TGirls.Porn: Ally Sparkles & Jenny Crystal

Description: It’s Tuesday which can mean only one thing….it’s update time on the home of the hottest trans girls in nut-busting XXX action! This week it’s rampant Ally Sparkles and Jenny Crystal getting balls deep and personal and making this magic happen. Take it away ladies…..

This week on TGirls.Porn, producer Radius Dark opens with the action already in progress. Gorgeous Ally and Jenny and passionate kissing on the sofa in their undies. Ally is the one in long socks in case you’re new to this fabulous niche I think of as The Best.

It’s hard to tell who’s going to take the lead, but Jenny is first to do some nipple sucking while Ally hovers above her slightly. Once Ally is fully topless, Jenny playfully pushes her back on the sofa. Jenny is now the aggressor and she quickly removes Ally’s panties.

Ally helps Jenny get her brassiere off next and Jenny takes hold of Ally’s bare cock. She then leans down and takes it inside her mouth. Jenny has an effective method of making Ally develop an erection and the girls pause for a moment to shed more clothing.

Jenny resumes her cock sucking and then it’s Ally turn. This is meant to turn us on but I also study their techniques like I’m in Fellatio 101 class. These young ladies are very intense when they give head – not sloppy suckers going at it loosely. Well, you can see how hard they make each other.

Mr. Dark captures such amazing angles that I have to ask myself how he does it during some of the footage. And after long bouts of mutual cock sucking comes the passionate kissing this incredible trans lesbian site is famous for.

Then the fucking begins! It’s absolutely rapturous and a must see on TGirls.Porn!

TwoTgirls: Step Sisters Fuck After a Night Out

Scene Trailer

Description: Bailey Love and NEW TEEN GIRL Ally Sparkles have just gotten home from a night out at the club. Bailey being the slut that she is already had some fun with a few different guys. Eager for more, she starts to put the moves on her step sister Ally Sparkles who didn’t really get much action while out. Ally can’t resist her step sister and the two start making out. They take turns sucking each other off and then do TGIRL 69!! You won’t believe it! Then the two step sisters take turns fucking each other! This is one HOT switch scene you WON’T wanna miss and it’s only here on!

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Producer Mayumi Sparkles can be counted on to release more than one scene with her illustrious stars. One of her wisest decisions is bringing back it’s veteran performer Bailey Love with newbie from “Passing Class With Ass” for “Step Sisters Fuck After a Night Out“!
This is quite possibly the hottest pairing on the site to date. About their last scene together I wrote, “The spanking session during the trademark comical opening sequence is the perfect warm-up for a suck and fuck extravaganza with nothing to laugh about. Bailey returns the same devotion to stiff cock sucking she gets from Ally and then she takes over by fucking the hell out of Ally. Your eyes might be darting all over the place – from two amazing sets of large and medium hormone breasts to Ally’s wet, swinging hardon and Bailey’s penetrating erection!”

For anyone wondering if we’d ever get to see Ally fucking Bailey, stop wondering, because it happens! Just when you think you’re witnessing one of the best doggy style railings ever, you’ll see them switch to Bailey riding Ally with her big cock swinging around and pointing toward the ceiling. Then Bailey fucks Ally again and they’re beautiful bodies are both completely nude! This is an extraordinary performance. “Step Sisters Fuck After a Night Out” is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

Ally Sparkles Cums For You!

Description: Gorgeous Ally Sparkles, our February 2018 “Model of the Month”, returns for her second solo scene, following her amazing hardcore debut last week in a smashing TGirls.Porn scene with Camila Dolly! This time, she brings out the glasses to give a really sexy look with her dress, black stockings and black heels! Ally is stunning! Watch this beautiful redhead as she gets on the bed and fucks herself with her dildo until she cums! We can’t wait to see more from her!

When Ally Sparkles introduces herself sitting on a bed, and Radius Dark pans down her long legs, you can see how gorgeous they are even though she’s wearing opaque black stockings. An old saying used to go, “Girls who wear glasses get no passes.” I guess they haven’t seen Ally in specs. She makes it no secret that she’s going to remove her dress very early in this production. But she goes about it slowly, building up the sexual tension. Wait until Ally’s colorful lingerie and undergarment choices hit you. What a sumptuous way to adorn a hot body. And how much do you love the sight of a girl removing her tall sandals with her cock hanging out? This is what happens and moments later, she’s perched on the bed jerking off.

Ally does a bit of breast fondling and has her glasses off as she masturbates while stretched out on her back. She gives us an explicit butt show after removing her panties and then she bares her pretty legs and sexy feet. Then she shows us her colorful dildo and lubes it up. Ally is totally animated, playful and laughing as she prepares to fuck herself with her sex toy. She gets that puppy in deep and doesn’t forget to keep on stripping until she’s gloriously nude.

I just realized she’s a lefty like me watching her stroking her erection furiously. I can also tell that she’s going to explode in a powerful orgasm in this exquisite update! “Ally Sparkles Cums For You!” is the title of this scene but you can also see her cumming in “Ally Sparkles & Camila Dolly”on TGirls.Porn, an incredible trans lesbian hardcore scene! You can also see Ally performing LIVE on Chaturbate! Register FREE and follow

TGirls.Porn: Ally Sparkles & Camila Dolly

Watch The Scene Trailer

The February 2018 “Model of the Month” was recently discovered by Radius Dark. Another of his fantastic models in Camilla Dolly from her debut and encore performances on Grooby Girls in November of 2017. Their TGirls.Porn hardcore debut scene is pure fire.

This scene hits the ground running with the models kissing in bed. And believe me, they are obviously and unmistakably models! Redhead Ally’s pecker is already popping and Camila grasps it as they smooch.

Then Camila bares and orally devours Ally’s lovely breasts. You might be internally screaming, “I wanna see more of Camila too now!” and just be patient. Her top comes off fast.

Camila continues stroking Ally’s stiff cock and she leans over to take it inside her mouth. Camila expertly removes more of her own clothing while giving head. Then she helps Ally get naked!

I think this blowjob trading footage is quite possibly the finest Mr. Dark has ever shot. He’s mastered creative new ways to shoot fellatio scenes and these two babes make his work shine. The girls are not only beautiful but fiercely passionate. This is easily my favorite TGirls.Porn update of 2018.

Ally: “Camila got me so turned and rock hard. That huge, two fister cock made my day when I sucked it. I also really loved topping her and getting fucked while she pulled my hair. I never really enjoyed doggystyle until that day!”

Camila: “I really enjoyed Ally’s tight ass and her ROCK HARD cock up my ass. Seriously, she was hard the entire time. It was also super hot when we rubbed our hard cocks together before we kissed. She came and then sucked the cum out of my shaft!”