainly for guys. She says she likes to be the sissy, sucking and getting fucked but she loves all sorts of cock.

Brandy loves cum and when it comes to playing with girls, she likes to top! Brandy likes eating pussy. She’s totally verse. She’s been seeing mostly older guys recently. It may or not be a “thing”. 53 was the oldest man she’s been with and he sounds like he’s financially secure with a boat to play on with one of Brandy’s girlfriends included!

Brandy is also into BDSM and she has no problem with topping. She’s also experienced with ropes! She also likes being tied up. When she’s been in charge it was Brandy tying up girls. Brandy is seated wearing pantyhose with the crotch open so after all this horny interviewing, she has easy access to her cock.

Her breasts and nipples seem sensitive too because she keeps playing with them while pulling at her stiffening dick. When it comes to ass play, Brandy exposes her fun spot explicitly and finger bangs herself like she’s craving getting fucked hard! Not only does she moan and gasp when she’s turned on, she’s almost breathless with lust at times. Brandy really has gorgeous hormone breasts and that’s revealed once her bra is off after the midway point.

It’s hard not to imagine not plowing your cock in and out of her when she’s sitting back in her armchair. In the next sequence she’s working her hard shaft with a penis punp! I wonder if that gadget feels as good as a warm, wet mouth. But I digress. Check out the debut of Brandy Alexander on Femout.XXX!

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