Alexa Scout in Creamy Fun on Bob’s Tgirls

I’ve got some catching up to do with one of the 714 gorgeous models on Bob’s TGirls. Before I review Alexa Scout’s latest scene, I’ve got to say a bit about “Creamy Fun” which went live on June 14, 2016. She’s pretty quiet in the beginning as she stands before the kitchen table in her bra and panties. She discards her bra quickly to reveal her full breasts and puffy nipples and proceeds to drop her panties. She dances around a bit, making her tits, cock and balls jiggle. Next thing you know, Alexa is lying on the table in a breathtaking head to toe view completely naked, stroking her uncut cock furiously! Keep in mind that all this action occurs within the first minute. Bob zooms in for closeup footage and about three minutes into the scene, Alexa starts applying whipped cream from a spray can to her boobs. It doesn’t hide much however, especially when she pours more across her tummy and smooths it around. Alexa also sprays some of the cream on her cock and works up a tasty lather to coat her erection. In just under ten minutes, we see the double entendre in the title of this scene reveal itself. After the natural cream pours out of Alexa’s swollen cockhead, she relaxes and has a brief, yet naughty discussion with her photographer. This cumtastic Bob’s Tgirls video ends with Alexa showering off all that mixed cream. But she still looks absolutely delicious.

Pure-TS: Alexa Scout


In “Teen Schoolgirl Alexa Scout Gets Fucked by Her Professor” on Pure-TS, Alexa Scout is a gorgeous teen trans girl and her professor Christian XXX is powerless to resist her charms.


They have passionate bareback sex in this intense scene. I love the dominant elements of this scene with Christian taking charge of this brilliantly submissive Alexis Scout. She evolves from appearing scared and nervous to turned on, reaching behind the naughty professor to feel his bulge as he feels her up.


It has a the same edge of a BDSM scene developing when he’s exposed her lovely breasts and the swelling cock developing before her curvaceous thighs. He lifts her off her feet, holds her neck aggressively and you know she loves it, especially when she obeys his order of repeating, “I want that cock.”


Alexis is forced to suck Christian’s massive member with her hands behind her back while she’s down on her knees. It’s the type of wet and messy blowjob that only plays well when the girl is extremely gorgeous. Christian spreads her asscheeks widely, until she’s literally gaping before plunging his bare rod inside her from behind.


Alexis takes the same forceful pummeling while on her back and in a variety of other tantalizing positions. The reverse cowgirl position footage is incredible with Alexis riding the big man’s tool and her pretty tits with their puffy nipples heaving and jiggling, her erection swinging all over the place.


This scene is in my top five favorites and way up high on that list on this incredible website. I’m trying to decide if it’s even better than “Fresh Young Teen TS Alexa Scout Gets Fucked POV” from November of 2015 on Pure-TS. That’s a tough decision to make!


Alexa Scout





There’s a new way to look at Alexa Scout. This gallery is from the lenses of Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum. Alexa poses patriotically at poolside and bares her lovely breast quickly. Then she begins stroking her cock stiff before she gets her panties off. When Alexa pulls at her hooded cock, you can see how good it feels to her from the look in her pretty eyes. Once completely nude, she begins playing with her rosebud. Anyone who knows Buddy’s work knows that he really gets in there. She’s seen next bending over from the back and in profile. Then the stunning L.A. native starts talking while wanking her weiner. I’m not going to tell you what she’s saying. You’ll hear it when you see the video. Alexa stands up near the end and if you like full frontal views and upskirt footage without the skirt, you’ve got to check it out. She’s only18 years old? I didn’t know anything about this beauty until I saw her shoot with Blackula on Shemale.XXX earlier in July. That was more of a staged studio shoot in which Alexa looked absolutely angelic. Alexa says she’s really enjoying working in the adult entertainment industry and she plans to make the most of it for as long as she can. What a great way to start – right at the top. You can find out what type of guys she likes in her conversation with the very talented Mr. Wood.