Kimber Lee and Mark on Shemale Club

Somewhere along the line, I decided to blog about only photo sets and videos I’ve actually seen. I think it would be irresponsible to post about something without seeing the content. I’d hate you to join a website or network I recommended, and be angry with me for having done so. At any rate, when I saw Kimber Lee, it drove me nuts trying to remember if this was the same performer from the 2013 TS Kimberly video on AEBN I’d seen. I need your help. Please take a look at the links behind these photos and let me know if it’s the same performer from Munich, Germany. Back to the Shemale Club photo set. It comes with a smoking hot HD video that runs 19 minutes and 36 seconds. Kimber Lee draws a bath in an old-fashioned tub, climbs in and pleasures herself a bit. Then she gets out and dresses in a black bra and panties. In the bedroom, she awakens Mark with a blowjob. He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he’s soon fucking Kimber Lee bareback from behind. After multiple position changes later, good golly! Kimber Lee takes one of the hardest poundings I’ve ever seen on Shemale Club! Here’s a sample gallery from the fantastic video and photo set with over 200 hi-res images and the DVD I mentioned:






Venus Lux Diamond Bra

You can watch a Video Preview of the “Diamond Bra” photos I’m showing on Venus-Lux right now. It’s deliciously explicit and there are some hardcore updates, too! This 2015 XBIZ/AVN award winning megastar says she wants you to shoot your load on her tits and in her mouth. She wants to shoot hers all over you! As I’m watching the video and listening to the way Venus sounds, I’m reminded that it’s not just her looks that made her so popular. She doesn’t even expose anything above a PG rating until the 5th minute of the 20 minute video. Her oral seduction is incredibly erotic. You might not make it to the part where she takes her cock out, strokes it hard and shows off her lovely ass. But if you do make it that far, this Venus Lux video ends with a voluminous cumshot spurting from her big red-flushed cock.




Katie-Anne of

I can’t believe that this photo of Katie-Ann of The Crossdresser only got a 7.8 out of 10 rating. But then she’s not showing off her big dick in it. She’s not sucking another cock or fucking some hot genetic girl or playing with another crossdresser as she does on her website. But look at that ass. At any rate, if you subscribe to Katie-Ann’s newsletter, you’ll get a photo update every day to rate. That’s how I saw this one of the crossdresser in this body conscious velvet dress she bought on eBay. Take a tour to see just how naughty Katie-Ann can get. And help her bump up that rating, please!