Lida in Colorful Top Pantyhose Bareback









23 year old, 5’5″ (170 cm), 33A-25-34, 122 lbs (51 kg) Lida sits on her bed in her crochet dress and fishnet pantyhose. “You like?” she asks while gazing at us seductively. But the response comes from a white guy with a massive cock. After giving him what looks like an amazing blowjob, Lisa begs her hung friend to fuck her. She gets completely naked and holds her legs up, ready to get fucked bareback. I know the mystery man is Christian XXX of Pure-TS, but his face is hidden. That’s the way the majority of these hardcore Ladyboy Gold videos are filmed. They want us to focus on the girl and how she handles her man meat. This young transsexual looks tiny compared to Christian in the missionary position, doggy style and side-saddle. Her cock is flaccid when she starts riding the enormous member in the cowgirl position. It becomes hard as a rock as she hoists herself up and down, faster and faster. Lida lets her pretty dick swing around all over the place until she can’t resist jerking off while getting railed. The reverse cowgirl banging shows off her curvy ass to perfection. When she turns to face him, he asks if she wants to cum. At this point, she’s bouncing of his prick balls deep, stroking herself to a crazy climax. Lida shoots a huge load of creamy white cum and hops to the floor to take her man’s awesome sauce inside her mouth. Over 280 hi-res photos compliment the video. For more previews, visit Ladyboy Tube.

Savannah Thorne Rides Eli Hunter



Eli Hunter is lamenting getting dragged to his girlfriend’s mom’s house for dinner. She’s so difficult to deal with. If you like porn with a warm-up story and good acting, you’ll get it with Eli’s hardcore performance with Savannah Thorne. I already knew that Eli could act because I’ve seen him a gazillion times before. What I don’t see every day is a new talent that’s makes it look so easy. The sex is as incredible as I thought it would be. What I couldn’t possibly detect from the Shemale.XXX photo set was the chemistry between these actors. Savannah has a way of looking at the camera throughout the scene as if Eli doesn’t know there’s a hidden camera in the room. Blackula’s photography is top drawer as usual. But this video isn’t “the usual” TS porn fare. It’s extraordinary. There are multiple position changes and two great cumshots before this relentless pounding scene ends. There’s no possible way in my mind that this video could have been any better. Bostonian Savannah Thorne who was born in Goiânia, Brazil is absolutely incredible.

My Futanari Stepsister Kindle Edition



In “My Futanari Stepsister” Daniel has just finished high school. He has ten weeks of holidays to kill before he can move to college and away from his bitch of a stepsister, Chloe. One night, while their parents are away, Chloe brings over a few of her closest friends for a sleepover, and they’re about to give Daniel an education he’ll never forget.

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  • Publication Date: August 6, 2015
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Sasha Skye on Shemale Yum



Mr. Radius Dark delivers an in-depth interview with Sasha Skye on Shemale Yum (@RealSashaSkyes on Twitter). You’ll find out what she’s studying in school and what her sexual preference is. I was surprised to hear that there’s anything she might want to change about herself. But I understand how people see themselves differently than others. Then Mr. Dark encourages the stripping which that I’m sure you’ll appreciate waiting a few minutes for. When she’s completely nude on the floor, if the look she gives you doesn’t go through you, I wanna check your pulse. When Sasha sits on a chair in the next few moments, her cock is standing up at a wondrous angle. She masturbates in upskirt footage without the skirt next and turns around for an incredible rear view from below. Watching this video is kind of like being on an erotic roller coaster ride. There are so many dangerous curves, but none of them are the least bit frightening. Next, she’s on the floor again, giving you that look while stroking her big erection with oiled fingers. Follow where those delicate fingers go. Sasha Skye’s Shemale Yum debut is exquisite and over 100 hi-res photos compliment her video.

The English Mansion: Pretty Maid Manor



One of my favorite series on The English Mansion is Pretty Maid Manor with two of my friends, Jessica Dee and Charlotte Haven. The Mistresses have decided to advertise for a new slave to join their other transformed former males at an exclusive establishment where ‘special girls’ are fully feminised, transformed and trained as Ladies maids. With 3 maids now trained up to the exacting house standards, the Mistresses decide to advertise for a new crossdressing slave to add to their household. When the new candidate arrives, he thinks the position is for a slave house boy; but is shocked to discover the house is ‘Women Only’ and is informed he will have to be feminised. He decides to leave but is ‘persuaded’ to stay, as it is decided his enforced transformation is going to be a fun challenge for the Ladies of Pretty Maid Manor. The new slave first has to have his ‘maleness’ beaten out of him, he is then punished for the transgression of being a ‘man’ and his manhood suitably chastised for this sin – both back and front. He’s passed around to be reprimanded by all the Ladies present. Meanwhile, Maid Tiffany is used by Miss Vivienne to practice her rope bondage while Goddess Miss Kelly puts her to work worshiping her shoes. Maid Charlotte ends up over Governess Ely’s knee, petticoats up, for a hard spanking as she has been failing in her service duties by knocking into everyone with her adorable but impractical hoop skirt. While the new slave boy watches from a cage, beginning to comprehend what his new life is to be. Maid Jessica ends up in the most trouble and is eventually taken off to the kitchen by Governess Ely and Goddess Miss Kelly for a stricter punishment. While Mistress Evilyne takes Maid Charlotte in hand for some strapon cock sucking training in order to show the new slave boy what will be expected of her. All of the performances were incredible, especially the kinky and cumtastic grand finale. I must admit that I’m biased, but I was most proud of my friends across the pond, Jessica Dee (@JessicaDee25) and Charlotte Haven (@prissysissy88). Don’t miss the full Pretty Maid Manor set on The English Mansion.

Kylie Boudoir on Chaturbate





“Please tell me you’re gonna stay online even though you came.” is what a fan asked of California’s stunning kylieboudoir on Chaturbate late last night. She did for quit some time as one tip after another chimed in. Kylie is extremely polite and if you happen to jump in when one of her shows begins, you’ll see how she gets you worked up gradually. But she doesn’t tease too much. In other words, you won’t be waiting forever for Kylie to get naughty. Sometimes she’ll show what her blowjob skills are like by sucking on a huge dildo. Even when she’s not moving around much, just watching her typing while shaking her legs and thrusting her hips is mesmerizing. Kylie has what I’d describe as a unique method of developing an erection sometimes. Kylie switches her fingers across her hard shaft a lot and well, you’ll see what I mean. She might start smacking her ass hard or lubing up a little sex toy to fuck herself with. Kylie looks exquisite completely nude, thanking fans while moaning softly and penetrating her bottom. You might see Kylie fucking a Fleshlight. She might satisfy foot loving fans while stroking her big dick. In the first show I saw, Kylie announced exactly when she was going to cum and when she did, her climax was intense and she showed a closeup of the cum on her delicate hand. I wondered what someone who’d never seen a transsexual webcam performance before would be experiencing if their first time was watching kylieboudoir on Chaturbate. I quickly decided they’d be hooked.

Ami on Hello Ladyboy





Who would’ve thought a new site would launch that’s good enough to competitors in the Asian transsexual porn niche? I’m not actually sure about what the other guys are saying about it , but if I were a producer of this genre, I’d be very concerned about Hello Ladyboy. “Romance” with 19 year old Ami of Bangkok, Thailand was the first video and photo set I checked out. A solo scene with this cutie pie would have been a big deal in itself, but this one is a torrid hardcore scene. It’s obviously shot by two photographers and one of them is Ami’s male co-star. I’m not sure what nationality he is because his face is hidden. I can’t determine his accent, but he speaks English very well. The process of two photographers filming Ami getting he small, uncut cock sucked seems like a simple idea. To me it’s ingenius. The man’s cock is uncut as well, but it’s much bigger than Ami’s. Her dick stands up at a high angle while she jerks his off. The HD footage of Ami sucking him is incredible. Then there’s the fucking parts. Let’s just say that whatever I wanted to see happen, happened. If you fall hard for Ami, there’s a whole gang of candids of her, too. Take a look at the original layout of Hello Ladyboy and you know what to do next.

Joey Silvera with Gift and Candy





This almost sounds like a Valentine’s Day video, but it’s actually a new She-Male Idol scene from famed director by Joey Silvera. This is the first time I’ve seen Gift dressed as sort of a tomboy with a new, short hairdo. Candy is always in 100% girly girl mode whenever I see her. Both busty Bangkok babe sport curved erections and Gift is the first one to start sucking. She spends quite some time flicking her tongue around Candy’s nipple while jacking her off. Candy returns the favor after a not-mailed-in French kissing session. If you’re really into transbian porn, you’ll appreciate the intimacy. Who wants to see transbian sex where the girls don’t seem like they’re really into one another? Not me! After some lightning speed stroking of her mate, ultra-feminine Candy busts out with a purple dildo and lubes it up. Gift’s swollen cockhead looks as smooth as glass and it’s right in your face as Candy fucks her friend with the toy. There’s more mutual tongue-darting and Gift’s moaning gets louder. Candy gets toyed next and looks like Gift is going to make herself cum on her partners back. But she doesn’t and things get a little weird for a moment. I mean weird in the best possible way. Oh this is getting so kinky! I love the way this scene ends, but I’d love for you to see it all for yourself on She-Male Idol.

Ren Rika on Shemale Yum





Beautiful Ren Rika is vaping in Buddy Wood’s photo set, but when her new Shemale Yum video begins, she’s got the hem of her dress up and the waistband of her panties pulled down. She’s already stiff and stroking away while sitting on the sofa. Ren pulls her panties down and when she stands up, her sizable cock stands up at a 45 degree angle. She covers it briefly with her dress as she moves toward the window. Then Buddy gives us a view from floor level of Ren beating off, plus her long, smooth legs. Ren shows off her magnificent ass next and soon she’s back on the sofa masturbating again. Buddy zooms in for a closer inspection of her naughty smoothly shaven bits, then pulls back for a wide angle view. Ren switches through a variety of tantalizing poses like the experienced, yet young model she is. Then she takes her dress off to expose her lovely breasts about three quarters into her solo play. She makes eye contact when she’s not doing everything it takes to make herself cum. Ren’s right hand flies up and down the shaft of her erection and her boobs jiggle gently as she climaxes. That’s pretty much what happened with gorgeous Ren Rika in last Friday’s spectacular Shemale Yum weekly update.

TransSensual Website Launches





The new website from award-winning director Nica Noelle is now open and I’m having so much naughty fun ripping my way through it! I’ve just watched Connor Maguire trying to break down the resistance of real estate agent Aubrey Kate. While shows Connor a hot listing, she tries so hard to things professional. She’s totally convincing in a portrayal of a serious businesswoman who’s only interested in selling the house. That’s until he kisses her. Aubrey Kate allows Connor to take the lead while he kisses and gropes her on the sofa. Connor removes his shirt and helps her get out of her clothing and pumps. There’s no “Oh my God, you’re a transsexual!” moment when he sees what’s between Aubrey Kate’s long, tanned legs. Soon, she’s sucking him off like there’s either a low inventory of homes or a shortage of hot men in the area. Scene #01 of TS Beauties kicks of an absolute masterpiece of #transpositive erotica. Take the TransSensual tour to browse all the spectacular releases.  

TS Madison’s Big Dick Bitch Training Course



In “Anal T.R.A.D.E Training Course” Jha Boom arrived from Houston, Texas to learn how to be the perfect T.R.A.D.E. After paying TS Madison for her course, the training began with Jha Boom sucking on Madison’s big tits. Then he reached down between her legs to stroke her fully erect. This is the first reminder of why her incredible website is named Big Dick Bitch. She asks what makes his dick hard and he replies that sucking hers does it for him. He jacked off while giving more massive mammary loving and gave her the best deep throating he could possibly manage. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Madison cum that fast! We’re not even through the 1st quarter of the video! Don’t worry, she’s just getting started. Now ladies, this trans mogul, adult entertainment owner also helps keep us looking pretty with Illusions by Madison. The Grand Madame will relaunch with a new product line in mid-August 2015. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to watch the Qween in action on Big Dick Bitch!

Bailey Jay In: So Much Cum







Here are a few sizzling sample photo galleries that have absolutely nothing to do with the “So Much Cum” video on TS-Bailey Jay. I hope you won’t mind waiting until I can show you some video previews. Better yet, join her website so you won’t have to wait! The scene begins with Bailey Jay sitting on a green sofa in a black skirt with a white t-shirt and sheer white thigh-high stockings. She bares her lovely breasts and begins stroking her flaccid cock. She gets herself hard while sucking on her hubby’s extra long pecker, then props herself back up on the couch. Then she gets back to stroking her huge hardon again while fingering herself. Bailey Jay makes lots of eye contact with you while fapping and sucking. You have to see for yourself why the name of this video is so appropriate. Actually, you don’t because I’m going to tell you. Both partners spurted big cumshots. There’s been a lot of that on her site lately. Take the TS-Bailey Jay tour to see what else she’s been up to.

Mya and Soldier Boi



Soldier Boi is practicing martial arts when he’s startled by Mya standing behind him. She’s wearing just a bra and panties and obviously just admiring the muscular Texan. “I’m sorry, daddy,” she apologizes. Next in this Black Shemale Hardcore video, she sinks to her knees to help get his cargo pants down and stiffening cock out. It seems like one of the best ways one can think of to apologize for sneaking up on someone who’s already in fighting mode. I’ve gone on about Soldier Boi a thousand times, so let me tell you more about Mya. She’s gorgeous with full breasts, a tiny waist, protuberant ass and an uncut cock that’s at dark as her stiff nipples. She also sounds hot as fuck when Soldier Boi railes her standing up from behind. Mya gets a piledriver pounding next on the living room chair. Then it’s cowgirl and reverse cowgirl time with the tall fox jerking off while getting fucked. This stud isn’t satisfied until he’s banged Mya in a variety of positions including missionary. That’s the position he pulls out of to blast a big load of cum across Mya’s lovely breasts. Watch the full video on Black Shemale Hardcore.

Robert Axel, Kendra Sinclaire & Nina Lawless





This scene is #04 on the Evil Angel DVD TS Playground #20. But it’s also on Jay Sin’s official TS Playground website. It begins with stunning Kendra Sinclaire running the chain holding her wrists together under her big erection. She turns around to give you an explicit rear view, then sits on the bed to pull off her nipple clamps, while talking seductively. She stands back up to make her huge dick bounce up and down. Then her Mistress, Nina Lawless enters the room with stiff her cock standing up. She flogs Kendra’s pretty ass and forces a her submissive to give her a gagging blowjob. Soon, Kendra’s butt looks like a road map of Chile and when Nina grabs a clear anal pump to prime it with, the scene goes ultra gonzo. The gorgeous, athletic domme uses the pump on Kendra’s stiff prick also, making her squeal. This is a 48 minute scene so I’m only going to go into a few more details. Nina fucks Kendra bareback and handsome Robert Axel joins in D/s fun next. Kendra gets spit-roasted and fucked by Robert while sucking Nina off. The double-penetration ought to win multiple awards in 2016 in my humble opinion. If I were running a competing BDSM website, Jay Sin’s filming of these beautiful and ultra-talented stars would make me nervous as I don’t now what. The glamour-style videography takes trans adult entertainment to an untapped, original sweet spot.

Mos Hardcore on Ladyboy Gold









Busty little 5’5″ (165 cm), 33C-24-32, 99 lbs (45 kg) Mos from Bangkok, Thailand is absolutely incredible in the torrid “Oral Fixation Big Rod Bareback” scene on Ladyboy Gold. The excitemtent begins with the camera moving up her fishnet stocking clad legs to the stiff cock between them. She looks devilishly horny as she tweaks one of her nipples and strokes her erection. Next thing you know, a bigger boner enters the scene and her mouth as well. There’s no way she can suck that monster cock balls deep, but she looks sexy as fuck trying to. The man strokes her gravity-defying prick and within 6 minutes of this scene, he’s fucking her bareback. Mos has her own legs pinned behind her arms in the missionary position while he pumps slowly in and out. She strokes her swollen meat while getting banged for quite some time in this position. Then she takes a doggystyle railing and she’s not quiet about it either. One of my favorite parts is the reverse cowgirl ride with her big boobs heaving and thick hardon swinging around all over the place. I could tell that Mos was getting impaled by the Pure-TS porn king, even though you never see his face. Mos takes whatever he dishes out. He slaps her ass hard, then she slaps it harder. Mos faces the camera while bouncing up and down on the huge cock next. Then she tells him she wants him to cum first. He does so and unloads inside her wide open mouth. This is the third hardcore scene with this little 21 year old beauty with braces on Ladyboy Gold. For more previews, visit Ladyboy Tube which has updates from just about every transgender niche in existence.