Caramel’s Interview With Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin is the first BBW T-girl site within the network and one of the few online at all. The destination offers exclusive scenes and photos of Austin and her friends, along with a blog and forum. Network owner Steven Grooby said he’s pleased to see such a variety of content already developing within the six-month-old system. “This is the second of our Grooby Network sites, and it’s fantastic to see the amount of work the girls are putting in to their own sites,” he said. “Michelle found the photographers and the other models and came up with all the shoots. She’s worked very closely with a designer to get the site exactly how she envisioned.” I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview With Michelle Austin!

Shemale Yum Update

This week Shemale Yum presents Allison of Toronto, Canada, Aubrey Starr of Los Angeles, Katie of Vancouver,Canada by way of Hong Kong, Sasha Badd of Naples, Florida, Kelly Clare of Boston, MA, Leelo Rei of Newark, Delaware, and the sixth set of Penelope from New York City.

Click on the banner below for a sizzling video preview!

Tiffany Starr Hardcore on Shemale Club

In a 28 minute Shemale Club movie, Tiffany Starr writes a love letter to Cliff. Soon after, her lover shows up and the action is on. I found the perfect blend of transsexual romance and knock down, drag out hardcore sex in this video! As always, Tiffany is amazing in it.


Paris Pirelli

I’ve been working on new interviews to present to you for the past week and I think this is the longest amount of time I’ve been offline! Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’ll make it up to you with the new intel to come! Meanwhile check out this two minute video preview with Paris Pirelli. It’s obvious that she’s still on top of her game (and bottom, too) with Vin Deacon and check out the new face of The Official Paris Pirelli Website.


Mandy Mitchell, Adrianna Nicole and Proxy Paige

Two of my favorite updates are from Mandy Mitchell with two GG’s (genetic girls), Adrianna Nicole and Proxy Paige. I’ve downloaded the scorching first parts of the continuing series and I can even imagine how naughty the next will be. If you’re already a member, don’t forget to save this content and if you’re not there yet, get there!

Enter Mandy Mitchell  


Sarina Valentina as The Redheaded Stepchild

One definition of a redheaded stepchild is ‘A person or group treated without the favor of birthright’. Well, that’s a loaded one and I’m not even about to go there right now. At any rate, I love the way Sarina Valentina zigs while everyone else is zagging.

Since this hot chick first hit the scene as Alexis, I have not been able to figure her out and that’s what I like about her the best. I never know what she’s going to do next. I didn’t see it coming when she showed up at TGirl Pinups as a redhead, let alone at her Official Sarina Valentina Website. We’ve seen her as a brunette and as a redhead and what’s next? Blonde ambition? I’ve seen her as a blonde too and she looked incredible that way, too. There’s only one way to be right on top of the surprises Sarina has in store for us before the close of 2011.