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This Ada Black video isn’t a visual POV scene, but one of the mind. You’re Ada’s boyfriend who hides in the closet until she comes home. Her father would destroy you if he knew you were watching her strip and show off her curvy ass, soft, hormone boobs and stiffening cock. She jerks off so hard and loudly, someone in the next room might be able to hear her balls slapping against her thighs. That’s if they don’t hear her moaning first. She gets even louder when trying to work a huge dildo inside her ass. Oh, that’s you toying her! Ada’s cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with and she’s using that backward fist method of beating off. That sex toy pumping in and out of Ada is big enough to prepare her to take just about anyone’s real live cock. It also gets her so worked up that she ends up shooting a big blast of cream all over her pretty face, lips and tongue. This is the 3rd awesome performance by Ada Black on Shemale Strokers since June 2014. Visit the site for a video preview. It was shot by TS Jamie French and that’s where you should go first for more her torrid hardcore scenes. You’ll find a lot more info on Ada there, too. You won’t have to hire a detective to find it.

TsJamieFrench Hanging Out 2 of 3

You can pretty much see what happens in parts 1 and 2 of “Hanging Out” on TsJamieFrench with the video previews. But since I like to go into detail about the best pornos out there, I’m gonna talk about these scenes a little bit. If you have a smoking fetish or a foot fetish, you’re probably going to be destroyed before you even get to the 2nd installment. The 1st part is actually PG rated when I think about it. Part 2 kicks it up a notch with Jamie worshiping one of Ada’s feet while the other rubs the blonde rock star’s cock. So now we’ve moved on to XXX. By the end of the video, Ada is stroking Jamie’s raging hard dick between both of her soft soles. I know how this “Hanging Out” story is going to end and I’ll be looking out for the hardcore 3rd installment on TsJamieFrench.



Ada Black American Transgirl 2 of 3

I was prepared to tell you about Ada Black American Transgirl 2 of 3, but you can get a good enough idea of what it’s about by watching the trailer of Jamie’s brilliant website. Actually, the preview jumps about 3 minutes into the full video. That’s gorgeous Ada on her back giving hot Jamie’s big cock a foot job. By the way, ff you’re in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area, Ada Black isn’t available for escorting, but she is open for real-time foot fetish play. Her sexy peds are very soft and a little ticklish and she loves foot modeling as you can see. Get to TsJamieFrench for details. If you happen to have a foot fetish and have never jerked off to Ada before, this is a great time to start. If you’re not into feet, not to worry. The second half of this video features an incredible ass toying and stiff cock stroking session. I predicted that the bottle of Anal-Ease from the photo set would be used in Part 2. I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale.



Ada Black on Shemale.XXX

Before I tell you about the new video shot by TsJamieFrench on Shemale.XXX, I’d like to thank Ada Black, one of the few people who follow this blog who know that my father passed away last week. She’s been supportive beyond words. We’ve also done a Transformation Magazine interview that was incredibly candid. Now for the fun stuff. Ada’s daddy says she’s not supposed to smoke, but she’s doing it anyway. After introducing you to her teddy bear, she strokes her cock for a bit. And if you have a foot fetish and like lots of oil, this video will destroy you. I don’t want to spoil all the taboo things Ada has to tell you before releasing a big, creamy cumshot. Don’t miss the video trailer on Shemale.XXX!






Golden Girls on TS Jamie French

The following photo and title of the latest TsJamieFrench video lets you know that Jamie is fucking Ada Black again (bareback). But have you guessed why it’s called Golden Girls? If not, you’ll get it when you see how the full video opens. If you happen to have a cock between your legs, you might find yourself wishing you were the one banging Ada, or giving it to Jamie in a daisy chain. If you happen to have a foot fetish, you might wish you were alternating between giving Jamie a two-fisted handjob, blowjob and worshiping her sexy feet like Ada did. I’m not going to spoil how this video closes, but I can tell you it ends with an explosive climax!


TS Jamie French and Ada Black in #nomakeup

TS Jamie French is reading Transformation Magazine Issue #92 while Ada Black does dishes in the 1st of four installments of #nomakeup. It’s obvious that Jamie is thinking, “Fuck the dishes. Do ME.” Well, she doesn’t actually say it out loud, but she makes it happen and they really do look great with no makeup on. The full photo set is hot as fuck, too (with over 125 hi-res images!).


Tied on TS Jamie French


Do you know what it means to be spit roasted? It’s that thing when someone is sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time.


So anyway,  Ada Black is taken backstage by rock star TS Jamie French and told to behave until she returns. Naughty Ada can’t resist exploring with the audio equipment and instrument and she gets busted by Jamie and Stefani Special. She’s in big trouble and Stefani is an expert with rope work. She uses her Shibari skills on naked Ada in the “Tied” video and picture set. After seeing the 1st installment of “Tied” I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale on TS Jamie French!


Ada Black and Damian Hardcore


Since the beginning of my Transformation Magazine interview with Ada Black, we’ve kept in touch and I could tell you a lot about good stuff her, but I’d rather you learn more about Ada for yourself. I’ll give you some of her links, but first, click on this photo from Ada’s 180+ image from the brand new Shemale Yum set.