Jessica Dee – Extreme Tease and Denial


Jessica has been kept in chastity by Governess Elizabeth for a long time now and is desperate for some release, but Governess Elizabeth is in a sadistic mood today so having left Jessica tied up and unable to move she decides to make the chastity even more unbearable. Governess Elizabeth teases Jessica running her hands all over her body, using a very intense vibrating wand directly of the cage and takes great pleasure in the sight of Jessica struggling and straining against the small and very tight chastity cage. After only a short time a very desperate and frustrated maid wants nothing more than the cage to be removed and for her to be allowed some pleasure, but does Governess Elizabeth allow this or does her sadistic mood remain and the teasing only get worse!? That’s the official synopsis of “Jessica Dee – Extreme Tease and Denial” and I know exactly how the entire scene plays out. You should find out too, but I’m going to give you just a little extra encouragement. Governess Elizabeth is beautifully sinister in this scene with Jessica. When they say that the chastity device is tight, I mean it really looks tight! I’m not a sub and I don’t know how she can take the ball inflating of the cage, her tormentor’s manual (and visual) stimulation, plus the vibrator she buzzes away with. Let alone the flogging! I wondered if Jessica would completely loose it with the skin-on-skin stimulation, especially the frottage. Just wait until you see Jessica’s bare, tender bottom and how easily it shows marks. I don’t think there’s any way that Jessica could have been suspended this way for so long in heels. That’s a plus if you have a thing for her high arched stocking feet. This is another hot one on Jessica’s The adventures of this kinky submissive CD continue on her newest website, and on For more information about Jessica’s Domme, follow @GovernessEliza on Twitter.

Mia Isabella & Adrian – Special Room Service

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The beautiful superstar talent behind is lounging in a swank hotel room when she decides to call room service for something special on their secret list of services. The sound of a European male voice comes with a knock on the door and Mia tells him to come in. He says he’s arrived to bring her special cocktail, but she informs him that he can drop the pretenses. She wants the same service her friend was so pleased with earlier, so he moves closer to her bed and gives her a kiss.

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Adrian accepts Mia’s invitation to join her on the bed and they continue making out. Adrian wastes no time getting his t-shirt and jeans and sneakers off. When he does so, there’s a big bulge in his briefs. He removes his drawers and when he sits up on the bed with his big hardon pointing in her direction, Mia asks him if he wants her to taste him. He must say please, however.

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I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen a cute guy with a “bitch” tattoo before and I kinda like that. There’s no bitchassedness in the way this boy tops. But before that happens, he gets an obviously amazing blowjob. He proceeds to help Mia remove her bodysuit and enters her from behind.

A slow yet intense doggy style pumping evolves into a rampant railing! Then Mia rides Adrian in the reverse cowgirl position while stroking her own big cock. She’s quite vocal in this position and in the missionary position also. She whimpers and moans with pleasure, stroking her huge erection while Adrian pumps away, coming closer to reaching his climax.

Both Mia and Adrian release creamy white cumshots, but I’ll let you find out who cums first. This scorching hot scene is available on both and on her site that features all 28 incredible trans stars in the network.

Transsensual: Jessica Fox & Chad Diamond

MP4 Scene Trailer is proud to present this collection of four passionate vignettes featuring beautiful TS girls with Cis men. Gorgeous, snobby Jessica Fox is impatient with assistant Chad Diamond, until he confesses his devotion to her…Aubrey Kate discovers that she and her blind date, Ruckus have nothing in common, until she lets her guard down…Stefani Special doesn’t understand where boyfriend Billie Ramos’ fighting ability came from, after he beats up a jerk who was hitting on her at a party. Billie reveals his secret, and the lovers share a tender moment…Finally, emo teen Kory Houston hits on his tutor Mara Nova and feels his darkness fall away. In “TS Domination”, exotic goddess Jessica Fox dominates mild mannered Chad Diamond. She forces him to suck her cock, and then returns the favor. Jessica slams Chad’s tight asshole from behind as he moans in delight. The sexy brunette stunner then submits Chad in a missionary position, and works her way into a satisfying climax. That’s the official synopsis of this scorching hot scene and it’s perfect. Allow me to add a few more details.

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After checking herself out before leaving home, Jessica checks in on Chad who’s doing a lousy job of handling his chores. She dresses him down harshly and the poor humiliated guy promises to have everything in order by the time she returns home. Chad is a secret crossdresser who uses his employer’s time away to dress in her clothing and to go all out with makeup as well. While imagining that he’s Jessica and moving about in one of her cocktails dresses, he gets busted! “Oh my God, Chad! What are you doing?!” Jessica shouts at Chad that if he’s trying to impersonate her, he’s doing a very bad job at it. The threat of getting fired from his job hangs in the balance and he’s mortified. Chad confesses that he idolizes his boss and just wants to be pretty like her. Being flattered distracts Jessica from her anger and she tells Chad to explain what makes her so attractive. He replies that he watches the way she renders men speechless and admirers the way she orders people around. Chad adds that it’s his desire to be pampered the way she is and Jessica has him sit on the bed beside her to elaborate. While reaching beneath the hem of her dress that Chad is wearing, Jessica tells him he looks kind of pretty. Chad is breathless from her touch. He gasps profusely as she strokes him. Suddenly she grasps his face and tells him to turn around so that she can unzip the dress. She lowers it down him slim torso and commands him to turn around. Chad is wearing nothing beneath the dress and his long cock has begun to harden from Jessica’s brief stroking and the situation he’s found himself in.

Once Chad is on the bed face down, Jessica slaps his pert ass hard. “You do have a pretty ass like a pretty girl,” she comments between her slaps. Soon after, she raises her skirt and forces Chad to suck on her stiffening cock. I love the way that the set up for the sex only takes less than six minutes to play out. This Domination/submission scene on TransSensual has instantly become one of my favorites on Nica Noelle’s brilliant website. It’s also available on Adult DVD Empire as one of the scenes from TS Love Stories.

Michelle Austin & Shiri

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“StepMom In Charge” is a fun hardcore scene with hot trans girls 2017 AVN Award Nominee Michelle Austin of and 2017 TEA Nominee Shiri of Fans have been asking for Michelle to be with a tgirl and here it is! This scene runs just under 27 minutes and comes with 165 photos! Michelle also has more exciting news for us! “As the new year starts things will be happening here at my site. I will be updating on a more frequent basis as requested. I am also shooting all new content in 4K which means you will get every option of quality when viewing my new videos. Most all old videos are shot in HD, but anything coming out in 2017 will be 4K. Over 100 Videos from the past. Updates 2 times a month at the least. Working on updating every week with at least photo. You will two or more video updates a month. If you have ideas of scenes you want to see me do solo or with a partner message me, I will see what I can do. I do shoot a lot of new stuff with trans men, that is my preference and thing. But will try to do other things this year for the fans!” Take the tour for more previews!

Bailey Jay in: I Have a Hard On Outside

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“Hi, I have a hardon already because I was jerking off outside before we started recording,” announces Bailey Jay. “I’ve Got Red Hair and I’m Wearing a Suspender Thing” is the name of the photo set that compliments the brand new “I Have a Hard On Outside” video on! She sits back in her lawn chair and schwing! Her big cock flops out fully unencumbered by panties. With the hem of her dress hoisted about her waist, Bailey Jay has her cat move out of the way and grasps her erection. She slaps its heavy weight against her palm and then begins tugging away at the thick shaft.

She laughs and moans, then lowers the top to allow her large breasts to spill out. She let’s us know that she’s got to slow down because she’s already close to cumming. She hasn’t had an orgasm in two days! About three minutes into the scene, Bailey Jay turns around to give us an explicit view of her lovely round bottom. Then she settle back into her seat with her thighs closed and her big boner standing between them. Her cell phone is under a pillow. It’s kind of hard to make out what’s playing on it, but I’d bet just about anything that it’s a porn movie – maybe one of her own. But it seems like as she continues jerking off that she’s just listening because she’s got her gaze focused on us. She warns that she’s so close, her big tits jiggling as she masturbates furiously. Bailey Jay sits forward as streams of cum pour out of the swollen head of her dick. One stream rolls across her french pedicure and she squeezes out the remaining cum from her goods. She toys with some of her nectar and scoops some up to taste it. “It’s so thick,” she says and it looks it!

Trans500: Ms. Carillo Takes That Dick

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Culiacan, Mexico is where this voluptuous beauty Karla Carillo once again on the network is from. Before “Ms. Carillo Takes That Dick” with Antonio Aguilera and her Trans At Play solo performance and TS Girlfriend Experience tryst with monster cock Ramon, I was a fan of her official website. A fun way to warm up to her new scene with Antonio is to watch “Behind the Scenes with Karla Carrillo” on The blonde stunner from is the makeup artist who makes her extra pretty while Tony hangs out watching with a hardon in anticipation.

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Karla adds finishing touches to her full lips while wearing her gold bikini. She does a bit of clothed posing and there’s some post-coital footage with Antonio and Karla joking around. He can’t seem to get over the fact that Karla likes her sex so rough. Frankly, I can’t either. You can see what I mean just by watching the trailer. The BTS video doesn’t feature more sex, but it’s an awesome way to get insider information if you’re a porn producer or simply like watching production footage you don’t normally get to see.

When we get down to the actual scene with Karla and Antonio, you’ll find that there’s no plot in this one. Karla shows off her seductive dance moves and Tony joins her for the hot sex that’s soon to take place. What surprised me almost as much as how rough the sex plays out is that Karla’s massive cumshot is briefly visible in the trailer.

I don’t assign numbers to my reviews because if I’m raving about a scene, that simply means it’s a must-see. But if I did give this Trans500 scene a rating, it would be a 10, especially considering the extra Behind Trans500 footage.

Eva Paradis in TS Playground #25

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“Busty T-Girl Dates Anal Boy-Toy” on features the gorgeous Italian hostess of with super stud Spencer Fox. In this 29:21 minute bareback blowout, Eva is presented jerking off on the balcony of an expansive loft wearing an outfit that only an exquisite body can be showcased in at its best. Moments later, she’s perched on top of a leather sofa with seated Spencer’s handsome face just inches from her hard cock and smoothly shaven ball sack. He gives her nuts the tea bag treatment while stroking his big boner. He helps her turn around for a brief rim job and a hard ass smack. Then she swirls around on the couch and gives his erection a good long sucking. She lays back to expose her firm bare breasts as she jacks her big stiff cock. Then she gives Spencer head while he’s standing. Spencer beats his meat while sucking Eva’s swollen cock and then she straddles his hips for a rampant cowgirl ride. Her fine ass looks incredible and when she turns in reverse, her hardon bounces up and down and spins like a horny propeller as she rides away. Spencer then gives Eva a doggy style ramming before hitting it side saddle. He gives Eva another blowjob in preparation for what’s to come next. While Spencer arranges himself on his hands and knees.

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Eva scoots up behind him jerking her stiff cock. She then penetrates him and tears his ass up in the doggy style position! She also rails him while he’s on his back, gives him a toe sucking while banging away and then she pile drives his tight bubble butt. I could go on with this description to the point where both Spencer and Eva shoot big, creamy white cumshots, but I’d rather you see all that for yourself and all the other incredible scenes from Jay Sin’s TS Playground #25!

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TGirls.Porn: Coco Dahlia and Valentina Mia in 4K

Coco: “For my first girl on girl scene where I only topped, I gotta say I was a little bit nervous but as soon as I saw her I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. That girl is gorgeous as hell and the sweetest thing. Like the kinda girl I’d hang with all the time. Soft lips and even softer skin. And I love guys obviously, but her tits were perfect enough for me to almost forget I’m just “bi curious”. Joking about that last part, but also like not at all haha! She almost sucked the life clean out of me through my cock I swear! Glorious plump tight ass too. From the moment we kissed to the second, I came all over her tits it was pure bliss. I really hope I get to work with her again cause that’s the type of girl you gotta keep close.”

Valentina: “After my first encounter with a girl, I craved more. I loved the sensual connection I feel with other ladies, so I had to take advantage of my opportunity with Coco Dahlia. Coco and I are friends, so I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I knew this would only happen if I spoke up about my desires, and I’m so glad I did. I loved kissing her soft lips and feeling those lips kissing my smooth, tight hole pushed me overboard. We had passionate sex beyond my wildest dreams. Feeling her inside me was like a dream come true. I wanted to make her cum so badly, and to my surprise she shot the biggest load I’ve seen a girl shoot before. She covered me in her glorious cum, and I think at that moment I fell in love.”

The first lesbian scene ravishing Coco was referring to is a blowout with gorgeous Chanel Santini. Her next scene on TGirls.Porn is with beautiful Candy Licious. If you’d like to read my interview with Candy, just click here. Valentina Mia also granted me an interview and you can find that one by clicking here. Don’t tell Coco, but I’m going to ask her to do an interview with me also. I hope she says yes!

About the 4K resolution Omar Wax filmed the movie in, it is absolutely gorgeous like the models he showcases. The outdoor introductory scene that sets up the naughty storyline is both horny and a little bit romantic. I love the intimacy throughout the blowout sex scenes, especially at the end. If you’re verse, there are so many elements here to turn you on. If you’re a bottom, you can imagine being in Valentina’s variety of compromising positions. If you’re a top, there are moments when Coco is fucking her partner where you’ll with you were bringing in the rear in a daisy chain. By the way, both incredible actresses are on the legendary sister site, and their profiles are:

Coco Dahlia 
Valentina Mia 

You can watch the Free Trailer of Coco and Valentina on TGirls.Porn

Femout.XXX – Petite But Sweet Lilly Liu Is Naughty Too!

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Omar Wax presents the debut of stunning tgirl hottie Lilly Liu of Chinese descent on Femout.XXX. After introducing herself, Lilly stands and turns her back to the camera the faces us again to describe her outfit. Presentation is everything and her svelte form brings out the best of her naughty schoolgirl outfit. Lilly says she really likes the way the tartan plaid micro miniskirt she has on shows off her ass. It’s barely hiding her goodies from behind. When she raises the hem, you’ll catch a glimpse of her tiny virginal rosebud. Her smooth shaven balls are exposed when she gives her pert little bottom a hard slap! Lilly has a minuscule waist and coveted thigh gap. She’s tempted to take her top off, but not just yet. But she proceeds to sit down and rub her twin orbs through her top and brassiere. She then toys with her skirt and asks if you want her to take it off. “Not yet,” she says, once again teasing mercilessly. She rises to her stocking feet again and Omar zooms in on her pretty bottom. She asks if you want to spank her ass. Lilly cups her balls while exposing her ass explicitly and then she pushes her cock back through her thighs. What better use for a wide thigh gap is there?! Finally, Lilly sits on the sofa again with her long legs spread wide open and shows you her cock which later attempts to defy gravity while oozing with pre-cum. You’re not even at the midway point yet of this stunning first time shoot.

You can watch Lilly’s Free Trailer on Femout.XXX