Holly Parker Devirginized on Bobs Tgirls

Gorgeous Holly Parker tells Bob Maverick about a past sex experience, revealing a great sense of humor to go along with her naughtiness. They talk a little about music, Spunklube and the Bobs-Tgirls fucking machine. Holly also mentions a genetic female porn star cousin before she begins stripping. I like the personal touch they added to the “Devirginized” video and I’m glad that they didn’t edit out their conversation. Holly was already pre-cumming when she had some clothing on. By the time she’s totally nude on Bob’s infamous red chair, she’s applying the lube to her stiff cock and jerking off. If there was a way of knowing, I’d bet that Holly’s fans came in the first half of this scene before she backed up against the fucking machine dildo. She’s that hot to look at. Check out the video previews and sample photo gallery of “Welcome To The Machine” (nice nod to Pink Floyd).




Anna Hickhiman and Mikel on TS Playground

In TS Playground #13, Scene #03, gorgeous Anna Hickhiman deep-throats super cute Mikel and he returns the favor. They rub their stiff dicks together and Mikel fucks Anna doggie-style. He plows her with her legs stretched back as she slaps and strokes her big cock. Then Anna lowers her ass onto his stiff prick and jerks her own thick, freestanding erection. Then she turns the tables and fucks Mikel, thrusting deeply with her curvaceous ass flexing as Mikel jacks off. Anna shoots her cum onto Mikel’s stroking hand. This is another great scene from the multi-award winning Joey Silvera courtesy of Evil Angel!



Ladyboy Lollipop

Even though I watched the video and saw the 57 image photo set of this cutie pie, I didn’t find her name. I could ask the producer if you’d like me to ( Meanwhile, it’s photo set #3 and video #7). He knows them all personally. Upon watching more Ladyboy Lollipop videos from the Ladyboy Masterkey network of 16 sites, I know he’s slept with many of his models. This one is one of my personal favorites. It’s straight to the point and runs just the right amount of time. What I mean is, she’s already laying on the bed jacking off her raging uncut erection. She’s lubed up and ready to be fucked, but hers is a solo scene. She gets up on all fours and continues to masturbate in her pretty dress and gold belt. Then she lays back again to give you another full frontal view. Her cock has so much foreskin, it only coils back when she forces it to, even when she makes it spurt a creamy white load of cum into her hand.






Black TGirls March 10th Update

I’m always curious about the next weekly update from one of my all time favorite websites. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Blondiee Bee from St. Louis is the newest hot Black-TGirls performer, Stunning China Doll who returns in style for her 5th set and Coco in her second appearance. There’s gorgeous Hailey Kensington of Michigan who has been a BTG performer since 2010. Former Model of the Month scintillating Kristal is back for her first appearance since May of 2014. The hardcore scene with stunning Kourtney Dash begins with submissive Mack Dong worshiping her feet until she’s ready to kick things up a notch. With a little verbal humiliation, the Mistress has her slave trying his best to deep throat her huge cock. I don’t think that’s humanly possible, but he makes a good effort. After getting railed, he gets a facial. Hurry up and open your mouth, bitch boy! The hung Dominatrix didn’t actually say that, it was me, and he did. This is one of the best Domination/submission scenes handsome photographer Omar Wax has ever filmed.


Angelina Torres Woke Up Horny Today

I think this is one of the best adult entertainment years ever for T-Girl Network star Angelina Torres with a stunning array of solo scenes and hardcore performances. While watching “Woke Up Horny Today,” Angelina filled the space of less than 7 minutes with the same level of eroticism that comes with her longer videos. Angelina is originally from Valencia, Spain but she currently resides in Paris, France. Her official Angelina-Torres website launched in March, 2012. After three years, it’s packed with absolutely delicious content. Remember MySpace? That’s where I first saw beautiful Angelina, way back in 2009. She’s been killing it ever since. Check out these video previews:



Silver Star DVD

Foxhouse Films produces hardcore sex and bdsm content. There’s a strong emphasis on FemDom, fetish, and queer sex. Foxhouse presents a variety of sexual orientations, gender identities and erotic scenarios, unveiling each interaction with authenticity. Foxhouse is a female owned company that takes a feminist approach to capturing hot sex and real desires by showcasing scenes which are collaboratively created by their polysexual and multigendered performers. Their aim is to exhibit innovative and provocative content that is not commonly seen elsewhere. I love the Silver Star DVD, directed by Alyx Fox, starring Chelsea Poe, Gaperiella Holl, Andy Whore-Holl and Fox. The production values are skyscraper high, the acting is great, and the sex is hardcore and hot! You can read more about Foxhouse Films on PinkLabel.tv!



Latina Tranny L.A. Foursome

Latina Tranny presents Part 1. of LA Foursome with hostess Nikki Montero, Tiffany Starr, Korra del Rio and Leah Lockhart. I’ve seen it and at the end of 20 minutes, reading “to be continued…” was hard on me! The opening with Nikki and Tiffany busting into Korra and Leah’s Los Angeles, California hotel room is comical, but the humor ends there. The foursome starts immediately! Upon hearing about the performers beforehand, I had a pretty good idea about who would be the most dominant partners. My prediction was correct, but I haven’t seen how this sizzling hardcore transbian scene ends yet. These gorgeous performers are not predictable and neither is this scene. I’m in a state of porn suspense and I wouldn’t miss the continuation for anything.


Golden Girls on TS Jamie French

The following photo and title of the latest TsJamieFrench video lets you know that Jamie is fucking Ada Black again (bareback). But have you guessed why it’s called Golden Girls? If not, you’ll get it when you see how the full video opens. If you happen to have a cock between your legs, you might find yourself wishing you were the one banging Ada, or giving it to Jamie in a daisy chain. If you happen to have a foot fetish, you might wish you were alternating between giving Jamie a two-fisted handjob, blowjob and worshiping her sexy feet like Ada did. I’m not going to spoil how this video closes, but I can tell you it ends with an explosive climax!


Ingrid on Andrea Nobili Productions

This is the third time I’ve seen Ingrid Moreira of Rio de Janiero topping a man, and the first time on Andrea Nobili Productions. You can watch a preview of the 38 minute video on Mr. Nobili’s incredible Italian/Brazilian TS site now. This one is all about XXX BDSM. “Nurse Ingrid” has her patient strapped by the ankles as she gives him a blowjob with some teabagging. When she pauses to jack off, most of the camera angles make her cock look bigger than it really is. But if you’re a big dick lover, Ms. Moreira is indeed seriously hung. She performs a manual prostate exam first. You know what comes next. By the time 30+ minutes went by I’d forgotten that Ingrid was going to get fucked, too. Sometimes when watching transsexuals fucking men, I’m taking mental notes more than getting aroused. So for me, the best part was watching Ingrid getting railed butt naked on the hospital bed. She was loud as fuck and hard as a rock. I could not believe how big her cumshot was, but then this was one long ass video!



Angeles Cid Feeling Super Sexy


Feeling Super Sexy (or Black Top Acrylic) is the latest photo set added to the official Angeles Cid website. I liked it so much, I decided to use one of the photos for the Caramel’s TGirls home photo for the week. I’ve been blogging here about Angeles of Buenos Aires, Argentina since November 2009. Click here to see the two pages of updates I’ve posted, or just visit her frequently updated website!

Sienna Grace on Pure-TS




Stunning Sienna Grace is on Pure-TS with porn king Christian XXX now and the video is smoking hot! When Christian asks, “Why do you even wear clothes?” while he’s undressing her, she replies, “Because I don’t wanna get arrested.” Her stats are 5’7″ (1.7m), 36-28-36 (91-71-91cm), so jealous types would give her a life sentence if they could. This gorgeous 26 year old is a total bottom who does not top men as stated on her Siennalivesfree Chaturbate profile. If you’ve never seen her cam shows before, follow her on Chaturbate. You’ll get an email notification when she’s online again. Meanwhile, watch her smoldering bareback video on Pure-TS!

Jame and Christian on Ladyboy Gold

I don’t always know who the mystery man is in the hardcore Ladyboy Gold videos, but when I saw Jame in “Hung Rock Hard Top and Bottom,” I recognized Christian XXX right away. I went to one of Christian’s blogs through his hot new site Pure-TS and saw that he mentioned Jame whom he met on a recent two week trip to Thailand. He noted that Thai Jame kind of looks looks Indian and I had to agree. I don’t know who the hell her makeup artist was, but she’s absolutely gorgeous at 5’9″ (175cm), 112.3lbs (51kg), 34C-26-33 and hung like nobody’s business. When Ladyboy Gold promises HD, they really mean it. You almost feel like you’re in the plush bedroom with Jame, who’s got her huge cock out and about Christian’s enormous boner. Christian bangs Jame in a variety of positions and near the end of the video, she tops him and cums on his big dick. In-fucking-credible. Click on “Newest” on Ladyboy Tube for a Video Preview.



Dirty Blonde Transsexuals

Sorry about the following mysterious photo. It’s a ploy to get you to watch video previews and to see more photos from Dirty Blonde Transsexuals. It would be pointless to compare a Brooke Zanell and Holly Parker scene with a Nina Lawless and Holly Parker scene. Or Nina and Holly to Nina and Sami Price. These video are all great, just as the performers are absolutely gorgeous. I must admit as a total kinkster that the first scenes I wanted to see were The Foursome Parts One and Two. But when I saw the duos, I found them to be equally incredible. Dirty Blonde Transsexuals is directed by Radius Dark. He won the 2015 Transgender Erotic Award for ‘Best Scene’ for his foursome shoot in All T-Girls Volume 1 with Miranda Meadows, Chelsea Marie, Nina Lawless and Michelle Firestone. I already knew this website was going to present some of the best transbian content ever seen on the Net.


Megan Snow on Shemale.XXX





The Urban Dictionary describes the relatively old slang term ‘ass clap’ as when a woman is thick and her butt cheeks including muscle and fat and can move them towards and away from each other (kind resembling a clapping motion.) It doesn’t sound all that appealing described this way. But when you see Megan Snow doing it naked on her bed, the word appealing barely scratches the surface. From what I’ve heard she was born in Phoenix, Arizona and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. We might have to ask Kila Kali who shot this debut more about this buxom, and seriously hung beauty. You might want to thank him, too. I’ve seen Megan with her natural brown, shoulder length hair. She looks exquisite that way, also. 100+ photos compliment Megan Snow’s scene. You can watch her “Let It Snow” VIDEO PREVIEW on Shemale.XXX.

Sarina Valentina My Pleasure Room




The ‘My Pleasure Room’ photo set is a big explicit one with just under 100 hi-res photos and here is a sample gallery. In the video, Sarina Valentina introduces herself and gets right down to exposing and caressing her lovely breasts. This solo masturbation scene, shot in a dungeon is an exquisite combination of old Hollywood glamour and BDSM. Oh fuck! I’m just watching it now for the first time and listening to what Sarina is saying while she jacks off. Sarina clearly wants to be dominated, yet she wants her stiff cock sucked, too. She’s moving around in different positions on her chaise lounge, slapping her ass. Then she’s playing with it between fapping way until she cums. This is one of those amazing transsexual solo performances you’d want to play for a friend who’s never seen one before.

Jennyfer on Shemale Yum

Most girls with the name Jennyfer are of Czech, French, and Irish ancestry. The name is a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. Kevin Dong’s new model is from Montreal, a city in the Canadian province of Quebec. Kevin got her to open up in her Shemale Yum debut. I’m not easily surprised, but gorgeous Jennyfer got me with what she told Kevin before she began stripping and masturbating. I can’t believe how old Jennyfer was when she started jerking off with her best friend and when she later lost her cherry. She also describes the biggest cock she’s ever been fucked by. Jennyfer is mainly a bottom, yet versatile. She also loves cum.


Krissy4u Ball Gown Belle


Does Krissy Kyung look lovely or what?! In her own words, “While wrapping things up in Los Angeles for the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards, I was fortunate enough to be able to schedule a shoot with Otola Photography, and here are a few pictures from the results of the first set. The whole gallery is available to view over at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl too! When I saw this beautiful ball gown hanging up at a store here in Portland, Hollywood Vintage, I just knew it was the perfect dress to wear to the show. I knew it would be maybe a little bit “overdressing” for the event, but you know… it is really an outfit that is completely different from anything that I’ve worn before, especially out in public. Sometimes you’ve just got to dress up and feel pretty, right? I sure did in this set and special thanks to Otola Photography for taking these beautiful pictures for all you Members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl to enjoy!