House Slave’s Revenge Part One

MP4 Teaser Trailer

The synopsis of “House Slaves’ Revenge Part 1” reads : – Today is Independence Day for house slaves Mona Wales and Cherry Torn!!!! They fight back against the tyranny of the evil house mistress, Kelly Klaymour. Kelly has been having her slaves do all the hard work while she reaps all the benefits. While Kelly is busy running an empire, Mona and Cherry have fallen in love with each other and they practice the submissiveness to each other. When Kelly walks in on the two lesbians playing around without her blessing, Kelly decides to teach these two whores a lesson. Kelly makes the girls abuse each other. They cry as they have to watch Kelly fuck the love of their lives right in front of each other. Kelly’s huge cock slays both of these blonde submissives. After a day of bondage, cuckolding, spanking, and abuse the girls desperately pray for help. Their Fairy Goth Mother hears their pleas and she gifts them a very special power. The Fairy Goth Mother turns their vaginas into power dick eating machines. Cherry and Mona sneak up on Kelly and fuck her dick off! Now without her big huge cock, Kelly can no longer abuse them and now they drag her on the Whipped ass to give HER the abuse!! Head on over to Whipped ASS to watch Mona and Cherry get their revenge. star Kelly Klaymour is joined by two of my all-time favorite actresses Mona Wales and Cherry Torn and neither of them are stranger to TS Pussy Hunters. Kelly requested these adult industry major stars to work with and I’m so glad it all worked out! The 1st installment of this killer two-part series rolls out with lush decor and BDSM props that have me thrilled with anticipation. The production values are sky high! Even though we have a pretty good idea of stages of torment the demanding Domme is going to put her subs through, seeing it all unravel is full of unexpected surprises. This bareback scene will be remembered as one of the best ever I’m sure and Part 2 hasn’t even been released yet! The full nudity and insanity of the moments that lead up to the dreaded “To be continued…” announcement has me on the edge of my proverbial seat!

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TS Pussy Hunters: Lorelei Lee, Kelli Lox, and Cherry Torn


You will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap? Click here for Caramel’s Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer from to find out.


Although they haven’t all worked together before, all three of these talented actresses have been on TS Pussy Hunters on before. The action heats up quickly after the opening interview where the limits are established, which are minor, and the safe words are set in everyone’s minds. Bound, captive Kelli struggling against her ropes with a big hardon betraying her protests is exciting as seeing Lorelei licking it and then sucking it. Cherry captures this act and Lorelei stroking Kelli’s stiff cock with her sexy stocking and bare feet. Then Cherry, with her big tits exposed, joins in to help Lorelei with her tongue and talented mouth on Kelli’s turgid member.


When Lorelei takes over recording the action, Kelli orally worships her bare feet while Cherry gives her head. The hot, hung trans captive is then “forced” to devour Lorelei’s pretty pussy while getting her large cock sucked and sucked. After Lorelei has a tremendous orgasm, Cherry is first to ride Kelli’s sweet dick with her pussy.


The official TS Pussy Hunters synopsis on reads: Cherry Torn and Lorelei Lee are entrepreneur billionaire moguls who have found a sustainable way to feed the world forever. They have contacted the tech expert for the Bounty Babes to help them get the good news out to the world. TS Kelli Lox develops an app that will stream a message to everyone’s electronic device to tell them about the news that the evil illuminati are trying to keep from us all….or so that’s what Kelli thinks. Soon after making the app, the tables are turned on Kelli.


The bounty babe has been hunted and trapped by the beautiful Blonde evil ladies. Cherry and Lorelei capture Kelli, tie her up, suck her cock foot job her cock, slap her around and fuck her with a strap on all the mean while streaming the entire thing to everyone using the app that Kelli Developed. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap?One thing is for sure, After you watch this video, you will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell…. stay tuned for upcoming Bounty Babe shows featuring, bondage, anal strap on, food jobs, blow jobs, and pussy fucking. I strongly urge you to take advantage of my Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer. Take the tour.


TS Pussy Hunters: Venus Lux and Cherry Torn





In “Dominated by a Sex Doll with Tits and a Cock” Cherry Torn is anxiously awaiting her custom made Venus Lux Deluxe Fuck Doll to arrive. She’s so excited to have a toy that will do what ever she wants. The only problem is, this doll has a glitch and is stuck in “domination” mode. When Cherry tries to boss the doll around, The doll takes control. The genetic female porn star and director brings out the best in both actresses with a surefire D/s cosplay scenario. The theme of a Domme having the tables turned on her is one of my TS Pussy Hunters favorites. But I’ve never seen it played out like this before. The idea is brilliant and so is the bondage with Venus’s rope play on Cherry and the speed-shooting that rapidly propels us to the main event. The magic wand play on Cherry’s pussy leads to what looks to be an amazing forced blowjob When Cherry said in the opening interview that she likes being choked and made fully helpless, Venus was clearly listening. Soon she was soundly fucking Chery from behind bareback! The sight of the hung Domme’s ass flexing while pounding her submissive’s pretty pussy might make you cum before getting through two thirds of this spectacular TS Pussy Hunter video. Even If you’re not a fan of full-nudity, I can’t imagine how you could possibly not love this scene. And when the hell was the last time Venus came? You’ll see why that question, and something else, came up for me. If you prefer individual scenes from the massive network, visit Kink on Demand.

Stefani Special and Cherry Torn on TS Pussy Hunters introduces hot new girl next door, Stefani Special. Compton College has a secret favorite past time – stealing. Some colleges have sororities, this one has a thievery group where you pay your stealing dues and work your way up to the big time stores in the mall. New girl, Stefani, doesn’t know there is a system for petty crime and she starts right at the top – right at Cherry’s store. Cat fight! Cherry storms Stefani’s dorm, pulls a pair of stolen panties out of Stefani’s bra and the cat fight is on. Cherry is quickly out matched and the new girl has some moves that have her on top and between Cherry’s legs. Stefani kisses Cherry into submission and soon the fighting leads to fucking as Stefani pounds her cock into Cherry’s pussy.





I’d bet any amount of money that Cherry Torn is actually more experienced with transsexuals than TS Stefani Special is with genetically born females simply because of the amount of TS movies she’s co-starred in . However, Stefani is a true TS Pussy Hunter in my opinion. No transsexual who isn’t into GG’s could have made such a passionate movie. I watched very closely to see how Stefani treated Cherry throughout the entire 34 minute film. The forced skull fuck ended when Cherry started gagging on Stefani’s big dick. Kudos for giving the girl’s throat a break. Then she ate and fingered Cherry’s lovely pussy almost exactly the way I would have. Stefani took time to orally tease and please Cherry’s petite high-arched feet before sinking deep inside her in the missionary position. It wasn’t necessarily a gentle fucking. There was lots of hard ass slapping and the doggie-style railing was even more rough. There were moments when Stefani banged Cherry with jackhammer thrusts. I don’t know how Cherry managed to totally deep throat that big cock to the base after that fuck, but she did it. I loved watching Cherry’s large, luscious breasts bounce up and down when she straddled Stefani for another pussy pounding. I love the way Cherry had her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out to receive Stefani’s big cum shot. I also adored the sensual cummy kiss that followed. In the closing interview, Cherry said she loved the doggie-style fucking the most. I don’t have any favorite segments. I loved it all! Watch “Cat Fight Sexy Time” on TS Pussy Hunters!


TS Honey FoXXX and Cherry Torn


Cherry Torn is the in-house care taker and cleaner for a high maintenance family run by an asshole Dad. When she gets fired for something the bratty kids did, she retaliates in the most amazing ways possible. Enter Honey FoXXX, a local college girl raising money for her band camp field trips.


Cherry uses her boss’s checkbook to make all kinds of promises to Honey – the kind that meet her fundraising quota and get her laid by huge blacktino she-cock.


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TS Playground: Mandy Mitchell, Cherry Torn and KittiKaiti

Click on each picture for video and previews of a TS Playground scene that made it to an official Evil Angel DVD!




This fantastic scene made it to director Jay Sin’s “TS Playground” feature film. First, gorgeous redheaded she-male Eva Lin gets dominated by her TS Domme employer Danni Daniels. Next, blonde, GG (genetic girl) porn star Cherry Torn goes wild with Mandy Mitchell and KittyKaiti. Kimber James takes on Christian XXX, the beautiful black TS Tameka entices us with her bubble butt and enormous endowment in a solo scene that will tear you apart. Then Mandy Mitchell spends a romantic afternoon with the hot GG vixen Adrianna Nicole. Finally, there’s a crazy pool party featuring six ravishing transsexuals, a GG and a guy. Their insane gender-bending orgy is destined to be a classic and much of it is filmed underwater! “TS Playground” is a wild recess for lovers of beautiful transsexuals and the adventurers with whom they play. Admirers are more than welcome! Jay Sin’s “TS Playground” is a double-disc DVD with outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, a cast list and filmographies!


TS Playground – The Movie


This four and a half 4 and a half hour masterpiece had to be broken up into two disks featuring  Danni Daniels, Eva of, Foxxy of, Kimber James of BustyKimberXXX, KittyKaiti, Mandy of, Morgan of, the Web host of Christian’s Shemales and the genetic female stars Adrianna Nicole and Cherry Torn. The king of nasty anal antics, director Jay Sin, turns his probing camera on the exciting world of transsexual sex. Jay’s TS Playground features the kind of luscious, horny ladies who pack a big, up-front bonus and these exquisite creatures enjoy all kinds of raw, filthy sex with men, genetic women, themselves and each other! 


First, gorgeous redheaded she-male Eva Lin, dressed in a kinky PVC maid’s uniform, admires her hard cock in a mirror, until bitchy blonde transsexual Danni Daniels returns to punish her pretty slave for touching herself without permission! Danni bends her servant over and rudely fucks her tight ass!

Next, Mandy Mitchell sets up KittyKaiti for her virgin experience with a genetic female, blonde cutie Cherry Torn. The date becomes an anal three-way; Cherry sucks the brunette chicks with dicks, gets her pussy and ass violated and laps up two servings of hot tgirl semen.

Sultry, buxom blonde pre-op Kimber James orally services kinky male stud Christian and oils up her giant rack for some kinky titty fucking. Christian reams her hard as Kimber’s large erect cock bounces up and down, and upon ejaculating on Kimber’s member, lovingly licks her shaft clean.
tamekaSlender tattooed Tameka teases the camera, posing, preening, masturbating her enormous black cock and licking her own sticky cum from her fingers.
adriannamandykittyDark-haired transsexual Mandy Mitchell spends a romantic afternoon with genetic girl Adrianna Nicole, who expands the fishnet-clad tgirl’s ass with a butt plug and shoves her foot half-way up Mandy’s ass while the horny TS jacks herself off.
dustinreevesFinally, there’s a crazy pool orgy featuring six hot transsexuals, Cherry Torn and boy suck-slave Dustin Revees. Dustin dives underwater, where he encounters a trio of hard, throbbing TS cocks to suck. He gets his tight butt reamed by tattooed Morgan Bailey while Jay’s camera records breathtaking images above and below the water’s surface! The nasty aquatic fun continues until every girl, boy and transsexual is satisfied. TS Playground is like a rowdy recess for lovers of fine chicks with dicks and the adventurers with whom they play. It’s presented by the amazing Evil Angel network and it’s the film that kicked off the official website!