Canada-TGirl: So Delicious Cassidy Quinn!

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Description: Cassidy Quinn is really a well endowed girl and it’s pretty much obvious by her looks. Today she’s generously showing all her delicious goodies for all Grooby fans out there. Her thick cock looks so tempting you would like to bury your face into it and her nice round ass is calling for your attention.

Cassidy’s Profile: Cassidy Quinn is 6’1″ tall, 155 lbs, with a slim, athletic build with an epic smile and a crazy sex drive. She’s got a big, uncut cock that gets rock hard and she’s a great top with it. It’s the perfect shape for porn. She’s an awesome bottom too, being that she’s more submissive. She knows how to be dominant when on top, though. Among her great features is her dark hair that contrasts nicely with her green eyes. She loves BDSM, giving oral, getting fucked, and her favorite position is doggy style. She’s pansexual, so she’s attracted to people regardless of gender or body types. In fact, I know a couple of her partners and they couldn’t be any different! She’s from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.

Producer Vito rolls out this encore performance with a close-up of Cassidy turning on her heels, zooming in on her perfect pedicure and moving up her fine, fully dressed form and pretty face. The she’s laying back, caressing one of her boobs through her blouse and rubbing the bare skin of a high-heeled foot. Her breasts are fully exposed when she reveals the fetish bra beneath her blouse. She then raises the hem of her black skirt to expose a bulging red panty pouch. She rubs it and soon draws the fabric away from her uncut cock and her smooth ball sack.

Soon, Cassidy’s penis is fully engorged and her ass is also explicitly exposed. More crystal clear closeups reveal beads of pre-cum oozing from Cassidy’s bulbous cock head. She squeezes her hardon firmly and it pints up towards her face as she removes her skirt.

When her dress is removed, we see that her panties and bra are one connected fetish outfit. It perfectly matches Cassidy’s platform sandals and there is nothing hidden you might want to see. I can’t think of any other creative poses Cassidy could possibly make on that bed. She’s crouching, standing and laying down. In this explosive update, she’s laying on her back when she cums. A torrent of Irish cream shoots directly into her mouth and coats her beautiful face! Then there’s an instant replay of what I consider the best solo cumshot of 2018!

Canada-TGirl: Sarina’s Tempting Cock Play!

Description: Sarina’s shoot today is all about playing with her cock and she does just that and really gets into it. You’ll be charmed by this red haired temptress going naked on the bed. Her fierce look, silky smooth skin and all natural body turn her into an irresistibly tempting dream tgirl.

Sarina is one of Canada-TGirl-com‘s top models in her own right and if that’s not enough of an edge, she sometimes brings her cis life partner Robin Coffins along for the ride. They’d done it here and in a blazing hot hardcore scene on TGirls.Porn.

But Sarina is back on Canada-TGirl to remind us that she can heat things up to a fever pitch all on her own. Her posing in lingerie goes pretty much like what you see in the first picture I’ve enclosed. One moment she’s standing before a bed and she’s straddling it the next.

Sarina smiles wickedly and exposes her lovely she-cock relatively early in this shoot. Then she verbalizes stroking her cock. Her voice is so freaking sexy. She also develops a raging hardon super fast!

She stands above you masturbating at times and turns around to show off her incredible ass. She spanks it hard before sitting on the bed again. Sarina then removes her corset with her hard dick jutting out at you. Her breast and nipples look absolutely delicious I know from her past performances. She’ll remove her brassiere but it’s going to take awhile.

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I love the intimacy, editing and unbridled lust of Vee Soho’s latest capture of Sarina Havok. Don’t miss it on

Canada TGirl: Kira Kandella in Poleway To Heaven

Description: Meet Kira Kandella! Another new face here in HQ. This smoking hot cutie really knows how to turn you on with her natural playfulness. She looks incredibly yummy as she goes naked and plays as a naughty pole dancer. She also says she has an oral fixation, well I can tell you, with this shoot, she’ll have more than a few poles to take her to paradise. P.S. Her looks are almost blinding!

Vee Soho has done a great job with the debut presentation of an exceptional new model. Kira Kandella on the 7 sites for 1 great price! The first couple of minutes is sexy posing and slow motion fade editing that leads to Kira’s pole dancing in a black dress and heels.

The pole dancing is brief however. Kira gets increasingly naughty on a brown leather sofa. Then she’s soon standing again by the pole with her fabulous rear end facing you. She’s asking if you want her to take off her panties.

Kira’s bottom looks so soft from the back and her cock looks so hard from the front! It’s a bit ironic that Kira doesn’t show off her pole dancing skills until we’re deep into her debut. Have you ever seen a beautiful and kinky trans model pole dancing with a boner? You’re in for something special if not! Take the tour!

Canada-TGirl: Introducing Cassidy Quinn!

Description: We’d like to introduce you to Cassidy Quinn, a very fine 24 year old that is extremely hot. Showing off her perfectly gorgeous figure with big round boobies, great ass and rock hard uncut cock she becomes very aroused and enjoys striking some hot poses in her debut scene here in HQ. Watch her as she plays with her goodies in what we think is the perfect erotic scene!

Profile: Cassidy Quinn is 6’1″ tall 155lbs, with a slim, athletic build with an epic smile and a crazy sex drive. She’s got a big, uncut cock that gets rock hard and she’s a great top with it. It’s the perfect shape for porn. She’s an awesome bottom too, being that she’s more submissive. She knows how to be dominant when on top, though. Among her great features is her dark hair that contrasts nicely with her green eyes. She loves BDSM, giving oral, getting fucked, and her favorite position is doggy style. She’s pansexual, so she’s attracted to people regardless of gender or body types. In fact, I know a couple of her partners and they couldn’t be any different! She’s from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.

Beautiful Cassidy Quinn is not at all new to this company’s string chain of websites. She’s done four solo and one hardcore performances on and four trans lesbian hardcore scenes on TGirls.Porn since February of 2017!

Cassidy asks if we’ve missed her when her new video filmed by Vito opens. She’s come up with an originally hot way to wear a dress, jeans and lingerie and it’s even hotter to see hoe she works her way out of it. Her first display of nudity is her large firm breasts. She then removes her sandals which is just as sexy as naked genitals to foot lovers. She also does a foot tease that might have some admirers cumming before the first half of this scene is over.

Once she’s sitting back in a leather chair with her curvy legs spread and in the air, Cassidy’s she-cock is quite visible through her tiny lacy panties. She moves the panel to the side to play with her tiny rosebud with deep need in her eyes.

Cassidy’s vocal tease is incredibly enticing. She’s got a raging hardon by the time she releases her cock from its panty prison. When she takes a short break from stroking her boner, she plants her bare feet on the floor and her cock head points almost directly toward the ceiling on its own!

She’s completely naked throughout a torrid sequence of fucking her tight ass with a glass dildo, whimpering with pleasure. Cassidy Quinn also has one of the best bodies in the industry today! Don’t miss her on the other sites I’ve mentioned and please give her a nice warm welcome to

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Your Newest Fantasy, Hailey Bee!

Hailey Bee is our newest fantasy? That would seem presumptuous to me if it were further from the truth. Why shouldn’t producer and be so confident about a new model that’s entered their lineup? The description reads: For her first shoot ever, Hailey Bee is nervous at the beginning but as she warms up she wants to invite us to some exercise! Stretching, crunching, bending, spreading!… my my it’s getting hot…better remove some clothes! Yes yes I know its getting hard ! It’s a good sign that you’re getting results! Can you think of other exercises?

As I play the video, I see Hailey’s athleticism immediately from the way she moves around the sofa gracefully. Her striptease occurs while she’s standing, first with her shorts and socks coming off. The points of her nipples are visible through her top and there’s a nice bulge in the front of her panties. To say that Hailey is physically fit would be a major understatement. She waits a few minutes before speaking and when we hear her sexy voice it’s Hailey saying how good it feels after spanking her ass. Her panties are lowered to the bottom of her butt cheeks and the one she’s slapping is turning a deep shade of red! Hailey rises to her feet and, brace yourself, she begins to lower her panties.

I don’t know what makes one cock more attractive than others to me but her stiffening schlong just looks so good! Her low-hanging balls are a tea bagger’s dream. When she removes her tank top I think her hormone breasts look absolutely perfect. Hailey proceeds to masturbate in a surprising array of positions like she’s been modeling in adult entertainment for years. Watching the debut of this hot hung babe is one of my highlights of 2017.

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Canada TGirl: Courtni Demilune Goes Wild!

When I covered, “Kinky And Naughty Courtni Demilune” produced by Vee Soho for I had a strong feeling that the encore set would be more explicit. “Courtni Demilune Goes Wild” is a perfect way to describe how much naughtier the second round is.

I loved the more wholesome filming of Courtni’s debut but since I love fetish porn and BDSM content so much, this scene caters to more of what I’m into and I loved this scene even more! If this sort of kinky content is not your cup of tea, I think you’re still going to find it amazing because Courtni is mesmerizing to watch no matter what she’s doing.

The beginning is highly erotic and just plain kinky and you’ll know what I mean as soon as you see Courtni standing next to a dildo affixed to the room’s floor-to-ceiling mirror. There’s a lot of warm and humorous banter between the model and photographer to keep things lively in a way that doesn’t take away from the video’s fappablility. I think I just made up a new word.

I don’t know how anyone with a cock wouldn’t pop a boner watching Courtni go down on the dildo, especially with the tight closeups while she’s kneeling. Then she plays with another sex toy on the bed. It’s her favorite deep throat toy and man she’s got skills!

A bit later she compares that toy to the rock hard pre-cum oozing live cock between her thighs. Courtni eventually lays back on the bed and proceeds to stroke her erection while deeply finger banging her tight ass. This sequence is slutty as fuck through and through yet Courtni still looks like a model – a class one no matter how torrid she gets. Another thing that seperates this Courtni Demilune update is her sticky cum shot at the end.

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Kinky And Naughty Courtni Demilune

Stunning Courtni Demilune is a Montreal transplant from Vancouver. I know this because her talented producer Vee Soho aka Vito did an opening interview with Courtni’s for her debut. She likes the kink scene in Montreal and there’s a ton of well-dressed, good-looking guys there. She also likes men in suits and dominant men. She likes it rough and she can portray a brat but her true nature is closer to more of a submissive.

Courtni says she’s a bit nervous with this being her first shoot. But I can’t detect it and I’m forever hearing from models how relaxing he can be. I’ve never actually been told by anyone that they didn’t have stage fright the first time. Vee’s verbal direction causes Courtni to be encouraged, not at all creeped out like some stereotypical porn shoot. For example, when Courtni shows off her favorite heels, that I’d love owning, Vee picks up that they’re stripper/fetish platforms. Then comes a moment that might give you chills.

When Courtni lowers her dress and reveals her lingerie, she actually reveals something else for a fleeting moment. It kind of makes one ask themselves, “Was that supposed to happen?” Whatever the case I think you’ll really like it! Courtni takes a seat on the furniture behind her and starts playing with herself next. She’s obviously getting excited already and we’re only a few minute in.

There’s another surprise moment you’d kill me if I told you about. No, wait. Got to the landing page, find Courtni’s free trailer, play it and then kill somebody else. The short video clip gives it and that’s not my fault!

I also can’t tell you about her most intense sexual fantasy but goodness gracious she’s daring! Courtni is also hung with a big bouncing cock and the dopest ink and piercings. Simply beautiful.

Naughtiest Princess Has Returned!

I’ve always thought that Princess from Montreal, Quebec was gorgeous, but even moreso now than a few years ago. She arrived to Canada about twenty years ago from Casablanca, located in the central-western part of Morocco.

Princess is verse but she definitely prefers to be the dominant one. When asked by her producer Vee Soho what type of guy or girl she likes, she vaguely replies that they have to be fun. Upon receiving a compliment on her legs, Princess immediately hams it up by raising them to illustrate their flexibility.

She’s still wearing her sparkly dress but gives a flash of panty and a hint of more fun things to come. Her lower underwear garment is a multi-string thong and when she lowers it, a beautiful semi-erect cock spills out with a bulbous helmet. Princess is very aroused and she develops a full erection pretty quickly!

Once stripped down to her sports bra and pumps, Princess uses the bed as a modeling prop by standing on it and moving about gracefully. Then she kicks it up a notch by jerking off while standing. Once Princess is laying on her back with her lovely breast exposed, she goes into a wilder mode, jacking off furiously and moaning loudly!

This babe who speaks 5 languages fluently and made her debut on back in 2011 also has 4 big cock stroking scenes on the freestanding flagship website.

Take a look at the Grooby Girls Princess Model Page. I love watching the way she’s developed from 2011 to 2015 up until 2017.

Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins

If Canada-TGirl producer Vito ever moves on to mainstream filmmaking, “Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins” will be one of those remember when he did porn moments. This isn’t a scene, it’s a 21:05 minute short film that happens to be XXX-rated. “Epic” is such an overused word that should be reserved for great productions like this one. I actually got creeped out for a moment and I do not scare easily at all. There’s nothing gross at all – it’s eerie that’s all, like effective old school horror. 

Any time someone enters an abandoned building, there’s a good chance something spooky is going to happen. When Sarina starts hearing a voice leading along, it would be terrifying if you weren’t so anxious to see her get some pussy. Then comes a scary flash moment of beautiful ghost Robin scantily clad in an off-white lace robe. Is it Goth? Hell yes! But so were Sarina’s debut and encore performances on the multi-site before this hardcore feature with her real life significant other was released.

When Sarina and Robin appeared on TGirls.Porn in a scene I raved about on my TS Dreamland blog, Robin said about their first hardcore produced and directed by Vito, “It was like a dream. Perfect, enchanting, blissful… Sarina just fills the bedroom with her presence. Leaving you begging for more. In a sense that, she just captivates you and you have centered all of your attention on her and can’t focus on anything else but her aura. My climax wouldn’t necessarily be my favourite part though… Clearly I get more gratification when she does. So what turns me on the most is to excite her and make her desire me….” (Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins). 

I feel connected with the first sentence the most. It blows my mind how such an ethereal movie can evolve into full raunchiness in under a half hour and sealed with a voracious cummy kiss. This is one of the most brilliant scenes ever and one of the best of 2017, Period.

Beautiful Blonde Nikki KIttens!

The synopsis of this update reads: The beautiful blonde tgirl Nikki Kittens understands what it means to give you peeps an instant hardon.

She knows that you´re going to get aroused just by looking at her flaunting those tight fit see through black dress paired with gorgeous high heels.

This hot blonde tgirl is ready to play with her cock and so you better prepare to get a heart attack. I supposed that’s producer Vito raving about his gorgeous model and he’s definitely right on the mark.

In this sun-lit easy breezy update, Nikki is flirting wordlessly in a form-fitting black dress and strappy tan heels. She moves from the window to the black leather sofa which is the main prop for this masturbation sequence.

Deep finger banging precedes intense cock stroking which is an indication that t his gorgeous model likes to bottom. But I’m not sure what Nikki’s sexual preferences are and she’s also looking amazingly tempting to fuck when on her knees on the floor.

Soon she’s pumping a turgid erection and this continues with Nikki jerking off on the couch again. She opens her legs wide and offers an invitation of her lovely bottom that practically screams, “Fuck me!”

Once her dress is off and her bra is lowered, Nikki jerks off furiously. Her super tight torso is bare as she moves the fleshy foreskin of her cock back and forth like lightening.

Nikki pauses to make her dick dance up and down with a few light slaps. Then her fap session resumes and Nikki’s stiff cock blasts it’s creamy white cum across the black leather sofa in this torrid update!