Pure-TS: Teen Princess Hayley Gets Fucked By Sugar Daddy

Areeya – Classy Girl to Slutty Maid

MP4 Scene Trailer

Imagine returning from work to find badass blonde babe Hayley Hilton perched on the bed waiting for you in lingerie and heels. Would you pull her in for a kiss and rub her plump little bottom and move your other hand along her trim waist?

She’s not wearing any panties so you could reach down and curl your fingers around her cock. Well, that’s what the owner of Pure-TS.com Christian XXX does. Would you want Hayley to lay back on the bed and explicitly display her tiny wrinkled pink rosebud for you? Would you go down on her?

I bet you’d love it while you’re standing in your work clothes with this gorgeous trans girl sucking your still cock while kneeling. She’d stroke her cock to an erection while sucking you and then hop back up on the bed to get in position.

Once out of your clothes you’d join her on the bed and ease your bare hardon inside Hayley in the doggy style position! I like the way Christian does it a little roughly. He grabs her by the ankles to slide her closer to his massive organ.

“Your cock feels so fucking good,” she gasps in her super high-pitched voice as he fucks her fast and hard. He holds her arms together behind her back to let her know he’s the one in control of this situation in case she forgets.

He drills her hard in the missionary position also, stroking her prick firmly until she uses her own hand to take over. I honestly had no idea how well Hayley would take Christian’s huge cock until I saw for myself. You should see it too on Pure-TS.com.

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