TGirls.Porn: Cassidy Quinn & Lily Demure

Cassidy Quinn and Lily Demure in sensational hardcore action – yet another unmissable production from sharp shooter Radius Dark.

I read the brief interview that comes with the photo and video set before watching the actual scene:

Cassidy: “I loved working with Lily Demure. She was really sweet and has a really hot ass. She has a really cute smile and great hair. My favorite part of the shoot was getting topped. She fucked me good. She’s really good at topping!”

Lily: “I had a lot of fun. Cassidy’s hella cute and knows what she’s doing. She has really pretty eyes and I kept getting lost in them. The last position where I was on my stomach was nice. It was some good fucking. She’s also pretty good in the kissing department.”

Then I was curious to see if this potentially remarkable TGirls.Porn update had a warm-up sequence. It wouldn’t matter to me if it did or didn’t and Cassidy and Lily just jumped into the sex. In this case, we see the girls kissing on the bed and Lily already has an erection. The pace is set and it’s going to be a fast but long ride! Casssidy’s pretty face is framed in somewhat POV fashion giving Lily a blowjob after the opening makeout session. If I haven’t raved about any of Cassidy’s previous performances, it’s an oversight. As for Lily, I’ve been a fan since her work with the legendary transformationist Tia Tizzianni I’ve had the honor of interviewing awhile back. It’s wonderful to see how her adult industry career has blossomed.

At any rate, I had a strong feeling that Cassidy would develop a pre-cum oozing erection while giving Lily head. She kneels up on the bed and Lily returns the oral favor. Moments later, when Lily confesses that she really likes having Cassidy’s cock in her mouth, Cassidy asks where else she’d like it.

“In my ass,” is the response she gets and her panties are lowered and removed followed by her brassiere. Soon Cassidy is as gloriously naked as her partner and there’s more foreplay to be had before they fuck the hell out of each other bareback and cum powerfully! This TGirls.Porn update is not just good. It’s a masterpiece.

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TGirls.Porn: Lianna Lawson & Cassidy Quinn

MP4 Scene Trailer

Brunette fox Cassidy Quinn and gorgeous blonde Lianna Lawson rub noses like Eskimos before kissing when this scene begins. They hold hands also and it’s about as intimate as it could possibly get. I don’t need any sort of plot as a warm-up. This foreplay is the warm-up and it’s so hot! As Cassidy takes the lead and lays Lianna back on the bed, there’s a big bulge in the blonde’s lacy panties. Her cock is stiff already and Cassidy’s hand intends to keep it that way. When Cassidy sits up for a moment, Lianna unzips and pulls down her dress low enough to admire and caress her pretty breasts. Cassidy asks her partner to suck on her tits and adds that she need not be afraid to bite them. She’s not and she gives her partner a little tooth action while sucking. Next, Cassidy helps Lianna get out of her dress completely. She’s still got her panties on but her pretty boobs and now exposed also. She’s pretty gentle with them orally and loving, but decides to move things forward by standing up and removing her frock.

“You’ve got me so hard already,” she tells her partner and we can see that through her panties. Lianna kneads and spanks Lianna’s pert ass and inspects Cassidy’s private parts once the undies are lowered. She then dives in face first for a rim job coupled with some finger banging. I mentioned that Cassidy said she was hard a few moments ago, but after this treatment it’s really hard and straining against the fabric of her undies now. She pushes Lianna roughly yet playfully on her back and begins pushing her panties off, exposing Lianna’s hardon fully. Cassidy gazes at us directly while planting kisses along the shaft and takes the swollen head inside her mouth. Following some tea bagging and gagging deepthroating, it’s Cassidy’s turn to get her hatd cock sucked. Cassidy tells Lianna to stick both of her balls into her mouth and to then lick every inch of her swollen dick. Then she lays back so Lianna can grip her bare ass while giving her head. The blowjob Cassidy gives Lianna next is very aggressive. It seems like gagging on cock makes her incredibly horny and her rod is going to need some serious friction very soon. But Radius Dark continues filming this rough oral sex and it’s in POV footage. A bit later, Cassidy gives her partner a two finger ass drilling to prepare her for something much bigger. But Cassidy is to receive yet another blowjob first. Both girls are raging hard at this point and they rub and squeeze their rods together in an awesome frottage sequence with Cassidy on top. All this torrid foreplay signaled one of the most powerful fuck scenes I’ve ever seen and it’s bareback. No one can fuck better than Cassidy from what I’m seeing with this incredible TGirls.Porn update!

Lianna: “I fucking liked her… she was fucking the shit out of me. The doggy style deep fucking was my favorite. I fucking love working with other girls, especially if they can fuck like this!”

Cassidy: “I loved dominating Lianna’s sweet ass and I think she loved it too. My favorite part of the scene was me jack hammering her from on top and I loved that, it felt so deep! I’m definitely up for more of this!”

These big dick beauties are amazing! Radius Dark always delivers and trans porn doesn’t get any better than this. In addition to this TGirls.Porn instant classic, also check out Cassidy Quinn on ManyVids and for Lianna’s LIVE webcam shows, follow her on!