TransAngels: Annabelle Lane, Michael DelRay in New You Nuru

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: When Michael DelRay hears that his massage is supposed to be “very sensual”, he’s not sure what he’s gotten himself into. Annabelle Lane assures him there’s nothing to be worried about as she strips down to sexy lingerie and strokes massage oil onto his back. While this isn’t exactly the massage he had in mind, he can’t be anything but thrilled as Annabelle rubs her gorgeous tits on his back, flipping him over so she can suck and ride his cock. Director Tom Moore captures Michael DelRay at his funniest when he lays his eyes on Annabelle’s perfect bottom while she’s bending over. The masseuse tries to describe what Nuru is all about.

He’s confused, but strips nude anyway. Man, this client is hung. Annabelle doesn’t let on that she’s impressed by Michael’s big dick, but she removes her robe and is soon standing in just her bra, panties and high heels.

Annabelle removes her tall pumps, picks up a jar of massage oil and hovers above prone Michael on the massage mat. It appears to be just another normal massage across the back at first. But then, Annabelle removes her bra to expose her full, gorgeous breasts. Then she removes her panties, baring her clean-shaven cock and balls.

After oiling her tits liberally, Annabelle begins with the true Nuru technique of using her body to complete the massage. She rubs her boobs against Michael’s back. Then she lays fully against him with her penis rubbing against the crevice of his butt cheeks. His big cock is so alive it’s visibly pulsating when she gets Michael to flip over onto his back.

Micheal then receives a long, laborious dick massage with lots of oil. Then Annabelle goes down on him. Well, I think this is where the Nuru ends and the sex begins. As it continues, Annabelle sinks her lovely bottom down upon Micheal’s turgid erection. Her hard cock rises and falls sensuously when they fuck in the reverse cowgirl position. Side saddle evolves into doggy style and the climaxes of this gorgeous couple wrap up this torrid update. Annabelle Lane is one of the most exquisite models in trans porn ever.

TGirls.Porn: Annabelle Lane & Chanel Santini

MP4 Scene Trailer

The storyline of this TGirls.Porn scene shot by Omar Wax involves a model whose wish is to enter the adult industry. Annabelle Lane gets advice from Chanel Santini already who has experience and has achieved great success in a short amount of time. There’s no reason she can’t earn a “Best New Face” award in 2018 like her mentor Chanel or her own website someday like Although this scene plays out like a mini-drama in the first few minutes, you can read a lot of truth in it.

Most trans girls in the industry are male-loving straight girls, but there’s a high demand for lesbian trans porn which backs up the tremendous success of TGirls.Porn. As the story here unfolds, Chanel is pleasantly surprised to hear about her friend’s new goals. Chanel is confident that male fans will absolutely love Annabelle and she informs her that there will be an expectation for her to make porn with other trans girls as well. She’s a total virgin in this area but she’s excited by Chanel’s offer to show her the ropes.

Chanel has always thought of Annabelle as beautiful and she gives the aspiring porn star a kiss to prove it. The perks of being a mentor in this case include getting her cock sucked to a raging erection that leads to full nudity for each girl on the sofa. After getting to taste Anabelle’s lovely cock in return, Chanel also gets to ease her big bare hardon inside Annabelle’s tight ass in the doggy style position!

These beauties move through a variety of positions with more sucking in between until the climactic ending plays out. Chanel fucks Annabelle like a bunny rabbit! This scene is magnificent and the following words are from its incredible stars:

Annabelle: “I’m so very new to the industry but I’m super eager to learn the ropes. I reach out to someone that has a few shoots under her belt. Boy was I in for a surprise. Quickly learned that girls definitely are a bit more affectionate than most men I’ve been with. Most valuable bit of advice I’ve gained is that girl cock makes me wet, all over!”

Chanel: “Newbies are fun, especially ones eager to learn about the biz. If you want to be able to give cock the best, you better be prepared to take one like a champ. Annabelle’s pretty little mouth and juicy lips got me so turned on that I stayed erect until I released all over her pretty face. Anyone else needing to learn the ropes, don’t hesitate to reach out to me ;)”