Transational Fantasies: Cassie Woods

The Official synopsis reads: Today, cute Midwesterner Cassie Woods makes her debut for our members. This doe eyed darling loves performer oral and considers herself more of a giver than a taker. She also doesn’t have a gag reflex, and she likes receiving facial cum shots.

In fact, anything you can think of, she’s willing to try. Cassie starts getting turned on while telling you about a hot hookup she had with another trans girl. So, she begins stroking herself beneath the little black, strapless dress she is wearing. She slips of her black panties, but keeps on her heels.

Seeing her pretty love stick poke out under her dress drives you wild! At last, she strips completely and lets you soak up every inch of her body. She can’t believe how good it feels to be so hard for you. Then, face down and ass up, she waits for you to lick and fuck her trans girl pussy. Finally, she tugs on her magic wand until she squeezes out a white and sticky surprise.

Yeah, Cassie is cute alright and I love that thing she’s always doing with her tongue. I love that there’s a full interview that goes from non-sexual things she likes and future dreams to her strong sexual desires. She goes into an account of a past experience that should have you beside yourself with arousal. Then she silently strokes her rock hard cock before you.

I’m not going to go into all the exciting details about Cassie’s first ever performance, but that tit-jiggling, frantically stroking climax she has is incredibly special.

TGirls.Porn: Cassie Woods & Trixxy Von Tease

On Tuesday, update day on TGirls.Porn, this week’s production comes in the shape of delicious duo Cassie Woods and Trixxy Von Tease. Omar Wax did the honors of producing this blazing hot hardcore scene.

Cassie: “I was disappointed my client canceled our session. Being the good friend she is, Trixxy wanted to cheer me up. After a few encouraging words it was evident Trixxy was going to be more than a good friend but more of a “friend with benefits” situation! Before I knew it she was sucking my throbbing girl cock and just begging to be penetrated. So being the good pal I am, of course duly obliged! I’m getting tingles just thinking about it!”

Trixxy: “After hearing she got stood up, I decided to take the time to cheer up my gorgeous friend. Hopefully filling the spot by comforting her with sexual attention (being a slutty vixen that I am!) Pressing my sinful lips against her soft innocent lips, Cassie gave in and kissed back, one thing led to another and before long it was clear was this evening was headed! Hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as we did. ;)”

So I’m already very familiar with what Trixxy can do because of her previous performances on TGirls.Porn and also on, not to mention on her own torrid website. I’ve seen Cassie on and on Grooby Girls so I’m well versed in her skills also. What I didn’t expect was to ever see these two killer babes together.

I love the way Trixxy tries to cheer Cassie up and to make her forget about her cancelled date as the video begins. The reciprocal oral and 69 action is an stunning vision to watch and this is the first time I’ve seen Cassie topping.

We would not have to even have to ask Trixxy how well Cassie can fuck after seeing the two of them going at it. The way Trixxy responds to her drilling is with wild moaning, gasping and dirty talk – not to mention how stiff her big dick is while flopping and swinging around all over the place. Toward the end of this update Cassie is dominant as fuck! I didn’t know she got down like that.

I don’t want to give away too much about Trixxy’s cumshot while she’s getting drilled by Cassie bareback but it’s legendary! Cassie’s a pretty heavy cummer too.

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