Pure-TS: The End To A Romantic Date With A Beautiful CD

Pure-TS.com Synopsis: Christian XXX and Kyra Kork have just finished their third date and are relaxing back at his place with a drink and some heavy petting that turns into some passionate and intimate anal sex. She takes care of his big dick and takes him deep inside her tight hole.

This is Kira’s 3rd Pure-TS.com performance and this fit and pretty babe has also been on Christian’s sister site TSPOV.com in November of 2016! She’s obviously one of the prolific male porn star’s favorite sex kittens and she’s one of mine too. In this update, Christian and Kyra share a celebratory cocktail for their successful first date. It’s obvious to Kyra that her first date isn’t sure how to proceed so she makes it obvious that she’s up for a kiss. She slides into first base grabbing the big bulge in his jeans.

Kyra sinks to her knees on the floor and it’s clear that this first date is up for giving a blowjob. Christian stands up to undo his belt and jeans and whips out his massive cock. She makes an incredible job of sucking his dick rock hard and gets some help moving to the sofa on her hands and knees. Her ass is so perfectly rounded that it inspires a salad tossing before getting deep dicked bareback!

A doggy style railing leads to side saddle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking. Watching Kyra humping down on Christian’s huge cock is astounding but considering the way Kyra sculpts her tight body, her phenomenal ass often steals the show.

But her stiff cock is a scene stealer too – especially when she shoots her creamy white load of cum with all that dick embedded in her tight ass! Wait until you see how high her jizz sprays in this awesome Pure-TS.com update.

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