Transsexual Girlfriend Experience 2

Transsexual Girlfriend Experience 2 is coming soon to Devil’s Film. But you can order the actual DVD on Adult Empire Video On Demand. Leave it to veteran director Jim Powers to develop with an enjoyable storyline that plays out with blazing hot sex with an incredible cast. Since I own it, there’s not much I want to share about the plot for fear of spoiling it for you. But I can tell you a few things about why I recommend it. Stunning ingenue Aspen Brooks is the lead actress with the most complex story, yet hauntingly beautiful Chelsea Poe and extremely gorgeous Isabella Sorrenti are not outshined as supporting actresses. The same goes for male lead Robert Axel supported by hilariously evil Chad Diamond and veteran Gabriel D’Alessandro who still looks like he could be a fresh new porn actor. To tell you a bit more about Aspen, Chelsea and Isabella’s performances without giving too much away, Aspen has two amazing sex scenes. Isabella and Chelsea each have one scene, but they’re magnificent in their one-on-ones. There’s a positive vibe about this film with its underlying theme of successful transition and the hope that dreams can come true. But it’s not all la la land with the inclusion of a “chaser” element that’s prevalent in real life social situations. You can order the DVD for now and I’ll let you know when it’s released on the Devil’s Film website where you can stream or download the original Transsexual Girlfriend Experience movie and other excellent trans movies, individual scenes and photo sets.

TransSensual – Aspen Brooks & Stefani Special

MP4 Preview
MP4 Preview

Scene #01 of the TransSensual production of TS Beauties Volume 2 / Girl on Girl TS Style stars two beauties I greatly admire as true actresses. Stefani Special a star I feel like I’ve been raving about forever, yet she’s only about 25 years old. Aside from being gorgeous and kinky, I identify as pansexual and she says the same in this groundbreaking TransSensual production from Nica Noelle. I always feel a connection with all of her amazing performances. No pun intended. The famed director Noelle captures Stefani and Aspen Brooks revealing truths about their real lives in this film. Aspen is gorgeous and also quite unique in that she reminds me of no one else I’ve ever seen. The only similarity I can draw with Aspen is that her rise to fame in the adult industry reminds me of that of retired Hazel Tucker who was instrumental in getting the word out about my interviews and reviews.

Flash Trailer
Flash Trailer

This scene opens with Aspen at 18 years old at the time the film was just recently made introducing herself followed by Stefani doing the same. Aspen tells us how she responds differently with men and other trans woman and Stefani points out the desire for transbian scenes and films and its flourishing as a strong niche in the market. They both reveal what turns the on about each other during a titillating photo shoot and when the mention of the way two trans women have a built-in understanding of how one another’s bodies will respond to stimuli, I agree wholeheartedly. This is a thinking porn fan’s film and then the intense foreplay that leads to hardcore sex begins.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I love the way there’s a slow build-up with lots of kissing – passionate kissing! Aspen is portrayed as a bi-curious girl and although Stefani has more experience with transbian lovemaking, she also takes her time with Aspen.  

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

You can also purchase the full DVD from Gamelink as TS Beauties #2. I’m not going to add any spoilers about the extraordinary plot development. I’d rather you find out what goes down for yourself through the website or by watching the DVD. 

Pure-TS: Delia DeLions & Aspen Brooks


In “Delia Teaches Aspen How To Properly Fuck a Man” Delia DeLions is passing along some great information to young teen beauty Aspen Brooks. Men are only good for one thing, sucking your cock and giving up their ass. They use and abuse the poor guy, who is powerless to resist their big cocks as they take turns fucking his ass until they cum all over him. The prolific star of Pure-TS producer strikes again. Christian XXX is more widely know for topping the world’s most beautiful, top name trans stars with his huge cock. But I love the way this scene plays out from the start in which Delia-TS takes the lead with her protege Aspen Brooks. There’s a strong transbian element in this scenario and I love seeing that in a threesome with stunning adult actresses like this.


When it comes to men as bottoms, my preference is mainly for effeminate males, but this scene totally works for me because I happen to think that Christian has one of the most fuckable man butts in the adult industry. This hardcore video has plenty of trans eye candy for fans who don’t care much about the male leads, but it has a lot for those of us who like guys, too.


The action heats up within the first minute when Delia compliments Aspen on what a beautiful lady she’s becoming and slips her some tongue. Aspen credits Delia for being such a good teacher. Delia leads Aspen into the bedroom where Christian is on all fours waiting for Delia to give her friend a lesson on how men ought to be treated. Both girls finger bang Christian’s bubble butt after the Delia-TS hostess oils it up and Aspen starts jerking off in anticipation of fucking it. Then Delia begins jacking off, too. When Aspen and Delia stand up, with their big dicks doing the same.


Christian gives Delia head first. When he switches over to suck on Aspen’s long, stiff prong, Delia masturbates. When Aspen lays back on the bed to get another deep sucking, Delia slaps her erection against Christian’s smooth bottom and penetrates him from behind bareback.


If you’re hoping to see full nudity, you’re going to get it. Obviously I wrote this review before I decided what photos to present with it. Delia’s doggystyle fucking is fierce and so is Aspen’s when it’s her turn to do the banging while Delia lays back getting serviced. After the first half of the video, Delia fucks Christian again, but this time it’s in the missionary position with Aspen filling his mouth with her cock. Then the girls switch places and naturally, Christian jerks off while getting pummeled.


Aspen is doing the fucking, her hips thrusting like a jackhammer, when the race to climax begins. Christian gets his nut first and one of the girls releases her creamy white cum shot. Then the other babe blows the same sort of load somewhere else.


That’s about as far into detail about this extraordinary Pure-TS scene. This scene was filmed in Las Vegas and there are behind-the-scenes interviews with Delia of Delia TS and Aspen Brooks. I cannot wait until Aspen’s website launches! The interview  with Delia was filmed after Christian an her finished doing three scenes together. Christian asks great questions about Delia’s career and gets candid replies. His interview with 18 year old Aspen, originally from Switzerland, goes just as well.


My TS Teacher – TransSensual






Sweet, shy Sarah (Danica Dane) is stuck in a troubled relationship with insensitive Dimitri (Wolf Hudson) and finds solace in her friendship with intellectual, understanding Professor Rivers (River Stark). But Dimitri suspects the brilliant professor’s interest in Sarah is more than academic, so he confronts the sexy redhead and tries to seduce her. Will a man come between the older and younger women, or is their lesbian love destined to prevail? My TS Teachers stars River Stark, Aspen Brooks, Wolf Hudson, and Danica Dane with a bonus scene with Jessy Dubai and JD Phoenix. It was written and directed by Nica Noelle and I’ve enjoyed Scenes #01 and #02 so far on Transsensuals. Aspen Brooks and Jaxton Wheeler star in the opening sex scene that follows the plot development, centering around the cisgender female personal trainer, kink enthusiast and adult actress, Danica Dane. The strong chemistry between Professor Rivers and Sarah is strong. River Stark’s character dreams about her student and Danica’s Sarah masturbates while fantasizing about her teacher in bed at night. If you’ve never seen a Nica Noelle production before, it’s porn from a cisgender woman’s POV, but don’t assume that the sex is softcore. Real acting follows Danica’s solo mastubation sequence with Sarah introducing Dmitri to Professor Rivers. The plot thickens during this uncomfortable interaction which leads to the introduction of Jaxton Wheeler who plays the Professor’s friend and confidant. When he gets off the phone with his friend, we see his lover, Aspen Brooks sitting next to Jaxton in bed. They’re both topless and we’re off to the races with foreplay, oral sex and everything else you’d expect to see in a hardcore adult film. I’ll discuss Scene #02 most likely after I’ve seen the full DVD on Transsexual. In conclusion, there’s some fine acting in My TS Teacher. Jaxton was superb in TS Sister In Law, also on Transsensual. The debut performance of newcomer Aspen Brooks will catapult her stardom into the stratosphere amongst the top new adult industry performers this year.