TS Monique Dior on Shemale Club

moniquesmc01If you think this photo gallery and video preview clips are hot, wait until you see the 12 minute and 38 second Monique Dior movie on Shemale Club!


I bet her voice would get to you even if you weren’t watching, she’s that erotic. Just click on each of her photos and you’ll see what I mean.


TS Monique Dior on Shemale Club

Goddess Annabelle – Vintage Crossdressing

Vintage Crossdressing is personally run by Goddess Annabelle, who resides in a secluded English Manor, surrounded by trees and fields, deep in rural Kent. She also takes clients for personal sessions including forced feminization, sissification, foot worship and strapon sex.

Before joining, you should also know about her original website Dominatrix Annabelle and take time the browse the crystal clear video and photo previews. You can surf the Net for days looking for Lady Annabelle, but she runs a tight manor. Tread carefully.  


Some call pretty males like Sharon fembois and twinks. Labeling people is what we do to make ourselves feel more comfortable with people we don’t understand or know how to deal with. I just call Sharon cute as hell. While surfing around and broadening my horizons, I came across this gender bender and thought I’d share a few sample photos with you. 

I seriously doubt that many of my readers are into sites like Enigmatic Boys but if androgyny whets your whistle, you’ll find a plethora of gorgeous feminine legal age guys here.    

Caramel’s Favorite Online Store: Secrets In Lace

Victoria’s Secret is cool and the lingerie departments at Neiman-Marcus are amazing. But Secrets In Lace won me over by contacting me directly, not to endorse their company, but to buy their lingerie and to tell my tgirlfriends about their upscale merchandise. I did just that and it’s top shelf intimate product I can stand behind 100%, This company has been running successfully for over 25 years and has been the world’s premier supplier of authentic 100% nylon stockings, elegant lingerie, garter belts, girdles and bullet bras. Best of all, they’re seriously tgirl friendly unlike other leading online intimate apparel stores. If you’re a tgirl who’s dealt with the others, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  This is a company that caters to not only genetic girls but to tgirls as well . If you’re a tgirl who wants the best of the best lingerie and accessories or a guy who wants to purchase a special gift for someone, give your business to a store that’s transgender friendly and supportive.  

Delia TS Olive Cock Tent Dress


If you click on Delia TS, you can see the photos of her big cock bare. But I think it’s so erotic seeing the points of her nipples and the bulge in the front of her summer dress.


There goes that sexy bulge again. Yummy! You just have to see the video of Delia peeling off these leggings and stroking herself until she squirted out a big creamy load! After posing for over a hundred sexy pictures to tease her members playing with her puffy little hormone titties, you know she was ready to explode!


About the Blue Moon Stockings set, Delia says, “These pictures were taken during the Wolf Moon. Some of my favorite shots in this set are when I’m down on all fours with my ass in the air. It’s like I’m just waiting to be mounted and fucked hard “doggy style” under the Wolf Moon. I’m sure there would be lot’s of howling and moaning going on as well.”

Interracial TGirl Sex With Mandy Mitchell

I have no racial preference and to me good sex is just good sex. However, the contrast of skin color can be an additional turn on as well as vast differences in ethnic backgrounds in certain situations. It brings a whole new meaning to “meeting new people”. Interracial TGirl Sex pushes all the right buttons when it comes to hot couples and Mandy Mitchell and Rico having knock down, drag out sex is just plain hot as hell!

We’re not quite living in a post-racial society, yet interracial sex no longer ranks as high on the “taboo” list as it perhaps ten years ago. But if you love the union of interracial hardcore and transgender sex, this is the domain that brings both niches together with loads of incredibly well photographed and filmed content. That’s their mission so naturally they’re the best at it in the adult entertainment world.

Visit Mandy Mitchell who pushes the boundaries of alternative porn to the limit in more genres than I can possibly list right now and if mixed race lust enthralls you, get to Interracial TGirl Sex.