River Stark & Viviane Rex on CrashpadSeries


“What’s better than getting what you want? Getting what you want after being denied. River Stark and Viviane Rex know this well, teasing each other with a cordless Magic Wand pulled away at precisely the right moment… or maybe they’re just being mean. Once Viviane equips an InJoyUs dildo and goes to town on River, pleasure won’t be deferred.” – Keymaster. Lesbian / Switch / Poly cisgender female Viviane Rex is sensational with one of my all-time favorite trans adult model and photographer River Stark on CrashPadSeries. Check out the Episode 209: River Stark and Viviane Rex video preview and more sample photos.

CrashPadSeries Volume 7

Shine Louise Houston is back at it, compiling her favorite episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, CrashPadSeries.com. In CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom, the director has highlighted CrashPad’s power heavy scenes. Zelda du Jour gives Siren Wolf her first onscreen orgasm… and zipper! Tina Horn uses Maggie Mayhem as a sex toy, Audrey Doll and Savannah Sly recreate their own Secretary scene, Nina Hartley punishes Jiz Lee with legendary fucking, Nikki Darling enjoys a full scoop of Chocolate Chip, and Cyd finally fucks some punctuality into Muscle Beach. With so much hotness packed into one movie, you’ll be watching this from top to bottom!


Chelsea Poe on The Crash Pad Series

I love that TS Chelsea Poe does amazing hardcore scenes with guys, but I’ll get to that later. I also love her scene with GG Sugar Blair on my favorite queer porn website – The Crash Pad Series.



In Crash Pad Series Episode 167, Sugar Blair welcomes Chelsea Poe home from colder climes… but while Chelsea was freezing in Fargo, Sugar was sweetening up to other girls. Chelsea teaches Sugar her a lesson in fidelity.


CrashPadSeries.com Model Spotlight on Stefani Special

Stefani Special posts from July 28, 2013


The model spotlight is on Stefani Special at CrashPadSeries.com! You may have seen her award-nominated episode with the amazing Jacqueline Woods. Click here to watch the trailerTake 10% off any level membership to CrashPadSeries.com with Coupon Code: 50E, good through February 15th, 2014!


CrashPadSeries.com – Jacqueline Woods and Stefani Special


Jacqueline Woods checks Stefani Special off her wishlist. All wrapped up and ready for play, Stefani Special is perfect for blowing off some steam, among other things. You can watch the preview video and see more photos on CrashPadSeries.com.