TS Pussy Hunters: Chanel Santini & Leigh Raven

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Chanel Santini Discovers She’s A Pain Slut is the working title of this extraordinary TS Pussy Hunters film. Leigh Raven is new to this site but not new to Kink.com. This 2017 AVN nominee. 2016 Inked Awards winner made her debut on devicebondage.com in late 2016, followed by scenes on fuckingmachines.com and on hogtied.com. I’m a multi-niche porn fan so I love that there are so many varying scenes to choose from on Kink.com. Chanel made her Kink debut actually on tsseduction.com where she now has three scenes and this is her second tspussyhunters.com scene.

Leigh loves giving head and this is her first time with a trans girl. It’s Chanel’s first time with a tattooed babe. Both girls find their contrasts with ink turn ons and Chanel stopped after one tattoo. The warm up for this scene involves Chanel visiting tattoo artist Leigh to have some work done. She picks a classic design and lays face down on the table. It’s necessary for Leigh to remove Chanel’s skirt and panties to create the tattoo where she wants it. She inspects Chanel’s bottom with her eyes and hands asking professionally if there are any sensitive areas to be concerned about. We’ll get to that later. Leigh proceeds to remove Chanel’s high heels to make her even more comfortable. She compliments her ankles and Chanel mentions that she always wanted a foot tattoo. I can’t tell if she’s just acting and that reminds me of how well both stars are doing in terms of acting ability. When Chanel’s new ‘tramp stamp’ process begins, it really hurts her more than it does the usual client. Leigh informs Chanel that eventually the pain will turn into pleasure. That sounds like another activity I know of!

She continues caressing her clients sexy legs and urges her to relax and to concentrate on turning that pain into pleasure. Finally it’s working! It’s clearly evident when Chanel rolls over and sits up with a big raging hardon! I’ll allow you to see the full-length film for yourself to see how the rest of this action plays out.

I’m sure I’ll be raving about Leigh Raven more after this on caramelsgirls.com which is my mainstream page. As for Chanel, I can’t get enough of her performances and I’ll continue with updates about her here and on tsdreamland.com. Her official website is chanelsantini.xxx and each scene and photo set is absolutely magnificent.

TGirls.Porn – Coco Dahlia & Jenny Flowers

MP4 Scene Trailer

Jenny: “So my usual dom is unhappy with how I go through life nonchalantly and carefree. Not sure why this bothers her but she quickly comes up with a solution to break up the monotony. Said she really gets turned on to publicly humiliate me so she command that I stand outside near busy freeway…TOPLESS. She knows how insecure of my small boobs I am and how easily get embarrassed when people even mention anything about them. Really didn’t want to stand outside but I certainly didn’t want to face repercussions for my disobedience. So I begrudgingly obeyed…ugh.”

Coco: “Every time, I mean EVERY time she comes around with her derby facial expressions I get this burning passion to humiliate her. Have to admit, embarrassing her does help get my rocks off. I’ve done some pretty cruel things like pushed her around at the grocery store, spanked her bottom so loud it sounds like thunder but nothing to the point of her biggest fears. “Now get up, go outside…TOPLESS.”

Here are some words about my favorite porn site’s update with two of the hottest stars out there filmed by one of the most awesome producers. The build-up filmed by Omar Wax is generated with Coco approaching Jenny with a tip from Jenny’s boyfriend about her not ever having played with another trans girl before. It’s the most dominant scene I’ve seen Coco in to date. Jenny confesses that she hasn’t been with another girl and she’s perhaps only thought about it a couple of times. Jenny is given a choice of giving her mouth up to another girl or posing on the balcony topless. But Coco gives Jenny little time to think about her choices and is made to stand up and has her pretty tits bared. Coco takes a few squeezes like a Mistress and leads Jenny outside. It must be humiliating to stand topless amongst whomever is watching her on the balcony in just her shorts and pumps!

Once Coco is satisfied that enough public humiliation has been employed, it’s time to move to Step #2. She guides the inexperienced and easily manipulated Jenny back inside and into the living room area. Standing across from Jenny, Coco pays her a compliment and gets a nervous one back in return. She then kisses the shy girl as it’s obvious that she’s getting turned on. When they sit on the sofa to continue making out, Coco says, “That’s a good little slut,” and Jenny doesn’t resist Coco’s touches across her private parts. Coco allows Jenny to caress her between her legs and feels the erection under her jump suit. Soon they’re kissing more passionately than before and both sets of breasts are bared. Jenny’s boyfriend told Coco more about her fantasies about sex trans lesbian sex than she was aware of. One of those fantasies was giving another girl a rimjob and she’s about to have her dream realized. Coco tells Jenny to take her shoes off and to get more comfortable and the more submissive one helps Coco get down to just her panties. Moments later Jenny has Coco completely nude and gushes at the size of the shorter girl’s cock. Coco gets her dick sucked until it’s raging hard and her salad tossed as well. Coco then strips Jenny nude and gives her finger banging and a blowjob. She then positions Jenny on her back and gives her a rimjob. Next, Coco eases her cock inside of Jenny’s tight ass.

Coco Dahlia who has been on TGirls.Porn twice before makes the term “fully functional” seem ridiculous. I had no idea however that she could fuck so powerfully! Jenny Flowers who has been here once before (in a threesome) is the passive beauty in this incredible TGirls.Porn update!


Wanda’s Arousing BTG Debut!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Her profile reads: Wanda’s on BTG from Femout.XXX. She’s got a huge ass and a big thick cock that she’s showing off on the couch. Wearing a summer dress and heels that show off her strong legs with some stockings that make them look even better. Watch as she gradually strokes her delicious cock it to get all her fans excited. Wanda Filher came up with that name because she wants her ass filled up at all times.

She stands about 6’0″ with thick, long legs and a big round ass.
She’s just starting out, but has a head start because she’s a cosmetologist.

She’s turned on looking at big old dicks and let a huge cumshot go watching some porn. She loves doggy style, she wants her man to start of real slow, and then hold it – she wants to feel that cock throbbing in her ass, and then she wants to be pounded. That’s not all, she’s versatile and it seems like she enjoys doggy style when she’s topping since she stated that she’d love to fuck herself in doggy style position! I knew all of this from reviewing, “A Warm Welcome To Wanda” on Femout.XXX here on Caramel’s TGirls. In her new video on Black-TGirls.com, Wanda reminds us that she’s from Northern California when she reintroduces herself. If you didn’t know her from Femout.XXX, she’s a cosmetologist and Jill-of-all-trades.

Wanda is extremely vocal in her teasing which is a good thing because her voice is so sexy. She pays close attention to her personal grooming and mentions her pedicure before inviting you to take a closer look. Radius Dark zooms in for shoeless closeup footage during the stocking foot teasing sequence. Wanda says that she loves having her feet rubbed and then presents her wide bottom. What does she like having done with that? You can guess, I’m sure. Soon she’s stripped down to her stockings and matching bra and panties facing you so you know what comes next. Wanda’s going to show you her cock. She’s a grower,” the sexy model says as she lowers her undies.

Visible changes in Wanda’s transition journey are noticeable when she removes her brassiere. As she begins jerking off, you’ll see that Wanda really does get big down there when she’s aroused. She wants to know if you’d like to feel her thrusting inside her or the other way around in her Black-TGirls.com debut!

Pure-TS: Bikini Babe Natalie Gets Fucked Bareback

Natalie Mars is a super cute babe who wants to lay out by the pool and work on her tan. But that tiny bikini shows off all of her curves and bubble butt. The pool is going to have to wait until this sexy vixen gets fucked hard bareback and swallows a big load first.

This is a POV scene and you can see an entire site dedicated to TS POV scenes – HERE. 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards winner for “Best New Face” Natalie Mars makes her 6th Pure-TS.com performance! Two of those previous scenes were threesomes with other trans girls in the mix.

In this one-on-one with site owner Christian XXX, Natalie enters the living area in her bikini and platforms ready to head out to the pool with her boyfriend. She doesn’t get why he’s laying on his back with his huge erection exposed.

Since this is a POV scene, you don’t really see the male star, just his big dick and the beautiful trans girl gradually getting aroused at the sight of it. She sinks to her knees forgetting about the pool and curls the fingers of both hands around the enormous member, recalling that it’s the dick she fell in love with. She certainly sucks it like she’s in love with it and rubs it across her lovely breasts also.

Eventually, Natalie stands up and lowers her panties to reveal her incredible bottom. After a brief frottage session, she sinks her ass down on his bare cock and begins humping it rapidly.

The doggy style bareback footage is shot in POV fashion as well and hot Natalie is extremely verbal while getting railed! The reverse cowgirl sequence is exquisite with Natalie’s tits exposed from the bikini top that’s just barely on and her cock is flopping up and down and in circles. She also rides that huge hard prick in the traditional cowgirl and missionary positions. Natalie gets fucked out of her platforms at some point until all she has on is that string of a bikini top. This scene is an amazing Pure-TS.com update.

But Christian’s TSPOV.com website delivers the same high quality. Which one you’ll prefer is just a matter of how you’d rather like seeing these beauties getting fucked!

Sunshyneland: Sunshyne and Martin

Scene Trailer

Just in case anyone has forgotten how well Sunshyne Monroe can fuck, here’s a hardcore update to remind us. Martin Mazza has been passed around as a popular boy toy amongst several TGirl Network models. There’s actually a story line you could piece together about the exploits he gets himself into with these beautiful trans women.

Sample Photo Gallery

In this scene, Sunshyne wades in the shallow end of a pool in a luxurious Spanish villa, receiving a compliment from the handsome man. She looks ravishing in her bikini and her flirtation leads to emerging from the pool and presenting Martin with a large full breast to devour. He gets to repeat the process with her other bare boob and to kiss passionately her as well.


When Sunshyne asks if he wants to suck her cock, Martin looks so excited as he takes a peek inside her bikini bottom. This guy is such a tease, kissing and licking all around her sex before exposing it from the garment. But soon he’s sucking her cock expertly and she develops a big erection that Martin has plans for.


“Do you want to fuck me?” he asks and she’s almost ready to. When she’s on her feet before the kneeling man in the next sequence, her erection juts from her thighs ready to get down to business. Martin continues to enjoy sucking it and when he stands up to face her and releases his prick from his jeans, it’s as hard as Sunshyne’s dick! The next thing you know, the cute guy is on all fours taking a doggy style railing from the trans beauty. They’re both fully naked during this powerful fucking and Sunshyne also fucks Martin from behind while they’re standing up! I really love the way she encircles his neck with her fingers, then grasps the low ceiling to increase the speed of her jackhammer thrusts! Martin’s thick cock is swollen stiff as he takes this relentless ramming. See how they cum on Sunshyneland.com or on TGirl-Network.com!

Christina Skyye And Leandro!

MP4 Scene Trailer

With this update I get the chance to thank everyone who read and commented on my Interview with Christina Skyye here and on social media. My gorgeous Floridian neighbor is back at it again with another killer hardcore scene and it’s presented by South Florida producer Jack Flash. Christina is a raver and that passion of hers makes it into the opening of her scene with Latinx stud Leandro. The premise is that they can’t keep each other’s hands off one another after meeting at a rave. Christina is scantily clad in a blaze of color and her partner is very easy on the eye (thank’s for that too, Mr. Flash). Leandro helps his date slip out of her bikini top and as soon as the bottom is low enough, he dives in between her sexy ass face first. He also helps Christina get completely naked and tosses her salad again while jerking off. She then sucks his cock and there’s great footage of her straddled above Leandro in the 69 position. There’s also profile and full frontal fellatio with Christina loving her man’s big dusky dick until she’s ready to get fucked. While she’s on her hands and knees on the bed, he gives her yet another rim job and then eases his erection inside her tight ass bareback! Christina is very vocal while getting railed and it looks like the fucking of a lifetime! There’s a magnificent rear sequence of this powerful bareback banging and doggy style progresses to pile driver pummeling. At one point, Leandro fucks Christina so hard, she’s pinned down to the mattress wailing out her pleasure and all she can do other than that is bounce! You can really see how much she loves it when Leandro flips her over on her back. Her own big cock is hard as he penetrates her tight bottom in the missionary position! The action doesn’t end here by a longs hot. See how it comes to a climactic finish on Shemale.XXX and I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Christina Skyye if you haven’t read it yet.

TGirls.Porn: Natalie Mars & Sydney Farron

MP4 Scene Trailer

Radius Dark presents the 4K production of Natalie Mars and Sydney Farron – one of the finest hardcore scenes and photo sets of the year. I had a pretty good idea of what might go down before watching this update but I had to see the trailer to confirm my suspicions. Here’s what each stunning model had to say about it:

Natalie: “Sydney did a great job fucking the shit out of me. She stayed rock hard for most of the time we were making love, but when she didn’t, I didn’t mind taking her cock straight from my ass to my mouth and having her fuck me some more. I loved cumming with her cock in my ass and she had one of the biggest cumshots I’ve ever been covered with!”

Sydney: “I couldn’t wait for Natalie to arrive so I could eat her sexy ass out. When I pulled her little panties off and made my way down her body and stuck that thick cock of hers in my mouth, I got rock hard in my panties. I pounded her nice and hard and you have to see my titties bouncing. I exploded at the end and accidentally hit her right in the eye…oops!”

It can take an average of four hours for the eye to stop burning when hit with a cum shot so I’m told. *wink* That said, telling you about the ending sums up the devotion that was put into this scene. It begins with Natalie laying face down on the bed with Sydney paying special attention to her well-rounded butt. Orally. Mr. Dark captures the action in different angles and the first kiss in the second sequence is electrifying. I always gauge trans lesbian porn with chemistry first and foremost and it’s riveting to take in the smooching and nipple licking.

Natalie is obviously pleased as her cock is almost as hard as ever by the time Sydney takes it inside her mouth. This initial blowjob footage is also shot in multiple angles and the POV sucking is breathtaking. The girls change positions early on and Natalie gives Sydney head also. This action is followed by perhaps my favorite parts aside from the kissing and cock sucking – the glistening dick frottage sequence.

This is followed by Sydney driving her stiff cock inside Natalie in the missionary position. Natalie is so hard that it’s obvious that either girl could have done the fucking. But from what I understand, Natalie who can top actually prefers being the one getting railed. I’ve seen Sydney topping many times before, thus my prediction about how this scene would primarily play out. But how little disappointed am I to see what I expected to guess what would happen? Not at all! Besides that, both cum shots are incredible and the second one is particularly insane.

On top of that, this TGirls.Porn session ends with more passionate kissing after the playfulness dies down. Did I mention that this is my #1 favorite website on the Net? I probably said that last time so sorry if I keep repeating myself.


Billiard Erotica With Nikki Kittens

The Canada-TGirl.com synopsis of this update reads: Looking quite seductive in her sexy outfit while playing one of her favorite sport Nikki Kittens aims to please in her latest scene.

She starts things off hitting some balls on the pool table and striking some very tempting poses before she pulls down her jeans to show off her round ass-pussy and erect cock. Things get quite hot as she starts spreading her legs and jacks herself off.

Petite Nikki Kittens is cute as a button and a sexual powerhouse. I don’t often see both qualities battling with each other so much in one model. She racks up the pool table in a cut-off top and ripped jeans with tall sandals looking as much like a Vegas girl as one from Canada. She doesn’t carry an extra ounce of fat on her lean form but she’s not too thin either.

Eventually, Nikki begins to work her jeans down and she begins reaching inside her panties. She then begins jerking off and posing from the front and back.

Pretty Nikki develops a raging boner fast and she pauses to remove her heels and resumes stroking her cock again.

Nikki has an ass that won’t quit and she’s not shy about showing off all of it. She kicks her jeans off her dainty little bare feet and jerks off full frontal while standing and then sitting on the pool table.

She then loses her panties and continues masturbating with her skimpy little sport shirt still on. It’s simply mind blowing when Nikki moves her fap session to a red leather mat.

She eventually moves her top and black bra down to expose her nibble-ready nipples as she continues stroking her raging hard uncut erection in this stunningly sexy Canada-TGirl.com update!

Femout.XXX: Blue-Haired Bexy Plays!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Producer Radius Dark often goes into extensive detail about his models for those of us who want to know something about who we’re watching. Sometimes it’s with interviews, sometimes with text and sometimes with both. His background information of sexy Bexy Lynne reads:

Bexy was a lot of fun to work with. Like I do with nearly all new models, I spent some time teaching her how to pose and why I wanted her to pose that way. She was more than receptive to my advice. She stands about 6’1″ and no doubt feels her butt is her best attribute, since she’s her own ass’ biggest fan. She was able to get hard with no trouble at all.

Bexy has had six different threesomes with other women / trans-women, but she also likes men who have the physical size and strength to dominate her. So far, all the men who’ve “dominated” her have had to ask her to do things, but she’d like a man to toss her around and take total control. When she speaks while being filmed, Bexy describes how she likes to be dominated by men and when she raises the hem of her skirt her pretty cock is already stiff.

She gets right down to jerking off for a pretty long period of time until directed to stand up and begin her striptease. Then you get to see her lovely hormone breasts and the way her erection stands out from those thick creamy thighs of hers. Clear beads of pre-cum pour from her bulbous cockhead as she continues to beat off. Bexy gets so freaking wet while playing with her hardon!

Then she bends over on the bed masturbating while showing off her big curvy ass. She also removes her pumps and stockings for leg and foot admirers to lose their nearly minds and almost definitely loose their cum. This debut with sexy Bexy is not to miss on Femout.XXX.

Femout.XXX: Sexy and Vibrant Lizzy!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Lizzy is proud of the small amount of body fat on her body. I normally don’t think of 6 foot tall girls as spinners, but when they weigh only 130 lbs, there’s an exception to be made. Back on March 23, 2017, Lizzy Red’s Perfect Size 11 Feet” went live on Foot Fetish TS and Radius Dark shot her on Femout three times.

He did not shoot her for shemalestrokers.com where I saw her first. Lizzy’s Femout.XXX description reads, “Lizzy Red is a unique model, because she’s Asian-American, very tall, and has a huge cock. She’s still a total bottom that loves rough sex. She’s never topped before, but she’s into other tgirls who can top her. Don’t worry guys, she’s pansexual and likes guys too. I can’t wait to work with her again with my actual equipment. The airlines misplaced my bag and I had to shoot her without my lights. Oh well, just an excuse to bring her back in! Outside of porn, she’s a musician.”

I’m also pansexual and mainly dominant so when she says in the video that she likes to be picked up and made to cum by strong guys, I’m remembering it doesn’t necessarily have to be by a guy. It’s not like there’s a good chance I’ll ever meet and get to fuck young Lizzy, but I like to think that there’s some small chance with just about every adult model I find attractive.

Over time I’ve seen Lizzy’s breasts growth and many other feminine changes occur and she’s so pretty! I love the way she’s dyed her hair, but that’s not all so new.

She’s had attitude and original style since her porn debut. Her svelte form has the distribution of fat she describes, in her thighs, tits and ass and she let’s us figure out for ourselves that she has a massive cock when it’s fully erect.

We never see it completely flaccid in this scene before or after she cums. But before her tremendous climax, Lizzy does a lot of leg, foot and ass teasing before stripping and stroking completely nude. Her orgasm is intense and her big cock shoots a huge load of creamy white cum at the end of this Femout.XXX scene!

Lizzy is originally from Chicago but currently residing in Seattle. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her and I’m so glad she’s stayed in the game as long as she has.

Cum with Lizzy on Femout.XXX