Bam on Ladyboy Gold

Check out Bam almost looking sweet and innocent in her little shrug and everything. Then look at Bam wearing her fetish outfit. Which side of Bam do you like better? If you can’t make up your mind, you don’t have to. You can click on her for the Ladyboy Gold photo preview, or go to Ladyboy Tube to see her trailers. The debut of this 5’6″ (168cm), 121 lbs (55kg), 34C-27-34, 24 year old is so sensual and erotic, it’s almost frightening. The music sounds like a Deep Forest track I may have missed and it’s not overwhelming. Bam manages to strip out of a white bikini and oil her incredible body at the same time. By the time she withdraws her cock from her panties, it’s already hard enough to cut diamonds with. Within the 1st two minutes, Bam is collared and wearing her red fetish outfit. But she sheds the latex quickly and masturbates on her bed in just fishnets and that collar. This is the ultimate balance of a glamour/bdsm solo video. Bam stares straight at you while lightly touching her rosebud, yet jacking off furiously. Her gorgeous tits jiggle and bounce and she shoots her load on her flat tummy. Bam!



Michelle Z on She-Male Idol

Michelle Z looks beautifully vicious squeezing her full breasts and running her finger through her cleavage in the new She-Male Idol video directed by Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. In less than two minutes into this solo scene, she’s moved to a luxurious bed, and bared her perky nipples. Michelle’s smooth legs are spread and there’s a big bulge in her panties. That’s because her thick, dusky cock is semi-erect. At first, Michelle uses a two finger fap method. Then she switches beating off with both hands, using her palms. The next thing you know, Michelle’s amazing ass is oiled and fully exposed. With the highest HD version, it looks like you can transport yourself into the room to do what you will with super horny Ms. Z. Toward the end of the scene, you’ll see how she really beats off to shoot a load of creamy white cum. After Michelle’s climax, she tells Silvera she’s not into girls. Sorry ladies. Guys, she’s a bottom. Click on Michelle Z for an mp4 preview.


TsJamieFrench Hanging Out 2 of 3

You can pretty much see what happens in parts 1 and 2 of “Hanging Out” on TsJamieFrench with the video previews. But since I like to go into detail about the best pornos out there, I’m gonna talk about these scenes a little bit. If you have a smoking fetish or a foot fetish, you’re probably going to be destroyed before you even get to the 2nd installment. The 1st part is actually PG rated when I think about it. Part 2 kicks it up a notch with Jamie worshiping one of Ada’s feet while the other rubs the blonde rock star’s cock. So now we’ve moved on to XXX. By the end of the video, Ada is stroking Jamie’s raging hard dick between both of her soft soles. Did I mention that if you happen to be in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you might have the chance to meet and great Ada or at least watch her live? There’s more info about that on her official Tumblr blog AdaBlackXXX. I know how this “Hanging Out” story is going to end and I’ll be looking out for the hardcore 3rd installment on TsJamieFrench.



Lea Lipz on Black TGirls

I’ve lost count of how many times gorgeous Lea Lipz from from Kansas City, Missouri briskly smacked her protuberant bottom in Tuesday’s Black-TGirls update. That’s probably because I kept wondering how she shakes her ass so fast and so hard. You’d have to move quick to get a hold of it. She starts moaning while fingering herself and over half of the scene is shot from behind by photographer Kilakali. The second half of the video focuses on Lea stroking her massive cock. Jeez, Louise it’s long. She’s not one to dispel a certain myth about us sistas. You really get to see how well-toned and lean Lea’s body is when she continues to jerk off while standing up. Take the Black-TGirls tour to watch a trailer of the six sizzling sets in the latest update. The previous ones are killers, too. The return of Amber Skye was so hot! This performer reminds me of a Sade release. Amber’s performances are few and far in between, but always outstanding. She reminds us that it’s been ten years since she’s been on BTG. Congratulations to Amber who’s recently graduated college. She didn’t need to shed any weight to me, but she’s lost a few pounds and looks absolutely exquisite. But I digress and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from super sexy Lea Lipz. Click on her photo for a smoking hot sample gallery. 100 hi-res images compliment Lea’s video. Black-TGirls rock!


Kelly Klaymour Launches

An whole new sort of wank bank has officially opened. If I hadn’t seen many of Kelly Klaymour’s non-conventional performances before launched, I wouldn’t have known she could use a title like “Attempted Creampie” for one of her solo videos. In other words, I’ve never seen a transsexual deposit a creampie in herself! I can’t tell you if she succeeds because it’s a secret, but I can give you a brief description. Kelly has her hand between the bed and her mattress and she doesn’t need to watch porn to get herself off. If you’re already a fan, you know that Kelly is multi-orgasmic. Kelly also fucks a Fleshlight toy in another video. If I had heard about this video before I saw it, I’d have wondered if the manufacturer even made a big enough sleeve for Kelly’s big cock. She calls it her “cock” by the way, not “shenis” or “clitty” because it would sound kind of silly by any other name. It’s to big for that, for one thing. The Fleshlight Fuck video ends with a tremendous creamy white cumshot. In Kelly’s Technique, she explains something I’m familiar with and more. Part of it involves needing a lot of friction to cum. Blowjobs and handjobs are fun for me too, but they can’t make me climax. In her own words, Kelly said, “How are you able to cum while flaccid, and give up 3-5 cumshots per show?!” Well…here’s your crash course on how to cum as much as, as hard as, and as fast as I do! First I show you the pinch technique with a sample cumshot, then I show you the non pinched-expelling ALL of my cum.” These are three of my favorite solo videos on so far. You should visit her new official site to see the hot friends she plays with. The following photo is courtesy of Click on it to see more of Kelly Klaymour (best viewed with Google Chrome).


Trixxy Von Tease Launches Website

“Stoked to share a lot of my personal taste of all different styles for my fans to enjoy,” said Trixxy Von Tease. “So never a dull moment when I’m around. I’m bringing the Sexy Creepygirl out of Grooby Girls with live/private cam shows.” “I met Trixxy while she was here in Los Angeles and she was so much fun,” said Grooby Productions Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “Her personality really shines through on her website and I think her fans will really appreciate her awesome style.” Members can expect regular solo, hardcore, and fetish friendly sets at her official website. She also plans on releasing funny outtakes and behind the scene content in the near future. Grooby has partnered with ModelCentro to create an unique opportunity for models to design and manage their own websites. Models are able to control their content while using the branding and resources of Grooby Productions. I’ve just seen “Lips Full of Services” starring Trixxy aka Tracy James Hayek with Eva Cassini and Althea Addams on The 19 minute video begins with Trixxy giving Eva and Althea head at the same time. French kissing, breast fondling and Trixxy’s talented mouth keeps the girl’s cocks rock hard. Then Trixxy gets blown by both Eva and Althea simultaneously. Eva gets a double blowjob next and Althea then tries to fit Eva and Trixxy’s boners into her mouth at the same time. There’s more oral switching and so much of it, I almost forgot that someone was going to get fucked. Someone gets to pump her erection in and out of one of her friends while on her back, sucking another stiff dick. The website hostess gets a facial from both of her sexy friends. It looks to me like she really loves the taste of cum. Take the tour for more!


Mayumi on Shemale Yum

Fuchsia-haired gamer Mayumi is stunning in her Shemale Yum debut shot by Radius Dark when she attended the TEA ceremony. Congratulations to Mayumi, Model of the Month of May 2015. I’ve seen a preview of this hung Floridian’s next scene already and you’re not going to want to miss it! While I’m at it, I might as well talk about the entire Friday update. Cleveland, Ohio native Jayde Renae returns for a sexy masturbation scene shot by Omar Wax. She gives a tantalizing leg and foot show before baring it all atop the bathroom sink. Jayde lets us know when her stiff cock is about to blast a load of clear cum. Toronto, Ontario stunner Chloe Rose aka Kimberly Foxx fucks herself with a dildo courtesy of Kevin Dong. Cosplay cutie pie Lexi Cooper, who has just started her transition, has a hot slim body she reveals mostly while sitting back on the sofa of L.A.’s multi-award winning Buddy Wood. Her soft tiny cock grows long and thick when it stiffens. Ms. Cumms was also captured by Radius Dark, revealing that she’s, “A pretty freaky girl,” with some kinks and fetishes you might not be able to handle. Her hauntingly pretty face reminds me of a Modigliani painting. Busty mature Puerto Rican Pamela is back with her juicy round ass and rock hard uncut cock that shoots its milky spooge in a bedroom video shot by veteran NYC photographer Tony Vee. Gorgeous Boriqua Samantha is filmed by Florida photographer Jack Flash. She’s back to fap furiously until her creamy white cum hits her tummy. Take the video tour on Shemale Yum to see these beauties in action.








Kylie Maria on Bob’s Tgirls

Once upon a time, I described how the hostess of KylieMaria.XXX hopped on the bed next to Willie the Bobs-Tgirls fucking machine, moaning seductively and stripping totally nude, “She twists her hand around a lot while masturbating full frontal and from behind. Next comes a bit of finger fucking until her stiff cockhead seems to be turning purple. Ravishing Kylie licks the black dildo to give you an idea about what her cock sucking must be like. Soon she’s poised doggie-style on the bed with the contraption doing its work. The machine is loud as fuck once it really gets going and so is she,” I wrote. Bob Maverick has updated the scene with a bloopers reel, but there’s nothing funny about it. Stay on the scene like a sex machine and check out these behind-the-scenes trailers and more sample photos from Bob’s Tgirls. And don’t forget to tour the gorgeous star’s official ModelCentro website:




Holly Parker and Christian XXX

I had a feeling that Scene #02 of Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02 would be smoldering hot because I’ve seen Christian XXX and Holly Parker going at it on the super stud’s fantastic website, Pure-TS. That was what I consider a must save for collectors and so is this Devil’s Film scene. At one point, near the end, while Christian is fucking Holly in the reverse cowgirl position, Holly tells Christian she’s going to cum. But she’s looking directly at you while jerking off and getting pounded. “I’m gonna cum for you, baby!” and “I’m cumming so much,” she wails as a blast of creamy white cum pours out of her stiff cock. She continues getting railed until receiving a facial and looking gorgeous taking Christian’s cream on her tongue. I highly recommend that you check out all of the previews of this entire Devil’s Film DVD. It runs just a few minutes shorter than their great bareback performance on Pure-TS. Here are some video previews and a sample photo gallery:




Enjoy on Ladyboy-Ladyboy

I’m a couple of weeks late with this one, but better late than never. In the April 17, 2015 Ladyboy-Ladyboy update, Charade Bar dancer Enjoy tells the photographer she’s 22 years old as she lies on her back naked, setting her tablet down. She’s obviously been watching porn as her cock is standing up fully erect above a low-slung set of balls. Her nipples look like pencil erasers as she tweaks them. This is Enjoy’s first appearance on this long-running site and her sexy flight attendant lingerie outfit is more prevalent in the amazing photo set than in the video. But that’s kind of a bonus because it’s more fun watching her naked and jerking off. Her ass show is phenomenal and so is seeing Enjoy putting on her stay-up stockings nylons. The surface of Enjoy’s cockhead looks as smooth as glass when she starts beating off again. When Enjoy stood up to attach her garters to her stocking, I realized she’s one of the most striking of all the 1,900+ models on the original premier adult Kathoey website. Take a look at the video previews on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.


Mao Shinohara on Shemale Japan

I don’t know what photographer Hiro and Mao Shinohara are saying in her 5th Shemale Japan video, but that doesn’t really bother me. I’m just glad that the content is never censored. Mao aka Hina Hayase is a 5’5″ (166 cm), 119 lbs (54 kg) 24 year old CD born on July 27, 1991. She made her debut in August of 2014 as a redhead. The new casual wear photo set has over 100 dazzling images and the video has a schoolgirl theme, that reminded me of one of Mao’s most memorable performances. But that one was a hardcore scene in which a tan, long-haired guy stripped Mao half out of her uniform and eventually fucked her silly. About 12 minutes into her new solo video, Hiro focuses on Mao’s long legs and she starts giggling about showing what’s inside her panties. I’m guessing that Hiro is commenting on the erection inside. She stands up and exposes her cute ass. I’d say she shows it off, but she’s really acting convincingly shy about it. Mao sounds like a genetic girl from a straight Japanese AV with her squeals when Hiro starts stroking her thick hardon. This scene reminds me of one of my favorite Domination/submission activities – orgasm denial. He has this poor little thing jacking her hips and fucking the air, exposing her rosebud and posing on all fours naked on the desk. Her balls are tightly drawn up and her dick looks like it’s about to explode when Hiro starts rubbing on it again. Check out this sample gallery and the video preview on Shemale Japan:



Nala on Black TGirls

Congratulations to Nala for landing the Model of Month honor on Black-TGirls! “I’m soft and fem but not opposed to topping a nice muscle bubble butt. I get excited just thinking about it, ” she says. I haven’t seen that happen yet, but I have seen Nala getting railed by  my imaginary boyfriend, handsome Soldier Boi, in a 25 minute video on Black Shemale Hardcore. She’s a magnificent performer in a duo also. In her solo set, shot on BTG by Omar Wax, Nala poses beside the bed, exposes her already stiff cock, then sits upon it to masturbate. You can see what she’s working with in the preview gallery if you’re not a member yet. Nala has a soft, quiet charm and the contrast of a BBC with a baby face is striking. This petite, svelte fox from Houston, Texas doesn’t say much until the end of her scene and when she does, it’s pretty funny. She has a sexy voice too.



Gia Itzel of

When Gia Itzel says “softcore” describing her new videos and photos, she really means it. Video #34 is so HD you might feel like you can jump into the Jacuzzi with her. She hoses down her incredible body with her breasts bared. When she takes off her panties, you can’t tell what’s going on down there. Take a close look when she steps out of the water and walks into her room when you subscribe. In video #35, Gia walks along the beach in a bikini, then shows off her luscious boobs again. But when her panties come down, it’s mystery time again. The rear view might totally destroy you. She’s posing on the rocks next, then on the sand. Gia’s stage name represents her inspiration, Gia Carangi, the top fashion model from the late 1970’s magnificently portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the 1998 film. Her earliest memories questioning her gender identity go back to age 8 or 9. By 14, her mother knew what was going on, if not earlier and it was hard for her. Gia Itzel’s story is as fascinating as she is beautiful. Take the Giasex tour to find out more about Gia Itzel.