TGirls.Porn Review: Cardi A Falcone & Kami Kartel

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Description: Two hung beauties create a delicious caramel swirl this week – as Cardi A Falcone and Kami Kartel bring their A-Game in a ball draining production delivered to us in style by Florida ace Jack Flash. Kick back, relax and enjoy the show…..

As we hear Kami Kartel ask Cardi A Falone if she’s ready for a sensual massage, it’s pretty obvious what the storyline is for this TGirls.Porn update. They’re in a white room and there’s a large towel on the table. The blonde masseuse helps her brunette client get her top off and uses her eyes and hands to admire her lovely breasts and pierced nipples. Then she uses her lips and tongue.

Kami and Cardi French kiss and then they work on getting Cardi completely naked. Kami is still clad in her professional white outfit as she helps Cardi lay prone on the table. The massage begins on Cardi’s protuberant bottom, first dry, then oiled. Kami works her hands across Cardi’s deeply tanned form – her back, buttocks and thighs. She even runs her hands along Cardi’s side boob and caresses them in full.

Kami’s technique extends to her tongue next, which she uses between Cardi’s butt cheeks. Kami resumes massaging Cardi’s bottom, adding a few light spanks before suggesting her client turn over. Just as I thought, Cardi’s uncut cock is expanding. Her front torso is oiled and then she helps Kami to get out of her top. Kami’s nipples are pierced also and Cardi is anxious to run her tongue across them. Kami lowers her pants and straddles Cardi’s body for a dry rub that makes Cardi’s cock swell to a full erection. Cardi double fists both of their dicks together until two boners develop. The client gives her massuese a quickie oil massage followed by a blowjob. Kami then sucks Cardi’s cock in return and she takes Cardi’s tight ass in the missionary position!

I don’t want to spoil this TGirls.Porn update for you by spelling out all the deals of Kami’s powerful fucking and the position changes of these two Floridian foxes. But this is one torrid hardcore scene that has an extraordinary cum laden ending! 

Grooby Girls: Cardi A Falcone

Description: Once again, we have a pleasure to give one gorgeous new girl her chance to introduce herself to you in another episode of our “Try Out Tuesday” series! Meet Cardi A Falcone! This hottie is from Colombia, but moved to Florida when she was in her teens. She’s got a huge, thick uncut cock that she loves to top other tgirls with, but she’s versatile. She loves to ride cock when she’s rock hard, because it feels like she’s cumming the entire time! Cardi loves to do outdoorsy type things, she loves kayaking, which she’s been doing for over twenty years. She even rode a wild manatee once! Watch her stripping, posing, spreading and fingering her ass and stroking her cock. is responsible for that detailed description and it’s excellent. The only thing missing is getting to watch Cardi talk about these things herself during producer Radius Dark’s comprehensive opening interview. Cardi puts some finishing touches on her makeup in the powder room, the enters the living room area to take a seat on a white sofa that contrasts with her deep tan. Then she delivers her introduction articulately. She makes me think she can ace job interviews. It’s incredibly interesting to hear about Cardi’s lifestyle, but eventually we want the chat to turn to sex. Cardi is a bit of a health nut but she doesn’t overdo it. She loves trans lesbian experience, especially topping them. Do you see those star tattoos on her clavicles? Those are for the soles of other tgirls feet. Need I say more? Yes, I do! She ‘s verse and loves to bottom to and she loves sucking dick! She can deep throat with no gag reflex.

Mr. Dark brings two trans girls from Florida who are friends of mine into the conversation who Cardi knows also. Cardi says they’re basically great girls and very attractive models. She’s absolutely right but I’m not going to name names. I get distracted from that conversation quickly when Cardi turns over and knees on the couch with her curvy butt turned up. Cardi removes her clunky sandals next to bare her perfectly pedicured feet. Then she rises to her feet to remove her dress, leaving her in just a bra and panties. She shows off a pair of dark pierced nipples once her brassiere is gone. Her panties come off next and I’m so delighted by what I see! I’ll go into further detail once Cardi A Falcone’s encore presentation on is released.

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Kendra Sinclaire and Cardi A Falcone

MP4 Scene Trailer

551 photos come with “Kendra Sinclaire and Cardi A Falcone” and that sums up the passion that was put into this trans lesbian hardcore project. The video makes the devotion crystal clear. They’re giggling and greeting each other in bed after first meeting not too long ago. In other words, they’re here quickly as testament to how hot for each other they were from jump.

Kneeling across from one another, rubbing each other’s bulges in lingerie and heels, I get the feeling things will continue to progress quickly. I want to see some passionate kissing and it’s Kendra that aggressively instigates it. Kendra straddles and fondles Cardi as they kiss and then she removes her bra, exposing her pretty tits. She then helps Cardi get out of her brassiere for more of the same. Kendra gives Cardi some pierced nipple sucking next and the bulge in her panties grows substantially larger. She kneels before Cardi’s pretty face and they withdraw her big erection from her panties together.

Cardi does a great job blowing all that cock and then her darker member is revealed. Cardi is hung too so Kendra has a challenge deep throating her sexy new friend. The girls remove their panties at the same time for easy access for jerking each other off. Cardi’s big dick is sensitive and for a moment it looks like she’s going to cun from Kendra’s firm stroking! Kendra can’t help but comment on how hard Cardi’s tool has become.

It’s hard enough for Kendra to straddle and ride and that’s exactly what she does next! Kendra is staring straight at us after a position change that has Cardi drilling her boner in and out of her tight ass in the doggie style position. After this powerful bareback session, it’s finally time for Kendra to fuck Cardi in return!

She goes at it side saddle first. Here we get to see Cardi’s thick hardon mashed between her thighs as she gets pummeled by Kendra’s long, thick cock! A doggie style romp might have you craving to fuck Kenrda while she’s fucking Cardi in a torrid daisy chain! Cardi’s tits and hardon bounce and swing all over the place as Kendra powerfully rails her ass in the missionary position.

They’re not even close to being finished yet and the heels and lingerie disappears leaving both beauties completely and gloriously naked! With hung Kendra from Las Vegas and Cardi from Central Florida, this is both an East Coast vs. West Coast battle of perfect butts, svelte, tanned physiques and big dicks! It’s available now on!