Mia Maffia.xxx : Can You Handle 4 Girl Dicks?

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When I saw Mia Maffia and Sasha de Sade of the UK, Cournti Demilune of Montreal and Kristen Kraves of Oakland, California were coming out with a MiaMaffia.xxx scene together, I just had to see what went down. Sasha is the first model we see jerking off and asking what is better than one dirty slut. Three other voices reply, “Four”. After a moment of watching Sasha stroking her erection, we’re confronted with Courtni beating her meat. She’s also got a nice hardon! Then there’s brunette Kristen exposing one of her firm breasts and stroking her sex organ. Finally there’s Mia in mid fap mode. All four models join each other in kneeling on leather ottomans and continue to masturbate. This is a strikingly impressive and rare view – four hot young trans models behaving lewdly like this at once. Things get even hotter when they begin to remove more clothing bit by bit and pose from a variety of different angles. The rear views are especially amazing as they spank one another’s upturned butts. There’s tantalizing full body footage as well as raging boner close ups. Somewhere around the 12th minute, Mia starts jerking with a champagne flute placed under her cock head like she’s going to shoot her cum inside it. Then she does it and there’s so much creamy white spunk! Once Mia is spent, we shift to Courtni ready to climax. Her big boner explodes into the same glass Mia shot her load into. Sasha of SashaDeSade.xxx is laying back on a sofa with her orgasm approaching next. She then fires away and the glass only needs two more fillings until this horny process is complete. Another big load comes from this svelte British star and a shot of California creme from Kristen will finish the job. Then we get teased with the site of all four cum collections mingling in the glass in this torrid MiaMaffia.xxx update!


Cumshot Monday: Courtni Demilune!

Description: Let’s kick off another week of amazing GroobyGirls.com updates and as usual – we are going to start this week with a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Mondays” series! Today, we are going to Canada: gorgeous Courtni Demilune is about to make her Grooby Girls debut! Discovered last year by Vito, this cutie shot a few hot solo scenes for Canada-TGirl.com. Courtni has amazing long legs, beautiful blue eyes and a perfect firm booty! She brought her dildo with her and she’s about to give that tight hole of hers some nice pounding! Watch her playing with her toy and stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

That description sums things up perfectly. I just want to add a few words. I usually don’t add a category for a model without her own website. Most of the time I just use tags for individual models. But I had a feeling early on that Courtni would really blossom into a very well-known and diverse performer. Moving around to different websites doesn’t hurt with her growing popularity.

Courtni is eye candy in this scene that literally reminds me of candy. She’s colorful and looks so sweet. Even when she’s engaged in torrid masturbation, Courtni seems so innocently fun.

This is crazy because her jerking off, finger banging and dildo play is so lewd! She’s quite vocal and the variety of positions she poses in during this intense fap session is all encompassing.

Courtni Demuline brings to mind “sex kitten” from her refreshing good looks to her mischievous giggles.

Take a look at Courtni’s scene trailer on GroobyGirls.com!

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Canada TGirl: Courtni Demilune Goes Wild!

When I covered, “Kinky And Naughty Courtni Demilune” produced by Vee Soho for Canada-TGirl.com I had a strong feeling that the encore set would be more explicit. “Courtni Demilune Goes Wild” is a perfect way to describe how much naughtier the second round is.

I loved the more wholesome filming of Courtni’s debut but since I love fetish porn and BDSM content so much, this scene caters to more of what I’m into and I loved this scene even more! If this sort of kinky content is not your cup of tea, I think you’re still going to find it amazing because Courtni is mesmerizing to watch no matter what she’s doing.

The beginning is highly erotic and just plain kinky and you’ll know what I mean as soon as you see Courtni standing next to a dildo affixed to the room’s floor-to-ceiling mirror. There’s a lot of warm and humorous banter between the model and photographer to keep things lively in a way that doesn’t take away from the video’s fappablility. I think I just made up a new word.

I don’t know how anyone with a cock wouldn’t pop a boner watching Courtni go down on the dildo, especially with the tight closeups while she’s kneeling. Then she plays with another sex toy on the bed. It’s her favorite deep throat toy and man she’s got skills!

A bit later she compares that toy to the rock hard pre-cum oozing live cock between her thighs. Courtni eventually lays back on the bed and proceeds to stroke her erection while deeply finger banging her tight ass. This sequence is slutty as fuck through and through yet Courtni still looks like a model – a class one no matter how torrid she gets. Another thing that seperates this Courtni Demilune Canada-TGirl.com update is her sticky cum shot at the end.

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Kinky And Naughty Courtni Demilune

Stunning Courtni Demilune is a Montreal transplant from Vancouver. I know this because her talented Canada-TGirl.com producer Vee Soho aka Vito did an opening interview with Courtni’s for her debut. She likes the kink scene in Montreal and there’s a ton of well-dressed, good-looking guys there. She also likes men in suits and dominant men. She likes it rough and she can portray a brat but her true nature is closer to more of a submissive.

Courtni says she’s a bit nervous with this being her first shoot. But I can’t detect it and I’m forever hearing from models how relaxing he can be. I’ve never actually been told by anyone that they didn’t have stage fright the first time. Vee’s verbal direction causes Courtni to be encouraged, not at all creeped out like some stereotypical porn shoot. For example, when Courtni shows off her favorite heels, that I’d love owning, Vee picks up that they’re stripper/fetish platforms. Then comes a moment that might give you chills.

When Courtni lowers her dress and reveals her lingerie, she actually reveals something else for a fleeting moment. It kind of makes one ask themselves, “Was that supposed to happen?” Whatever the case I think you’ll really like it! Courtni takes a seat on the furniture behind her and starts playing with herself next. She’s obviously getting excited already and we’re only a few minute in.

There’s another surprise moment you’d kill me if I told you about. No, wait. Got to the Canada-TGirl.com landing page, find Courtni’s free trailer, play it and then kill somebody else. The short video clip gives it and that’s not my fault!

I also can’t tell you about her most intense sexual fantasy but goodness gracious she’s daring! Courtni is also hung with a big bouncing cock and the dopest ink and piercings. Simply beautiful.