DirtyTransDolls: Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass

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“Gagged and Locked Transdoll” is the 10 minute and 15 second DirtyTransDolls.com scene with Fetish Liz and Jessica Dee released earlier this year. Natalie Goth TV co-starred in the video observing her Mistress training Jessica in latex, tall pumps, cuffs and a ball gag. Liza reveals that Jessica’s cock is restrained in a cock and balls device with a small lock holding it captive. She makes her tremble by rubbing her long-nailed fingers all around her horny package without releasing it. Liza finally lowers Jessica’s panties and we get to see what’s been hidden beneath them. Her cock head shows through the clear plastic and her full balls are jutting out from the device. Gagged Jessica whimpers from the torment of getting a handjob, yet not quite being jerked off. She’s left wit ha pre-cum oozing cock and restrained in absolute orgasm denial. “Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass” is the kinkier, more torrid follow-up scene to “Gagged and Locked Transdoll” and of course I like this one even better! “one lucky girl is going to get fucked!” Fetish Liza announces while approaching Jessica with a huge strap on dildo. Jessica obediently responds to her Mistress, then follows orders to stand up and present the ass that’s going to get fucked today. The tight latex pants Jessica wears accentuates her lovely bottom and Liza has Jessica unzip them at the back. Soon, Jessica’s pale butt cheeks are quite visible and her balls eventually come into view as well. Once again her cock is restrained in chastity. Fetish Liza, looking beautiful in red latex and black high heel sandals lubes up her dildo, treating it like it’s a real cock, and she positions herself behind Jessica. Deep multiple finger banging first prepares the gorgeous, submissive transvestite for her dildo fucking. 10 minutes and 31 seconds is the run time for this irresistible hardcore update on DirtyTransDolls.com! This lovely submissive had not lost her virginity yet at the time of my Interview with Jessica Dee.

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Joslyn Cums!

Description: Gorgeous Florida starlet Joslyn made her debut two weeks and it seems you love this girl very much! We are definitely not surprised, Joslyn is absolutely stunning! She has a pretty face, an amazing body, long legs and her silky smooth dark skin makes her really special! She’s smoking hot! Today, she’s back for her second solo scene ready to have more fun! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she cums!

I raved about her debut two weeks ago and her encore is something to celebrate too! It’s tempting not to share more of Josyln in and out of her super sexy Bebe outfit, but I’m trying to get you to click on Black-TGirls.com to see her video trailers.

I’m bisexual, but the trans lesbian in me has a weakness for people with dark chocolate skin. It’s all about contrast and I just would almost die to see Joslyn’s flesh pressed against mine. Plus, with that cute button nose, blinding white teeth and doe eyes, she just looks so freaking kissable!

Don’t even get me started on her bite-sized nipples and an as you can literally bounce quarters off of. And what about the thought of making her lovely cock spurt jets of creamy white cum across her black skin? Sorry, this Black-TGirls.com update has me fantasizing out loud.

Cumshot Friday: Beautiful M.J.

Description: For another episode of our “Cumshot Friday” series we are traveling to Bangkok once again! This time, we have an immense pleasure to introduce beautiful M.J. to the TGirls.XXX members! This gorgeous doll has been with us a for a few years already. M.J. has an amazing petite body, beautiful boobs and a perfect firm booty! She’s smoking hot! Watch her stroking her cock just for you all until she pops a nice creamy load of cum! Frank of Franks-TGirlWorld.com who produced this special set for TGirls.XXX said, “M.J. is 27 from Bangkok and she has a really pretty face. She’s slim, sexy cock and ass that can take big cocks. She’s a very nice girl, very funny, very clean and with a lot of energy!”

M.J. isn’t super hung, but she’s got quite a substantial spike when her lovely cock swells fully erect! But first we begin with naked M.J. with her back facing us. She flashes her sexy smile with an adorable under bite and slowly turns to face us. M.J. is absolutely breathtaking!

This is a striptease that works backwards up until a certain point. Her uncut cock, which is the darkest part of her, is lengthening and thickening as she gets all dressed up. She slips into a couture skirt and caps her nipples with pasties. I don’t recall her donning any panties and next thing we know, her legs are parted as she sits on the sofa jerking off! Her bare feet are encased in tall sandals as she masturbates and eventually loses the skirt and pasties. Her ass is displayed explicitly gaping when she’s not finger banging herself. M.J. brings this TGirls.XXX update to a close with a screaming orgasm! She shoots a huge load and looks cute as a button walking out of the room butt naked.

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Try Out Tuesday: Olivia Heart!

“Hey all! The name’s Olivia Heart. I’m so excited to to have the opportunity to debut my first ever porn shoot for you to see! A little about me; I am a 21 year old college student, biology major, who has been socially transitioning for about three years now. I have only been on the hormones for about a year, but i’m thoroughly in love with the progress I’ve had so far! 95% of my time is spent doing school work, but I have been trying to fit in some hobbies during my spare time.”

Scene Description: It’s Tuesday and as usual, another sexy Grooby Newbie will get her chance to introduce herself to the GroobyGirls.com members! Actually, she’s not really a newbie… Beautiful Olivia Heart is an already known face – she was introduced to the world on Femout.XXX a few months ago by Omar Wax (Olivia Heart on Femout.XXX). So at the same time this scene serves as her graduation scene! Enjoy watching beautiful Olivia posing, stripping and stroking her instantly rock-hard cock!

It’s such a pleasure to watch a trans girl progress in her transition. Olivia’s performances from Femout to Grooby Girls illustrates that joy in the most erotic way possible! Some of us have seen Olivia’s debut in March and have seen her cumming in her encore scene the following month. I think all those fans will agree that Olivia is developing into an adult entertainer who’ll definitely be able to finance her education. Let me educate you more about Olivia’s GroobyGirls.com debut.

Don’t be surprised if you’re close to cumming just watching Olivia posing in a t-shirt, jean shorts and sandals. She looks incredibly sexy long before she displays any nudity. Then she bares her back, slowly turns around, and releases her bare boobs. You should go back to her Femout.XXX shoots to see how they’ve grown. She begins discussing that about 3 minutes into this update. Olivia’s cock is already swelling to its greatest proportions when she withdraws it from her shorts. There are moments when I almost think that gravity has no effect on her full erection. Look at the way her sex organ stands up without help from her hands. When she’s not jerking off, of course.

Snagging Some Sunshine On Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Krissy Kyung of the Pacific Northwest delivers yet another seductive description of the way she produced another scorching set for us:

“I thought this was a cute outfit that I threw together for this scene on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, and I was in luck too. This is one of the rare sunny days in the Oregon Fall, and it made for a perfect afternoon of shooting these pictures in my outfit and stiletto high heels. I love it when the days are nice and sunny but still cool enough to shoot some great pictures. With the summer on its way, these days won’t last very much longer before the heat really starts to rise!”

“I’ve been a bit sick lately with a cough that has just been lingering around… it is pretty irritating, especially when it keeps me up at night. I think it is just starting to get better though, which will make shooting content a bit easier since I’ll actually be able to shoot a scene without hacking up a lung. This is such a romantic topic for a porn blog, don’t you think? Anyways, I hope to be shooting a whole lot more new content for members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl in the near future as long as I can keep my health up!”

Lolita Juices Her Cock!

Imagine waking up to a Thai beauty like 21 year old Lolita. This gorgeous Frank’s TGirl World model is new and I don’t have a lot of background information about her. Believe me, I’d share it if I had it. All I know is that producer Frank says she’s a great makeup artist and that she’s worked in Pattaya before but likes Bangkok more. She also wants to be known as Rola and Bee and she’s 178cm height and 58 kilogram in weight. When I do reviews and interviews, I try to get to know as much about the model as possible, especially if she’s just entering the industry.

“Lolita Juices Her Cock!” is the follow-up video to her “Hot Blonde Cheerleader Lolita!” debut on Franks-TGirlWorld.com. But she went under the name Bee in 4 scenes on Ladyboy.XXX and in 4 other scenes as Rola on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com! This video consists of Lolita waking up horny and showing of her cute little ass and long, uncut cock.

Lolita doesn’t just get off laying down however. She kneels while pinching one nipple and stroking her erection with her other hand. She makes her rosebud wink while on all fours and finger bangs herself. Lolita also ass fucks herself with a tremendous red dildo! Then she’s laying back down the way we first saw her. Only this time, she’s jerking off rapidly. The tip of her sheathed rob is so tiny but large droplets of creamy white cum manage to escape in this super erotic Franks-TGirlWorld.com update!

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TransationalFantasies: Jean Jezebel

Description: Redheaded vixen Jean Jezebel is a self-proclaimed gamer, science nerd and butt slut. Her wildest sexual fantasy is to be gangbanged in a theater. Being anonymous and the center of attention is an overwhelming turn on. She thinks cum tastes delicious, and she’s always willing to try something new. Watch her skillfully wiggle her feet. Admire her cute freckles covering her sexy body from head to toe. She uses her tattooed fingers to spread her ass cheeks apart and invite you inside. Now, lick her trans girl pussy from behind. After you’ve got her asshole nice and lubricated, she mounts the monkey rocker and pounds herself with a big, black dildo. Finally, watch her squeeze out a sweet load of trans girl juice and eat it.

When I did my Interview with Jean Jezebel here on Caramel’s TGirls in January of 2017, we chatted about her webcam and studio work and I managed to keep it professional. But since this is a scene review, and I’m not talking with her directly, forgive me if my comments are much more brazen and unedited.

Jean’s opening confessional on TransationalFantasies.com is satisfying brain food that evolves into nutrition for the libido. Jean talks about her career as a scientist and then about her transition. The confessional turns sexual about two and a half minutes into the video. I mean vocally and visually. Jean confesses that she’s a bottom and that she likes cocks inside her ass quite a bit. Jean’s panties are clearly visible beneath her skirt and her goodies are escaping the edges as she talks about her gang bang fantasies.

Jean is still performing LIVE on Chaturbate.com/JeanJezebel and this TransationalFantasies.com studio shoot is just another wonderful way for her to bring you to orgasm. Her leg and foot tease, enticingly bare, is enough to make one cum before she gets any of her other clothes off! Or you could lose it when she exposes her freckled torso and reveals her lovely hormone boobs. I’m not telling when I lost it, but it may or may not been long after I saw her erection poking against her panties just before she lowered them and exposed her sexy ass.

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Seeing Jean spread eagle on the sofa might do it for most fans. If you still haven’t cum by the time she’s riding the rocker with the dildo attached or when she makes her cock spurt a generous load of cum, you’ve held out way longer than I did.

Femout.XXX: Lacie Wonder Pops Her Load!

Watch Lacie’s Free Scene Trailer!

Description: Sexy redhead Lacie Wonders, who was introduced to the world two weeks ago by Radius Dark, returns for her second solo scene! Looking smoking hot in her dark outfit, Lacie is ready to strip down and have fun! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums for you! “I’ve been talking to Lacie Wonders about shooting since I began shooting as she reminded me (Radius). Lacie seemed extremely shy and nervous, but I’m told by her friends that this is how she is when she first meets people. She’s got a great ass and legs on her 5’8″ frame. Lacie loves the outdoors of Oregon. The forests are peaceful and the waterfalls are magical. She also likes video games based on anime.”

You may have caught my review about the debut of Lacie Wonders here. I couldn’t resist doing it again with Lacie’s encore performance because it’s so incredibly sexy! The spread eagle video shots of Lacie and the stills are so well matched and so orgasm-inducing. So are the doggy style simulation angles.


This Femout.XXX update begins with some ass lover footage and then some foot fetish content when Lacie seductively removes her boots. She then exposes her rosy nipples and bares that amazing ass of hers. Lacie then removes her fishnet pantyhose and it’s revealed that a big boner is reaching toward her tummy! She’s seated as she curls her fingers arund the stiff shaft and begins jerking off.

Lacie is a vision stroking her erection with both feet high in the air and she’s totally naked! She does it while perched over the chair also and it will be hard not to imagine her getting fucked doggy style. Would you like to do the honors or are you more interested in what she could do to you with that deep red erection?

You’ll get more close-ups of Lacie’s hard pecker as the video comes to a close. Lacie doesn’t need any toys – just a fast moving right wrist to send jets of cum under her tits and in puddles upon her flat tummy. To see Lacie performing LIVE, go to Chaturbate.com/Steambunny where registration is FREE!

TGirl Japan: Pretty Seira Mikami All Tied Up!

Description: This amazing looking lady is ready some heart pounding solo performance. She is all tied up and helpless. She is tied up with that hard tgirl cock waiting for you to come give her a hand or a mouth. You better wastes no time checking her out now, there’s something special Seira prepared for you. 🙂 

The following information about Seira was written when she made her TGirlJapan.com debut way back in 2008: This is the adult industry debut shoot for Sakura, a 25 year old popular tgirl from Tokyo. She is also slated to shoot for an AV (adult film) after this debut. Sakura has beautiful feet completed with delicately tapered ankles. She looks awesome in boots. Her narrow waist and nicely-shaped breasts do not hurt either. Sakura is a keeper. She is loves to suck cock for a long time. “The secret of my beauty is drinking man milk`, revealed Sakura. She prefers bottom to top, and would like her man to shoot plentiful loads up her ass-pussy. She is a sucker for boyish good-lookers.” Height: 165cm (5′ 4″), Weight: 49kg (108lbs), Stats: 90/59/85 (35/23/33). Tremendous statistics for this mature Japanese beauty. This is also one of producer Hiro’s kinkiest scenes ever! She also has two hardcore scenes on TGirlJapanHardcore.com.

But in the solo scene I’m describing today from TGirl Japan, she dressed as a Japanese trad wife (Geisha) with a hardon soon to be withdrawn from her robe. While jerking off, Seira’s robe opens to show that she’s bound in Shibari rope play superbly. She poses while masturbating in various sexy positions, then takes a hot tub bath with a gravity defying boner! Back indoors and all dry, Seira endures one of the kinkiest hot wax treatments I’ve seen on a major website like TGirlJapan.com!