Janet Mock

Janet Mock was born and raised in Honolulu, where she attended the University of Hawaii before receiving her MA from New York University. Perhaps you’re someone who identifies with one of her quotes: “My identity as a woman is not defined by terminology just as it isn’t defined by what lies between my legs. It lies in the openness of my heart, my mission to be inclusive and my intent to share my story with the hope that it resonates with any gender-nonconforming kid (actually any kid who doesn’t quite feel they ‘fit in’), whether or not he or she has an intent to have surgery or not. Surgery and hormones and cosmetics will never define my womanhood.” If you’ve never been to her website and have time for some fantastic transgender brain food, check out her site janetmock.com.     

Transsexual Babysitters #18

This is one of those posts that almost writes itself. I totally missed the press release on this one, but I’m glad I found out where to get it. Gamelink videos usually take about 3 or 4 business days to ship. The US Postal service is closed Monday, January 2nd 2012 so keep that in mind. Now through Monday, they’re offering 20% off on all video on demand movies (stream-to-own, downloads and mobile).      

Nicole Montero Fucks Sammi Valentine

Gorgeous Nicole Montero travels the globe filming and directing for her websites Latina Tranny, SheLesbianPOV and Nikki Ladyboys! On a recent trip to London, Nikki met hot Sammi Valentine. That was one of those times when Nikki couldn’t resist jumping into the action. Who could blame her? Sammi is hot also! Click on each photo for VIDEO PREVIEWS of Nicole getting sucked by and fucking the English T’Rose Sammi Valentine.  





Michelle Austin

This has been a great year for Michelle Austin with her highly anticipated new website launch. She’s also the first TS model to be featured on BBWFanFest.com for the 2012 BBW Fan Fest Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 13-15th. Admirers and fans of beautiful BBW’s will take part in trade show events, conferences, an award show and more. Congratulations, Michelle!