TGirls.Porn – Joss Amor & Delishous


Delishous: (right)“I’ve never had sex with another t-girl before, but I knew that if the girl is like me, well put together, pretty, and stylish, that I’d be excited to work with her. I think Joss is very sexy, so I was ready to work with her. She has a beautiful ass, so any position works for me as long as her ass is involved. I almost came insider her several times, because it felt so good.”


Joss: (left) “I think Delishous is super hot. It was my first time with a TS, but there’s a first time for everything, right? I was really excited and anxious at the same time, just to get the process started. To fell her inside of me and I gave her every inch. Doggy style was my favorite, but it all felt good with Delishous.”


I didn’t expect much chemistry between two trans girls who’d never slept with other trans girls before in this TGirls.Porn video. There’s a reason for that and it’s that they prefer men. But what’s that got to do with the price of china? In this case, absolutely nothing.


I didn’t expect Joss and Delishous to fall in love with each other. I just wanted to see some passionate kissing, torrid cock sucking and furious fucking with two hot hung babes and that’s exactly what I got from the incredible producer Radius Dark! They’re already French kissing when this scene begins. Aside from the hardcore action, this is my favorite thing to see in transbian porn. Therefore, there was even more intimacy than I expected. 


When it comes to getting undressed, Joss is the aggressor at first, helping Delishous out of her clothing. Mutual oral breast admiration is followed by Joss sucking on her partner’s lovely cock. Joss jerks off while sucking her to a raging erection, then she lays down to concentrate on her fellatio technique that looks extraordinary. They trade places and Joss develops a throbbing boner as well.


I wasn’t sure who would do the fucking when I heard about this scene in production. It could have gone either way I think, but it’s Delishous who we see rolling on some protection. Joss is on her back when Delishous eases her cock into her partner’s tight ass gently. She gives her partner some time to adjust before pumping in and out of her hard and fast.


As much as I love doggy style sex, I really love seeing Delishous pounding Joss’ firm bottom like she’s trying to screw her through the mattress. Joss eventually raises her ass from the bed for a doggy style railing and then she gets drilled sideways!


Radius captures great footage of the girls taking notice of his camera, but at times they seem oblivious to the fact that this action is being filmed. The angles are all over the place in the best possible way and there are tight closeups also.


After all this torrid action in the beginning and middle of every TGirls.Porn scene, I’m always super curious about how they’ll come to an end. I love that in this one, the girls lay side by side with their bodies touching as they jerk off frantically. The way they kiss again at the end makes this yet another spectacular production on one of my all-time favorite adult websites. You can also see both Delishous and Joss on and on!