Melanie on Shemale Strokers



I love that you can now watch video previews now at the “Trailers” section at the top of the Shemale Strokers landing page. As usual, there are a lot of stunner there, but Melanie caught my eye because I haven’t seen her in quite some time. Actually, it’s also because of the way she’s dressed. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses? Ask Melanie about that if you ever get the chance to meet her in person. I first saw her on another great website and she was bespectacled there, too. I’d say it works for her pretty well and fits perfectly with the office theme of her new video. She’s going over some files at her desk (the same type of glass top I’m working on right now). For some reason, her soft penis and tight balls are hanging outside of her panties. Her voice is sweet when she tells us she’s going to do something out of the ordinary for today’s break. Melanie props her heels on the desk and begins to do what the site promises in its name. The L.A. transsexual beauty moans softly as her cock grows from her slow, steady stroking. Then she gets up and her maginficent ass is presented as she leans against the file cabinet. Her top and g-string are still on, but not for long. Melanie is naked except for her high heel sandals as she sits back down to beat off more intensely this time. But of course she has to show off her bare ass and simulate riding a stiff dick. Melanie is lying down when she faps furiously, sending thick ropes of creamy white cum to blast out of the swolen head of her beautiful erection. Catch her eruption and the slow motion instant replay on Shemale Strokers.

Natalie Mars on Chaturbate



I can’t remember how long ago it was when I first saw Natalie Mars on the Net. But I do remember that when I did, I knew she was destined for porn stardom. Natalie started HRT on November 5th, 2014 and it seemed to me like she was literally popping up everywhere in 2015. The next thing I knew, I saw her on my favorite webcam site under natalielovescum on Chaturbate. She’s an amazing performer and today, I saw her video with Bailey Jay. Don’t worry if you’re thinking that Natalie is only into other gorgeous transsexuals, guys. Anyway, let me tell you a little about the scene that’s live on TS-BaileyJay right now with Natalie. It’s called “Crashpad Cock Slut” and these gorgeous ladies waste no time with passionate kissing and mutual breast admiration. Bailey Jay’s big cock is already almost fully erect when Natalie gets her thighs open. “I can’t get over your ass,” she tells Natalie and you’ll see exactly why. Natalie has a big dick herself that grows fully erect while her porn and mainstream media icon friend strokes and sucks on it. The end of the video showed me why Natalie’s Chaturbate room is so appropriately named. If Natalie isn’t online when you log in, just follow her to be notified of her next show.

Alexia Angel on UK TGirls



Finally, the UK has it’s own website dedicated to showcasing the stunning transsexual models across the British Isles! The United Kingdom is one of the great melting pots of the world and this site will be presenting models from all different parts of the country and different backgrounds. As one of the main tourist destinations, the producers might even have to sneak in the occasional visitor and they’ve already had some girls from Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe request to come and work with them, as the sole outlet for transsexual European pornography. “I moved out of the UK in 1996 and I don’t think I’d met a transsexual before that. The majority of models we’ve worked with have been in North and South America and Asia,” said Grooby owner Steven Grooby. “Over the years we’ve always been able to source a few UK models who have proven popular, but it became apparent in late 2014 that there were a lot more British tgirls who were now looking to model.” Grooby has been working with a UK producer for the last few years and thought it would be worth showcasing British trans girls with their own website. “The European girls do look different to models from other countries and we’re hoping to capitalize on everything that’s cool and unique about the UK culture on this site,” Grooby added. This featured model is Alexia Angel of Norfolk who was nervous about posing. It shows a little in the first photo and video set, but Alexia was also very eager to show off. Click on Alexia to see more of that good stuff she’s showing us on!

TS Playground #19



TS Playground #19 is a “Ladyboy Edition” from the trailblazing Evil Angel director Jay Sin. The gorgeous Thai transsexual stars take on hung, handsome male partners, adventurous genetic females and each other. Genetic girl Hanna Lee and TS Tongta treat Spencer Fox to a torrid threesome in Scene #01. After massaging his muscular thighs and big cock, Spencer bangs both babes bareback and Tongsta fucks his cute bubble-butt while Hanna sucks him off. British Bo Ryder fucks cover model Ying in Scene #02 after getting a handjob and a blowjob. Ying has one of the most beautiful small cocks I’ve ever seen (hey, I’m no size queen). After this multiple-position bareback railing, Jacky looks adorable with her braces wearing an exotic version of a French maid’s uniform. Her white-painted finger tips circle her taut nipples before she begins stroking her curvy uncut erection. Spencer gets lucky again, this time with Jacky in a tumultuous bareback banging. She has an amazing set of jiggling boobs and an ass that won’t quit. Their reverse cowgirl ride is my favorite part of Scene #03. Donut and Neth, in matching pink lingerie, join Johnny Ok in a cocksucking anal three-way, including a backdoor daisy chain with sexy Donut in the middle in Scene #04. Lastly, pale slender New gets railed by Mr. Fox and gets a creamy facial in Scene #05. I absolutely love every scene of the 3 hour TS Playground #19! But you can download each scene individually on Evil Angel if you like.

Melainny Vihena on TS Playground





Melainny Vilhena lives in São Paulo, Brazil, but she was born on June 10, 1991 in Belém, the capital and largest city of the state of Pará in the country’s north. She’s incredibly versatile with both men and other gorgeous transsexuals and she’s also extremely captivating in solo performances. In the new TS Playground video which is one of today’s hot topics of discussion, Melainny climbs upon her bed as a masquerade Mistress. But she quickly attends to your needs instead, exposing and caressing her full breasts. Then she gives you side and rear views if her amazing body. She flogs her original panty bulge, then stands on the floor to pull her panties down. The sight of her bare ass and the cock and balls between her legs might just make it hard for you not to touch yourself. She pours oil on her voluptuous for while sitting back on the bed and her cock begins to stiffen and bob up and down. Melainny’s wet hand makes her uncut cock fully erect, but she’s more interested in presenting you with a backdoor masturbation show next. When she sits up facing the camera, her long, thick cock points straight up toward the ceiling. She swats it firmly with her BDSM prop making me wonder if she’s a dominant, a submissive, or a switch. The way she continues to expose her immaculate rosebud looks like an open invitation to be fucked from my point of view. But when she starts pumping her hips, simulating penetrating someone, I’m not sure if she’s a bottom or top once again. She saunters across the room with her stiff prick jutting straight out from her thighs, then crawls upon the bed again. Melainny her swollen cockhead against her flat tummy, wetting it with precum, then begins to jerk off more intensely. Judging fro the heavy amount of creamy white cum that spurts across the bedsheet, it’s obvious that she hasn’t climaxed in quite some time. Watch Melainny’s full video on TS Playground. There’s an instant replay of her orgasm shot from a different angle as well!

Diana Love Hardcore on Shemale.XXX





Gorgeous Diana Love was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 25, 1990 and currently resides in Colorado. Her stats are 5’10” (177cm), 130 lbs, 6″ (15cm) and the post-workout theme of her latest scene makes perfect sense. She comes home to Goody from the gym in the new hardcore video on Shemale.XXX filmed by Jack Flash of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. The male performer is fantastic as wel. How could anyone not like a guy named “Goody” who’s nailed some of the most flawless transsexual stars in the adult industry? At any rate, His cock is already stiff when Diana gets it out of his drawers early in this scene. He rubs the head against the beautiful Latina’s full breasts and she gives Goody what has got to be a incredible blowjob. Next, he helps her get undressed and she’s hard as a rock as she sucks his cock again. If you’ve seen Diana’s solo performances on the site, you might have been waiting to see her in a hardcore video. With the sight of Diana Love getting railed in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary and doggie-style positions completely naked, I can’t see how anyone could be disappointed, or in Shemale.XXX period.

TS Playground #19 Tongsta, Hanna & Spencer



Everyone has their own versions of the perfect kind of threesome. One of mine happens to be one with a man, a genetic girl and a transsexual. In Scene #01 of TS Playground #19, gorgeous GG Hanna Lee and ladyboy Tongta are two sensuous Bangkok beauties with a special way of welcoming handsome foreign boys like Spencer Fox. Spencer has a huge hardon and they massage his thighs and they each suck it deeply. Hanna helps guide his big tool into Tongsta bareback. He also drills Hanna’s pussy while Tongsta pulls it out every now and again for another taste. She sucks Tongsta’s cock while riding Spencer in the cowgirl position. After both of these cuties have taken a ride on Spencer’s pole, the American stud sprawls facedown to let Tongta drill his bubble butt with her stiff cock. Mr. Fox has one of the most alluring male asses in porn and the breakout star in this scene to me however is the 5’8″(173cm), 121 lbs(55kg), 33C-25-34, transsexual Tongsta, who was born in Issan, Thailand on July 13, 1994 and now resides in Bangkok. Check out all of the trailers from this incredible Evil Angel release.

Tiffany Starr and Alyssa Ion


Two things that New England native Tiffany Starr and Grand Rapids, Michigan native Alyssa Ion have in common are their passion for gaming and for hot sex. I’m not sure if these common interests are what brought them together. But I do know that the chemistry between them is a pleasure to watch. At Tiffany’s place, Alyssa is frustrated because her girlfriend is too dumb to make coffee and can barely drive a car. Alyssa’s girlfriend is a genetic girl and Tiffany thinks the real reason she’s frustrated is because that girlfriend doesn’t have a dick. Alyssa agrees that this might be the case. While they kiss, Alyssa begins stroking Tiffany’s cock and her own prick is hard as a rock. It’s poking out of the waistband of her panties as she plays with Tiffany’s big boobs and sucks on one of her nipples. Alyssa proceeds to give Tiffany what looks like an amazing blowjob. Then they kneel on the bed and continue kissing while rubbing their erections together. They arrange themselves into a 69 and finally Alyssa says, “I need you to fuck me.” If you’ve seen the way Tiffany fucks before, you already know that she’s one of the best in the industry and a heavy cummer also. The photo set comes with over 185 hi-res images on Tiffany Starr XXX.

Natalie on Shemale Japan




I was in Orlando, Florida two weekends ago for an event called Transpire 2015 at the DoubleTree Hilton during Gay Days. Inspired by the multitude of gorgeous LGBTQ bodies all over town, I was inspired to show my suite mate a video of Natalie who keeps returning to Shemale Japan. The first words out of her mouth were, “She’s Japanese and Brazilian? She hit the genetic lottery.” That was her reaction to seeing the video of Natalie where she begins to strip out of her overalls, exposing the tan lines around her beautiful breasts. Natalie pulled her flaccid cock out of her g-string pouch and blew my friend and I away with the sight of her curvaceous ass when she turned around. When she turned to face the camera again a few moments later, her cock was raging hard. She smiled widely when her photographer Hiro started jerking her off. She half hid her tool with her panty pouch to be coy, but obviously loved Hiro’s stroking hand. She then continued her striptease and masturbation, moving around in different enticing positions. Watching Natalie swing her big dick around while wearing nothing but a tall pair of sandals is quite a sight. I was back at home in Gainesville when I saw her follow-up video. Natalie was dressed this time in a sizzling hot lingerie set, fence net stockings and clear stripper heels. Hiro played with her swollen prick again and then she did something that surprised me more than just pleasantly. After masturbating for a while, her amazing body was clad in a multi-coloured dress and she was kissing a popular Shemale Japan male model. They had a sexual swordfight while making out. Then Natalie dropped to her knees to suck on his huge cock. It’s a different guy that she did her first hardcore video with on the site. “Where are my friends when I need them?” I thought to myself. Belated birthday wishes to Natalie who was born on June 5, 1991!

Kylie Maria on Bob’s Tgirls





This update is one I somehow missed mentioning in May. It would have been a pity if I did. It’s about the workout scene with Kylie Maria on Bobs-TGirls in which she works out her penis more than any other muscle. Kylie begins touching herself with her top and shorts kind of still on. But then we fade into a rear view of her naked from behind. It’s an incredible sight if you’ve never seen it before. Then she turns around with her breasts bobbing and sweet cock and balls jiggling. Leave it to another chick to notice that Kylie kept her tall wedges on when she sat back to stroke her erection. Wedges are easy to walk in and to wank in, so I’m not surprised that she kept them on. Kylie continues to pump the weight between her legs and it swings around whenever she lets it go. She utilizes a reverse stroking method of masturbation you might be familiar with. Have you ever turned your hand upside down while beating off? It almost feels like someone else is fapping you. If you’re a person with a penis between your legs, I’m sure you know whatI’m talking about. About 11 minutes into the video, Kylie adds some lubricant to her shaft and concentrates intenesly on making herself climax. Steady streams of cum pour out of the red-flushed head of her swollen prick. For more masturbation scenes, you can also watch her on the official website. But if you click on her photos above, they’ll take you to video previews of her latest performance on Bob’s Tgirls.

Holly Harlow The Spoiled Brat





“The Spoiled Brat” is the name of this sample photo gallery. That’s also the theme of her new “Jacking Off in a Corset” solo video performance. Holly is on the phone telling her daddy she needs a brand new car while at boarding school. This is a follow-up to her hardcore scene with Sex Change Girl icon Danielle Foxxx I described recently. I’m hoping you saw Holly fucking her stepmother. If not, Holly is blackmailing her cheating father. Also, what he doesn’t know is that Holly is a dirty little princess. She proceeds to show us just how dirty she can get when she’s horny in bed. Holly continues to talk dirty as she spreds her legs and begins to make her cock stiff. She rubs her precum around the swollen head and sits up on the bed to make her erection swing back and forth and up and down. Holly’s body is much slimmer than before, not that she was ever overweight. She’s clearly wearing the corset because it’s sexy, not because she has anything to hide. She jacks off kneeling next and caresses her big boobs while stroking away. About 9 minutes into this 15 minute scene, Holly is masturbating while laying on her back again. I was thnking that she was going to end up with cum splattered all over her corset. But her stiff cock arcs downward in her stroking fist. When the cum bursts out of her cockhead, most of it flies past her balls to the sheets and on the back of her hand. If you’re wondering why I paid so much attention to detail, you haven’t seen Holly Harlow of Malta in action yet.

Nala and Jace Loxwood on Black TGirls





Black TGirls presents Nala’s return in a torrid hardcore scene with male newcomer Jace Loxwood. Things heat up quickly when Nala sits on his lap. He sucks her nipples, then Jace sucks on her big cock. She kneels on the floor to return the favor while beating herself off. You may have seen Nala’s fantastic cocksucking skills before with Soldier Boi on Black Shemale Hardcore. Anyway, after Nala gets her salad tossed, Jace finds himself on all fours on the bed. Nala gives him a powerful doggie-style railing. He sounds like he’s losing his cherry when she asks, “Are you gonna let me fuck you everyday?” I’m not sure if this cute guy, who looks like a cross between Terence Trent D’Arby and Gary Dourdan, could take Nala’s big dick everyday! But when he’s on his back gettting pounded, his prick is hard as a rock. The tables are turned and Jace bangs Nala’s incredible bubble butt doggie-style. This chick is fine as frog’s hair. You’ve got to see Nala riding Jace in the reverse cowgirl position with her dick flopping around while Jace rams her with jackhammer thrusts. Nala shoots such a big creamy load of cum I had to wonder how long it had been since she climaxed. “Good job, slut,” Nala tells him. Did I forget to mention the verbal humiliation while she was fucking him? 183 hi-res photos compliment this Black TGirls video.

Bianka Nascimento Launches Website



I had a feeling that big things were happening for Bianka Nascimento when she was named T-Girl Network Special Featured Guest of the Month. I watched her performance in an incredibly hot threesome with another SMC Productions beauty, Italian Eva Paradis of London and ruggedly handsome Martin Mazza from Madrid, Spain. Bianka and Eva were dressed for a night on the town, but their attraction to one another led them to the bedroom. I watched this on Eva’s site because, I haven’t kept it a secret how incredible she is. I’d been dazzled by Bianka before on Shemale Club. I’ve mentioned her a few times here before. Anyway, I’d seen Bianka in hardcore performances before, but never with Eva or in a threeway scene. When Martin came out of the cold and entered one of the ladie’s deluxe apartment, they stripped him down quickly and Eva forced a cocksucking while Bianka primed him from behind. They switched positions so Bianka could get a blowjob and then they both skull-fucked him. Eva got blown again while Bianka banged the lucky bastard. Eva got her turn as well, then Bianka took his ass again! This 18 and a half minute fuckfest closed with a big, double cumshot on Martin’s chest. Bianka Nascimento comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in Ireland (Dublin). If you’re wondering if she bottoms as well, she does and I’ll be reporting on that later. You can get a better idea for yourself by taking the Bianka Nascimento tour. It has all the bells and whistles of a top shelf glamour site, with some sinfully delightful, kinky surprises.

Danielle Lace on



Danielle Lace on

Danielle Lace on

Lithe and lean Columbian-American Danielle Lace poses like an experienced print model in her photo sets on That’s a small contradiction on a new site for brand new models I’m pretty sure you can learn to live with. When it comes to her videos, she clearly knows how to strip like a pro, too. She tells South Florida photographer Jack Flash that she’s never done an adult set before, and that she’s a versatile top. She likes to take control and that “Mistress” is the best way to address her (a girl after my own heart!). If you’d like to submit to this Miami, Florida dominatrix, you’re gonna have a pretty long, thick cock to suck on and/or get fucked by. She masturbates with a slow, circular motion on her hard shaft with her fingers at first. Then she increases the speed gradually, yet not very fast. Keep that in mind if you ever get to jerk her off. You should see the look on her face and in her pretty blue eyes when she works a creamy white load of cum out of her raging hard dick. Check out Danielle’s two videos on 

Chloe Rose on Shemale Yum

To get some of us around the elephant in the room, Canada-TGirl is still open as an archive – an amazing site with frequent updates until it was no longer cost-effective to maintain. When Kevin Dong introduced Chloe Rose, members went absolutely nuts over her, which lead to several solo and hardcore performances. Seeing her again seems like old times for those who remember those scenes. New admirers will be blown away by her new set. Back in March 2014, Grooby Productions had to rush a new Chloe Rose shoot through the system due to the high volume of member requests. This Toronto, Ontario beauty born on July 30, 1993 has also been featured on Shemale Yum several times before. You might remember her as Kimberly Foxx when she was around 19 years old. I’m thrilled to announce that she’s as hot as ever, if not hotter than before. If you’d like to go back in time for Chloe’s previous performances, I hope you have a lot of time on your hands. In the new video, Chloe tells Kevin at the beginning that she’s going to masturbate until she cums. She keeps her promise and says she can’t even remember when she’s been fucked long and hard. Once naked on the bed, Chloe arranges herself in every position Kevin asks her too. I’ll bed you’d have requested many of the same. 75+ hi-res photos compliment Chloe’s new Shemale Yum video. Click on her for more samples.