Black-TGirls Review: Koako Ali Cums For You

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Description: Two weekends ago, sexy Koako Ali was introduced to the world by Omar Wax. This Saturday, she returns for more! Koako is a beautiful Georgia girl with a curvy body and an amazing juicy ass! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she cums!

Review: Gorgeous Koako slinks across the sofa in a sexy schoolgirl get-up gazing at you seductively. Her poses go from demure to explicit in a heartbeat with the focus on her tremendously well-rounded bottom and shapely legs. One of her early poses screams, “Fuck me doggy style,” yet the model hasn’t yet uttered a word out loud.

Suddenly, Koako breaks the ice and announces, “School’s out,” and we’re off to more horny fun. She exposes her breasts and jet-black nipples fully and continues with stares that go straight to the heart. As great as producer Omar Wax is with stills, the photos do not do Koako in motion justice.

Wait until you see Koako rapidly finger banging her tight ass. You’ll see what I mean. She spanks and wiggles her ass like a strip club dancer next. Then she begins masturbating her pecker after the midway point of this video.

Koako alternates the hands she strokes with once her cock is raging hard. When she lets loose a sensual moan, you’ll know that her orgasm is soon approaching. Then the engorged head of her cock spurts forth puddles of creamy white cum! Get to for more of the scintillating Koako Ali!

Black-TGirls: Bonappetit’s Sticky Load Review

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One of the hottest debutantes in 2018, gorgeous Kansas City doll Bonappetit, returns once more to show you what she got! Looking beautiful dressed in her sexy school uniform, Bonappetit talks dirty and gets herself ready to have some fun! Watch her as she strips, twerks and strokes her cock until she cums! This girl is amazing!

Filmed by – KilaKali
Birthday: 3rd November
Location: Kansas City, Mo.

Biography: Bonappetit is a fresh new face from Atlanta. She is completely verse and she loves very tall men. She has a few goals that she would like to accomplish in this industry. She would love to do a bukkake scene and also would like to do a gangbang scene. Bonappetit has a big dick and cum fetish, so you guys with 9 + inches and cum shooters line up if you want some of her.

In her 4th photo and video set since her July 2, 2018 debut, Bonappetit has been a friend in my head and imaginary perfect girlfriend. I don’t typically see myself as having a ‘type’ until I see her again. Then I’m like, “Bonappetit, yeah, that’s it!” In her flirty fourth shoot by KilaKali, “Bonappetit’s Sticky Load” this gorgeous Kansas City babe works out her nut with her left hand. I’m a lefty too, so it’s Kismet.

Black-TGirls Kandii Redd Is Back Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

Filmed by KilaKali

Added – Oct 29, 2018

This Monday one gorgeous Black TGirls star makes her comeback! Your favorite Kandii Redd! Discovered by KilaKali in 2012, this Missouri beauty has been our regular for six years. She made a splash with her hardcore comeback earlier this year, today she is back for her first solo scene in almost two years and she looks smoking hot! Kandii can’t wait to show off her amazing body and that sexy ass of hers to you again! Watch her stripping, posing, stroking her big hard dick and having fun! She is amazing!

Bio: Birthday: 20th December
Location: Kansas City, MO

Miami native Kandii Redd is a verse bottom that has it all from a nice set of tits to a nice little round ass, and not to mention that “Kandii Stick”. A bit shy and nervous at first she really got into the shoot by the end of the first set. She wants to do a lot in porn, and I am sure we will see plenty of material from her in the future. A definite favorite…..Enjoy.

Okay, let’s unpack the “Kandii Redd Is Back!” update on In her 15th performance, including hardcore and cumshot scenes, this gorgeous model proves she’s one of the best on the site. Shown here first, back in 2012, she’s certainly had enough posing practice. But it takes a lot more than looking good to be a great porn as we all know. Kandii spends the first two minutes getting us to focus on what she obviously feels is her best asset – her big round, curvy ass. Then she’s spread eagle on her back giving us unbridled views of her bare cock, balls and tiny fun spot. Kandii looks exquisite stripped down to her tall sandals and repeating poses that never get old.

This babe is a grower. I’m astounded at how big her cock is in each update once it’s fully erect. But I can’t really say, “I didn’t see that coming,” because I have! Okay, Kandii doesn’t shoot her load in this particular scene, but run through her other 14 scenes and you’ll see some of her tremendous climaxes! You can also find her on Kandii Redd!

Black-TGirls: First Timer Friday: Ry!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Another Friday is here and another gorgeous new model gets her chance to introduce herself as a part of our “First Timer Friday” series! Meet Ry! Just discovered by Omar Wax, this sexy doll has an amazing body and a perfect ass and she can’t wait to show them off! Watch her posing and playing with her cock in her first scene ever!

This gorgeous new model Ry is from Little Rock, Arkansas. I have family from that area, but I can’t detect the accent when Ry speaks. She’s got a sweet voice and her debut comes with no sense of nervousness. In fact, it just seems like she’s been having this pleasantly horny type of fun for quite awhile.

Ry keeps her kitchen striptease pretty clean in the beginning. But once she gets completely naked, her fap session is pretty lewd! Ry develops a big, juicy hardon you’ll love seeing slapped against her palm. Then there’s a mind- blowing sequence with Ry presenting her curvy bottom from behind while pushing her raging boner back between her thighs.

Ry makes her ass flex in a twerk that looks like it breaks sound waves. She makes it clap loudly and imagine feeling that butt of hers squeezing around your cock when she does it! And imagine the fun you could have with her BBC when you see her on

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Black-TGirls: Beautiful Diamond Ti’Jahe!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Gorgeous Diamond Ti’Jahe has been with us for four years and she keeps coming back looking more and more beautiful! Today, she returns with a brand new solo scene shot by Omar Wax and she looks smoking hot! She can’t wait to show off her amazing body, long legs and her perfect ass! Horny as hell and ready to please, Diamond returns to amaze us all one more time!

This is Diamond’s eight spectacular performance including hardcore scenes with two lucky bastards, Lucky and Tayden. If you’re the jealous type, perhaps you’d prefer to watch Diamond strip and stroke one on one.

Diamond has a mesmerizing gaze that locks you in from the moment this update begins. But her striptease is tortuously slow in a good way. Pasties cover her nipples beneath her athletic leotard and we see her touching herself downstairs without really seeing much at first.

Her goodies are threatening to escape her lacy panties every now and then, but not quite completely. She allows it to escape just under eight minutes of this 14:45 minute scene. But then her cock is soon out in the open air as are her puffy nipples. After working a brief moment of foot fetish content into her update, Diamond shows us that her breasts are lactating.

Next, Diamond finally goes into full fap mode. She has a fast stroking technique with her right hand that helps her develop a nice juicy erection. With solo scenes like this one and torrid XXX updates, Diamond Ti’Jahe has been turning subscribers on since October of 2014!

Black-TGirls: Raven Babe Swings By With Her Huge Cock!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: If you’re a fan of a well hung black tgirl then Raven Babe is your girl! This sexy Grooby Girl is verse and has the right tool set. Slim, pretty as a picture, beautiful natural tits and a huge 10 inch cock brings this wonder together! Enjoy Raven Babe stroking her massive cock!

Producer KiliKali writes, ” Raven is barely legal she just turned 18 a couple of months ago. She is a Femout.XXX graduate. I have known her for a bit as she is a webcam model and I moderate for her. She hails from Iowa and is completely verse. She stands 5’9″ and has a huge cock to match. A real joy to work with I look forward to seeing more of her.

Review: In her 5th update, Iowa’s gorgeous model Raven Babe returns to present an extraordinary performance. She starts out sitting on the bed in lingerie, playfully spanking her upper thigh before standing up to show off her body from all angles. I’m just as guilty as anyone who focuses on her enormous schlong, but it’s not like I don’t appreciate how pretty her face is as well as other physical attributes she possesses. But having an extra large dick in trans porn is quite a draw and irresistible to mention.

But let’s say Raven wasn’t so well-endowed. If she just had to rely on sheer talent as an adult entertainer, she’d still excel because of her vocal performances as well as visual. Yes, her stripteases are great and watching her jerk off is fascinating. But it’s the way she captivates her viewers and makes it seem like she’s trying to turn on no one but you that makes Raven so successful. I’m not asking anyone to stop paying attention toy Raven’s large and lovely cock. Just don’t miss everything else she has to offer, especially if you’re a new webcam and/or studio model just starting out. If you’d like to see her masturbating and cumming LIVE sometime, register FREE on my favorite webcam site and follow her for notifications from

Black-TGirls: Nala Tops B Flex!

Gorgeous Nala returns and as usual she’s ready for action! More amazing hardcore from this amazing girl! This time, Omar teams her up with B. Flex and Nala is about to pound his ass deep and hard! Watch these two enjoying some amazing anal pounding until Nala pops a sticky load all over Flex’ face!

If you’ve never seen Nala before on, you may have seen her in TS/Male action on, trans lesbian glory on TGirls.Porn, solo on, or on, or on TGirls.XXX!

B. is telling Nala on a balcony overlooking a cityscape that he’s in a kinky mood. She asks him if it’s kinky enough to get fucked by a transsexual. We can pretty much imagine where things go from here, but allow me to lay out a few lurid details for you.

The interaction on the balcony is brief and the couple heads for the bathroom after what’s about to go down is established. Nala looks exquisite in lingerie and fence net stockings on the bed during the foreplay sequence. B. sucks Nala’s cock stiff and she later kneels on the bed wagging her erection as it stands straight out from her thighs.

After getting her big dick sucked, Nala decides she wan’t some of her date’s prong in her mouth. Nala gets a handjob while sucking B’s large cock and the next thing we know, she’s fucking him doggy style!

Her fucking speed is like lightening and she only slows down while drilling B. in the side saddle position. Nala resumes her fast pace while pounding B. when he’s on his back. When Nala is ready to cum, she lays on her back jerking off while B. sucks and licks one of her pretty nipples.

B. knows just when to lower his face so Nala’s creamy white cum can splash across it! I don’t know how long it’s been since Nala came but B.’s face gets completely covered with cream in this torrid update!

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Joslyn Cums!

Description: Gorgeous Florida starlet Joslyn made her debut two weeks and it seems you love this girl very much! We are definitely not surprised, Joslyn is absolutely stunning! She has a pretty face, an amazing body, long legs and her silky smooth dark skin makes her really special! She’s smoking hot! Today, she’s back for her second solo scene ready to have more fun! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she cums!

I raved about her debut two weeks ago and her encore is something to celebrate too! It’s tempting not to share more of Josyln in and out of her super sexy Bebe outfit, but I’m trying to get you to click on to see her video trailers.

I’m bisexual, but the trans lesbian in me has a weakness for people with dark chocolate skin. It’s all about contrast and I just would almost die to see Joslyn’s flesh pressed against mine. Plus, with that cute button nose, blinding white teeth and doe eyes, she just looks so freaking kissable!

Don’t even get me started on her bite-sized nipples and an as you can literally bounce quarters off of. And what about the thought of making her lovely cock spurt jets of creamy white cum across her black skin? Sorry, this update has me fantasizing out loud.

Black-TGirls: Introducing Beautiful Joslyn!

Description: Wow, we have something really amazing for you today! Everybody, please welcome gorgeous Joslyn! Joslyn is a first timer and she is tall, lean and sexy with smooth silky dark skin! This young cutie looks amazing! She was wonderful to work with and very excited to get her chance to introduce herself to the world! Enjoy watching this cutie stripping, posing and stroking her cock in her very first scene brought to you by Jack Flash!

This shoot is Joslyn’s first time before the camera anywhere and she’s a natural poser and a fine model. She tells us what type of guys she’s into – nice to roughneck as long as the package is big.

She’s 19 years old and from the West Coast of Florida. Joslyn has been in transition for about three months from filming and her nipples are super sensitive and she’s lactating (you’ll see that a bit later).

She loves getting fucked doggy style by a guy who can take it nice and slow. Her striptease begins with upper exposure and her dark skin is incredibly beautiful. When she removes her top and stands up, drawing the focus to her full torso, she mentions her desire to be your naughty schoolgirl. The tartan plaid skirt was already moving us in that direction.

Joslyn utilizes one of the oldest trans striptease tricks in the book. She masturbates through her panties for quite some time without showing what’s underneath them. When she finally releases her cock and develops a hardon, she’s got one long erection! Also, Joslyn has a remarkably fuckable ass. Stay tuned for Joslyn’s encore performance on!

Black-TGirls: Nubian Barbie’s Climax!

Nubian Barbie shared Model of the Month for May on with Amber Flawless. They’ve both made stunning debut sets and they both have encore cum shot updates live on the site now! The white down comforter and red bodysuit she wears enhance the color of her skin as she poses before and on the bed.

Omar Wax brings a totally different style to the Nubian Barbie debut I raved about on Caramel’s TGirls that you can read here. There’s a different color palette but Barbie does her killer twerk again. Her cock manages to escape her lingerie and shake wildly beneath her as she gyrates her hips and ass.

When she strips nude, she teases by hiding her cock between her curvy thighs. This torment comes at you with Barbie standing and then laying on her back. That’s the position she’s in when she begins playing with her lovely rod.

More rump shaking makes me recall something she said: “From one look you may think that with all this ass I like to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do but I 100% like laying into a firm or soft muscle butt!” Nubian Barbie aka Brionna Pleasant said it and I’ll just let it penetrate your mind.

The first three quarters of the video make it seem like Barbie is in need of getting fucked. But the last quarter is where you can tell what kind of railing she could do. Her cock is raging hard and she doesn’t hold back from thoroughly enjoying her climax on!