TransAngels: Annabelle Lane, Michael DelRay in New You Nuru

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: When Michael DelRay hears that his massage is supposed to be “very sensual”, he’s not sure what he’s gotten himself into. Annabelle Lane assures him there’s nothing to be worried about as she strips down to sexy lingerie and strokes massage oil onto his back. While this isn’t exactly the massage he had in mind, he can’t be anything but thrilled as Annabelle rubs her gorgeous tits on his back, flipping him over so she can suck and ride his cock. Director Tom Moore captures Michael DelRay at his funniest when he lays his eyes on Annabelle’s perfect bottom while she’s bending over. The masseuse tries to describe what Nuru is all about.

He’s confused, but strips nude anyway. Man, this client is hung. Annabelle doesn’t let on that she’s impressed by Michael’s big dick, but she removes her robe and is soon standing in just her bra, panties and high heels.

Annabelle removes her tall pumps, picks up a jar of massage oil and hovers above prone Michael on the massage mat. It appears to be just another normal massage across the back at first. But then, Annabelle removes her bra to expose her full, gorgeous breasts. Then she removes her panties, baring her clean-shaven cock and balls.

After oiling her tits liberally, Annabelle begins with the true Nuru technique of using her body to complete the massage. She rubs her boobs against Michael’s back. Then she lays fully against him with her penis rubbing against the crevice of his butt cheeks. His big cock is so alive it’s visibly pulsating when she gets Michael to flip over onto his back.

Micheal then receives a long, laborious dick massage with lots of oil. Then Annabelle goes down on him. Well, I think this is where the Nuru ends and the sex begins. As it continues, Annabelle sinks her lovely bottom down upon Micheal’s turgid erection. Her hard cock rises and falls sensuously when they fuck in the reverse cowgirl position. Side saddle evolves into doggy style and the climaxes of this gorgeous couple wrap up this torrid update. Annabelle Lane is one of the most exquisite models in trans porn ever.

Pure-TS: Horny Cam Girl Busted By Maintenance Guy

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Tattooed TS amazon Gina James is camming in a hotel room when the maintenance guy comes in to fix the bathroom. He is stunned to see a beautiful girl with a big dick jerking off, but he is even more shocked when she comes on to him and grabs his dick. They quickly fall into a passionate and romantic experience and he fucks her tight ass in every position and her webcam is running the entire time! Bonus!

I love the way this update begins with tall, statuesque Gina getting her tits and cock out for a webcam show. The set-up is that she had to get a hotel room because the A.C. isn’t working at her place today. This is what she tells one of her viewers before applying lubricant to her schlong.

Laying on the bed interacting with her viewers while jerking off, Gina begins developing an erection when all the sudden a stranger enters her room! She’s completely shocked, but it’s the plumber who insists she was informed of his impending visit at check-in.

The plumber is under the impression that web camming is illegal and Gina says that streaming for her fans is perfectly fine. Christian, the plumber, doesn’t even know what streaming is, but he doesn’t mind Gina rubbing his crotch and leaning over to kiss him.

He’s supposed to be working and no one must find out about this gorgeous trans woman feeling him up. But this beauty has her bra off and her lovely big breasts are fully exposed. Her pretty dick and balls sway as she moves from the bed to the floor to withdraw Christian’s cock from his pants. 

Gina wastes no time working his cock head inside her mouth. Eventually he’s pulling her hair, skull fucking the beauty who’s masturbation confirms that she loves being manhandled. Gina gets a rim job in return and she jacks off firmly as Christian impales her with his massive sex organ!

This is the torrid follow-up scene to “Gina James’ First Scene Ever For Bubble Butt Amazon Beauty” on She also gets railed doggy style until the plumber’s fucking drives her against the mattress. She’s fucked in other positions also until she has her beautiful face and body splashed with the hotel worker’s creamy white cum!

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GroobyGirls: Stunning Gia Staxxx!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

What’s the difference between the Gia Staxxx from October 2018 in “Stunning Gia Staxxx!” on and “Meet Stunning Gia Staxxx” debut that I raved about in July from Buddy Wood’s TS-Casting Couch? More voluminous breasts but same beautiful face. And there’s one more thing and that would be experience.

If there were any first time modeling jitters before, they seem to be all gone now. This Denver beauty had fun spot rubbed and her stiff cock pumped by her producer on the casting couch. Those were moments I wouldn’t soon forget.

In this update, Mr. Wood opens with a brief interview reminding us where we say Gia first. She’s out by the pool in a bikini looking ravishing as ever. Gia loves sucking cock, getting hers sucked and getting fucked. She has her cock out in the open a moment after this confession.

Gia exposes her breasts with tan lines and begins jerking off not long after that! If you were watching this update with me now I’d ask you, “Don’t you just love the fleshy hood of Gia’s foreskin. Wouldn’t you love to run your tongue beneath it and flick it across the head?”

Gia first masturbates while seated and continues stroking her boner completely naked while standing. She shows off the lovely curves of her bottom and the way her slightly curved erection stands at attention is incredibly enticing!

Mr. Wood grabs Gia’s wood again like he did the first time he shot her. Talk about a dream job! Later, Gia lays across a beach towel with her ass and cock the focus from the back. Then she changes positions so many times in this update that I lose count. Don’t forget that you can also watch Gia on!

Canada-TGirl: The Incredible Kira Kandella!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Kira is a stunningly beautiful and statuesque tatted hottie. Her tits are totally natural. This cutie loves showing her naked body and with every second she becomes more and more beautiful. Watch this horny slut as she plays with her ass and cock screaming in pleasure aiming to reach the vivid orgasm.

Biography: Kira Kandella is a tgirl kitten who loves to show off herself getting off. Got an oral fixation, a love of penetration, and a happy hard surprise in her panties.

This is the fourth incredible performance of beautiful Kira Kandella on presented by producer Vee Soho. It may be my favorite because when Kira cums in this one, she really cums hard! Sex toy fucking leads to the type of orgasm where either no neighbors will hear or you don’t care whether they hear you or not!

The lewdness doesn’t stop after Kira makes her delicious-looking stiff cock shoot it’s cum. But I don’t want to spoil all the fun so let’s go back to the beginning. This fetish queen is left alone in a hotel room during the lunchtime hour. The desk drawer is full of sex toys and she’s got a bit of time to play with them.

Let me warn you that it’s going to be hard for many not to cum just watching Kira’s striptease. She bends over the desk imagining getting fucked and that’s enough to make one lose it! She exposes her tits and tweaks her nipples, and she’s lactating. Would you like to sample Kira’s breast milk? I might like to try it but I’m more interested in tasting what Kira produces downstairs at the end of this update.

Pure-TS: Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Christian meets a tall blonde and stunning blonde in the casino and next thing you know they are getting after it in his hotel room. She is an amazing sexual athlete and he has to work hard to keep up. She begs for his big dick and he gives it to her in every conceivable position before finally cumming deep in her ass just like she wanted. 

In the Las Vegas, interview with Kellie Shaw, she revealed to Christian when she got her first dick in the ass. The details are astounding as is the fact that this interview takes place in a car parked in a mall or casino parking lot. Kellie flashes her large and lovely breasts in the car after pointing out that the transition of a trans woman really never ends. The cosmetic part of Kellie’s transition is virtually flawless so far. She’s such a statuesque beauty. That basically sums up a fantastically sexy interview that runs almost 15 minutes long. “Frustrated TS Girlfriend Gets Some Stress Relief” is the bareback hardcore scene released on at the time the interview was shot. 388 photos come with this 28 minute debut. And now we have Kellie’s return to Christian’s website in “Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex.” Christian is on the phone describing the mysterious girl to a friend moments before she arrives at his Vegas hotel room for a date. Kellie explains that the reason for her being so mysterious was because she doesn’t like PDAs. She also reveals that she’s got another secret. That secret is between her stocking clad thighs and Christian reaches under her mini dress to grasp it before they start kissing.

Kellie is taller than Christian when wearing heels and that’s what I mean by statuesque. I also think she’s one of if not the most beautiful trans star on After the reciprocal oral exchanges, the bareback fucking begins with Christian fucking Kellie as she leans against the wall for support. Their standing doggy style humping sinks to the floor and evolves into a missionary position railing. As far as position changes go, they’re just getting started!

Is the latest scene co-starring beautiful Kellie Shaw better than the last one? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Meanwhile you can find Kellie performing LIVE quite frequently on my favorite webcam platform where you can also register for FREE! If she’s not online at the moment, follow her on!

BecomingFemme: Redhead CD Babe Slurps The Cum Out Of Your Cock

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: 14 minute(s), 10 second(s) | 2018-09-26

Erica Cherry is a gorgeous Chaturbate cam model that really knows how to tempt and tease your cock. She has lots of practice being slutty, so this beautiful CD swallows your big cock with ease. It’s only a matter of time before your cum is flowing down the back of her throat. is the latest project from Christian XXX, the creator of and This is the crossdresser/transvestite version of his full-time trans woman POV site.

This is the THIRD update on featuring beautiful Erica Cherry. If you think you’ve seen this babe on YouTube, you’re right. She’s a fast-rising creator. I was pretty shocked when I saw Erica performing LIVE on trans but entirely pleasantly surprised.

The first time I caught one of her shows, she came twice in a row and managed to suck her own big cock! is where you need to be to catch a show. Register free and follow Erica.

Studio performances of gorgeous Erica Cherry on are the other alternative you have to cum together. What I like most about this scene is seeing Erica shooting cum from her big dick before taking Christian’s spunk into her warm, wet mouth. I don’t expect to see full-time girls shooting jizz all over the place. But if it’s a part-time girl who is not on hormones, I wanna see these chicks blasting loads of creamy white cum!

I love watching Erica confess how horny she is. This 24 year old Salt Lake City cutie pie is extremely vocal and her opening striptease and masturbation sequence is incredibly hot! I almost thought she was about to cum before sinking to her knees before Christian’s massive boner. But she continues jerking off instead while sucking cock. Erica makes her own big dick spurt from the sheer act of stroking while sucking in this torrid update!

Jenny Flowers Disobeys Madam Sasha de Sade and Gets Assfucked

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Jenny Flowers enjoys a lot of freedoms working at Sasha de Sade’s TS whorehouse. The freedom to suck hundreds of dicks, the freedom to sit on fat hard cocks, the freedom to swallow cumshots all night… but NOT the freedom to bathe in Sasha’s private hot tub! And by now anyone watching my videos knows what happens to disobedient TS whores… Oh, and there’s a piss scene at the end of this vid for all you dirty pervs.” is a compilation of the multi-faceted skills of a model who knows how to direct as well as she performs. Whenever she appears with Jenny Flowers, pure magic is created. Jenny sets up a description of the brothel wearing skimpy lingerie and tall sandals with her naughty bits practically falling out. She dips a hand into the bath water she’s forbidden to indulge in. It’s so hard to resist slipping into the water and she unbuckles the straps of her wedges and gets completely naked. This sequence is erotic enough to cum to before proceeding to the main action of the theme. But it’s even hotter of course when dominant Sasha catches Jenny. Jenny is caught after masturbating and the naked and horny nymph is forced to suck Sasha’s cock from flaccid to stiff. Madam allows Jenny to jerk off while sucking her dick and her nipples. The Domme even sucks Jenny’s cock in return! There’s passionate kissing and one might think these two beauties were lovers on an equal level. That’s until Sasha begins fucking Jenny’s tight ass forcefully! What makes this one of the best trans lesbian scenes of 2018 is that the submissive gets to fuck her Madam in return. She’s also a fast and hard fucker in the blazing hot update on!

Femout.XXX: Meet Nyxi Leon!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: We have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie today and we are sure you are going to fall in love with this cutie! Meet Nyxi Leon! Sassy and sexy with a petite frame, a great ass and a red hot “fuck me” look in her eyes, she makes double-whammy debut appearances here on Femout.XXX and over on TGirls.Porn today. Make sure to keep an eye on this one! Nyxi is stunning!


It’s so gratifying to see a model I’m a fan go from absolute beginner to a full-fledged porn star! That’s why I’m thrilled to blog about Nyxi Leon, but it won’t be the first time I’ve seen her deliver high caliber performances. It’s just my first for Nyxi’s latest studio work under the Grooby Productions umbrella. I know full well about Nyxi’s ability to top and bottom, but I didn’t know how her TGirls.Porn bareback hardcore scene would play out. She fucks a hot, budding new trans adult performer silly on TGirls.Porn! The foreplay is incredible also, but the actual fucking seems out of this world! But I’ve just raved about that scene in my last blog update. I’m about to review how Nyxi performs solo.

Incidentally, I’ve only seen her going solo on her website. Even there, she’s only rarely all on her lonesome. But she’s absolutely fierce by herself too – well versed in the art of the striptease. Nyxi goes through a horny, yet clothed, breast fondling Femout.XXX sequence that leads to something that happens also before her mate arrives on TGirls.Porn. Her stiff dick pops out of her garment early on both sites. 

The focus on her protuberant bottom is greater here in her solo performance, both with shorts on and fully nude. On top of that, this is perhaps one the finest solo work I’ve ever seen by Omar Wax and I seldom miss any of his productions. Nyxi’s masturbation sequence is exquisite. Be sure to subscribe to Femout.XXX to be there for her encore performance. I’m sure it will be spectacular!

TGirls.Porn: Nyxi Leon & Zana Banana

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: SHOWTIME on the home of the hottest! Enter Nyxi Leon and Zana Banana – two fresh faced, young up and cummers who knock their site debuts well and truly out of the park today in this sensational hardcore brought to us by Omar Wax!

This instant classic TGirls.Porn production begins with pleasantly beautiful Nyxi Leon playing with her hardon in be as the head emerges above the waistband of her panties. Needless to say, she’s ready to go as a top when her gorgeous girlfriend Zana Banana enters the bedroom.

They begin kissing while poised on the bed together and after rising to their feet, Nyxi begins to help get Zana totally nude. Somehow, Nyxi’s protruding boner doesn’t get in their way or slip inside an orifice just yet.

Mutual breast admiration comes next followed by Zana jerking Nyxi’s raging hard cock. Only after this session of foreplay do they proceed to cock sucking. Zana does the honors first.

From the amazing camera angle Mr. Wax presents of Zana’s ass as she goes down on Nyxi’s incredibly suckable looking organ, it’s hard to focus on just one of the girls. But that’s typical when you’re watching a trans lesbian scene on the hottest site of its kind on the Net!

There’s a bit of standing frottage and Nyxi gives Zana a rimjob before placing her swollen cockhead at the entrance of Zana’s tight ass. Nyxi is fantastic as a top and if this is the first time you’ve seen her in action, you might think this is her main role in the bedroom. But she’s an incredibly versatile porn star with plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

Stunning Zana takes Nyxi’s bare cock like a pro and makes riding it look so pleasurable, some tops may be inspired to try bottoming for a change. These young ladies are ones to watch not only on TGirls.Porn but in the adult industry in general hopefully for many years to come!

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GroobyGirls: Cumshot Monday: Allysa Etain!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Scene Description: Allysa Etain returns on Grooby Girls right on time to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Monday” series! This scene, shot by Buddy Wood, is another one shot during the big Las Vegas photo session a few weeks ago. Allysa, one of the hottest Femout.XXX / graduates in 2018, returns horny and ready to have fun! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she cums!

Bio: Allysa Etain is a sexy and unique new model already making a big splash on the scene here in LA. She’s tall and statuesque with striking features from head to toe. Long legs leading up to a perky ass and a sweet, hard cock that just begs to be sucked. She’s lots of fun to hang out with too. A hot new model with an insatiable sexual appetite that we will definitely be seeing more from in the future.

Just about everyone can identify certain porn stars and it may have nothing to do with looks. Sometimes you just feel like you could connect with an adult performer if you ever got the chance to meet them (in a totally non-stalker way). I don’t know why I feel that I could have great conversations with gorgeous Allysa Etain, but I do. I think she’s one of the most thrilling adult trans models of our time because of her physical beauty combined with her obvious intelligence. And a girl that stimulates me between the ears and through my loins is my favorite kind.

When the scene opens, the background doesn’t inform you immediately that it’s filmed by Buddy Wood. The background is different and not like the Southern California trappings of his home studio.

It looks like Allysa is wearing a black jumpsuit at first, but it’s revealed to be shorts and a leotard when she lowers the bottom. She then bares her lovely breasts and exposes semi-sheer black panties. She’s quite vocal throughout this striptease and she shows her magnificent ass before giving us views of her amazing cock. It’s flaccid at first, but she promises to make it hard, and she does it so fast!

I’ve lost count of how many poses Allysa moves through gracefully before settling down into making herself cum. Her violent left-handed fap session is rubbed out at the end of this torrid update!