Brooklyn Roberts on TS Playground

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There’s nothing wrong with a young trans girl wearing a tartan plaid micro miniskirt for the classic naughty schoolgirl look. Not unless she’s nutty enough to wear one to her first  ever transgender support group like I did when I was first coming out. I can’t say I was bullied, but I certainly raised some eyebrows and got scornful looks too. But I had it coming because I was so slutty in those days (as if it were all that long ago). I’m not one to dispel the BBC myth, but I’m not hung like Brooklyn Roberts who has one of the largest American cocks in trans porn.

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Not only does Brooklyn dress the part of the Lolita in this Damien Cain directed sizzler. She addresses you as “Daddy” when you see her wearing the outfit you got her. She asks if you think she looks like a good girl. No, but that’s okay. She knows you can make out the fine points of her nipples through her top and she’s not ready to show you what’s under her skirt just yet. Brooklyn would rather slowly tease you first while you sit back and stroke your cock. First she lowers her top and fondles her pretty hormone breasts.

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After squeezing her pink nipples and removing her top, Brooklyn squeezes the bulge beneath her skirt and you can see the head of her cock peaking below the hem. It’s swollen hard and looks like it’s the size of a golf ball or even bigger. When she undoes the velcro band of her skirt and pushes it away, she exposes the massive erection she’s stroking. She stands up to lower her panties with her huge cock swinging heavily. She lays back while beating off and gives you an explicit view of her ass that she knows you want to fuck so badly. Brooklyn does some wicked sounding next and you’ll remember her mention of making the “white stuff” pour out of the bulbous head of her big organ. First there came pre-cum. Now she’s blasting creamy white cum all over her studious eyewear!

Pure-TS: Super Fit CD Kyra Kork Enjoys Getting Her Ass Fucked

Kyra Kork is a super fit and very attractive CD that is dressed in red and ready to rock. She knows her place and wants to be dominated by a big man with a big dick. Christian has just what she needs and he gives it to her hard and fast. Her bubble butt looks fantastic with a big dick in it and she gets a mouthful of cum to swallow. Good girl. You will definitely be seeing her again on the site.

That’s the promise of Christian XXX of Pure-TS and I can hardly wait to see what happens next time! When the video opens, Kira looks submissively gorgeous in her red dress patiently waiting for her master to finish his phone call. I’m in love with her fabulously fit frame. “Yes, Sir,” she replies with a hand around her neck and a threat that she’d better do what he tells her to do.

She gets a kiss on the lips and upon her pretty head followed by a compliment and an ass smack while she’s kneeling. I love the look in Kyra’s eyes when Christian releases his mammoth erection. Can you imagine those beautiful bright blue eyes staring up at you for approval while she’s sucking your stiff cock?!

Kyra works so hard at swallowing as much as that big dick as she can. After her perfect ass is exposed and finger banged, Kira administers verbal humiliation upon herself while her master lubricates his huge hardon. Keep your eyes on her expression as she takes his cock in the doggy style position. I can practically feel the firm globes of Kira’s ass cheeks squeezing around my own hard length!

I love the way she jacks off and begs for more of this bareback railing while getting pounded in the missionary position. The standing face to face fucking is incredible and it evolves into a rapid cowgirl ride with the focus on big ass and big cock. Kira’s dick swings around in circles and bounces all over the place during the reverse cowgirl footage.

Upon seeing the way Kira takes a blast of cum on her tongue, I’ve decided that she’s one of the prettiest and finest CD subs on the Net. I’ll be right there at to see this babe getting plowed again!

Black TGirls: Honey Foxxx Jerks Off Her Nice Cock

LA’s Puerto Rican Princess who I actually consider to be the Queen of Everything, Honey FoXXX is absolutely ravishing in her 12th shoot on! This one is filmed by KilaKali who presents the owner and operator of resting on the sofa and obviously thinking naughty thoughts.

Her lounging evolves into an opportunity for self gratification with panty bulge rubbing and breast fondling. It’s filmed like you’re a voyeur, and if you feel like you’re doing something wrong by watching, I’m pretty sure you’ll get over it.

Honey’s first glimpse of nudity is the sight of her large, smoothly shaven ball sack emerging from the side of her undies. Next comes the sight of the head and first couple of inches of her huge cock. She moans softly as she strokes the hardening shaft.

I’ve seen Honey in so many plot-driven performances and this shoot is a reminder that all she needs to drive fans nuts is solo performances like this one. Watching her hardcore shoots with other performers is kind of like having your cake and eating it too. Her producer could have just filmed the entire scene with Honey just laying back jerking off, but then we have her sitting up to lower her top.

She’s facing you with that big boner of hers jutting heavily from her thighs and exposing her large breasts. The matching top and brassiere of her three-piece set are discarded and Honey lays back with her boobs bared.

The swollen head of her cock points up toward her pretty face as she removes her panties. Honey then masturbates while standing with full frontal footage, slightly below eye level and tight closeup’s on her massive erection. It ends with the ottoman before Honey getting soaking wet before she gracefully moves off-camera.

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All Hail Kira Filiche!

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Teodor Grekov presents Kira Filiche who completely smashes her début appearance. This gorgeous 22 year old escort poses next to the bed in a sinuously sexy outfit with a boner protruding from her panties as soon as her scene begins. It’s just a quick glimps at first until she exposes her full breasts and lays back on the bed. She sits up briefly to remove her bra which leaves her in just a garterbelt, stockings and panties which are just barely still on. Her producer says something to her in Russian and you don’t need to speak the language. Just take in the way she rolls over and raises her full round ass. There’s plenty enough going on to hold your attention. Kira gets a bit of help with the spreading of her butt cheeks. This sort of handling and sometimes more hardcore might make incredible things happen to you. If you watch some of Teodor’s videos of Kira and his lineup of beauties and jerk off to them at night, your dick might cook breakfast for you in the morning. For instance, Teodor pushes Kira back on the bed after she sits up briefly just firmly enough to bring out your Domination/submission desires. It seems to make Kira’s beautiful uncut cock even harder! In case you’re not aware of it, is part of an 8 website package. Take the tour to see what else is in store for you there.

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TGirls.Porn – Envy Devereaux Seven & Koko Beans

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Miss KoKo Beans introduces herself followed by Envy Seven under the direction of Amy Spacekitten in this TGirls.Porn 4K instant classic. They’s sitting on the sofa fully dressed but start making out right away. The kissing is extremely passionate and KoKo exclaims, “Oh my,” when Envy straddles her lap. At this point you might wonder who’s going to be the aggressor here if you hadn’t seen the photos or trailer. KoKo bares and devours Envy’s breasts and it’s reciprocated. There’s more kissing followed by KoKo removing Envy’s booties. KoKo then removes her pumps and I get the feeling something up and coming is going to require lots of traction. Well, it’s great fap footage for pretty ped lovers also. The girls help each other remove the dresses they were just barely wearing anyway. They sit across from each other engaging in more foreplay. I just want your big, beautiful black dick,” Envy purrs before leaning down and forward to give what looks like an amazing blowjob. KoKo proceeds to explore Envy’s magnificent bottom while she’s on her hands and knees on the couch. After giving us an explicit view, she dives in face first for a torrid salad tossing. KoKo strokes her cock while performing the rimjob, then uses some lube to give her a good finger banging. Fingering is no comparison to Envy adjusting to the feeling of her tight ass being stuffed with KoKo’s bare erection, but it’s a great way to start! Amy’s filming of the intense, powerful fucking is brilliantly edited with a variety of different camera angles. If you’re like me, you’ve been a fan of envy since she made her debut in January of 2015. For the Envy Devereaux Seven Shemale Yum profile click here. For more information about her partner in this scene, check out my Interview with KoKo Beans and my Interview with Amy Spacekitten (Koko’s lovely wife).

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Governess Elizabeth Trains Her Slut Jessica Dee

“Governess Elizabeth wants to check how her slutty cross dresser Jessica Dee’s training is progressing. Governess Elizabeth has been training Jessica on her oral and anal skills and will not accept anything below her high expectations. Will Jessica pass with flying colours or is more training needed?” This is the official synopsis of Governess Elizabeth Trains Her Slut Jessica Dee that you’ll find on Jessica Dee’s online store at I’m a serious FemDom fanatic but you don’t have to be one to fall in love and lust with this scene. When ravishing Governess Elizabeth summons Jessica, the gorgeous blonde submissive enters the room demurely wearing a robe and she replies to her Domme about what she’s wearing altogether. The Governess has a black strapon dildo protruding from the folds of her diaphanous red dress. Jessica wears a form-fitting purple camisole with black lacy boyshorts, matching stay-up stockings and strappy black sandals. Knowing what’s expected of her, Jessica leans against the bondage bench and presents her full bottom to the sexy redhead. Spanking brings a red blush to her full bottom and Jessica’s butt cheeks jiggle enticingly with each hard slap. She’s instructed to get on her knees before Governess Elizabeth’s phallus to show her how well she sucks cock. The Domme knows just how a cock should be properly sucked – with moaning to add a humming sensation along its surface. Just because it’s not a live cock doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be precise. The Governess guides Jessica’s head to force her to suck the dildo as deeply as she can. She literally makes Jessica gag on the fake dick! Once satisfied with her slut’s cock sucking skills, she has Jessica straddle the bench on her knees. Jessica smiles sweetly as she bends over to allow her Domme to part her crotchless panties. Governess Elizabeth’s gloved fingers begin to penetrate Jessica’s tight rosebud with notification about what she’s doing step-by-step. She uses her free hand to cup Jessica’s ball sack while inserting another finger inside the slut’s opening. Thankfully for the sub, Jessica’s stern yet thoughtful tormentor uses plenty of lubrication because her thrusts are deep. The beautiful Governess steps away for just a moment and returns to guide the head of her strapon cock inside her pretty submissive’s tightness. I’ve never seen Jessica getting fucked so hard by a FemDom goddess before. This is exactly what I wanted to see someday when I first conducted my Interview with Jessica Dee here in 2014. The adventures of this kinky submissive CD continue on This my first opportunity to officially congratulate Jessica on her sumptuous adult store iwantclips store and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! You can follow Jessica’s amazing top at @GovernessEliza on Twitter. 

Stroking In Nude Heels On Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Before I go any further about Krissy Kyung’s new two-part set, have you seen her revised website yet? Take a look at the all new! It’s got a brand new navigation set-up by pages to you can find exactly what you want quickly like those times you need to type with one hand. No one can describe Krissy’s content better than she can so the following words are all hers.

“I’m sure all you girls out there know what I’m talking about when I say that sometimes you just end up alone at the end of a party. Maybe you just weren’t on your game or you just didn’t find the right guy to take home to fuck your brains out! Well, after a night out on the town, I’m left all alone for this set on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, but luckily enough for me, I can always find a way to entertain myself!”

I’m dressed up in a lacy dress, smooth stockings, and nude high heels for this Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl gallery – surely an outfit that should have caught the eye of a guy or two at the club, right? I guess not though, as I’m left all alone, one lonely, horny tgirl with a rapidly hardening ladyboy cock growing in her panties? Looks like it’ll be up to myself to find a way to slip into some blissful slumber after jerking off my shemale cock for the night!

Join Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl at for this whole set, the follow-up set, and a plethora of sensational videos!

Kylie Maria in The Trans X-Perience #5!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

The official synopsis of “Buxom TS Seduces Stud For Butt Fuck” from The Trans X-Perience #05 reads: Busty, fabulously femme TS Kylie Maria’s low-cut top shows cleavage and side boob. She caresses her fantastic tits and the bulge forming in studly Gabriel’s pants. Kylie spreads her asshole for a rim job; Gabriel grips her head for a spit-drenched face fuck. He sucks her hard dick and bouncy bosoms. The pretty brunette rides the muscular dude’s cock, skin slamming. He porks her asshole on her back as she jacks off, and Kylie sucks dick ass-to-mouth. She licks Gabriel’s balls as he unloads jism on her face.

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Gabriel D’Alessandra is the male actor in The Trans X-Perience #5 on He’s been doing this for years and considered one of the luckiest of men in trans porn. is the official website of this mega-star posing in a sports jersey that barely stays on an incredible body and seems to be suspended by her pendulous breasts. Kylie wears black lace panties beneath the lime green and gray top and her shapely legs and dainty feet are bare. She takes a seat and fully exposes her big tits and large nipples. After fondling her boobs for a few moments, Kylie perches herself on the seat on her knees. When Joey Silvera zooms out, Gabriel appears in the frame shirtless with an erection in his pants that would get him arrested in public.

Flash Scene Preview 

Kylie rubs Gabriel’s lightly-oiled, tight abs and his big bulge and her caresses her lovely boobs. Her ass which is almost fully exposed around her thong is also lightly-oiled and her legs are too. Gabriel sinks to his knees to devour Kylie’s breasts and he helps her give and explicit view of her fun spot. You can hear how turned on they are and the and director’s arousal as well. After giving Kylie a rim job, she strokes her cock while giving her handsome partner head. When she releases her grip on her hardon, it jerks up and down on its own and Gabriel uses both hands to guide Kylie’s blowjob. The stunning pair kiss and then Gabriel kneels down to suck on Kylie’s turgid erection. Before the midway point of the scene, Kylie as above Gabriel in the cowgirl position riding Gabriel’s stiff rod bareback! With the exception of her sparkly bondage collar, Kylie is completely, gloriously nude throughout the following positions they fuck in.

Kylie Maria’s Evil Angel Filmography 

Kylie’s beautiful face is covered with cum at the end of the scene, but she tells Silvera she swallowed most of it. I can’t argue with that. She proceeds to suck Gabriel’s cock clean and tells Silvera that she’s just moved to Las Vegas. There’s so much more to learn about her on and you should also check out her Evil Angel Filmography to catch up on what you may have missed.

TSPussyHunters – Chanel Santini & Kate England

My 30% off Kink Unlimited Special Offer for 30 Channel Network continues and today’s focus is on the phenomenal Chanel Santini. “The Devil In A Red Dress” was Chanel Santini’s debut on TS Seduction with DJ that blew me away. I hadn’t fully realized how well she could top a man and her partner was magnificent in that scene also. “Street Walker Is Given a Break by a Hot TS Officer” is her TS Pussy Hunters debut and she’s paired with the lovely Kate England.

The official synopsis reads: Super babe, cop lady, Chanel Santini is sick of all the street walkers getting taken in. Tonight it’s Kate England getting taken in. Chanel shows her mercy as long as Kate sucks her cock well. Kate gives Chanel a lap dance, sucks her cock and then goes into the cell to give her a foot job, suck cock some more and get pounded in the pussy. Chanel puts a big red butt plug into her ass while she slams Kate’s pussy. Ariel X reveals that she doesn’t know much about the relatively new star Chanel. This is the 9th scene for Kate on including Kink partner videos. If you have a thing for sexy feet, this scene will drive you nuts. Chanel is adored by foot fans and turned on be pretty feet also. The ped action with Kate is hot enough to hold and excite viewers who don’t get the whole foot thing because of everything else amazing happening at the same time. My review and interview partner PornOCD has recently raved about Kate’s “Anal Monster Black Cock Sluts” scene with massively hung Dredd on As for Chanel, I’ve gone on and on about her performances here on Caramel’s TGirls and have written two pages of reviews you can check out on with two pages and more to come!

Ariel’s direction is superb as usual and I couldn’t help notice the development of chemistry between Chanel and Kate from the opening and closing interviews. Kate’s TS Pussy Hunters debut is out of this world. I love her performances on a variety of other sites, but I also need to see her on TSPH again! You can learn more about her by visiting Check out the official for more of this groundbreaking sex goddess. Her LIVE performances on are to die for. Give her a follow to catch her next broadcast.

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Bob’s Tgirls – Jasmine’s Fantasy 3some

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Video and photo sets are rolling out in three sets for Jasmine’s Fantasy 3some on beginning with Dominatrix Miss Jasmine of and Puerto Rican trans icon Honey of! Vancouver Domina Mistress Jasmine told Bob she had a fantasy of a 3some with a well built guy and a super hot tgirl. The lucky guy turns out to be an acclaimed star I’ll name later. Just before Christmas, Miss Jasmine flew into L.A. to do this. “The sexual chemistry between the three of them amazed me even though I’ve been doing this for nearly two decades, said Bob “When it was over the three stars expressed the same sentiment,” he added. “This was great fun to shoot and now we all get to enjoy!” The action begins in Part 1 with Mistress Jasmine sitting astride Honey on a red chaise lounge kissing passionately. The foreplay is intense and so is the way Miss Jasmine withdraws and sucks on Honey’s huge cock! Honey gets to utilize her pussy eating skills also. Not to single out any other magnificent Bob’s Tgirls shoot, but this one is a major event. I can’t wait to see what happens when the super stud shows up because he’s one of my favorites!