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Coco Dahlia and Bailey Love are both trying out that hot new hookup app. Things heat up when the girls match with each other and Coco Dahlia extends an invitation to Bailey Love to come over. Blonde-haired Coco looks pretty as a picture when this scene opens. She’s dressed to the nines but bored and using her dating app to spice things up for the evening. After a bunch of right swipes, she finally settles upon the one – gorgeous brunette Bailey Love. In the next sequence we see Bailey responding to Coco’s hookup request. Coco makes the obligatory offers of refreshments when Bailey arrives but all she wants is Coco she confesses. Bailey pulls back the the hem of Coco’s dress for a quick peek and then exposes one of her breasts. That pink tunic dress provides such easy access. Aggressive Bailey’s nipple play evolves into kisses that Coco graciously accepts. The deepest, most passionate trans lesbian kissing ends when Bailey begins to devour one of Coco’s pretty tits. Both girls begin to rub Coco’s panty bulge and then Bailey helps her get out of her dress. As Coco lays on her back on the sofa, Bailey withdraws the passive blonde’s swelling cock from her panties. Bailey takes a long lick up Coco’s cock shaft that makes her gasp and a full blowjob ensues. Naturally, Coco develops a full erection and she then helps Bailey strip down to her bra and tall sandals. Coco shows Bailey how amazing she is at sucking cock and she’s on her hands and knees on the couch when Bailey pulls off her panties. Coco receives a rimjob, handjob, more cock sucking and gives her tight ass up for the railing of a lifetime!

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TGirls.Porn – Coco Dahlia & Jenny Flowers

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Jenny: “So my usual dom is unhappy with how I go through life nonchalantly and carefree. Not sure why this bothers her but she quickly comes up with a solution to break up the monotony. Said she really gets turned on to publicly humiliate me so she command that I stand outside near busy freeway…TOPLESS. She knows how insecure of my small boobs I am and how easily get embarrassed when people even mention anything about them. Really didn’t want to stand outside but I certainly didn’t want to face repercussions for my disobedience. So I begrudgingly obeyed…ugh.”

Coco: “Every time, I mean EVERY time she comes around with her derby facial expressions I get this burning passion to humiliate her. Have to admit, embarrassing her does help get my rocks off. I’ve done some pretty cruel things like pushed her around at the grocery store, spanked her bottom so loud it sounds like thunder but nothing to the point of her biggest fears. “Now get up, go outside…TOPLESS.”

Here are some words about my favorite porn site’s update with two of the hottest stars out there filmed by one of the most awesome producers. The build-up filmed by Omar Wax is generated with Coco approaching Jenny with a tip from Jenny’s boyfriend about her not ever having played with another trans girl before. It’s the most dominant scene I’ve seen Coco in to date. Jenny confesses that she hasn’t been with another girl and she’s perhaps only thought about it a couple of times. Jenny is given a choice of giving her mouth up to another girl or posing on the balcony topless. But Coco gives Jenny little time to think about her choices and is made to stand up and has her pretty tits bared. Coco takes a few squeezes like a Mistress and leads Jenny outside. It must be humiliating to stand topless amongst whomever is watching her on the balcony in just her shorts and pumps!

Once Coco is satisfied that enough public humiliation has been employed, it’s time to move to Step #2. She guides the inexperienced and easily manipulated Jenny back inside and into the living room area. Standing across from Jenny, Coco pays her a compliment and gets a nervous one back in return. She then kisses the shy girl as it’s obvious that she’s getting turned on. When they sit on the sofa to continue making out, Coco says, “That’s a good little slut,” and Jenny doesn’t resist Coco’s touches across her private parts. Coco allows Jenny to caress her between her legs and feels the erection under her jump suit. Soon they’re kissing more passionately than before and both sets of breasts are bared. Jenny’s boyfriend told Coco more about her fantasies about sex trans lesbian sex than she was aware of. One of those fantasies was giving another girl a rimjob and she’s about to have her dream realized. Coco tells Jenny to take her shoes off and to get more comfortable and the more submissive one helps Coco get down to just her panties. Moments later Jenny has Coco completely nude and gushes at the size of the shorter girl’s cock. Coco gets her dick sucked until it’s raging hard and her salad tossed as well. Coco then strips Jenny nude and gives her finger banging and a blowjob. She then positions Jenny on her back and gives her a rimjob. Next, Coco eases her cock inside of Jenny’s tight ass.

Coco Dahlia who has been on TGirls.Porn twice before makes the term “fully functional” seem ridiculous. I had no idea however that she could fuck so powerfully! Jenny Flowers who has been here once before (in a threesome) is the passive beauty in this incredible TGirls.Porn update!


TGirls.Porn: Coco Dahlia and Valentina Mia in 4K

Coco: “For my first girl on girl scene where I only topped, I gotta say I was a little bit nervous but as soon as I saw her I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. That girl is gorgeous as hell and the sweetest thing. Like the kinda girl I’d hang with all the time. Soft lips and even softer skin. And I love guys obviously, but her tits were perfect enough for me to almost forget I’m just “bi curious”. Joking about that last part, but also like not at all haha! She almost sucked the life clean out of me through my cock I swear! Glorious plump tight ass too. From the moment we kissed to the second, I came all over her tits it was pure bliss. I really hope I get to work with her again cause that’s the type of girl you gotta keep close.”

Valentina: “After my first encounter with a girl, I craved more. I loved the sensual connection I feel with other ladies, so I had to take advantage of my opportunity with Coco Dahlia. Coco and I are friends, so I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I knew this would only happen if I spoke up about my desires, and I’m so glad I did. I loved kissing her soft lips and feeling those lips kissing my smooth, tight hole pushed me overboard. We had passionate sex beyond my wildest dreams. Feeling her inside me was like a dream come true. I wanted to make her cum so badly, and to my surprise she shot the biggest load I’ve seen a girl shoot before. She covered me in her glorious cum, and I think at that moment I fell in love.”

The first lesbian scene ravishing Coco was referring to is a blowout with gorgeous Chanel Santini. Her next scene on TGirls.Porn is with beautiful Candy Licious. If you’d like to read my interview with Candy, just click here. Valentina Mia also granted me an interview and you can find that one by clicking here. Don’t tell Coco, but I’m going to ask her to do an interview with me also. I hope she says yes!

About the 4K resolution Omar Wax filmed the movie in, it is absolutely gorgeous like the models he showcases. The outdoor introductory scene that sets up the naughty storyline is both horny and a little bit romantic. I love the intimacy throughout the blowout sex scenes, especially at the end. If you’re verse, there are so many elements here to turn you on. If you’re a bottom, you can imagine being in Valentina’s variety of compromising positions. If you’re a top, there are moments when Coco is fucking her partner where you’ll with you were bringing in the rear in a daisy chain. By the way, both incredible actresses are on the legendary sister site, and their profiles are:

Coco Dahlia 
Valentina Mia 

You can watch the Free Trailer of Coco and Valentina on TGirls.Porn

TGirls.Porn: CoCo Dahlia & Candy

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I think I have a sort of intangible built-in porn alarm in my head that tells me a scene is going to be a top favorite before I actually see it. Just hearing about the new hardcore set with CoCo Dahlia and Candy on TGirls.Porn set it off and it’s still ringing somewhere in the background since the release. Have you seen the extended free trailer, streamed or downloaded this instant classic yet?


This display of transbian intimacy hits the ground running as Candy models her new sexy outfit for CoCo in the kitchen. CoCo is suddenly aware that she’s being a little forward with her admiration of Candy’s killer ass, but her friend doesn’t mind. To let her know that she rather likes the attention, Candy exposes one of CoCo’s pretty boobs and it’s basically on after that move.


They start tongue kissing. It’s electrifying. So is Candy’s high-pitched voice and one of CoCo’s trademark squeals once she feels a tongue swirling around one of her sensitive nipples. I’ve heard Coco’s sexual noises a couple of times before, on and here on TGirls.Porn. The response from Candy’s debut generated the most favorable response from members I’ve seen in ages. Producer Omar Wax is a talented and lucky man to capture this brilliantly conceived pairing.


After exchanging mutual breast admiration, Candy crouches down to release the cock CoCo is tucking in her panties. She lets it spring forth from her thighs just inches before Candy’s face and she’s seriously impressed. It’s not just her big dick that’s impressive, but her low-slung balls that are smoothly shaven. Candy’s amazing cock sucking technique blowjob includes lots of firm stroking and tea bagging.


When it’s Candy’s turn to get her cock pleased, both girls are standing. CoCo presses her boner against Candy’s stocking clad thighs as she strokes Candy’s dick to erection. CoCo has no problem at all getting Candy to develop a raging erection. It’s so cute when CoCo says she’s a little nervous when she feels CoCo’s swollen cock head about to enter her tight ass from behind. She actually apologizes for being so tight. I’m telling you, this joint is absolutely magnificent! If you like amazing bodies in both lingerie and completely naked, Candy is scantily clad while driving her stiff cock in and out of CoCo’s cute as anything butt. After this over-the-counter fucking, they kiss again and the slow and steady method of Candy’s fucking shifts into turbo. Then CoCo does the driving next – in and out of CoCo’s tight ass! I haven’t even described three quarters of this fantastic TGirls.Porn scene and what happens when they take their hot sex in the bedroom. These hot, horny babes put it in words way better than I can:


CoCo: “Well this was my second girl on girl scene and omg was it ever a blast. That girl has a cock a mile long! At first I was shy and timid but the second our lips touched it was electric. She was so soft and her tits were soooo cute! Guys are great and all but its nice to have a lil something to squeeze. Her tongue and throat were like velvet on my cock. When she had my leg up on the counter, she dicked me so deep I walked funny the next day I swear! By the time it was my turn to top her I was practically in ecstasy. Her tight little hole almost milked my balls dry like 4 times and her ass was super plump and perfect for when she started bouncing on me! All in all it was a feeling I know I’m gonna have a hard time finding again. Girls with cocks really are the best of both worlds.”


Candy: “I’m the super sexy candy and I had a great fucking time with CoCo Dahlia. I had fun sucking on her nipples rubbing on that fat ass, I just love sucking on her cock when we look into each other eyes as we snatched each other souls was amazing. This was my first time with a girl and honestly enjoyed it ! I have a big cock and so does she baby ! Those nice pink lips touching mine felt so good ! I loved when she fucked me and I felt that big cock go inside me, I got so wet her body was amazing!”