Bob’s Tgirls: Nadia Love in Black Fishnets

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

I had to do a double take when I saw the new Bob’s Tgirls set with beautiful Nadia Love. I first saw her on Shemale Yum last year and asked myself, “Is it possible that she’s even hotter than back then?” Maybe, maybe not. That’s would be a tough feat for anyone. You see what I mean with the sample photo set, but she’s even more stunning entering the room in a dental floss bikini and those stockings. Her back is facing you at first and then she faces you flashing a dazzling smile. The red chaise lounge is the perfect prop for Nadia to kneel on and shake her hot ass. Bob zooms out a bit to capture her shapely legs also. Then she lowers her v-string panty a bit and bends over again. The view is insane! Nadia unties her string top and reveals her bare breasts and puffy nipples next. She squeezes and licks her fingers. Is she lactating? Sitting back on the chaise with her cock peeking out of the side of her panty, Nadia begins to undo one of the straps of her high heels. If you were upset that she was wearing shoes that covered her dainty feet and perfectly pedicures toes, she’s got you covered. Not only that’s she performs a little toe wiggling and arch flexing foot shoe for her pretty ped loving fans. Then she begins to remove those stockings. Nadia’s cock is stiffening as she raises her legs to remove her panty. While her high arched feet point toward the ceiling, Bob zooms in closer to her fun spot. Now completely nude, her cock is completely aroused! After posing in a variety of tantalizing positions, Nadia confesses, “I’m horny.” Her cock is raging hard as if we needed proof. She really likes to tease. The faster she strokes her meat, the more her lovely breasts jiggle. Emitting sharp yelps of intense pleasure, Nadia squeezes her cum out of her swollen pink cockhead. It’s actually flushed about a third of the way down her shaft. You just might fall in love with Nadia Love on Bob’s Tgirls.

Pure-TS: Taryn Elizabeth & Taylor


I’m hypnotized by the view of gorgeous Taryn Elizabeth and stunning Taylor cuddling on a chair from the POV view of Christian XXX. In “TS girlfriends Share a Big Cock Together” on Pure-TS the view of the porn king’s monstrous dick has me mesmerized, too. “We’re gonna have some fun tonight,” Taryn aka TSTarynxo beams as she bares one of Taylor’s full breasts.


Naturally, Christian is stroking his huge erection as the girls stand up and give a hint at some of the transbian content I’m hoping to see. Taryn encourages Taylor not to be scared of Christian’s thick, lengthy rod and she’s not. She goes about sucking it as deeply as anyone possibly can.


Taylor holds Taryn’s hair back when it’s her turn to give head. They begin taking turns, suck the shaft and head together and even French kiss each other. The girls rise from the bed to show off their pantied asses. Once the panties are discarded, they both join the stud on the bed and he gets to kiss them both and feel them up as he gets his stiff prick stroked. Next thing you know, he’s fucking one of Taryn bareback! 


Since I’m a pansexual chick, I really love the strong chemistry between the beautiful trans stars combined with the powerful fucking of Christian XXX. The assisted side-by-side banging of each girl is followed by some missionary position pummeling. One girl shoots her creamy white cum and the other gets fucked again while getting a handjob.


This is Taryn’s 5th incredible Pure-TS performance. She can simply do no wrong to me. I first raved about Taylor here in her one on one scene with Christian on July 6, 2016. I think she’s just as amazing in her threesome as she was in her Pure-TS debut.

The Submissive Sex Tape – Chelsea Poe & Nikki Darling

Watch The Trailer
Watch The Trailer 

Chelsea Poe gets completely humiliated, dominated, and fucked by the great Mistress Nikki Darling. “The Submissive Mixtape’ is a really important film to me largely because creating it was based around the lack of inclusion of trans women within BDSM porn,” said Chelsea Poe about the release of this QueerPorn.TV film. “I’ve never seen a film that shows trans bodies doing the acts that are portrayed within ‘The Submissive Mixtape’ elsewhere in trans porn. I really hope this film can open doors for other trans performers to showcase BDSM. I’d like to encourage the BDSM porn industry in re-evaluating trans women’s roles on their sites to be more inclusive.” Chelsea Poe shines in every scene on “The Submissive Mixtape”. Nikki Darling dominates her in a protocol-heavy, dungeon-based BDSM fantasy directed by Ajapornfilms. Courtney Trouble is behind the camera for a scene where Jade Phillips acts as a sadistic dominant in the kitchen, having Poe give a particularly intense blowjob. Lesbian couple Gapereilla Holl and Alyx Fox seduce Poe and then offer her up as a plaything to a random neighbor in a piece by Foxhouse Films. Courtney Trouble and Poe bring the film to an explosive close in a loving and perverted scene by Heartless Productions that includes Trouble’s first facial.

Divine Bitches – Aiden Starr & Eros Sin – Fresh Meat Bondage Sex

FLV Trailer
FLV Trailer 

Aiden Starr breaks in a newbie slave Eros Sin with stressful bondage, feminization, humiliation, pussy worship and slave sex. Do I find this offensive as a black person? Nope. Not at all. Does this Divine Bitches scene push boundaries and may it trigger some porn viewers? Of course it will.

FLV Gallery
FLV Gallery 

Eros Sin is the cute 19 year old with Aiden Starr. He’s only done two solo porn scenes and has never had sex on video before. Eros applied to and was a bit nervous for his first scene once accepted. Aiden tells him there will be corporal punishment including flogging, electro play, bondage, crossdressing and forced fucking.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Aiden can be a little rough at times and she tells Eros that he’ll have a safe word. If he has to use it, she’ll bring the action to a stop immediately. She speaks rapidly and intelligently while laying things out with her breasts clearly visible through her top. She looks absolutely stunning and the action hasn’t even begun yet!

WMV Gallery
WMV Gallery 

Eros states that he’s not into CBT (cock and ball training and devices). He’d mentions that he cums very easily so perhaps that’s the reason why. “A Sinful Schooling” with Lorelei Lee and Cherry Torn was the second video with 5’10”, 168 lbs Eros Sin on Divine Bitches. He wasn’t crossdressed in that scene, but strap-on fucked mercilessly by the two beauties. I didn’t find that scene offensive either and I’d love to have the chance to feminize and/or sodomize this gorgeous young man. Director / Producer Aiden Starr has so many scenes on that I’ve lost count. She’s truly magnificent – a legendary Dominatrix.

MPG Gallery
MPG Gallery 

Canada-TGirl: Montreal Megastar Danika Dreamz

“Hello. This is Danika Dreamz and today I’m about to give you a special cumshot,” says the Montreal beauty as her 12th Canada-TGirl video begins running. “I am going to cum in my own mouth.” You can watch the video preview on the Canada-TGirl multi-site now.

Do you ever just know that the next time you’re going to cum that you’re going to shoot a big load? Danika does and she tells us before she even gets her cock fully erect. Her sexy little red lingerie outfit is so revealing. All she has to do is move the top part slightly to expose her full, luscious breasts. Lifting the skirted bottom reveals her smoothly shaven prick and full ball sack. She starts pumping her organ right off the bat.

Her photographer Vito films Danika seated before a window first with her high heeled feet on the floor. Then she raises her legs and spreads them wide to give herself a little finger banging. Vito captures a full frontal view of Danika rising to show off her amazing bottom next. Soon she perches herself on the wooden table and makes her cock even harder yet.

Danika places a pillow on the table to rest on and lies back on it. By this time her cock is raging hard and she’s preparing to bring herself off in this position. It’s hard to tell which of her nipples is more sensitive because she pays equal attention to each one, diddling and squeezing them quite firmly. She’s not quite ready to cum just yet, so she sits back up on the table. Her swollen dick rises at a 45 degree angle, then even higher. She wags it around with a few slight movements of her wide hips and bends over for another tantalizing butt show.

Danika knows she can’t keep doing this much longer as her climax is approaching. She lies back on the table again and throws her sexy legs up in the air. At this point, the video looks a lot like some amazing amateur model self facial footage clips. But it’s done with the high production values this Canada-TGirl producer always brings to a shoot. The throbbing head of Danika’s lovely cock is now just inches above her deep cleavage.

Then her creamy white cum begins to spurt. Danika’s nectar blasts across her lingerie, her lips and even against her tongue! While rolling the cum in her mouth and gazing at you directly, Danika invites you to move in for a cummy kiss.

This is the followup scene to the 11th Canada-TGirl photo and video set entitled, “The Explosive Return of Danika Dreamz” who made her debut on Shemale Yum back in 2006. I’ve watched this stunning Canadian performer since then and witnesses her evolution into the trans superstar she is today.

Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel








“Today is a big day for Aubrey Kate. She’s been seeing Robert for a while, and they’re both falling for each other; however, Aubrey has a secret, and she’s afraid that when she reveals it, Robert will break up with her. It’s happened before…and more than once. When Aubrey break the news that she has something “extra” down there, most men run. Robert’s different, though…and sure enough, after Aubrey breaks the news and Robert has a few moments to think, he embrace Aubrey….” That’s the reduced synopsis of Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel in the site What, blacks on boys? Robert Axel is actually Latino and beautiful Aubrey Kate certainly ain’t no boy. The famed interracial network is branching out and I loved the first time I saw this happen with Kylie Maria and Deepdicc. I’ve been a fan of this network since 2011 and I joined the party a little bit late. When Aubrey Kate and Robert are kissing on the sofa, she can’t keep her secret from him any longer. She shows him what’s hiding under her short-shorts. At first, he doesn’t take the news well. He heads off to the kitchen to gather his thoughts and his girlfriend with a surprise joins him solemnly. He can’t resist her charms and soon they’re kissing passionately, especially when she sinks down to suck his cock. The pivotal moment comes about 8 minutes in when Robert lowers her panty and experimentally fondles her lovely cock. Obviously, he has strong feelings for Aubrey Kate and a trip back to the living room. He sucks her cock for the first time, driving Aubrey Kate wild with pleasure. Then the stud gives her the fucking of a lifetime in this half hour HD movie. Now I’d never wait until this point to surprise a man in real life, but this scene is simply incredible and the photo set is enormous! I usually go to the DogFart network for the best interracial boy/girl, girl/girl and hung black male on cute twinks porn, but I’m glad they’re now getting serious about trans porn, too! By the way, don’t let anyone tell you that trans women and gay men do not have sex together. I’m living proof to help shatter that myth. 



The English Mansion – Slut Teased & Denied

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

My favorite thing about chastity training is the prolonged orgasm denial of a submissive. I love making them squirm and ache for release for days on end. Gorgeous Miss Vivienne l’Amour from The English Mansion obviously hasn’t allowed her chastity trained slut to climax before sitting straddled above her in Slut Teased & Denied on The English Mansion. There are no tell-tale signs of disobedience when Miss Vivienne unlocks the device and grasps the sub’s cock, although it’s in a flaccid state. The slutty sub is strapped down to the table and there’s nothing she can do to stop her Mistress from slapping her uncut dick with her bare hands. I’m sure she doesn’t even want to resist when Miss Vivienne scoots herself up on the table and plants her pantied pussy above the sub’s face. The sub’s little clit is beginning to stir and swell and suddenly, the Domme is riding her face with her quim. She’s turned to face the slut’s platform heeled feet and stocking legs to look at the stiffening member she’s jacking off. To further humiliate the slave, the Domme moves her pussy away from her face while jacking her off. This moment however does not stop the captive cutie pie from developing a full erection. Miss Vivienne address her bitch boys who are watching this handjob not to cum a single drop. How would 300 cane marks to the feet even feel? Perhaps the sub who just accidently touched the Domme’s pussy with her teeth would know. Another hard dick slap draws nothing but another yelp of pain. We’re not getting much out of this cute, pathetically helpless captive today. By the way, the sub is Sammie from Strapon Fuck Slut. I never forget a cute submissive slut face, or tight ass for that matter. Seem if the same holds true for you at The English Mansion.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

TS Playground: Pat, Scene #01

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer 
Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 
Flash Trailer
Flash Trailer 
Click on "Scenes for More TS Playground Trailers
Click on “Scenes for More TS Playground Trailers 

Pretty Pat flashes her pearly whites and dips a hand into her bra when her TS Playground debut begins. Aside from the brassiere, she’s only wearing sheer matching panties and she pulls at the sides after casting her bra aside. When she allows her cock to escape, it’s already about as hard as it will get. The pink head peeks outside of its thick foreskin and she exposes the lovely bulb by gently stroking the shaft. When Pat releases her straining organ, it stands out to greet you arcing upward. She tweaks her pert nipples and turns around to present her curvy little ass. Then she shows off her coveted thigh gap with a little gaping that’s prevalent in Jay Sin’s productions. Pat continues to masturbate while sitting on the bed with stunning full frontal, profile and rear views. Her cock is raging hard as she props herself on all fours simulating being penetrated. When Pat lies on her back, her stroking becomes more intense. With her gorgeous, natural boobs jiggling as she approaches orgasm, Pat seems to be lost in concentration. Then she rubs the cum out of her bulbous cockhead. She dabs her pierced tongue with a bit of her nectar and draws the last few drops from her dazzling dick. Then she stands up, dances around and gives you one last view of her winking rosebud. I looks like her cock doesn’t want to soften and she could almost be ready for Pat, Scene #02 on TS Playground.

TwoTgirls: Computer ASSistance

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Anastasia Coxx is sitting on the couch trying to use her laptop. She’s having some problems so she calls Keelin Nyx over to have a look. Keelin asks Anastasia what she’s trying to do, she exclaims that she’s just trying to watch some videos. Things heat up when Keelin discovers that Anastasia is trying to watch some porn! Keelin tosses the laptop aside and knocks her down on the couch and begins kissing her.


This isn’t enough for Anastasia. Keelin takes off her clothes and rubs her big throbbing cock up against Anastasia. Anastasia sucks Keelin’s fat cock, then Keelin starts to fuck Anastasia in her tight little ass! In the end Anastasia ends up cumming all over Keelin’s face in orgasmic bliss! This is the synopsis producer and porn star Mayumi Sparkles wrote about Computer ASSistance on her website.


I presented my interview with the bright and beautiful Keelin Nyx on that you can read by following this link. The reason why I haven’t done the same with the gorgeous Colorado native Anastassia Coxx totally escapes me. Perhaps I should start out by asking her for an interview, huh?


I’ve raved about every scene up to this one so far and if I said it was my favorite one, no one would believe me. So let’s just say I’ve never seen a hotter one. Keelin rails Anastassia like fucking is going out of style and she’s desperate to prove its relevance. Anastassia seems to love it so much that she doesn’t seem aware of any cameras rolling, nor does Keelin. It just looks so natural and you can stream or download this torrid release on the in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats!
Watch More Traielrs and see more photos on!

Femout.XXX Jessica Kush Set #04




Jessica Kush is one of the most stunning models I’ve ever seen anywhere, but she brings back some weird old memories for me. Jessica is a dead ringer for a cisgender female I had a massive crush on growing up. The woman was my mother’s best friend and I had to call her my aunt although we weren’t really related. The weirdness about is was that she knew I was crazy about her and she’d tease me mercilessly whenever we were alone. I don’t mean tease as in making fun of, but the cock tease sort of teasing. I thought I might actually lose my virginity to her, but when I got older, I realized she was just toying with a horny teen. When this gorgeous Femout.XXX model’s videos begin, I think that Jessica will have the same effect on you that my “aunt” had on me.



The difference is, you shouldn’t have any reason to feel weird about it. The Kansas City, Missouri native who currently resides in Northern California, sounds as sexy as she looks in all of her sets including her latest one, “The Luscious Miss Kush,” filmed by Kilakali. She welcomes you back to Femout.XXX before stripping on the bed and you can watch a trailer on the site.




I could go into greater detail about the scene since I downloaded it myself in spite of the strange past events it makes me replay in my mind every time I see it (and the previous three). But I think I’ll just mention that Jessica strips down to just her jewelry and strokes her big cock until thick ropes of creamy white cum spurt into the air. Kilikali outdoes himself by capturing Jessica’s tremendous climax from two different angles. This extraordinary fourth scene with Jessica Kush ends with a wink that seems to say, “That was nothing. I can do this all the time.” And it’s yet another reason I’m 100% sold on Femout.XXX.