Pure-TS: Aubrey Kate & Jenna Tales


Aubrey Kate and Jenna Tales are in Vegas and ready to party! They have a busy social schedule for the weekend, but first things first, time to bust a nut using their favorite submissive and his tight ass. They take turns fucking him bareback until cumming in his mouth and hole. This is the official synopsis of the bareback killer “TS Girlfriends Fuck Their Submissive in Vegas” scene on Pure-TS.


So I’m watching Aubrey Kate and Jenna sharing cocktails and chatting about nightclub action and contemplating whether or not they want to go out for the evening. The camera’s zoom draws back and it’s revealed that their high heeled feet are resting upon a naked Christian XXX. Aubrey Kate opens her legs and wearing no panties, she orders the dutiful sub to suck her cock. As he moves up to take her into his mouth, Jenna squeezes and spanks his firm bubble butt. Then she digitally manipulates that sexy ass while he gives Aubrey Kate head. She casually makes a text for evening plans while her dick swells inside the sub’s mouth.


Aubrey Kate stands up, lifting the hem of her dress, revealing her raging erection that stand out high from her thighs. Now it’s time for Jenna to get sucked to erection. Jenna’s full breasts are exposed and so are Aubrey Kate’s when she removes her dress. She moves behind Christian on her knees and sinks her bare swollen member inside Christian’s behind while he continues bringing Jenna’s cock to erection. Aubrey Kate’s tits jiggle wildly as she rails her sub’s ass and verbally humiliates him. When Jenna raises one of her legs to place a bare foot on the table, we get a good look at the cock of hers that’s now fully erect, fucking Christian’s mouth.


The powerful drilling of Aubrey Kate continues with her gloriously nude and then the action that follows takes place on a large bed. Christian is on his back with Jenna easing her stiffness inside his ass while Aubrey Kate gives him a skull fucking. When Aubrey Kate sits on his face while jerking off, the electrifying transbian moment for me comes when the girls kiss with Jenna pounding the sub with jackhammer thrusts. Then the hung beauties switch places and Aubrey Kate fucks Christian yet again!


After awhile, Aubrey Kate moves closer to Jenna to suck her nipples and devour her breast while the Latina pounds away at the supremely fuckable man butt. Jenna strokes her fellow Domme’s hardon while the blonde jerks Christian off. So we’re about halfway through this scene and Aubrey Kate gets a rimjob from the sub while Jenna continues to fuck him hard. Jenna gets her salad tossed and her dick sucked again when Aubrey Kate delivers another sound banging.


Do you like seeing girls shooting big creamy white cumshots? I could go on and on about this remarkable Pure-TS threesome, but it’s time to wrap things up. I highly recommend that you stream this scene or better yet, download it for keeps and grab the enormous photo set while you’re at it.


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