Sasha de Sade & Jenny Flowers

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: One of Mistress Murmur’s most valuable clients has an unusual request. He wants to buy a sissy wife, and a sissy clean-up bitch. He wants one sissy to be his bride; his devoted submissive fuck toy. The other sissy, the clean-up bitch, will spend her days licking cum from the sissy wife’s leaking holes, and sucking Master’s dick clean. Mistress Murmur has filmed a competition between her two most promising sissy slaves to help her client decide which sissy slut will be his wife, and which will be a dirty clean-up bitch. “Sissy Wife Competition” may trigger some readers/viewers, but it intrigues and arouses the trans dominatrix in me. Sasha and Jenny are presented sitting with their wrists cuffed. They’re wearing ultra-feminine night wear and high heels. Mistress Murmer describes their submissive situation to us in detail. The sissy sisters are unbound in the next sequence, sitting on the floor, listening to Mistress Murmer continuing about plans for them. The client description comes next – how he’s intent on finding the perfect sissy wife. The sisters will be pitted against each other and the loser will be purchased as well. Sasha is instructed to show Jenny how well she wears her outfit and how she could be the perfect sissy wife. Her CBT (cock and ball) device is attached and she’s further instructed to show off her fuckable, pantied bottom. She’s told to walk in her heels with her hem pulled up and her goodies dangling in their clear plastic prison. Jenny is instruceted to show what she’s got next. She’s more innocent than her whore sister, wearing frilly panties that hide her cock. Jenny is wearing a pink CBT device under her panties. She shows how she’d walk as a sissy slut wife in her tall sandals. Then a task is presented for both sissies to carry out together. The must use the giant windows overlooking the city to behave naughtily before. This means allowing anyone looking in to see their chastity and partial nudity. After exposing their captive cocks, balls and butt holes to passersby looking inside, their forced to show how they’d please a live cock with a large dildo. The enclosed Scene Trailer gives you a glimpse of what happens at this point on SashaDeSade.XXX.

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