TGirls.Porn: Elise Luxx & Lilith Lovett

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Elise Luxxx and Lilith Lovett’s producer for this killer scene Radius Dark says, “These two’s mannerisms and voices are so much alike that I figured I’d shoot them together.” Can you imagine having shot so many hot models that you start finding some with distinctively similar qualities? I can see exactly what he’s talking about from not so much the photos, but definitely with the video!

About the main event, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a video open like this – two gorgeous trans girls sitting beside each other beating off. Their cocks are raging hard and we’re just getting started! Each girl stands up with their gravity defying boners bobbing and swaying and remove their panties.

Which super horny fox is going to get her stiff cock sucked first? It looks like it’s going to be Lilith getting the first mouthful of dick. The previously mentioned similarities begin right about here. If you’ve seen and heard Lilith Lovett before on TGirls.Porn or on, and hear Elise moaning and gasping from the sensations Lilith’s deep blowjob produces, you’ll get it.

In other words, they both have sweet high-pitched voices. But as far as I’m concerned, the similarities end there. Each model is distinctly different. As we proceed, Elise reacts to fellatio as if almost feels too good. She shudders and winces like she’s going to shoot her load too early.

Lilith doesn’t help matters by eventually sucking Elise’s big cock down balls deep. But then it’s time for Lilith to receive a POV blowjob. I’m studying both girl’s techniques to recall when my next cock sucking opportunity presents itself.

Lilith: “Elise is a very nice person, considerate, and very soft. I liked being on top of her and being in control. I like her hips a lot. She has very… wide hips. Her asshole is so cute and inviting and I’m jealous!”

Elise: “I love girls. They’re way more soft than guys. They’re also warmer and tend to be a lot easier to turn on. The best time was when I was in doggy style and Lilith was right on top of me. That cumshot is so much, I felt like I was flooded. I love her tits. The tip of her nipples are so great.”

Let me tell you why this scene checks all boxes for me. One model could have just fucked the other. Both Elise take turns fucking each other. The intimacy is tight from the erotic sword fighting to the passionate kissing. Lastly, this climactic TGirls.Porn update ends with two fierce cumshots! Are there any boxes left to check? None that I see.

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Pure-TS: Young TS Cuties Get Fucked Together

Pure-TS Synopsis: Elise Luxxx and Zoey Frost are two young TS girls that are having a slumber party when big bad Christian walks in. They forget about their cell phones and texting their friends, and immediately begin to suck his big cock together. These super cute starlets give up their asses for him while cheering each other on at the same time.

“Super Cute Newbie Elise Luxxx Loves The Cock” and “Amateur TS Zoey Loves The D” should refresh the memory of subscribers and if it’s you’re a first time member, you’ve got plenty to look forward to! In “Young TS Cuties Get Fucked Together” the first kiss between Elise and Zoey creates a stir in my loins and the big bulge in Christian’s jeans allows me to see that he’s experiencing the same effect in real-time. He’s standing over the bed the girls lay on looking at their cute little butts. Christian seems to love trans lesbian kissing as much as they do. He guides Zoey along in her makeout session, then lifts her up aggressively for to take Elise’s place.

Elise, the sexy schoolgirl in black and red, doesn’t want to be left out. She pushes her way in for a kiss and gets even more attention when the big man removes her brassiere. Zoey caresses her puffy nipples and then her lovely hormone breasts are exposed too! Zoey devours Elise’s pretty tits while Christian exposes Zoey’s phenomenal ass. He can’t seem to stop smiling and his gargantuan cock doesn’t stop growing until the girls take turns sucking it. They also exchange passionate kisses while sharing the massive cock.

Elise take a bareback fucking first and then Zoey gets it. What follows is a variety of position changes and penetraion personel switches until this explosive update comes to a close.

In order for a two trans girl and one man scene to succeed, I have to get the feeling that the models are equally into the website owner and each other. I get that here 100%.

TSPOV: Jadyn Evergreen

There’s no doubt in my mind why Jadyn Evergreen’s direct dialogue begins with the model laying in bed with a focus on her bare legs. They’re incredibly shapely and she’s a big favorite amongst foot lovers also. I’ve seen fans go absolutely nuts over her on Chaturbate. TSPOV and Pure-TS founder and operator says, “Jadyn Evergreen is a very popular cam model with a tight and toned figure. She enjoys pleasing men especially when she can get tokens at the same time. Watch her jerk off this lucky cock with gusto!” This reality-based scene continues with you and your cock as the object of Jadyn’s desire – not Christian. He absolutely stars on but on, you’re in the driver’s seat with the model. Raven begins stripping out of her exquisite bra and panties with seductive dialogue, the kind of dirty talk she uses while performing live. After exposing and squeezing her natural hormone breasts, Jadyn turns around and backs her curvy ass for you for another kind of show. This show involves the dropping of her panties. Jadyn then sinks her lovely naked form upon the floor between your thighs. Of course what she finds is your throbbing hard cock! You’re the co-star in her latest cam show. Well, not really but your stiff cock is Jadyn’s co-star. How long do you think you could last after Jadyn double-fists your erection and then places it against her heart-shaped butt cheeks? She lets you finger her tight ass while stroking your hardon. I believe that she’s going to withdraw every ounce of cum from you and even taste it! You can watch her LIVE on to find out the many other torrid things Jadyn likes to do. But don’t forget to have fun with this incredibly hot update on


Mini_j’s Sticky FTGW Debut!

Isan, North-East Thailand is where Mini_j is originally where this new model is from, but I think that she currently resides in Thailand. Her contact information is on FTGW.

Frank says she was late arriving to her shoot which might explain how much catching up to do in terms of production. In other words, it seems like one debut shoot is for stripping, stroking and the encore is for both two plus a traditional cum shot.

This horny young freelancer was obviously willing to make up for her tardiness with her cum! While listening to Mini_J introduce herself in her high-pitched voice, I see a glam fan gently breezing her diaphanous robe about.

Upon closer look I see that her cock head it visible between the thin folds. Mini_j is pleased that Frank is impressed with her English, but the 23 year old knows she’s got it down pretty good. It seems that she’s totally vers by the way she responds to Frank’s questions.

I’m glad he asked Just because her cock easily gets raging hard, that doesn’t necessarily mean she likes to use it. But apparently she does and it’s pretty easily to visualize Mini_j penetrating an orifice with that hard spike.

What I like most about her style of modeling aside from her cock stroking, love button rubbing and natural beauty is her confidence. Mini_j is a total seductress aware of every motion she makes and every flirtatious look.

After fucking herself with that big silver bullet, it’s on. Mini_j has done her thing to turn you on and now it’s time to treat herself to a big climax. You’ll hear the autoflash clicking away as Mini_j pulls furiously at her cock and she sends spurt after spurt of creamy white cum into the air. Look at how that spunt flies so high in the closeup replay on!

TS Playground: Sarah Oliviera & Spencer

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Hi, my name is Sarah. This is my first scene so I’m really nervous,” says this beautiful Latinx ingenue on TS Playground in perfect English. It’s kinda funny because she doesn’t look nervous to me at all. “I’m a big top and I have a big cock too,” she says and when she asks if we want to see it, handsome Spencer Fox is already down there sucking on it! Sarah is wearing a red brassiere but it’s pulled down to fully expose her lovely breasts with their sexy tan lines.

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She’s not wearing any panties, just tall sandals. Cute Spencer is totally naked and he begins stroking his own boner when he sits up and smiles at the beauty before him. He kisses one of Sarah’s nipples then resumes sucking her big stiff cock again. Later, Spencer stands up on the bed with his large erection before Sarah’s pretty face. Her cock sucking technique looks incredible! Sarah can’t manage all that dick in her mouth but she knows how to work the shaft with her red nailed fingers and the firm grip of her pumping fist. Her straight stiff cock stands out directly from her loins as she sucks away and then Spencer goes in for another taste. The kiss while kneeling and have an erotic sword fight. Spencer’s big prick might be thicker but it doesn’t dwarf the lovely she-cock by any means. The foreplay continues and then comes the moment a lot of us are really waiting to see. Sarah drives her bare cock inside Spencer’s super cute bubble butt and starts humping him. That’s one of my favorite male butts in the business getting railed so I’m excited about this!

Flash Scene Trailer

Sarah’s long hard shaft is pretty dry so I know Spencer is really feeling its power. Sarah’s doggystyle fucking eventually evolves into a side saddle ride. Then he takes it hard and deep while on his back. Sadly, no one else is around to suck Spencer’s cock while Sarah pounds his tight booty but her stroking hand makes him cum! After he shoots his jizz across his abs, Sarah spends quite a bit of time working to get her nut. After she comes, I’m wondering how long this babe stays hard!

Don’t miss this fantastic update! Sarah’s creamy white cum looks even more delicious in the slow motion instant replay.

TwoTGirls – Chelsea Marie & Valentina Mia Fuck the Neighbors

Scene Trailer

Chelsea Marie is the new girl in town, she has just settled into her new home when her annoying neighbor decides to pop over for a visit. After inviting herself in, the two chat a bit about the community before Chelsea Marie shuts her up with a mouth full of cock! Valentina Mia just won’t stop talking after inviting herself inside for a cup of tea. Not only that but she talks a mile a minute! It’s kind of hard to keep it up when “forced” to give a blowjob however. Valentina sucks that cock down to the base, making it stiff in no time. There’s a lot of what I call sexual suspense in this scene with Valentina remaining fully dressed for so long as Chelsea gradually removes more clothing. We’ve got one gorgeous trans almost completely nude and the other…. I wonder if there’s a market for CTNT content – Clothed Trans Naked Trans. But I digress.

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When Chelsea continues to tear her clothing off, pushing her top down over her big stiff cock, Valentina finally removes her dress. Now that both amazing bodies are fully nude, Chelsea is able to fondle Miss Mia’s breasts while kissing her and to turn her around and rub her boner across the sexy neighbor’s bare back. Valentina settles back into Chelsea’s lap with her cock dangling between her thighs. Just when you think she’s going to sink down on Chelsea’s raging hard member, she stands up and then bends over and gets a rim job. You might be dying to see Chelsea fuck Valentina so badly it’s driving you nuts, or you might love having to wait so long to see it. The midway point of this scene is approaching. When Valentina is bent over the sofa, I promise you won’t have to wait long to see Chelsea easing her cock inside Valentina’s tight ass! There are multiple position changes too!

Performer’s Page

It’s available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution. Check out the Chelsea Marie Category for more of this gorgeous superstar’s incredible work. For more information about her amazing co-star, I hope you’ll enjoy my November 2016 Interview with Valentina Mia. Don’t miss this scorching hot update on!

Mandy Mitchell – 5 Girl TS/Lesbian Superstar Orgy

Scene Trailers

There’s a lot of horny information to unpack here. I looked up what Mandy Mitchell had to say about her 5 Girl TS/Lesbian Superstar Orgy first because she sums it up best. “I just don’t know if there is any shoot I have ever enjoyed myself more then this one. Natalie Mars, Kimberly Kane, Summer Hart, and wifey Bianca Stone all jump on my bed and have sex with me in every way imaginable. This was my heaven.” With a description like that I just had to explore further and here’s what I found. Mandy and Kimberly are laying in bed naked together after sex. Mandy just had two orgasms and Kimberly has been fucking all day. After an invitation from Kimberly, Natalie, Summer and Bianca arrive in the bedroom ready to play. As the remove their dresses, Kimberly explains that Mandy has been over-fucking her and needs a little rejuvenation. Redhead Summer and Kimberly kiss as Bianca and Natalie tend to Mandy’s situation. But then, there are no particular teams pairing up and one girl moves to another fluidly. It seems like Summers’ heart-shaped ass is the center of attention one moment and then Natalie’s curvy bottom becomes the focus. Everyone is either completely nude or in stay-up stocking, but Bianca is sporting special equipment – a hug strap on dildo. Since she’s poised behind Natalie while lubricating the phallus, I know exactly where the head is going. Kimberly helps Natalie ride Bianca’s big toy and Summer helps Kimberly spank her butt. When Bianca allows Kimberly to take over with a deep and rapid finger banging, and tea bagging of her smoothly shaven balls, Natalie begins sucking Mandy’s cock that’s come back to life. Natalie receives a gang bang fingering from her four partners and Mandy prepares to mount Bianca. Her wife is still wearing her harness and dildo when Mandy sinks her bare erection deep inside her pussy. But there’s something missing. No one is riding the strap on dildo so Natalie decides to do the honors while Mandy continues fucking Bianca! Summer doesn’t want to be left out so she rides Bianca’s face with her pussy and Kimberly jumps back into the action spanking and kneading Summer’s bottom. I’ve only described just over half of this torrid orgy available on,, and!  

TGirls.Porn: Alina Grace & Bexy Lynne

This torrid scene with alluring Alina Grace and sexy Bexy Lynn goes straight to kissing passionately on the bed while dressed in white. The clothing is shed quickly beginning with Bexy baring and devouring Alina’s natural breasts.

When Alina’s dress is removed, the bulge in her panties displays how turned on she is. Bexy lays her down, exposes her lovely stiffening cock and takes it inside her mouth.

“You’re so big,” Alina tells Bexy after helping her strip down to her panties that are tenting. We see that she’s absolutely correct if we’re quick enough to catch a sight of the whole thing before its bulbous head slides inside Alina’s mouth. More kissing, kneeling frottage and full nudity follows as does more reciprocal oral. Alina’s cock remains so hard while Bexy fucks her silly and a variety of positions culminate in two powerful cum shots!

Alina: “Bexy was really thick, meaning her big seven inch cock. I also liked her humor. My ass was being spread wide open. I almost never get fucked. This was the second time ever. I liked when I was lying on my stomach and Bexy was on top, pounding me.”

Bexy: “I loved my first hardcore shoot with Alina Grace. My favorite part was that ass. She’s got some perfect boobs and an awesome smile. All the making out was fun and we were both naturals at giving blowjobs.”

Alina Grace topped Oxcetalene Lane in the first explosive update of 2017 on TGirls.Porn in a torrid Radius Dark hardcore scene. There’s also Alina Grace on Shemale Yum and Alina Grace of Foot Fetish TS!

Bexy Lynne on Femout.XXX is where you can find the debut and encore sets of the incredible new model you can see performing LIVE on!

TS Seduction: Sofia Sanders and Pierce Paris

Someone apparently gets as turned on by writing about TS Seduction scenes as I do. I don’t know who it is but they should get credit for such a horny synopsis. So I’ll leave some of it intact and just add a few of my own personal thoughts. It reads: Even the most seasoned of performers can get nervous. When the jitters come, some people reach for a drink or maybe take some deep breaths but for the tall TS goddess Sofia Sanders there is only one thing that can help her relax: FUCKING!

Lucky for her Pierce Paris is all too willing to do whatever it takes to help a lady get ready for her performance. Sofia drags Pierce to her with a raw magnetic sexual pulse that instantly makes his cock rock hard. She lets him slowly worship her body, and Pierce showers her with kisses and the softest of touches. Once Sofia knows that he is hers to command she takes out her huge cock and stuffs it down his throat. Pierce devours her stiff rod and begs Sofia to plunge deeper into his willing throat. Tired of his pathetic attempts to please her, Sofia then flips her hung little bitch over and begins to… Okay I’ll end the official write-up here.

This is Sofia’s SEVENTH scene since 2017 brilliantly directed by Madeline Marlowe. She’s an institution to me on TS Seduction and I cannot believe this is the first time here. I’ve been crushing on him hard forever. I knew exactly what I’d like most about Sofia and Pierce’s chemistry if the scene played out the same way in real life as it was in my mind before seeing it. I could care less about the fisting if I’m being honest. I’m more aroused by the oral sex and actual fucking which is amazing. What I love most is that Sofia’s highly skilled domination brings out something special about Pierce. He possesses incredible physical strength and that’s obvious when you see him. But there’s a charming and sweet vulnerability a less talented Domme or director could not have exposed. That’s my two cents and you can read the rest of the official synopsis on but warning; it does contain spoilers. Look for “Stunning TS Goddess Sofia Sanders Fucks and Fists a Hung Muscled Stud!!” on

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Black TGirls: Innocence Shoots A Load!

Last Thursday was the release of another exclusive cumshot special on Black TGirls and the “Cumshot Thursday” star was gorgeous Innocence! Innocence has been modeling since 2014 and after a two years long hiatus, she returned three months ago.

Now Omar Wax brings her back for the new cumshot special series and you know this girl is going to give us a nice sticky load of spunk! In her seventh set, Innocence is filmed from behind gazing out of the window wearing pink lingerie and strappy black sandals.

She addresses you saying that she’s very horny. It would be tempting to fast forward to her climax but she’s a talented stripper so you should sit back and take in the entire show. She’s quite vocal throughout the whole process and she develops an erection very early in the scene. While tweaking her nipples Innocence confesses that kissing them is the fastest way to get her aroused.

Innocence is totally naked on the bed stroking her hardon when obviously drawing closer to climax. She pulls slowly and firmly at her oiled shaft and squeezes pre-cum from its tip.

Then she suddenly lifts her cock upward and it releases a torrent of creamy white cum! This babe completely soaks her lower torso and hand with jizz in this torrid update! You can take a look at all of her other preview content and watch this teaser trailer.

Are you curious to see what tomorrow’s Cumshot Thursday has in store? Don’t wait. As of now there have been five new models stripping and stroking on this legendary website since we came with Innocence.