Femout.XXX: Sexy April Gillespie Strokes!

Description: After a while, gorgeous April Gillespie is back with a new solo scene produced by Radius Dark! Looking hotter than ever in her cosplay/school outfit, April can’t wait to show off her long legs and beautiful feet. Her cock starts getting hard pretty quickly! Watch her stroking it and having fun in her hot comeback solo scene.

Producer’s Comments: April Gillespie used to be known as Annie Trappington but asked for a name change. Annie was too much fun to work with! She has a very bubbly personality and is down to do whatever is asked of her. I went out to Medford, OR to meet her – she lives in a small town hours away from every big city. She’s 5’8″, but looks like she’s 5’4″. She’s very lightweight, so she loves to be tossed around and lifted in the air while being fucked.

She has a huge, 8 inches plus cock that was a very big surprise as I scoped out her amateur porn shoots and her dick looked no bigger than six inches. However, when I did my customary sexual interview, she started to get really hard and it kept growing and growing, although it’s very big flaccid as well. Annie is a very young 20 years old. She’s a total video game and guitar playing nerd.

If that information was released in 2015 when April made her Femout.XXX debut, she’s around 23 years old now. That’s how long I’ve been a fan of hers. And yes her legs are nice as she confesses herself and she’s grown tits indeed! She give big ups to estrogen for that. Perhaps you’ve seen at least one of April’s TGirls.Porn performances. She’s co-starred in two sizzling hardcore lesbian sets, one with Lucy Sioux and the other with Angel Be’Natti. For the TGirls.Porn previews, click here.

Back to April’s new Femout.XXX performance released on May 9, 2018, the sexy sailor with the “Yes, Daddy” panties quickly reveals that she’s got a butt plug embedded in her wonderful ass. And she says that all the extra estrogen that gave her tits did not make her dick any smaller. As she says this she sits down to casually jerk off. It’s always mesmerizing when April slips into a deep state of arousal while developing a huge erection.

As she lies masturbating spread eagle on the sofa barefoot with that butt plug still installed, she reminds us of how she clenches her tight ass while stroking. Then the focus goes back to her new B-cup hormone tits. She then spins her large erection around like a propeller and it seems like it might be almost that heavy. There’s a lot more fun and full nudity in the rest of this awesome Femout.XXX update!

Transational Fantasies: April Gillespie

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Description: It’s almost quitting time at the office, and when you cum in to check on your employee April Gillespie’s progress, you get an eyeful. Beneath her glass desk, you spy a cute little trans girl ball poking out. Did you know you had a girl like her working under you?

She hopes you don’t mind. And in fact, you are very intrigued. You want to touch it. So you crawl beneath the desk and grab a closer look. This little cutie has a BIG cock for you to play with. What’s that? You want to eat her pussy too? She happily bends over the computer chair so you can lick her. Her balls and cock hang down in your face, only making you more excited. You can hardly control yourself, and she starts to sense that you want to fuck her.

You rub your cock against her tight hole and stick it in. You fuck her hard from behind, then flip her on her back and pound some more. She sucks you off before riding your cock. Bouncing up and down on the Joyrider, her huge lady cock flops all around. Finally, she shoots a humongous load of girl jizz all over the glass desk, licks it up, and drools it all over herself. I’m tagging the name Annie Trappington with the name April Gillespie to avoid any confusion about this extraordinary model I’ve raved about several times. I can’t miss any of her updates because I know I’ll always be mentally stimulated as well as physically turned on by her shoots.

She makes this scene that requires acting ability look fun and easy and April heats things up quickly when you, her boss, expresses interest in the tell-tale bulge between her legs. Her big dick is already lengthening and thickening by the time she withdraws it from her panties. Then while sitting at her work desk April makes her erection bounce gently before taking hold of it. She’s still got some work to finish up on. This is so creative – I’ve never fantasized about a secretary working with her schlong hanging out in the open like this.

April takes things to an even more erotic level by the way she lets out high-pitch moans while bent over. Her ass is incredible and if you look closely you can see a small bead of pre-cum developing at the tip of her bulbous cock head. The simulated fucking and dildo sucking footage is mesmerizing. There are some surprises so hot I don’t want to spoil them for you. But I must add that the climax sequences captured in slow motion and regular speed are right up there with the best of the best on TransationalFantasies.com.

TGirls.Porn: Angel Benatti & Annie Trappington

Angel Be’Natti and Annie Trappington have a few things to say about their torrid tryst:

Angel: “Annie had a big cock that I loved sucking on. I had to get used to it, but when I did, I gave her the blowjob of her life. It was really fun to take the whole thing in the doggy position. She wanted to make sure she didn’t hurt me, but I was totally ready for it!”

Annie: “I loved taking Angel’s big, fat cock up my ass. It was so thick and I really felt every inch of that wide, uncut cock cock filling me up. I loved taking that load in my face is well. She really fucked up my makeup!”

The first thing I did was to visit TGirls.Porn to watch the video preview. I knew they’d both do their best to suck each other’s massive cocks balls deep, but I was pleasantly surprised by the way they took turns fucking each other!

Producer Radius Dark presents Angel and Angie kissing on the bed while scantily clad. Angel gets Annie’s brassiere unsnapped and off and devours her lovely breasts and pink nipples. Once Angel’s bra is off, Annie reciprocates. Whatever went on before Mr. Dark’s camera began filming caused Annie’s big dick to tent her blue panties from the very beginning.

Angel exposes it fully and pumps the shaft a few times before teasingly kissing licking her way down Annie’s torso and taking the bulbous head inside her mouth. Various angles capture both blowjobs the girls give each other including POV. An inexperienced bottom would end up walking funny for days if they got fucked by either one of these young stars.

The powerful drilling that results in big cum shots from each model is spellbinding but what blows me away mostly with this TGirls.Porn update is the passion. The chemistry between Angel and Annie is so phenomenal.

I also love that the 266 image photo set matches the 37:08 minute video to perfection.

In addition to this killer performance, you should also check out the extensive Angel Be’Natti Femout.XXX and Annie Trappington Femout.XXX filmographies!