TS-Castingcouch.com – Stunning Lena Jade Brought A Buttplug!

“Lena is a girl straight from NYC. A very cool chick,” says Buddy Wood about gorgeous Lena Jade who is magnificent in her ts-castingcouch.com debut. “She had a big surprise for me on this audition. During the entire interview she had a butt-plug stuck up her ass. When she strips she finally reveals it. Obviously a very fun girl. Already making a name for herself in the Vegas porn scene.” The warm-up consists of trademark Buddy Wood footage of the model driving to the location of the producer’s home. After knocking on the door, he invites her inside the house and invites Lena to take a seat on his casting couch. Lena is encouraged to talk a little about herself and she mentions interests in music and art (which she’s really good at) and how she’s new to life in Las Vegas. She drove cross-country in a Subaru to her new home city. Lena then talks about what she likes to do sexually and what she’d like to try in the future. She explains a little about her tattoos while removing her sandals and pants and she mentions the surprise we’ll see a bit later. First we’re treated to the sight of Lena’s lovely bare breasts and she pulls her panties low enough to expose her stiffening cock and smooth ball sack. After she kicks her panties away, she sinks back to the couch ass up and we see the surprise she mentioned embedded deep inside her curvy ass! I wish more of my friends would great me this way. The perfect way to illustrate one’s love for anal sex is to drive to another’s house with a butt plug in place the whole time. It’s especially rewarding to see someone as stunning as Lena Jade “wearing” one while completely naked with a raging erection! Next comes the reward of being a producer with his own casting couch method of breaking a newbie into porn. Once Lena is on her knees with her fine ass facing us, he gets to clasp his fingers around Lena’s hardon and begin stroking it firmly. If you’re not in adult entertainment, this scene might make you think you’re in the wrong line of work. The ending of this scene comes with a toe-curling climax in which Lena’s creamy white cum shot is captured in slow motion. There’s an instant replay of her cream spurting between her cleavage. Well, the casting couch did it’s trick and Lena Jade has gone from being a killer webcam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/pinkyroader to an official TEA nominated porn star! She currently goes by the name Lena Kelly and she’s equally exquisite as a blonde.

Avril Harder Enjoys Dildo Play!

Avril Harder Enjoys Dildo Play! is the follow-up video on shemaleyum.com to Avril Harder & Her Big Dildo! Although they sound similar, they’re quite different.

The most dramatic common feature both scenes have is that they’re both produced by former trans model birdmountain. In the debut shoot, birdmountain asks Avril questions about where she’s from and what she likes to do sexually. I already know what many of her turn ons from my caramelstgirls.com interview-with-avril-harder, but I love watching her verbalizing them on Shemale Yum.

She exposes her pendulous boobs and squeezes her nipples which she describes as tender. Suddenly I pick up some heavy lesbian flirting and I can tell that birdmountain is getting horny while filming.

Avril is increasingly aroused as witnessed by the hard spike between her legs she’s stroking. birdmountain asks her to stand up and her stiff cock stands straight out from her tanned thighs.

An explicit butt show follows and while Avril sits back down to jerk off, her boner is as hard as it can get, pointing upward when she releases it.

She fucks herself with the dildo mentioned in the title. What happens next is something totally unexpected. birdmountain is fucking Avril!

It’s POV footage with a missionary position railing! birdmountain blasts a creamy white load of cum across Avril’s pretty face and the hot blonde proceeds to suck her big cock dry. In the second solo scene, Avril fucks her own tight ass again with a pink butt plug while jerking her erection. birdmountain doesn’t join in this time, but Avril beats off until she makes herself cum! Don’t miss her two scorching videos on the longest running trans adult website. Also, Avril is a tremendously prolific webcam broadcaster you can see doing of the same naughty things on chaturbate.com/theavrilharder LIVE.

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