Sasha de Sade: A Day in the Life of a Sissy Slave

MP4 Scene Trailer

Mysterious Mistress Murmer who owns beautiful Sasha de Sade ordered that her sissy slave keep a dairy of the daily events in her life. She explains this to us wearing a slightly open robe. Seconds later, she’s naked except for a chastity device, posing this way and that. She then grasps a frilly pair of panties that have bells on them so the Mistress can hear where she is in the house. Unfortunately, these panties hide a substantial bit of Sasha’s goodies, but we know there’s more of them to come. Thigh-high white stockings come next and then a long blonde wig follows. A wig?! Why would a gorgeous trans girl with luxurious blonde hair of her own wear a blonde wig? Because it fits in perfectly with the sissy fantasy. Next comes a silicone bust form to give her big fake boobs until Sasha gets her breast implants. And yes, she does look like a sex doll like she says in her lurid commentary. Then comes what so many of us have been waiting to see – the sissy maid uniform! It’s so lovely, pink and shiny and then a set of petticoats come next! Sasha gets into the petticoats and she’s already looking ready to serve some dick properly. But the apron and mid heel marabou slippers come before that. Sasha walks toward us lifting the hem of her uniform and petticoats to expose the bulbous head of her cock through the clear CBT device. I can’t help but wonder if it’s oozing streams of pre-cum yet. But I digress. She’s got to run downstairs to meet her Mistress for now. There’s cooking to be done and punishment to be administered for her transgressions. You can see how this all plays out on SashaDeSade.xxxx!

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