Transsexual Girlfriend Experience


I usually download Devil’s Film productions from the official website, but when I heard about the Transsexual Girlfriend Experience and didn’t see it there, I found it on Adult DVD Empire. First I watched the beautifully trailer, then I downloaded the full DVD for each deliciously torrid scene. Transsexual Girlfriend Experience is perhaps the most couples-oriented video I’ve ever seen from the Devil’s Film producers and it was directed by Jim Powers who has directed 658 movies from 1994 – 2016. The four scenes in order include Alexa Scout, Franchezka, Chelsea Marie and Aubrey Kate. Alexa is a fashion designer who was up all night working on her line. Her sweet boyfriend purchased a massage table to pamper her with. He helps her get undressed before she lays across the table completely nude and her body is insanely gorgeous. So is her face for that matter and the erection he sucks on during this intimate massage. Alexa sucks her boyfriend’s cock in return and then the fucking begins. In the second scene, Franchezka and her boyfriend Spencer Fox celebrate their one year anniversary over glasses of champagne by the fire. He pampers her with an intense blowjob and finger banging. He stands up to receive reciprocation and gives her a rim job followed by a sound railing. I’ve seen this stunning Czech performer in many scenes before and this one is one of her best yet. In the third scene, Chad Diamond is excited to visit his mom and introduce her to his new girlfriend Chelsea Marie. Both of his parents probably know that Chelsea is a trans girl and he’s not worried about bringing her home. Transsexual Girlfriend Experience would not be the great film that it is without taking advantage of the comic skills of Chad Diamond and the beauty of Chelsea Marie completely nude and fucking Chad bareback as well as he fucked her! Finally we get to ravishing Aubrey Kate in the final scene. Veteran actor Spencer Fox, who starred with Francheska is back playing a businessman trying to get to work. Aubrey Kate is trying to seduce him at least into returning home at lunch time for a quickie. When he gets back, there are rose petals scattered across the house. The hot couple fuck like they’re on their honeymoon and the film comes to a close with two powerful cumshots. Transsexual Girlfriend Experience is available for streaming and download on 10 Time AVN Winner -Best Retail Site Adult DVD Empire and runs 130 minutes. As soon as it hits the Devil’s Film website, I’ll let you know. The theme of making you crave having a transsexual girlfriend hits is mark right on target with its amazing cast and under Mr. Powers’ visionary direction.

The Tranny Bunch, Scene #01

Devils Film presents “The Tranny Bunch,” the world’s first-ever hardcore transgender parody that pokes fun at one of America’s favorite families. “The Tranny Bunch” hit streets on DVD June 1. To see an advanced VOD release go to DevilsFilm for digital copies. So far, I’ve watched Scene #01 with Mrs. Carol Brady, played by Delia DeLions of Delia-TS and her step-son Greg Brady, played by Ruckus (Florence Henderson, Barry Williams were the original TV series actors). The scene opens with Greg jerking off in the bedroom when Mrs. Brady walks in to make sure he’s ready for school. She decides that he shouldn’t go to school in the state he’s in and helps solve the problem he’s having by stroking his big cock. Mrs. Brady doesn’t seem surprised that Greg has fantasized about Marcia. But she wants to know if he’s fantasized about her. Of course he has! Let the blowjob begin. After several positions of coitus, Mrs. Brady cums while getting railed in the missionary position, looking fabulous completley naked. Greg blasts his load on her face and lovely tits. Then she tells him to get ready for school. Incidentally, on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” on OWN in 2013, Barry Williams (Greg Brady) dished about his legendary “date” with Florence Henderson and reveals he still has the hots for his TV mom. “Okay, so here’s the lowdown on this,” Williams says. “I had a crush on Florence Henderson. Like who didn’t? And she was twice my age.” Williams says the two shared a common interest in music. “So I took her out to dinner and we talked music and how I might be able to integrate it into my career,” he says. But career talk wasn’t all that went on. “I picked her up in my own car and I took her home, and when we said goodnight, I gave her a little kiss. Maybe a little peck – well, I kissed her lips,” Williams says. “Which was like, big stuff for me.” Williams’s teen crush never ended. “I always had – I still do – have a great attraction to her,” he says. “I like her very much, and I’m catching up! Check out the mp4 preview and more trailers:





Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02

Aubrey Kate and Giovanni Francisco star in Scene #01 the second DVD from GoodFellas Productions series Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02. One of the first things I noticed watching this scene is the competitive production values. I could tell from a mile away that this was a Devil’s Film joint, but sharper than ever. But the very first thing I noticed was how amazing Aubrey Kate Winter looks with Giovanni aka Jeovanni Francisco. There’s really no need for a plot for this scene. Aubrey thanks Gio for the sexy outfit he’s purchased for her and she shows him how grateful she is. There’s no music to drown out the sound of their sex which is great when considering how sexy Aubrey Kate’s voice is. Not to mention the sounds she makes while sucking Giovanni’s big cock. The site of Gio’s girl rapidly developing an erection in her fishnet stockings while he attends to her needs orally is absolutely exquisite. This is why the scene needed no plot; the director never forgets the title of the DVD while filming. The hose get torn strategically and then the fucking begins. Aubrey Kate’s bare breasts look incredible and you can tell that she practically lives in the gym. As a side note, I’ve had a peek at the photos of this Las Vegas stunner that will be featured along with our interview in the next issue of Transformation Magazine. Aubrey Kate will be at the Headquarters Gentleman’s Club in New York City this Sunday April 26th! Follow @AUBREYKATEXXX on Twitter for details. Here are some video trailers and a sample photo set from Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02:






Devil’s Film Presents Transsexual Babysitters #26

The time-tested classic cheerleader porn theme has worked successfully with hot young genetic females time and time again. In 2006, Devil’s Film produced a great film featuring stunning transsexuals instead and it was wildly successful. The 2013 AEBN VOD Award winning “Best Transsexual Series” continues with Transsexual Babysitters #26 featuring Riley Quinn, Kyle Maria, Penny Tyler, Mia Davina, Spencer Fox, Smith and Christian XXX! Here are some sample photo galleries in the order of scenes (not including the behind the scenes bonus featuring Amy Daly).





Watch The Transsexual Babysitters #26 DVD Trailer


Ryder Monroe in Transsexual Babysitters #25


Ryder Monroe is featured in Scene #04 of Transsexual Babysitters #25. This 29 minute scene with Giovanni Francesco is her 5th spectacular performance in in full 1080p HD from legendary hardcore porn studio  Devil’s Film. It was on March 14, 2013 when I posted about her role in Transsexual Babysitters #22 for which she was also featured on the box cover. Ryder is a talented musician as well as a great adult performer and I think you’ll be glad that she hasn’t yet retired from the adult industry when you see her films. Check out Ryder Monroe’s Devil’s Film Profile



TS Holly Sweet on Devil’s Film


Holly Sweet made her debut on Shemale Yum when she was only 18 years old. Also known as Tiffany Marie Andrews, Holly Sweet has become her more well-known name and indicative of how she is. This gorgeous 5.8″ (173cm) transsexual born on July 4, 1981 has since made over a dozen feature films and has been featured on every major America adult TS website I can think of. Click here for Holly’s Devil’s Films scenes.

America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 17


Another round of gorgeous transsexuals work hard to win the crown in America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 17. For video and photo gallery previews, click on each of the images below. 








jessicafoxandchaddiamond02The stars of,, and the Jessica Fox Archive star in America’s Next Top Tranny Season 17!


Kim Bella in Transsexual Babysitters #24

TS Kim Bella stars in the 33:55 minute final scene in the Devil’s Film production of Transsexual Babysitters #24. Don’t be mislead by the low resolution video samples I’m showing you. The HD quality of the actual movie is magnificent. Photo collectors will really appreciate the 289 image hi-res photo set. The actual movie scene takes responsible turn when Kim tells the guy who’s interested in her that she’s a transsexual before things get hot and heavy. Spencer has to contemplate whether or not to take things further outside the house of the folks she’s babysitting for. Both actors are incredible to watch and the sex is amazing. I don’t think that any further plot development was necessary in this top notch scene. This scene couldn’t have been any better. 




Watch All Four Transsexual Babysitters #24 Trailers!


Transsexual Prostitutes #73


After viewing this new addition, I had to ask myself if this series began when I first found out that there were transsexual escorts as a confused youngster. There was no Internet and I had to read library books to find out what was going on with my sexual identity and gender.


I was about 17 years old when I started visiting Times Square NYC adult bookstores like the infamous Show World Center. There was a “Chicks With Dicks” attraction on the lower level with live strip shows, chat and video booths I thought were high-tech back in the 80’s. I was directed by the working girls there to visit Club Edelweiss in midtown Manhattan and Sally’s Hideaway across from the New York Times building. The 73rd installment of Transsexual Prostitutes features some of the hottest stars of today, but it brings back wonderful past memories of when the only TS content available was in print on Hustler and in black & white, on the back pages of Al Goldstein’s Screw Magazine, Britain’s Repartee and videos on VHS. I wouldn’t be surprised if this series that shamelessly celebrates the world’s oldest profession went into triple digit numbers someday. 

Danika Dreamz In Transsexual Babysitters #23

Here are two photo galleries and a flash preview of Canada’s Danika Dreamz from Transsexual Babysitters #23 from Devil’s Film. Danika is in the first scene. Click here to see who else is starring in this hot new series addition.




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