Stunning Candy & Drake Fuck Each Other!

“Meet Suckable Candy!” was this stunner’s debut and “Beautiful Candy Strokes Her Cock” was her killer follow-up scene. “Stunning Candy & Drake Fuck Each Other” is her third killer performance on this long-running site, but there’s a scene on a sister website on TGirls.Porn which was her first hardcore experience with another beautiful trans girl I’ve been thrilled about the expansion of an incredible amateur and pro porn resume. 


If you haven’t seen “Coco Dahlia & Candy” on that breakthrough website, it’s one of my favorite transbian trysts not only from the year 2016, but it’s skyrocketed to one of my all-time TS/TS favorites. 


The lucky new porn star Drake broke his jaw just before this shoot, but he didn’t allow that terrible experience to impede his performance. He’s already considered a hero for his professionalism and I agree with that assessment.


It’s so obvious how turned on Drake is at the beginning of this Omar Wax produced scene while gazing lustfully at Candy. She’s absolutely breathtaking in just a bra and panties with her succulent looking tits escaping the cups of her brassiere.


With her back facing him, she gives him a lap dance and asks him to spank her ass. When you see the bottom he’s just smacked as she turns around, it’s truly mind blowing if it’s your first time seeing it.


Candy strips gloriously nude and sinks to her knees to give Drake a blowjob. Then the 420 sock wearing stud gives Candy a rim job when she straddles the sofa on her hands and knees. They arrange themselves into a 69 position and “You ready to fuck this pussy?” Candy asks in her sweet, seductive toned voice. Then Drake gives her fine ass the railing of a lifetime. The video is all about intimate foreplay Drake powerfully fucking Candy.


I don’t want to give away everything that happens between this point and the grand finale, but Candy gets pounded in the missionary position, stroking her stiff cock and coming to a climax and she works out a thick, creamy white cum shot.

You can watch the Free Trailer on

You can watch the Free Trailer on 

5 thoughts on “Stunning Candy & Drake Fuck Each Other!

  1. Larry says:

    Great photos! I love to see PreOp Transgenders having sex or making love in those Transgender porn sites. You get to see something different. Haters call it gay porn, but I don’t call that gay porn. They are real life Transgender women not gay men wearing women’s clothes.Yes, a lot of them still have male genitals but with the pear shaped breasts, round buttocks, that comes with the male genitals brings out the movie! That beautiful round Transgender booty bouncing in and out of a genetic male’s rock hard cock with that Transgender cock bouncing too makes it better because the viewer see something different not the same old thing. That’s a turn on in itself! Transgender porn is not going anywhere any time soon! Forgive me if I offended anyone.

    • We’re not in agreement obviously on gay porn. I’m a trans woman who identifies as pansexual so I love so many different genres. I find it offensive that these haters label it gay porn, but how would they know to form an opinion without having watched it. Curious, huh?

  2. Dan says:

    Loved candy in this vid so sexy her eyes when she was sucking him off and when she is on top just turned me on so much I jizzed twice. Say the best thing about getting a bj off a beautiful tgirl is getting to give her one back

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