TGirls.Porn: Aubrie Scarlett & Lena Kelly

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Horny bunnies Aubrie Scarlett & Lena Kelly take center stage and make it all happen in this week’s delicious display – yep, it’s update time on TGirls.Porn! Let’s cocks and cum collide as we gather around and toast another booming production from Mr. Radius Dark.

Aubrie: “Lena was super sexy playing her role. She looked pretty sucking my cock and fucked me really good. She was rock hard and she wasn’t shy about messing up my hair make up with her wet lips and forceful way.”

Lena: “I was telling Radius that I wanted to show off my topping skills, so I took the opportunity to do so with Aubrie Scarlett. She had a nice big cock that I enjoyed sucking and her cumshot was great. It shot out after she sucked all the cum from me.”

Perhaps it’s because of and the fact that Lena has more adult experience overall that she has a slight edge when it comes to being relaxed at the beginning of this shoot. But once Aubrie gets going, she’s a pure natural.

The title Mr. Dark actually edited this video with is “Lena Kelly Fucks Aubrie Scarlett” and this happens after a tremendous build-up of foreplay. The theme is a deliciously naughty step-sister scenario that begins with Lena intercepting a call from the school about Aubrie’s unruly behavior.

Aubrie feigns innocence but Lena knows she can use blackmail on her step-sister in order to get laid. So we move into French kissing and Lena baring Aubrie’s breasts and pushing her back on the bed. Aubrie’s cock is already stiff when Lena whips it out!

There’s an awesome blowjob performance by Lena, followed by intense frottage and Aubrie sucking Lena’s erection in return. In just under 20 minutes, Lena is easing her bare cock inside Aubrie’s tight ass! Join TGirls.Porn for the best trans lesbian hardcore adventures on the Net!

Two Tgirls: Trying Out for Porn

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Being a makeup artist is fun but difficult work. Aubrie Scarlett is doing Kira Crash’s makeup and starts to ask her a bit about her line of work. Kira Crash explains that she’s in porn. Aubrie Scarlett has always wanted to try getting in to porn. Let’s just say Kira’s more than happy to show her the ropes. Here’s a few more details about this super hot update:

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Kira’s makeup done by Aubrie is indeed a bit garish. She’s intending to do a solo porn shoot after all and this shoot calls for the that extra slutty look. Imagine you’re an established porn star and Aubrie tells you she’s an aspiring one. Wouldn’t you make a move on her and see how far it takes you? That’s what Kira does and it results in a passionate kiss.

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But Kira really needs to find out if Aubrie truly has what it takes to enter the adult entertainment industry. So she moves this makeout session to the bed. Kira is just wearing a black midriff-baring top and matching skirt with no stockings, shoes and obviously no panties. Aubrie has on a grey knit dress and tall green sandals. She’s also wearing panties but it’s easy for Kira to withdraw her cock and to begin sucking on it. Kira has an even easier time giving Aubrie head one she removes the black undies.

Kira’s head bobbing and fisting makes Aubrie’s cock raging hard and then it’s time to switch. It doesn’t take long before Kira’s sex organ is in the same rigid state! Eventually, she’s ready for Aubrie to turn around on the mattress and show her ass. What a lovely view she’s treated with. But first she decides to help Aubrie out of her dress. Kira primes Aubrie’s killer bottom with a rim job and gives her rock hard dick a few strokes for good measure. Just after Aubrie removes and discards her brassiere, Kira plants her bare, swollen cockhead at the opening of Aubrie’s tight ass. Kira’s thrusts are pretty damn hard and fast as soon as the doggystyle fucking begins! Trying Out for Porn is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

TGirls.Porn: Aubrie Scarlett & Jenny Crystal

Here’s a killer update from one of my all-time favorite sites starring and produced by three people I really like: Aubrie Scarlett, Jenny Crystal and Radius Dark.

Before this TGirls.Porn update the very fortunate ones amongst us have enjoyed both Aubrie Scarlet on Grooby Girls and Jenny on Grooby Girls. I remember because I’ve raved about each model individually. What I didn’t know about Aubrie and Jenny was who was going to fuck who.

I think of Aubrey as mostly submissive and the same goes for Jenny. Would this turn out to be an intensely passionate scene with lots of kissing and realistic intimacy? Well, there was only one way to find out what exactly what went down between these beauties. It’s fire from the first kissing moment as in “We’re actually dating,” kind of fire. I don’t know what goes on between them in their actually personal likes, but this is like watching a true couple going at it.

I don’t know why but I’m really keen about good chemistry particularly with trans lesbian sex. I’m bisexual but when it comes to porn with a trans woman and a male, I don’t care so much if they’re just making a suck and fuck scene.

This is certainly not a BDSM scene but there’s a hint of a power exchange. One minute, Aubrie seems to be the more aggressive partner. Then Jenny takes the lead. Once Jenny begins fucking Aubrie bareback, she’s the more dominant one until Aubrie is ready to fuck her back!

This top notch production TGirls.Porn took me everywhere I wanted to go with a whole lot of cum thrown in to top things off! As for the intimacy… it’s electrifying.

Aubrie Scarlett Strokes And Cums!

Last week, I was pretty shocked to hear a trans girl complaining that this site never promotes “real” trans models. She said that Shemale Yum only features models with breast augmentation and fake butts. What?! This was coming from an aspiring trans model! I’d say it’s a good idea to get to know something about the industry before making false comments online like this. If you’re going to bash a site because of a slur, I totally get that.

But looking back over 20 years, saying that Shemale Yum doesn’t feature and all natural girls is ridiculous. But I digress. Take this new model Aubrie Scarlett presented by KilaKali as a recent example. “Aubrie Scarlett Strokes And Cums!” is her encore performance and she’s a verse girl who likes to, “Grab it and rip it,” when she tops in the doggystyle position.

This Kansas City native fox likes any position while getting fucked as long as her ass is in the air. Since she’s mentioned her ass, her producer wisely suggest that she turn around and show it to us. I can see why she gets the most compliments on her bottom. Aubrie has killer legs too by the way and her debut and encore on are her firsts for actual professional major studio porn. What turns her on most is muscular guys with big cocks. Some don’t like to hear that, but that’s her preference. I don’t care about cock size but I’m intrigued that Aubrie is also into women. She’s pansexual and we’re on the same page there. I think it would be wonderful to see her on my favorite trans lesbian website someday.

If she has a partner who also believes that the motion in the ocean is just a myth, they won’t be disappointed with Aubrie. I’ve seen her big cock flaccid and rock hard and she is hung! Her second video is a standing striptease in the living room area as opposed to starting out naughty in the bed like in her debut. Aubrie straddles a leather chair and gets horny as fuck finger banging herself. The ink on her chest says “Ride Like Hell” and the condition of her cockc throughout this scene tells me she would do to a tight ass willing to give it up.

Watch Aubrie Scarlett shoot her creamy white cum in her second shoot!