TS Seduction – Aubrey Kate, Phoenix Marie & Will Havoc

The Caramel’s TGirls 30% off Kink.com offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues with Phoenix Marie’s TS Threesome: What does she have that I don’t have? 

Phoenix Marie lives out her very first threesome transsexual scene ever! All holes filled, all cocks suck and a triple stacked anal penetration fucking! Performers of shoot here: Aubrey Kate, Will Havoc, and Phoenix Marie. TS Seduction has not seen a hot threesome like this ever! We pop Phoenix Marie’s cherry in her VERY FIRST transsexual scene ever! Aubrey Kate plays Phoenix’s step-sister. One day when Phoenix is out buying booze for her and her boyfriend, Will Havoc, to have a cozy night in things get hot. Aubrey can’t keep her hands off Phoenix’s boyfriends. Will can’t control himself once he finds out Aubrey has a hungry cock and Phoenix catches him with his pants down hard as rock. What does she have that I don’t have?

When Aubrey reveals her secret, the chemistry between these three jumps from the screen! The power exchange flows from one to another. Everyone ass gets filled, every cock sucked, every pussy licked and a three stacked penetration tower builds to Aubrey spraying her load on Phoenix and Will’s faces! Do not miss this one! More dick equals more fun for legendary Phoenix Marie and that’s what basically influenced her decision to appear on TS Seduction over TS Pussy Hunters where there are no men.

Trans porn goddess Aubrey Kate has worked with less than a handful of cisgender females, so this is extra special. Will Havoc has an incredible amount of work on several Kink.com network sites in a variety of genres. He’s totally verse on film and in real life and a staple here, so it’s no surprise how great he is in this TS Seduction scene.

Limits of the actors are stated, but more of what they like sexually is revealed in the opening interview conducted by director, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe. Aubrey Kate’s kitchen seduction of Will is magnificent, providing a feverishly hot build-up to Phoenix catching them engaging in foreplay in the bedroom.

Will is equally hilarious and sexy explaining why he has a raging hardon when confronted by his girlfriend while Aubrey Kate rests on the bed grinning like a Cheshire cat. You might find yourself jealous of Will and Phoenix sharing Aubrey Kate’s coveted cock when she gets her cum lapped up at the end. You might envy Aubrey Kate too!

The daisy chain is my favorite sequence. The ironic part of this production is that I was a major fan of Phoenix of phoenixmarie.com before I got to know trans porn inside out. She’s at the top of her game. Kink.com 30% discount full access offer courtesy of Caramel. 

Pure-TS: Aubrey Kate & Jenna Tales


Aubrey Kate and Jenna Tales are in Vegas and ready to party! They have a busy social schedule for the weekend, but first things first, time to bust a nut using their favorite submissive and his tight ass. They take turns fucking him bareback until cumming in his mouth and hole. This is the official synopsis of the bareback killer “TS Girlfriends Fuck Their Submissive in Vegas” scene on Pure-TS.


So I’m watching Aubrey Kate and Jenna sharing cocktails and chatting about nightclub action and contemplating whether or not they want to go out for the evening. The camera’s zoom draws back and it’s revealed that their high heeled feet are resting upon a naked Christian XXX. Aubrey Kate opens her legs and wearing no panties, she orders the dutiful sub to suck her cock. As he moves up to take her into his mouth, Jenna squeezes and spanks his firm bubble butt. Then she digitally manipulates that sexy ass while he gives Aubrey Kate head. She casually makes a text for evening plans while her dick swells inside the sub’s mouth.


Aubrey Kate stands up, lifting the hem of her dress, revealing her raging erection that stand out high from her thighs. Now it’s time for Jenna to get sucked to erection. Jenna’s full breasts are exposed and so are Aubrey Kate’s when she removes her dress. She moves behind Christian on her knees and sinks her bare swollen member inside Christian’s behind while he continues bringing Jenna’s cock to erection. Aubrey Kate’s tits jiggle wildly as she rails her sub’s ass and verbally humiliates him. When Jenna raises one of her legs to place a bare foot on the table, we get a good look at the cock of hers that’s now fully erect, fucking Christian’s mouth.


The powerful drilling of Aubrey Kate continues with her gloriously nude and then the action that follows takes place on a large bed. Christian is on his back with Jenna easing her stiffness inside his ass while Aubrey Kate gives him a skull fucking. When Aubrey Kate sits on his face while jerking off, the electrifying transbian moment for me comes when the girls kiss with Jenna pounding the sub with jackhammer thrusts. Then the hung beauties switch places and Aubrey Kate fucks Christian yet again!


After awhile, Aubrey Kate moves closer to Jenna to suck her nipples and devour her breast while the Latina pounds away at the supremely fuckable man butt. Jenna strokes her fellow Domme’s hardon while the blonde jerks Christian off. So we’re about halfway through this scene and Aubrey Kate gets a rimjob from the sub while Jenna continues to fuck him hard. Jenna gets her salad tossed and her dick sucked again when Aubrey Kate delivers another sound banging.


Do you like seeing girls shooting big creamy white cumshots? I could go on and on about this remarkable Pure-TS threesome, but it’s time to wrap things up. I highly recommend that you stream this scene or better yet, download it for keeps and grab the enormous photo set while you’re at it.


Tranny Vice DVD / VOD

Tranny Vice Cast: Mona Wales, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Sue Lightning, Directed by Buddy Wood. Length: 1 hrs. 27 minutes, Rating: XXX, Released: Aug 15 2016, Production Year: 2016, Studio: Grooby, Number of Discs: 1.


“Detectives Bailey and Presley are two of the dirtiest cops on LA’s Tranny Vice. They’re hot on the trail of bad girl Aubrey Kate and they’re not about to let anything get in their way!! Hardcore action! Hardcore sex! Hardcore fun!” I had hardcore fun with this DVD that doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps things lighthearted. The opening action begins with Robert Axel and Aubrey Kate. They’re always amazing to watch separately or together. Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley are hilarious as the vice squad partners and sexy as hell. Domino performs a solo striptease and masturbation sequence while Morgan hunts down the cisgender female actress Mona Wales. Mona has a long rap sheet and after some sizzling hot foreplay, detective Bailey keeps her in line by giving her some long cock. Domino busts bad guy Robert Axel, but he gives her a fucking that keeps him out of serious trouble. Natalie Mars and Sue Lightning are the CSI team on duty. While Sue jacks off in the bedroom of a victim’s house, Natalie gets it on in the living room with newcomer Dorian Drake. This bareback railing ends with a tremendous facial and it’s the second to last sex scene of Tranny Vice. The actual finale is a Sue Lightening cumshot before the film comes to a comical surprise ending.

Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire
Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire

Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel








“Today is a big day for Aubrey Kate. She’s been seeing Robert for a while, and they’re both falling for each other; however, Aubrey has a secret, and she’s afraid that when she reveals it, Robert will break up with her. It’s happened before…and more than once. When Aubrey break the news that she has something “extra” down there, most men run. Robert’s different, though…and sure enough, after Aubrey breaks the news and Robert has a few moments to think, he embrace Aubrey….” That’s the reduced synopsis of Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel in the DogFartNetwork.com site BlacksonBoys.com. What, blacks on boys? Robert Axel is actually Latino and beautiful Aubrey Kate certainly ain’t no boy. The famed interracial network is branching out and I loved the first time I saw this happen with Kylie Maria and Deepdicc. I’ve been a fan of this network since 2011 and I joined the party a little bit late. When Aubrey Kate and Robert are kissing on the sofa, she can’t keep her secret from him any longer. She shows him what’s hiding under her short-shorts. At first, he doesn’t take the news well. He heads off to the kitchen to gather his thoughts and his girlfriend with a surprise joins him solemnly. He can’t resist her charms and soon they’re kissing passionately, especially when she sinks down to suck his cock. The pivotal moment comes about 8 minutes in when Robert lowers her panty and experimentally fondles her lovely cock. Obviously, he has strong feelings for Aubrey Kate and a trip back to the living room. He sucks her cock for the first time, driving Aubrey Kate wild with pleasure. Then the stud gives her the fucking of a lifetime in this half hour HD movie. Now I’d never wait until this point to surprise a man in real life, but this scene is simply incredible and the photo set is enormous! I usually go to the DogFart network for the best interracial boy/girl, girl/girl and hung black male on cute twinks porn, but I’m glad they’re now getting serious about trans porn, too! By the way, don’t let anyone tell you that trans women and gay men do not have sex together. I’m living proof to help shatter that myth. 



Transsensual: Aubrey Kate and Jaxton Wheeler

NSFW Video Preview
NSFW Video Preview
NSFW Image Gallery
NSFW Image Gallery
NSFW Video Gallery
NSFW Video Gallery


When beautiful blonde besties Laura (Aubrey Kate) and Marilyn (Aspen Brooks) set their sights on football stars Troy (Jaxton Wheeler) and Tommy (Alexander Gustavo), the two gorgeous TS sex queens will stop at nothing to seduce the hunky, well-hung studs. The girls take a room at the hotel where the guys are staying, and begin a slow seduction that will leave viewers both charmed and deliciously turned on. A surprise ending brings together this fun-loving romp, starring four of the industries sexiest and brightest stars. Written and directed by Nica Noelle. With a set-up like this, how could I resist watching? Aspen Brooks as the gorgeous yet nerdy friend of the star of TS Blondes Have More Fun and her seducer Alexander Gustavo deliver magnificent performances, but first, let’s talk about the scene with Aubrey Kate and Jaxton Wheeler. Transsensual films feature ensembles that emphasize the interconnectivity of the Nica Noelle’s characters. All four of the stars of TS Blondes Have More Fun are fine actors and each of their characters share equal importance in the narrative, successfully balancing the ensemble cast. That’s pretty much all I can say without revealing too much of the plot. But I must add that you should allow me to mislead you into thinking that this is softcore sex. What begins as an intimate first time experience between Aubrey Kate and Jaxton Wheeler evolves a deep hard lay with multiple position changes and artful direction. The unification of different plot lines and character arcs continue as the plot of TS Blondes Have More Fun unfolds. This Transsensual production is indeed packed with fun, but it’s also a celebration of true talent.

Aubrey Kate on Shemale Strokers





Aubrey Kate has been on Shemale Strokers so many times and she’s so popular, there’s no need for an introduction this time. She simply walks to the bed and begins posing on it. The intro is shot in slow motion. The music is cool, but it’s going to stop at the right time, as usual. This is a 25:12 minute scene so it’s impossible to predict everything this Las Vegas superstar is going to do. For example, I kind of forgot that Aubrey Kate easily could lick her own pointy nipples until I saw her doing it again. I didn’t forget how she talks her way through her orgasm and the viewer’s however. Sh makes a lot of eye contact and talks dirty to you while stroking her cock. Her large breasts jiggle more and more the faster she jerks off. The way she cums isn’t predictable either. Will she shoot in slow motion or regular speed? Will there be an instant replay? Find out by watching gorgeous Aubrey Kate again on Shemale Strokers. You can watch her recent video preview and a blast from the past by clicking on each photo.

Aubrey Kate and Kristy Snow on Devil’s Film







Kristy Snow is on the phone with her friend while in the local porn shop complaining about a fight she had with her boyfriend. The dude is going to jail and Kristy promises herself that the next time she sees a dick and it’s attached to a halfway decent guy, she’s sticking with it. She looks down at the glory hole and sees a really nice looking dick is hanging there. It’s flaccid yet thick, with a plump set of smoothly shaven balls. Naturally, Kristy gets off the phone and kneels down to give it a few strokes. She can’t resist sucking it and soon, it’s raging hard. This is what the surprise is all about in Tranny Glory Hole Surprise Scene #02. Aubrey Kate was sucking Jessy Dubai’s cock briefly in Scene #01, but now it’s her turn to surprise someone in full length scene of her own. Kristy tries to imagine what the guy she’s sucking looks like and she wants to get fucked badly. Is he a hot surfer dude or maybe a trucker? Nope, the owner of that cock is super hot, but it’s Aubrey Kate, waiting in a private room near the glory hole booth. Kristy doesn’t get what’s going on until Aubrey Kate asks if she recognizes her dick. I’ve been following Kristy Snow’s adult entertainment career for about three years now, but I’ve never seen her with a transsexual before. It looks like she was totally into it to me, especially during the fingering footage and doggystyle ramming she got from Aubrey Kate. She’s incredible. I had the honor of interviewing the sensational Aubrey Kate in the recent issue #94 of Transformation Magazine. Sex with cisgender females isn’t her first love, but you’d never know it watching her going at it with Kristy. I absolutely loved watching this jackhammer railing and the refreshing break Goodfellas / Devil’s Film has taken from their wildly successful cheerleaders, prostitutes and babysitters series. The HD quality is superb and the sex is torrid. I’m ready for Scene #03 of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise now! Are you?

Tranny Glory Hole Surprise Scene #01



I have a tendency to go into a lot of detail about videos and DVDs. But I think I can tell you a little about Scene #01 of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise without giving away too much considering that you can see the trailer anyway. You’ll see Spencer Fox fucking Jessy Dubai and making her cum, but what you won’t see is Aubrey Kate in the oral sex footage. Aubrey Kate comes up again in Scene #02 with the 23 year old cisgender female porn star Kristy Snow. Robert Axel bangs Luna Rose next and the final scene stars Chad Diamond with Diamond Dixon. There’s a detail about what really can happen during glory sex I’ve considered before. I’ve been tempted to try it, but always chickened out. You’ll realize what I’m talking about when you see the first scene of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise on Devil’s Film. If you see “Coming Soon” with one of the scenes, ignore that. You can view all the trailers now!

The Trans X-Perience #03









Joey Silvera presents The Trans X-Perience #03 and I’ve seen the first 3 great scenes so far. In Scene #01, Jonelle Brooks is a horny law enforcement officer in search of a cocksucker. Officer Brooks doesn’t have a warrant, but she gains entrance into a private home and starts giving instructions at gunpoint. Her I.D. is the world famous cock between her long legs and it’s stiffening in her panties. Actually it springs out fully erect. Her interrogation doesn’t end until she has a powerful climax, shooting a huge load of white cum. In Scene #02, Luna Rose is working out her arms and doing crunches. Robert Axel enters in about 6:27 minutes into the scene. I don’t mean he enters Luna then. I mean he comes up behind her to begin with some ass admiration. It’s quite loving and you should see the response between her legs when he gently flips Luna over on her back. It all leads to mutual oral favors and a powerful bareback railing of the beautiful bottom only girl. She cums hard (and incredibly wet) and gorgeous Robert does too, of course. I’m not sure if it’s possible for Luna’s cock to go flaccid with Robert until she climaxes. Scene #03 with Aubrey Kate and Trillium is a torris TS/GG performance. The first tortuous tease involves the introduction of Trillium by Silvera, who gets to expose her breasts. After about 3 minutes, Aubrey Kate joins her. They rub nipples together and the second killer tease comes when Aubrey Kate says they’re not going to kiss for us. She’s just kidding and there’s a lot of French kissing. I think that’s important before and during cocksucking and forceful bareback fucking. You can watch the video previews of The Trans X-Perience #03 DVD on mentioned on Evil Angel now.

TransSensual Website Launches





The new website from award-winning director Nica Noelle is now open and I’m having so much naughty fun ripping my way through it! I’ve just watched Connor Maguire trying to break down the resistance of real estate agent Aubrey Kate. While shows Connor a hot listing, she tries so hard to things professional. She’s totally convincing in a portrayal of a serious businesswoman who’s only interested in selling the house. That’s until he kisses her. Aubrey Kate allows Connor to take the lead while he kisses and gropes her on the sofa. Connor removes his shirt and helps her get out of her clothing and pumps. There’s no “Oh my God, you’re a transsexual!” moment when he sees what’s between Aubrey Kate’s long, tanned legs. Soon, she’s sucking him off like there’s either a low inventory of homes or a shortage of hot men in the area. Scene #01 of TS Beauties kicks of an absolute masterpiece of #transpositive erotica. Take the TransSensual tour to browse all the spectacular releases.