Nadia Vixen on Shemale.XXX


The beautiful hostess of has been a webcam host on since November 2005 and she’s been in the site’s “Hall of Fame” every month for five years straight. She represented and their sister site at the 2014 Transgender Erotic Awards ceremony in Glendale, California in February 2014. Her new Shemale.XXX video, filmed by Blackula, will give you an idea of how incredible her live webcam performances are. If you can manage to close your eyes and just listen to her voice for a moment while playing her video, you’ll fully understand that her exquisite looks are all she has going for her. Nadia Vixen is pure sex on two incredibly hot legs. The detail she goes into while masturbating and dildo riding is so original, creative and gripping, it almost made me blush. The Shemale.XXX photo set that comes with it is killer, too!

TS Pussy Hunters: Venus Lux and Cherry Torn





In “Dominated by a Sex Doll with Tits and a Cock” Cherry Torn is anxiously awaiting her custom made Venus Lux Deluxe Fuck Doll to arrive. She’s so excited to have a toy that will do what ever she wants. The only problem is, this doll has a glitch and is stuck in “domination” mode. When Cherry tries to boss the doll around, The doll takes control. The genetic female porn star and director brings out the best in both actresses with a surefire D/s cosplay scenario. The theme of a Domme having the tables turned on her is one of my TS Pussy Hunters favorites. But I’ve never seen it played out like this before. The idea is brilliant and so is the bondage with Venus’s rope play on Cherry and the speed-shooting that rapidly propels us to the main event. The magic wand play on Cherry’s pussy leads to what looks to be an amazing forced blowjob When Cherry said in the opening interview that she likes being choked and made fully helpless, Venus was clearly listening. Soon she was soundly fucking Chery from behind bareback! The sight of the hung Domme’s ass flexing while pounding her submissive’s pretty pussy might make you cum before getting through two thirds of this spectacular TS Pussy Hunter video. Even If you’re not a fan of full-nudity, I can’t imagine how you could possibly not love this scene. And when the hell was the last time Venus came? You’ll see why that question, and something else, came up for me. If you prefer individual scenes from the massive network, visit Kink on Demand.

Jazmin’s Rampant Return on UK TGirls


Professional Dominatrix Jazmin Jagger is also a UK TGirls model/performer and a fantastic one at that. If you’re watching her video from a purely sexual standpoint, I can’t see how it won’t get you off. If you’re a lifestyle or professional Domme, take notes. Why waste time watching fake Mistresses when you can learn from an experience professional like Jazmin Jagger? The self-described big dicked Welsh bitch enters the room in her crotchless PVC catsuit prepared to tell you how one of her recent Domination / submission sessions went. Then she goes on to tell you some of the things she’d do to dominate you. She sits back on the sofa to stroke her huge prick to a full erection and also gives you a devastating rear view while masturbating. Then she proceeds to show you how she’d fuck you by demonstrating with a large black butt plug. Submissives should fully appreciate watching the Mistress fucking her own perfect rosebud with the sexy toy. She begins masturbating her lubricated prick with gloved hands and a tight cock ring encircles her shoothly shaven balls and the base of her large erection. If a submissive in the London area asked me to refer them to a brilliant Dominatrix, I’d definitely send them to Jazmin Jagger. Watch her latest explicit D/s demonstration on UK TGirls.

The English Mansion – Tiffany Real Doll



Check out this preview gallery for more explicit photos. Tiffany Real Doll is a submissive slut doll from Wales, UK used for dressing up, fucking, bondage and spanking at The English Mansion. Lady Nina Birch has Tiffany Doll dressed in sexy long socks, panties and very little else! Her big cock is straining in the silk panties, popping out, so Nina teases it and uses Tiffany’s mouth to suck her nipples. Her ass is then fingered and fucked with a big pink vibrator, until precum is flowing. Nina then plays a game where Tiffany is to become a human doll, only allowed to move on command. Her cock is edged over and over until it shoots a huge cum load! Lady Nina Birch is such a gorgeous, experienced Dominatrix and I love the way her large breasts are exposed through her PVC miniskirt. Tiffany is lucky enough to get to flick her tongue across the huge nipples of her Mistress. The exquisite makeup job on Tiffany really gives her a doll-like quality which is stunning to see in HD. Her gravity defying cock is my idea of the perfect penis. As a lifestyle Mistress, I also loved the verbal humiliation Tiffany had to endure. She takes an ass fucking like a good slut and there’s an instant replay of her huge cumshot in slow motion before the video ends. Join The English Mansion now to see Tiffany Real Doll and her Mistress in action.