TGirls.Porn: Aeva Rhone & Ashley Vega

Description: We are real suckers for authentic ‘friends with benefits’ relationships here on TGirls.Porn and we love nothing better than when a couple of like minded and highly sexed trans girls open their doors to the Grooby lenses and give us a mouth watering insight of what they get up to in the sheets! Presenting Aeva Rhone and Ashley Vega by Omar Wax……you’re very welcome!

In this magnificent update presented by producer Omar Wax, Aeva, the sexy blonde, tells gorgeous brunette Ashley how her thoughts about her are becoming so frequent. Ashley confesses that she’s been fantasizing about fucking Aeva a lot. Now that they’re alone together, they’re kissing passionately and exploring each other’s breasts and nipples. Aeva admits that she was touching herself all the way over today. Ashley promises she won’t have to do that by herself anymore.

Eventually, the girls rise from the bed to help each other get undressed. Aeva’s top comes off first, then her skirt follows. Ashley helps get her black booties off and begins playing with Aeva’s pretty toes and high arched soles. Aeva says she didn’t know that Ashley has a thing for feet and Ashley replies that her new indulgence is pretty recent. The way she sucks on Aeva’s sexy digits makes it seem like she’s held this fetish for ages.

Then it’s Aeva’s turn to undress Ashley, beginning with getting her out of her flirty summer dress. Aeva playfully spanks Ashley’s ass and gets her own groped as they kiss. The bulges in their panties are getting bigger and we can see that Ashley’s cock is definitely swelling when Aeva drops to her knees, lowering her lover’s panties in the process. The blowjob she gives Ashley looks incredible and the blonde is still in panties. But both babes are completely naked when Ashley begins to suck Aeva’s cock. Next comes my favorite sequence yet, when Ashley kneels behind Aeva sporting a big erection and pulling the doggy style positioned blonde like she’s her submissive pet. She spanks Aeva’s upturned bottom hard a couple of times and when she begins fucking Aeva, she exclaims how tight her ass is.

Roles are eventually revered and Aeva gets to fuck Ashley as well. Who fucks better or harder? I can’t tell and at this level of professionalism, I don’t even think it matters. Both new TGirls.Porn stars are absolutely incredible! To see each performer LIVE on my favorite webcam site where you can register for FREE, visit and follow and!