Introducing Beautiful Arianna Pipes

My first glimpse at Arianna Pipes made me think that this was a Louie Damazo Brazilian TGirls update. But it’s from Black TGirls (which features American and Brazilian trans beauties) and she’s presented by KilaKali. Arianna is from Cleveland, Ohio and she’s verse – both a top or bottom depending on her mood and partner.

When she’s the more passive partner, she prefers to be on her back. But when using her huge cock to fuck someone with, she prefers the doggy style position as it makes it easier for her to reach around. Arianna likes big masculine men so there have been lucky ones getting jerked off by her while being fucked. That I’d like to see sometime on

This is not only Arianna’s major studio porn shoot, but her first recorded session ever. She gets the most compliments on her figure and during the interview, her producer emphasizes how little she is. I’m thinking the size of her cock must look out of proportion to her petite frame in real life. If so, that’s not a bad thing at all.

When asked if size matters in a guy, Arianna takes a long pause to think about it. But as it turns out she doesn’t care about the size of a man’s dick. She sincerely replies that as long as he knows how to work it that’s fine. A few minutes into her scene, Arianna unzips her thigh high suede boots and removes them. She has dainty high-arched feet and fence net stocking legs that go on forever. She’s as fit as a fiddle and when she stands up from her seat, she reveals an ass in panties of an athlete. Arianna exposes her small hormone breasts with their tight black nipples and it’s a glorious sight when she strips down to her stockings and bends over against the chair.

Arianna’s uncut cock is long and thick and it’s not even raging hard yet. She has good rhythm and she can shake her bottom like a stripper and that makes the imagination go wild, especially if you’re a top watching her spank her ass hard. Once she gets down to jerking off and developing a hardon, this super pretty girl is huge.

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