Tristana Wild in Pretty Tristana Wild Cums!

My Interview with Amy Space Kitten here on Caramel’s TGirls in November of 2016 was such a pleasure and she introduced the adult industry to gorgeous Philly sex kitten Tristana Wild two weeks ago! “Pretty Tristana Wild Cums!” is the encore photo and video set of this beautiful new model dressed as what I like to think of as a Cinderella if you’re at Halloween Night in Orlando, Florida. No shade there – I like her dress so much I’d wear it myself! But if I’m being honest I’m more interested in seeing what’s going on beneath the dress.

When you think of it, it’s really not a dress but more of a bra and skirt and after introducing herself, Tristana begins untying her sexy booties. “I can’t wait to get all my clothes off,” she says and she begins by getting barefoot. After stretching out for a moment, Tristana flips herself up and we see that her skirt is just barely on. Her sexy ass is almost completely visible. She wastes no time in untying it’s bow and removing it to leave her wearing just her bra and matching thong. She moans loudly when touching the most sensitive spot of her bottom and then reaches inside the front of her panties. Kinksters will undoubtedly take notice of the collar around Tristana’s neck when she cups her breasts and removes her brassiere.

“I love playing with my nipples,” she purrs. “They’re so tender.” Soon after that Tristana withdraws her cock from her panties and begins masturbating rapidly! When she turns around again kneeling and pulls down her panties, Tristana begins fingering her fun spot. All I can think of at this point is mounting her and giving her what she seems to be aching for – a good, hard fuck! Tristana gets so horny and loud that I have to check my sound while watching her beat off and finger bang. Shes incredibly vocal when dildo fucking herself too.

Her cock is so hard when she breaks out the Hitachi magic wand vibrator. I cannot believe the deep red shade her stiff cock gets when she shoots her cum in this spectacular update! You can check out the free teaser trailer on the landing page.

Femout.XXX: Cutie Lizzy Drips Cum!

I’m wondering if this video with Lizzy Red will top my favorite performance of hers in which she does a lot of leg, foot and ass teasing before stripping and stroking completely nude. Her orgasm is intense and her big cock shoots a huge load of creamy white cum at the end of this previous Femout update.

Lizzy is proud of the small amount of body fat on her body. I normally don’t think of 6 foot tall girls as spinners, but when they weigh only 130 lbs, there’s an exception to be made. Back on March 23, 2017, Lizzy Red’s Perfect Size 11 Feet went live on Foot Fetish TS and Radius Dark shot her on Femout three times. With the title “Cutie Lizzie Drips Cum!” there’s a good chance I’ll like it as much.

Incidentally, back on March 23, 2017, Lizzy Red’s Perfect Size 11 Feet” went live on Foot Fetish TS and she’s appeared on Femout.XXX a total of three times before. Lizzy’s description reads, “Lizzy Red is a unique model, because she’s Asian-American, very tall, and has a huge cock. She’s still a total bottom that loves rough sex.

She’s never topped before, but she’s into other tgirls who can top her. She’s pansexual and likes guys too. Her svelte form has the distribution of fat she describes, in her thighs, tits and ass and she let’s us figure out for ourselves that she has a massive cock when it’s fully erect.

In her new scene, Lizzy reintroduces herself wearing a form-fitting black top, tight ripped jeans and black boots. She exposes her budding breasts quickly, removes her boots for a brief foot tease, and unzips her jeans to withdraw her pecker. The look on her face and the soft sounds she makes reveals that she’s intent on making herself climax as she jerks off. Radius gets a straight on view of Lizzy stripping down to her striped panties with her long schlong enlarging. It bobs and swings so much that you’ll wish you could just reach out and grab it to make it stop and… reasons. She’s seated while removing her panties and then she’s completely nude.

Lizzy pours lube on her shaft and cock head as her fap session continues. Just in case you didn’t know or forgot how sexy her ass is, she perches herself on the chair to show that off too. With the heels of both feet firmly planted in the chair, Lizzy comes closer and closer to orgasm. But the next sequence shows Lizzy playing with her vibrating new toy.

“It’s like stuck to the tip of my cock and it won’t come off,” she whispers. She uses the remote to monitor its power and then removes the bulb from her swollen cock head. As a drop of fresh white cum forms at the head, she pours streams from the toy’s cup across her spent shaft. “I didn’t even have to touch myself to cum,” Lizzy informs us at the end of this smoking hot Femout.XXX update.

Interview With Sasha De Sade

I’m so proud to present one of the most pleasurable and informative interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting. Sasha De Sade is an incredible trans adult industry performer and a truly special person on the inside. I adored her before our first conversation and that sentiment just keeps growing and growing. Her website is and that’s not the only place she’s constantly updating with exquisite studio and live content. I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview with Sasha De Sade.

TS Playground: Evesa, Scene #01

MP4 Teaser Trailer

The face shot of Eve looks so innocent when her TS Playground video opens. When the camera pans down her body, she’s wearing a loose-fitting black crop top and matching tight pants, rubbing the bulge in front. She raises her top to show off her lovely small boobs and big nipples within the first minute. Then she moves the side zipper of her pants down and that bulge is more visible in lace black panties. It’s standing upward and her taut balls are already escaping the fabric. After removing her top and tossing it upon the sofa behind her, Evesa turns around to show off her cute round ass with her clothes lowered a bit more. Then she faces us again and pulls down her undies.

Flash Teaser Trailer

Her dark, uncut cock is swelling. She strokes the shaft close to the hidden head and her prong is growing longer and thicker but the head does not escape its foreskin. But it’s oozing a bit of pre-cum and then her dick begins rising. Evesa continues to tweak her sensitive pink nipples and makes her organ bounce with no hands. A very explicit view of her ass comes next and when she takes a seat on the sofa, she squeezes her shiny pink bulb out of its foreskin. I’ve never sucked a cock that looks like this. I haven’t even seen one before. As Evesa lays back and masturbates more intently, she cups one breast and the look on her face is ecstatic.

A few moments later, her cock is standing out and pointing upward and the head is fully exposed from its sheath. It points up higher as she runs circles around her nipples with her fingers. In a silent invitation Evesa opens her fun spot and makes her pucker wink. She jerks off again standing then sits back down when drawing closer to climax. A huge blast of cum eventually spurts across her thigh and the sofa in this torrid update.

Pure-TS: Liana Ames Is A Submissive CD Slut

I knew it was just a matter of time before super cute Liana Ames made the jump from amateur porn to the pros, not that the latter medium is any hotter. A website like Pure-TS and working with Christian XXX will definitely give her more exposure and what adult model doesn’t want that? Liana couldn’t possibly be better as a submissive waiting for her master’s orders that come after his making a golfing date to talk business.

If I had a cute and fit little subbie gurl like this at my beck and call I’d fuck her silly every chance I got. I love submissives of all genders and gorgeous part-time girl subs have a special place in my heart. Watching Christian turn Liana into his crossdressing, cock sucking slut is so erotic! This site is named but I love that it includes part-timer’s too every now and then. Trans girls and CD’s are vastly different but the variety gives this site that extra dimension that caters to those who admire both.

During a segment when Christian is pounding Liana bareback in the missionary position, she’s got a rock solid erection. When he curls his hand around it and squeezes it he tells her not to cum until he tells her to. If you’ve ever done this to a sub, you know how crazy that makes them and how powerful it makes you feel! (Will he allow her to cum at all?)

This update is pure Domination/submission without the typical BDSM props and gear. Christian has found the “Golden Pussy” and in this case it’s the tight ass of adorable Liana Ames.

The official synopsis reads: Liana Ames is a petite CD who is very submissive. She is there to please Christian and serve his every whim.

Usually that means she will be sucking his cock, deep throating it, and then getting her ass fucked hard in every position. Her huge gape is amazing as well and he really lets her ass have it.

Two Tgirls: Fuck the Police 2: Officer Crash Gets It!

Scene Trailer

After a year of working on the force, Officer Crash’s (Kira Crash) shenanigans finally catch up with her! Chief of Police Shiri Trap has just been made aware of all the girls that Kira Crash has had a little fun with while on the job and she’s not happy! Chief Shiri Trap is ready to fire Kira Crash for her misconduct. Kira begs for her job! “Isn’t there ANYTHING you can do?!”, Shiri hits Kira back with her own medicine and delivers the Two Tgirls classic “I think I can think of something!”. Before you know it the clothes come off and Kira’s sucking Shiri’s giant cock. Kira’s in big trouble and Shiri’s gonna take it out on her ass! A little donut humor is rolled out with this torrid update available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution.

And just when I thought Kira’s finest performances are in the aggressive mode, she reminds me of how terrific she is as the more passive partner. Shiri is in total control with her attitude and sexual dominance from the start. Kira’s wet and messy cock sucking technique results in a throbbing hardon with Shiri’s dick standing up at a 45 degree angle. Redhead Shiri gives Kira a good erection inducing boner and salad tossing before easing her stiff cock inside her tight ass for a tremendous bareback railing! She then puts Kira into perhaps the most acrobatic position I’ve ever seen on and I’d rather let you see for yourself than describe.

Same goes for both gorgeous model’s huge separate creamy white cumshots! This is an equally sexy sequel to the June 2016 Fuck The Police scene that features Kira Crash with Cassidy Chase debuting in her first ever tgirl on tgirl porn scene.

Pure-TS: You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s

MP4 Scene Trailer 

You Can’t Hang Out With The Natalie’s. Scratch that because you’re allowed to hang out with Natalie Mars Natalie Chen and Natalie Anderson. This denial only applies to beautiful Kimberly Sin from the May 13 Pure-TS update because she’s not a Natalie. You’re a special guest no matter what your name is.

The Natalie’s are the coolest chicks at school. They run the place and Kimberly the cheerleader just doesn’t fit in. These posh debutantes look fierce, act fierce, and soon they are going to get fucked fierce. These three fiery redhead babes need to get an A from their professor, and Natalie Mars knows just how they can accomplish this.

Does this seem like an erotic spoof on the fantastic 80’s teen movie Heathers? You got it and Natalie Mars brilliantly portrays the Heather Chandler character who said, “You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a Bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl Scout Cookie.”

That video preview above shows us beautiful mega star Natalie Mars getting a bareback reverse cowgirl railing from Natalie Anderson on the right and Natalie Chen on the right. Naturally they’re envious but receive the same treatment eventually.

Not only that but they engage in lots of passionate kissing and oral trans lesbian sex also. But they take turns sucking Christian’s massive man meat first. Natalie Mars is first to get fucked by the founder as well as the last girl. But the other two Natalie’s, Miss Anderson and Miss Chen are not at all minimized and their performances are stellar quality as well. This is award-winning caliber porn. I’d be shocked if it didn’t get multiple nominations at the end of 2017.

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TS Factor #09: Chelsea Marie & Moka Mora

MP4 Scene Trailers

TS Factor #09 on Evil Angel is a blazing hot production and Chelsea Marie and Moka Mora star in Scene #02 “TS-On-Pussy Debauchery. I’ll give you the official synopsis of every other scene today and add my own thoughts on the performances of Chelsea and Moka. “Legendary trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera has packed ‘TS Factor 9’ with the sexiest, best-hung T-talent he’s scouted in recent global travels. His tasty temptresses bring mysterious erotic power to seven varied segments, from solo masturbation to perversity with crazy men or wild women to trysts with other trans beauties. Exotic American TS Honey Foxxx sodomizes gorgeous blonde T-girl Lena Kelly and pumps a mouthful of cum. Blonde Latina trans goddess Jazling Perez uses toys and her long-nailed fingers to get off, and she licks her splooge from the carpet! Brazilian TS Isabelly Ferreira butt-fucks muscular stud Alex Victor; she rides his fleshy pole anally in a rim job-flavored romp. Dark, dominant Keylla Marques reams pale, young Brazilian T-girl Lara Machado’s butthole. Exotic Thai ladyboy Jakki squeezes her sensitive, puffy nipples as she strokes her she-meat to climax. Busty Brazilian wanker Geovanna Oliveira edges her huge cock to a creamy eruption with manicured fingers. Moka’s filmography includes Anal Brats #04, Mick’s Anal Teens #05, Mick’s Anal PantyHOES #03 in addition to her new scene with Chelsea. In addition to, the Evil Angel filmography of the trans superstar includes Hot For Transsexuals #03, Rogue Adventures #44, and TS Playground #14.

Sample Photo Gallery

When Silvera goes bananas over Moka in the rainy opening of the scene, I don’t think he’s exaggerating. Her face is seriously pretty and her body is just sick. Within one minute she’s bending over kissing phenomenal Chelsea deeply. Moka who is standing is also stroking seated Chelsea’s cock through her sheer black thong. But it’s a blowjob that makes Chelsea develop one of her big world famous erections.

Flash Scene Trailer

Chelsea makes Moka release her trademark high-pitched moans by licking her pussy and giving her a rimjob. Moka returns the oral favor in a position that’s perfect for her to simply move up along her lithe form and sink down on her large boner. The way Moka wiggles her ass during the first position of the bareback fucking in TS Factor #09 informed me that this would be an instant classic no matter what happened next. I absolutely love the powerful cum shot sequence and closing interview.

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Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy

MP4 Scene Trailer

The official synopsis of “Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy” reads: Gorgeous blonde T-girl Lena Kelly strokes her stiff lady-cock through sheer pink lingerie. She tugs on her pulsing boner, thinking of her date with exotic American TS temptress Honey Foxxx. The horny trans-girls sit on the bed stroking each other, and Honey sucks on Lena’s sweet dick. Lena eases the thick shaft up her own tight ass! She jacks her dick to orgasm while Honey sodomizes her. Lena sucks dick ass-to-mouth until Honey fills her mouth with she-cum. Okay, I can’t top that succinct description so I’ll just add a few words about the scene and extraordinary actresses. If I may describe the adult industry in terms of levels, Honey has been on Level A for years and in recent years, Lena has joined her there. It’s a brilliant move for a top shelf studio like to feature them together. Fans have especially high expectations and the names of these two trans women ensure excellence in porn for those of us who haven’t even seen this production yet.

Sample Photo Gallery

“She fucked the words out of me,” is the first reply to the famed director’s first question. The entire synopsis of the TS Factor #09 movie with the exception of Lena and Honey omitted for redundancy reads: Legendary trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera has packed ‘TS Factor 9’ with the sexiest, best-hung T-talent he’s scouted in recent global travels. His tasty temptresses bring mysterious erotic power to seven varied segments, from solo masturbation to perversity with crazy men or wild women to trysts with other trans beauties. Tall, bubbly Latina Moka Mora excitedly rides tattooed Chelsea Marie’s stiff lady dick.

Flash Scene Trailer

Blonde Latina trans goddess Jazling Perez uses toys and her long-nailed fingers to get off, and she licks her splooge from the carpet! Brazilian TS Isabelly Ferreira butt-fucks muscular stud Alex Victor; she rides his fleshy pole anally in a rim job-flavored romp. Dark, dominant Keylla Marques reams pale, young Brazilian T-girl Lara Machado’s butthole. Exotic Thai ladyboy Jakki squeezes her sensitive, puffy nipples as she strokes her she-meat to climax. Busty Brazilian wanker Geovanna Oliveira edges her huge cock to a creamy eruption with manicured fingers. My #1 go to spot for Honey’s incredible performances is

TS Factor #09: All Trailers

TGirls.Porn: Candy Licious & Nala

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I’ve wondered for quite awhile if we’d ever see two hot sisters going at it. History has been made with two of my favorite stars; Candy Licious and Nala! I think of these girls as primarily straight but if I knew nothing about them, I’d be convinced they were 100% trans lesbian. It’s all about chemistry and their connection is electrifying!

Omar Wax presents a scrumptious sequence of these two returning home after a night on the town. Candy’s state of attire is super sexy but not out of control. Nala is wearing a denim jacket with her high heels but the only other articles of clothing are a lingerie halter and matching panties. When Candy asks what inspired the skimpy outfit, Nala confesses that she likes girls and her intention is to turn her on. Candy admits that she’s had a couple of experiences. You might remember her explosive hardcore exploits with Coco Dahlia and Chanel Santini on TGirls.Porn. To list every detail about this scene I like would take forever. But the things I wanted to happen most happened; passionate kissing, intense breast play and cock stiffening blowjobs and out of this world fucking.

While reading the brief interviews with each model, I’m a bit surprised by the turnout because it’s intense and revealing. This TGirls.Porn confessional goes perhaps deeper than ever and I appreciate the candid nature of it. I haven’t had the privilege of talking with stunningly gorgeous Nala but my Interview with Candy Licious was a great honor and so much fun! She’s so honest and candid and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Candy: “I knew the day would come when I finally get it on with a girl who I’ve been feeling for quite some time! I mean we were friends first but I feel like that’s how most relationships begin anyway so it felt more organic than just a wham bam sort of deal. I’ve played around with girls before so I know my way around. Truly didn’t expect this scene to play out the way it did. Let’s just say a certain someone was feeling me just as much.”

Nala: “When I built up enough courage to give performing with another girl a chance, have to admit I was skeptical. Wasn’t until it was revealed that whom I’d actually be performing with before I was all on board. If I’m being honest not until we locked eyes didn’t think the chemistry would be there. I felt this uncontrollable attraction to her mind, body existence. She is quite the woman!”