Interview With Sasha De Sade

I’m so proud to present one of the most pleasurable and informative interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting. Sasha De Sade is an incredible trans adult industry performer and a truly special person on the inside. I adored her before our first conversation and that sentiment just keeps growing and growing. Her website is and that’s not the only place she’s constantly updating with exquisite studio and live content. I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview with Sasha De Sade.

Interview with Jean Jezebel

If were a Hall of Fame for my interviews, I think this one would be inducted, not because of anything I’ve done, but because of what the interviewee had to say about herself. Californian Jean Jezebel is a phenomenal webcam model on I had the honor of having a long, in-depth conversation with. When I requested the interview, I didn’t know a lot about Jean personally, but I just new she’d have though-provoking and sexy responses to my questions. I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview with Jean Jezebel!

Interview with Christina Skyye


As much as I’d like to say that this interview was an attempt to focus on a Floridian trans adult entertainment model, it wouldn’t be entirely true. It just happens that I live in close proximity to Christina Skyye. I requested this Q&A because I was so impressed with her incredible work. She’s rising to the top of the porn chain and once I learned how sweet and bright Christina is, that was the icing on the cake! That said, she only enhances my pride of the Sunshine State and the strong and thriving LGBTQ community within. I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive interview with Christina Skyye.

Interview with Valentina Mia


I think of Valentina Mia as a triple threat. She’s a major studio website model, successful webcam broadcaster and a mainstream social media sensation. She’s gorgeous, highly educated and sweet as cherry pie. After following Valentina’s multi-faceted career, it didn’t take long before I requested an interview. But I wish I’d done it even sooner. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with the stunning and talented Valentina Mia!

Interview with Sera Glam Trap


I’ve been into the BDSM lifestyle for about fifteen years. My first five were a sort of exploratory off and on phase and then I fell into a small network of kinksters who really showed me the ropes. Please pardon the pun. One of the most important things I learned was that there’s a vast group of subdivisions in the BDSM and fetish worlds. It’s up to the kinkster to learn what appeals to them mostly and to then explore their chosen realms more deeply. After becoming a member of a few social websites devoted to kink, I met lots of other kinksters from various walks of life. Since I’ve always been primarily dominant and identify as pansexual, most of my requests for friendship, mentoring and full-on sex come from submissive cis women, couples, and effeminate males. When an influx of people into Feminization and Sissification requests came in, I wasn’t excited about it at first. There is an overstepping of boundaries between sissies and trans women prevalent in today’s social media that annoys me to no end. Yet, I decided to explore what made attractive sissies tick. On of my new learning experiences resulted in my interview with Sera Glam Trap and I hope you’ll find it both titillating and eye-opening. Click here if you’d like to read my interview with Sera.