Lianna Lawson – Cumming with Her Dildo

“Hi, my name is Lianna Lawson and you’re gonna watch me jerk off,” says the well-known and beautiful model on bobstgirlscom. She sits on the bed in lingerie and fishnet stockings and begins playing with her breasts and nipples. Actually she’s tweaking and squeezing very firmly. At first it looks like she’s wearing a party dress, but when she hoists herself up and flips around to present her sexy ass, it’s revealed as a leotard. Lianna squeezes and spanks her ass in a way that confirms you would not need to be extremely gentle with her if the opportunity arose.

A lacy blue panty is beneath her already skimpy outfit. Lianna pulls it aside to expose what it’s hiding. She proudly shows off her center knowing exactly what you want to do with it. She then lies down on the bed to make it your primary focus. That’s if you’re not already fixated on her long curvy legs or sexy narrow feet.

It may seem like an eternity but it’s only a couple of minutes before Lianna exposes her cock and begins stroking it. She’s on her back with her legs spread eagle. “I just love playing with my cock,” she announces with her high sweet voice. Then she flips over for another tantalizing butt show.

Her cock is getting so hard at this point and she jerks off with her bottom high in the air. The next sequence is a nice long full frontal one that evolves into simultaneous cock stroking and glass sex toy fucking. Lianna doesn’t try to hide the intensity of her pleasure from deep penetration. This is what makes her climax and squeeze the cum out of her erection after all.

Lianna is a prolific performer on Chaturbate. See if she’s online and be sure to follow her if not on

Also check out Bob’s new interview with Lianna Lawson and the Lianna In Black photo set exclusively on!

TS Playground: Sasha De Sade, Scene #1

MP4 Scene Trailer

Every time I see Sasha De Sade online I’m get a rush of good feelings. She gave me one of the best interviews I’ve ever had if not THE BEST. That’s because of what I learned about her and how pleasurable the entire process was.

Sample Photo Gallery

British Sasha introduces herself on as making you hard and horny in Bangkok. My June 2017 Interview With Sasha De Sade will explain what she’s doing there. But this video sequence and Sasha’s seduction is today’s focus. Sasha invites you to sit down next to her while she’s wearing this wicked lingerie and tall sandals. When you watch the full-length video on TS Playground you’re going to get so up close and personal with Sasha’s lovely ass that the images my become permanently etched in your brain. You might crave having her cock go places no cock has gone before.

Flash Scene Trailer

What follows Sasha’s full exposure is dildo play with her sexy mouth, across her puffy nipples and deep within her tight ass. Her big stiff cock is imprisoned by her lacy garment until almost the midway point of this production. Sasha strokes it of course but she also just stands there to let you drink in the sight of her erection pointing upward. She’s quite vocal, describing the action as she lubes up a Fleshlight toy liberally. Then she slowly begins to fuck the sex toy with her turgid rod. She uses her bare hand however to send spurts of creamy white cum from the swollen head of cock! For more of this incredible performer check out and to catch her LIVE!

Zoe Cavalli Toys Her Sexy Ass! synopsis: California cutie Zoe Cavalli returns for her second Grooby Girls solo since her Femout.XXX graduation two weeks ago! Zoe is such a hottie! She has an amazing body and a perfect ass! This time, she brought her dildo too! Watch her as she fucks her tight ass with it until she cums! We are sure we are going to see more from Zoe soon!

That sums up this Buddy Wood production perfectly. I thought she was incredibly hot when she debuted on the academy site and I raved about “Zoe Working Her Tan By The Pool!” in March 2017. I also reviewed “Zoe Cums And It’s Hot!” on TS Dreamland.

Zoe has also appeared on Buddy Wood’s The L.A. Latinx beauty is said to love doing makeup and was planning on being a makeup artist. Buddy revealed, “…but she also loves sucking dick and getting fucked and hopes we can shoot lots more porn in the near future. A very hot girl with a bright future.”

I think if the average trans attracted guy had a blind date with young Latinax from Los Angeles and Zoe Cavalli showed up, he would not be disappointed. She might even be the closest thing to what he’d hoped for. And then some. I can’t get the image of Zoe making Buddy’s powerful cock shoot it’s load across her full, generous lips on Zoe shot her load right after that.

Zoe can’t seem to get enough of Buddy’s cock. She’s sucking it again in the scene I’m focusing on today! It’s like deja vu all over again but this is a more polished performance from gorgeous Zoe. Go ahead and compare all four of her scenes between these three sites. I sure as hell did, obviously.

TS Forbidden Love – Aubrey Kate and Riley Nixon synopsis: Riley Nixon proves to gold digger Aubrey Kate that she doesn’t need a man to keep her satisfied. She proves it by giving her tight wet pussy to fuck. Riley sucks on Aubrey Kate’s cock, proving that a woman can leaving her cumming better than any man can! Aubrey climaxes like never before understanding that Riley does have a point after all!

MP4 Scene Trailer

That’s a sexy and concise little description for a hugely erotic scene. I don’t know if Riley can make a trans woman cum better than any man can but if I were a guy, I would want to challenge her in a sex battle.  The storyline of the TS Forbidden Lovers movie with a brief cameo of gorgeous director Dana Vespoli transforming herself into a goofball requires Aubrey and Riley not to like each other. Without giving away the plot there’s a lot of judging going on. Passive-aggression meets defensiveness in a heated discussion that leads to a first kiss.

Sample Photo Gallery

Riley gives Aubrey a breast and nipple tongue lashing to die for that gets reciprocation and a loving muff diving expedition. Riley’s cock sucking technique evolves from teasing to sucking the proverbial golf ball through the garden hose intensity. In spite of the jackhammer bareback fucking Aubrey delivers, there’s a sensitive and intimate side to this production that no studio other than the Dana Vespoli and can ever manage to duplicate, let alone exceed.

Flash Scene Trailer

I’ve had the honor of interviewing Aubrey Kate in Issue #94 of Transformation Magazine two years ago. She was a megastar back then so I don’t even know what you’d categorize her as now. Her performance in this film is superb. Check out all the trailers of TS Forbidden Love.

Scout London’s Halloween Special! Synopsis: Halloween is here and one of our most recent Femout.XXX graduates, gorgeous North Carolina starlet Scout London, returns with a Halloween special scene! Looking smoking hot in her Halloween costume, sexy Scout is ready to have some naughty fun for Omar’s camera! Watch her as she strips, shows off her sexy body, fucks her tight ass with a dildo and strokes her cock until she cums just for you! Scout and all of us at Grooby are wishing you a fun Halloween!

It’s exciting to rave about Scout London. It’s my second time doing it and I’m sure it won’t be my last. This is not just a seasonal special scene to cum to. It’s a great climax source for all year ’round. It’s unmistakable on-topic but when the explicitly sexy parts kick in, who cares if you’re watching outside of the holiday season?

Scout kicks things up a notch after sucking her lollipop by exposing and toying with her puffy nipples. The studio model and LIVE Chaturbate model then practices sex toy sucking while topless. That toy stays with her when she rises to lower her patterned pantyhose and panties. The head of that big dildo seems magically drawn to Scout’s shapely ass. Then it works its way inside.

Scout’s intense fap session kicks in along with the big toy penetration. Then she sits down to jerk off with the intention of climaxing. Omar Wax catches some fantastic facial and full body footage head on while Scout pumps her stiff cock furiously!

I couldn’t help share a couple of sample photos from this special update that give away the ending. #SorryNotSorry. 

About the LIVE shows I hinted at, there’s a channel that’s a joint project between stripper heartthrob Shiloh Ren and tgirl porn star Scout London. They’re roommates from North Carolina who fuck on camera sometimes. Be sure to follow

Pure-TS: Boyfriend Gets Assfucked By His TS Girlfriend Synopsis: Christian is leaving to go to the gym, but before he goes he has a job to do…and that’s to satisfy his beautiful TS girlfriend Peyton Paige. Her hard and throbbing cock is waiting for him to suck her before allowing her to fuck him bareback in his big butt. This top TS babe knows how to fuck a man’s ass!

In “TS Hotel Manager Meets A Naughty Guest”, beautiful Peyton made her debut bottoming for Christian. That update rivals my all-time favorite Pure-TS bareback hardcore movies. I usually prefer when Christian is the alpha male top, but this is one of those exceptions.

That good morning kiss Christian lays on Paige isn’t supposed to get her up. Seeing her gorgeous half-covered by the sheets ought to be enough to get you up too! Paige wants to get a good look at Christian’s bubble butt before he’s off to ride his gym bike.

She pushes the covers back and says she has something else to ride instead. That’s her big upright cock! This is the flipside of what we saw last time with Christian and Paige. You decide which one you like better.

I think you’re going to love seeing Paige get her huge cock sucked, watching her suck Christian’s mammoth member in return. Not to mention seeing her bucking up bareback in two positions before switching to 69ing.

It’s almost like Paige is just showing off by the time she gets to riding her man doggy style. If that’s the case, so be it! If you got it flaunt it.

Paige lays down her jackhammer thrusts while Christian explodes, shooting his jizz across his athletic top! She doesn’t want to cum inside him but this update doesn’t end until this blonde beauty also shoots her load. You simply must see how that happens! 

TranSexJapan: Miran in Sumata Masturbation

Scene Trailer

I’ve grown so accustomed to hearing Miran speaking English better than most Americans I know including myself over the last few years. So it’s actually kind of odd hearing her speak in her native Japanese language in her Sumata Masturbation video. The second title implies that she’s going to be alone in this update. But “Sumata” as I understand it means it’s a form of frottage. This is exactly what Miran and her man are engaged in with Miran straddling him. She’s completely and gloriously nude while slowly grinding her cock against his. His is already hard and hers stiffens quickly in an erotic game of catch-up. At one point, Miran teases the erect points of her nipples while the guy beneath her squeezes pre-cum out of her erection to spill across his swollen cock head.

Sample Photo Gallery

He does a lot of the work stroking their hardons together but she lends a hand as well. As a matter of fact, it’s Miran’s hands that encourage the man to climax and shoot his load of creamy white cum across her stiff rod. Miran makes an erotic show of rubbing his cum into the tan skin of her perfect breasts. On the landing page, click on the “Sample” page for more photos and video previews.

Foxxy and Jessica Share A Cock

Scene Trailer contract stars Foxxy and Jessica share the cock of handsome Gabriel D’Alessandro as well as each other’s in a massively satisfying hardcore production! The eye candy is glorious from the first moment with gorgeous Jessica followed by stunning Foxxy strutting across a luxury dream apartment in lingerie.

Sample Photo Gallery

It begins solely with about 4 minutes of torrid trans lesbian foreplay that might make you cum before you even see the male partner. But they decide they need the assistance of Gabriel who’s on his way to the bath. The girls join him with raging hardons and Jessica is first to get her’s sucked by the rich bastard stud.

Scene Trailers

Foxxy helps turn this cock sucking session into a dominant skull fucking with her hands around Gabriel’s head and neck. Then she forces him to suck her erection too! While he’s giving Foxxy head, Jessica eases her boner inside him and delivers a forceful doggystyle drilling. This spitroast is followed by another with the girls trading places on him. Not only does Gabriel get butt fucked. He gets to fuck Foxxy and Jessica too! He also gets two mouthful of cum from each beauty.

I wish I could make your viewing options easier but you’re going to have to choose between, or If it helps any, I usually choose to have access to the full network of stars.

TGirls.Porn: Cassie Woods & Trixxy Von Tease

On Tuesday, update day on TGirls.Porn, this week’s production comes in the shape of delicious duo Cassie Woods and Trixxy Von Tease. Omar Wax did the honors of producing this blazing hot hardcore scene.

Cassie: “I was disappointed my client canceled our session. Being the good friend she is, Trixxy wanted to cheer me up. After a few encouraging words it was evident Trixxy was going to be more than a good friend but more of a “friend with benefits” situation! Before I knew it she was sucking my throbbing girl cock and just begging to be penetrated. So being the good pal I am, of course duly obliged! I’m getting tingles just thinking about it!”

Trixxy: “After hearing she got stood up, I decided to take the time to cheer up my gorgeous friend. Hopefully filling the spot by comforting her with sexual attention (being a slutty vixen that I am!) Pressing my sinful lips against her soft innocent lips, Cassie gave in and kissed back, one thing led to another and before long it was clear was this evening was headed! Hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as we did. ;)”

So I’m already very familiar with what Trixxy can do because of her previous performances on TGirls.Porn and also on, not to mention on her own torrid website. I’ve seen Cassie on and on Grooby Girls so I’m well versed in her skills also. What I didn’t expect was to ever see these two killer babes together.

I love the way Trixxy tries to cheer Cassie up and to make her forget about her cancelled date as the video begins. The reciprocal oral and 69 action is an stunning vision to watch and this is the first time I’ve seen Cassie topping.

We would not have to even have to ask Trixxy how well Cassie can fuck after seeing the two of them going at it. The way Trixxy responds to her drilling is with wild moaning, gasping and dirty talk – not to mention how stiff her big dick is while flopping and swinging around all over the place. Toward the end of this update Cassie is dominant as fuck! I didn’t know she got down like that.

I don’t want to give away too much about Trixxy’s cumshot while she’s getting drilled by Cassie bareback but it’s legendary! Cassie’s a pretty heavy cummer too.

Once again, if you can get enough of these thrilling performers on TGirls.Porn, you can also find them on and

Pure-TS: The End To A Romantic Date With A Beautiful CD Synopsis: Christian XXX and Kyra Kork have just finished their third date and are relaxing back at his place with a drink and some heavy petting that turns into some passionate and intimate anal sex. She takes care of his big dick and takes him deep inside her tight hole.

This is Kira’s 3rd performance and this fit and pretty babe has also been on Christian’s sister site in November of 2016! She’s obviously one of the prolific male porn star’s favorite sex kittens and she’s one of mine too. In this update, Christian and Kyra share a celebratory cocktail for their successful first date. It’s obvious to Kyra that her first date isn’t sure how to proceed so she makes it obvious that she’s up for a kiss. She slides into first base grabbing the big bulge in his jeans.

Kyra sinks to her knees on the floor and it’s clear that this first date is up for giving a blowjob. Christian stands up to undo his belt and jeans and whips out his massive cock. She makes an incredible job of sucking his dick rock hard and gets some help moving to the sofa on her hands and knees. Her ass is so perfectly rounded that it inspires a salad tossing before getting deep dicked bareback!

A doggy style railing leads to side saddle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking. Watching Kyra humping down on Christian’s huge cock is astounding but considering the way Kyra sculpts her tight body, her phenomenal ass often steals the show.

But her stiff cock is a scene stealer too – especially when she shoots her creamy white load of cum with all that dick embedded in her tight ass! Wait until you see how high her jizz sprays in this awesome update.