Lisa Heart on UK TGirls



I’d go into detail about this British fox, but since I’ve done an interview with Lisa Heart a few years ago, you can learn more about her here. You’ll also find a link to her website in our interview. But now I’d like to tell you about her debut on the hot new UK TGirls website. Lisa does things to a schoolgirl outfit I rarely see, like the hard points of nipples visible through a crop-top shirt. Her eyeglasses, tartan plaid skirt, white stockings and Mary Janes complete the look. She removes her specs while raising her legs in the chair and fingering herself, sounding as hot as she looks. Then she begins stroking her pecker stiff. When it’s fully erect, Lisa tastes a bit of her “sweetness” and wonders if you’d like to suck or ride her huge cock. Then she starts fucking herself again while wanking. Lisa presents magnificent rear views once she’s standing with one leg propped on the radiator. She also bares and plays with her lovely hormone boobs while jacking off. I’m too bashful to discuss more of what happens in this fabulous UK TGirls video. I’ll end by saying I saw everything I expected to see from this amazing performer.

Treasure Barbie on Shemale Yum



Treasure Barbie of Salt Lake City, Utah is on Shemale Yum for the first time at 21 years old in a spectacular photo and video shoot by Radius Dark. She’s a bottom but no one has really turned her on to the BDSM scene yet. Apparently, she hasn’t found a D/s partner who’s been aggressive enough. If she only knew one of the Doms I know. Man, I love Mr. Dark’s interviews! Watching Treasure Barbie talk is as mesmerizing and sexy as the things she has to say about herself. Then the stripping begins. She hates bras, but she’s wearing one anyway and it comes off quickly. She loves having her nipples sucked on and her cock licked very slowly. Treasure Barbie doesn’t just lay back and stroke her hardon quietly. She’s a consummate pro at dirty talk and her incredibly seductive would be enough to make a lot of my friends cum hard just from listening. There’s upskirt footage without a skirt and explicit rear action as well. She also gives a dazzling leg show before it’s all over until next time. This is an incredible Shemale Yum debut and there’s no doubt in my mind that Treasure Barbie is going to be a major porn star. It’s already happening for her so freaking quickly.

Holly Parker on Shemale.XXX



People tell me all the time that the hostess of Holly Parker XXX is their favorite porn star to cum with. I couldn’t be less surprised by anything and her new Shemale.XXX performance reminds me of why this happens. Blackula filmed her in a bath scene where she comes home from work and needs some self-pampering and self-stroking. While stripping, she makes sure her sex toys are on the tub, then draws her bath. She steps into the tub still wearing her lacy black one-piece lingerie get-up. But the garment comes off quickly. The water is a little hot and it’s super bubbly, but the bubbles don’t hide anything you’re hoping to see. Soon, Holly is stroking her cock stiff while moaning seductively. She splashes water with her stiff dick and lies back to masturbate more intensely. Holly really wishes she had someone to suck her cock and to fuck her, so she says. Soon she’s bent over with her magnificent ass facing the camera. Then she’s sitting on the side of the tub, then on a towel on the tiled floor. At that point, Holly is fucking herself with her pink toy while fapping furiously. Get to Shemale.XXX to see Holly’s big cumshot.

Bianka Nascimento and Steve Black







Click on the photos above if you haven’t already. There are some video previews and a smaple photo set. There are so many exquisite images I lost coust after about 150. Beautiful Bianka Nascimento comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in Ireland (Dublin). After finding himself in the wrong room, Steve Black finds himself in the wrong hotel room. Actually, nothing could be more right about it. This guy, who always reminds me of rapper Nas, is really cute and quite funny. Bianka reveals the growing “surprise” between her sexy legs after sucking Steve Black’s BBC. Their torrid 69 leads to Steve fucking Bianka in a variety of positions until she takes a facial. The content on this site with Bianka’s cute male friends and other T-Girl Network stars who helped her with this site is a hardcore lover’s dream. If you think these previews are something, you should take the tour. I really love the way her hot porn star, producer and photographer friends helped to create such a great new site.   

Bee on Ladyboy.XXX





A fetish outfit like the bondage number Bee is wearing in her new Ladyboy.XXX video can be worn by anyone, but I wouldn’t suggest it unless one is in optimal shape. One doesn’t have to have big tits and a big cock like this Bangkok beauty to wear it, but it helps. I’ve seen this busty little Bee on this incredible site as well as on Ladyboy-Ladyboy and The Grooby Archives and she’s been in adult entertainment for about 6 years now. Her stats are 5’5″ (165cm), 105 lbs (48kg) and she just doesn’t seem to age. Most of the beginning of this solo scene focuses on Bee’s unbelievable bottom. Then she faces the camera to fap full frontal. In the photo set, Bee looks so sweet and innocent but in motion, she transforms into a total sex kitten. She doesn’t say anything, but when one looks this hot, she really doesn’t have to. It doesn’t seem like she was watching porn while beating off but her right arm was stretched out and she might have had her hand on something – the hand that wasn’t forcing a big creamy white cumshot to splash across her thigh.

Tyga and Mia Isabella Scandal



Transphobia in the black community and in hip hop culture runs deep. If the rumor about rapper Tyga is true, Tyga’s future earnings are in jeopardy. But I’m only worried about Mia Isabella as I’m a big fan and have been for years. I also find it ridiculous and sad that allegedly sleeping with a transsexual is apparently more taboo and damaging than allegedly sleeping with a 17 year old cisgender female. You can read more about this development on the website.

Lizzy Laynez on Trans500







The hardcore scene with Lizzy Laynez who was fantastic in her Trans500 solo debut from about 3 months ago reminds me of the videos from when the site was first launched. I’m not always a big fan of comedy in porn and Ramon is just being himself in the Beach Babe Bangin’ scene. In this I Kill It TS branch of the network, there is a bit of a plot, however. Following the crystal clear HD footage of beautiful Lizzy posing on the beach, stripping out of a crocheted coverup, she’s told by Ramon that she’s trespassing on his property. They take things inside where he tells her how she can pay up. Okay, that’s it with the plot and that’s enough for me in this case. Ramon gets Lizzy out of her bikini and sandals quickly and part of her punishment is a little spanking. Lizzy knows she’s expected to suck some dick next and exposes Ramon’s notorious monster cock. Lizzy’s tool is hard as a rock by this time and standing up from her thighs as she kneels to perform fellatio. I’m pretty amazed at how much she managed to deep throat. When the move to the sofa, Lizzy’s cock throbs and twitches and she straddles the tall man and sinks down on him in the cowgirl position. This scene runs about 28 minutes long and through all the position changes, it really blows my mind how calm, cool and collected Lizzy is. Even up to the point when she shoots her cum on her tummy, she makes it seem like she gets fucked by cocks this big all the time. She looks flawless even when she takes a huge facial at the end. Don’t miss her videos on Trans500. This babe is absolutely incredible.

Mandy Mitchell on Shemale Club



Mandy Mitchell is back and this photo gallery is a sample from her new Shemale Club video! “Hey baby, did you miss me?” she asks and proceeds to stroke the stiff cock beneath her pretty halter dress. This is definitely the first silly question I’ve ever heard from one of the brightest adult stars on the Net. After that however, nothing silly is said or done and she says quite a lot while masturbating. Soon, Mandy’s top comes down, her heels come off and she plays with her fun spot while beating off, too. Then comes one of those intense climaxes the sorely missed megastar is known for. I caught this scene soon after watching an update on her official Mandy-Mitchell website. There she has an incredible role play scene with her gorgeous genetic girlfriend Bianca Stone in the “Anal Training and Tail Play” video. That scene comes with 250+ hi-res images. I’m also a big fan of the cisgender female kinkster Bianca who has bought some tails with butt plugs, an inflatable dildo and more sex toys home to play with. It’s a 27 minute hardcore scene with the type of fetish content I can’t seem to get enough of. I’m so glad that gorgeous Mandy Mitchell is back! Her abscence from the adult industry wasn’t really all that long, but in porn years, it seems like it’s been ages. But then she looks as hot as ever.

Delia TS Orange Maxi In The Woods


Delia DeLions pitches a tent in the woods. Don’t take that literally. What I mean is that while she walks around the forest with no panties on, her big cock pitches a tent in her sheer orange maxi dress. Her hot wife Tasty Trixie captures a lot of tantalizing upskirt style views before Delia exposes her full, lovely breasts and the Pacific Northwest beauty’s dick swells right before your eyes. Delia-TS masturbates furiously while rubbing her more sensitive nipple. Her concentration on having a big climax is as intense as the veins encircling her swollen shaft. Delia tastes a bit of her nectar that hasn’t fallen to the grass before her sandaled feet. Hey! Leave some for us, girl! Delia DeLions and Trixie Fontaine are trailblazers of independent porn with several years of experience. It shows in the tremendous archives.

Venus Lux Stars and Stripes



What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing. It just waved. What’s the quickest way to get away from more corny Independence Day jokes? Watch the video preview (and five more after that if you’re aroused by the first one) on the official Venus-Lux website. After watching her scintillating hardcore “Transsexual Romance” video performance with FTM Fucker James Darling, I just had to check out her July 4th solo scene. First I saw the photo set that comes with about 80 hi-res images. The pictures gave away how this erotic holiday story would end. But I had to see the full video for myself. You should too and Happy Fourth of July!

Trixxy Von Tease in Summer Bat


The sensational alternative Grooby/ModelCentro website presents “Summer Bat” which ends with one of of the most amazing cumshots I’ve ever seen on a TS website. In this solo video performance, Trixxy is filmed oiled up in her black bikini and wedge sandals while puffing on a cigarette. She wastes no time masturbating once she’s done with her smoke. Her cock wastes no time getting stiff either. Trixxy raises her smooth, shiny legs to give you an explicit view of all her charms while pumping away furiously. She fingers herself and switches with each hand to stroke her raging hard dick and occasionally cups one of her big boobs. Trixxy makes the sexiest faces while fingering and fapping and you get ultra clear footage of every inch of her fine form. I don’t want to go into detail about the way Trixxy cums in the end because I really want you to see this. Take the tour of to get a better idea of what’s in store for you.     

Isabelle on UK TGirls



I’ve known about Isabelle, who is Bulgarian but lives in London, as “Izabell” since about January from somewhere in the social media world. But I’ve never seen one her incredible performances before until UK TGirls was recently launched. Well, I’ve seen both of her photo and video sets and I can’t make up my mind which one is hotter. She’s so pretty it’s just plain ridiculous. In the first video, she walks around the room in lingerie and says she needs help with her horniness. After removing her bra and showing us a huge dildo, she raises one of her lovely breasts to lick a nipple. Soon she’s sitting in a pink chair with her gorgeous legs spread open. This is the first porn video with Isabelle I’ve ever seen and she’s already fucking her unbelievable bottom with a sex toy. Your favorite part might be seeing Isabelle sitting on the floor with the dildo buried deep inside her while she strokes her stiff, uncut cock. When Isabelle stands back up, her swollen cock does too. It’s an amazing sight. She’s only 22 and with her 5’7″, 33-28-34 stats, mesmerizing green eyes, killer body and A+ performance skills, I think it would be crazy to miss her debut and encore performances on UK TGirls. This preview gallery is from her second fantastic shoot.

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms









Sarina Valentina is breathtaking in hardcore bareback action with pretty boy Ashton Abrahms who starred with her in his first official porn scene. I’ve seen him on YouTube with Sarina and also on Chaturbate (room=ashtonabrahms). He’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996) and at the top of the transsexual porn food chain already with just one scene, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.” Can you imagine what it must be like to be in your 1st TS porn feature with Sarina as your co-star? “The Sweet Taste of Cum” title of their scene must have been chosen after it was shot because during the shooting. Sarina asked for it on her ass and inside her before Ashton blasted his spunk across her face and in her mouth. This bareback hardcore scene is one of the hardest poundings I’ve seen Sarina take! That’s what she gets for losing a game of checkers? What would have happened if she’d won? Sarina Valentina happens to be in my top ten favorite transsexual porn stars of all time. She’s done it all including sex with all genders, fetish, interracial, BDSM, etc. All this and she looks as incredible as she did when she first entered the adult entertainment world as Alexis. Join for her amazing archive of content.

Kandie Loving on Bob’s Tgirls





“Pool Table Cumshot” is the name of the new Kandie Loving video on Bob’s Tgirls. She and Mr. Maverick don’t beat around the bush, do they? “Contortions” is the name of the 130+ image photo set of this Albuquerque, New Mexico fox. All this concise title business leaves me little to blog about! I think her toned, athletic body is perfect the way it is, but more about that later. Kandie is actually quite good at playing pool, as seen in the video. It couldn’t have been easy to move around the table in her size 7 skyscraper pumps, but she gets down to stripping quickly anyway. She’s traded the pool stick for a large dildo she’s quite talented with as well. Kandie’s high-pitched, soft moaning adds to the eroticism of her toy pumping and cock stroking. The best shot of this pool-themed video is the one big, creamy white one that lands on Kandie’s flat tummy. Watch the full video on Bob’s Tgirls!

TsPussyHunters: Stefani Special and Mistress Kara









I can’t get over the fact that one of my all-time favorite adult entertainment performers is so young. But guess I’m going to have to for now in order to describe her latest mesmerizing work. Stefani Special aces her role as a total submissive in the new TS Pussy Hunters video with Mistress Kara. This gorgeous Domme brings a highly anticipated rare element to one of the sister sites of TS Seduction – a cisgender dominatrix eager to dominate some of the stunning transsexuals here. She and Stefani are perfectly matched because although Stefani is a switch, she’s been anxious to explore her subspace in a scene. Mistress Kara never allows Stefani to take control in this video whereas she was always the top in her three previous performances. She’s a natural actress who adds humor to plot as it unfold. Mistress Kara is 100% convincing as a Domme who’s not to be messed with. If you’ve seen her MK-Entertainment website, you already know that she’s mastered the art of domination. Unlike many Kink network scenes, there wasn’t a highlight for me in this one because I found it thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Visually, I’d have to say it was the total nudity and hung Stefani’s relentless and powerful thrusting combined with Mistress Kara demanding exactly what she wanted done to her. Follow @stefani_special on Twitter and don’t miss this TS Pussy Hunters update with it’s long-anticipated twist.