Sunshyneland: Sunshyne Monroe Poolside

MP4 Scene Trailer

The new interface really gives first time visitors a better idea of what’s in store inside for subscribers than the last rollout. I’m glad that the producers offer such great samples of the content to browse through. It’s nice to have something solid to back up my raves. Let’s jump right in with the new solo pool shoot. It starts out as simple as a Playboy video with Sunshyne in a pool area with an exotic beach backdrop located in Spain posing flirtatiously in a green bikini. The back of her swimsuit bottom is minuscule and her figure is truly something to marvel at. The breast cups of the top are quite large and Sunshyne Monroe’s boobs are wonderfully held by them. She moves gracefully while standing for the first few minutes, then sits at the pool edge to dip her cute toes into the water. Slashing water on her body leads to playing with her cock through the fabric of her bottom, then whipping it out. Next comes Sunshyne’s dirty talk and the removal of her top. She has a fantastic full body tan and it’s evident even when she jerks off with her bottom still on. Toward the end of the scene, Sunshyne beats off furiously while kneeling. Then she lays back to continue of a pair of color coordinated decorative pillows. These folks pay attention to every little detail. Sunshyne’s loud moaning will inform you to pay special attention to her intense climax. Even the background music is sexy.

This top shelf update is also available on the remarkable website.

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